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COCD 1207 Social Policy and Administration

Course Purpose
The course introduces learners to social policy and administrative issues emerging from
Learning outcomes:
At the end of the course, learners should be able to:

Discuss the theories of social welfare and social policy

Explain the construction of social policies and programmes
Explain the role of the public and private sector in policy formulation.
Discuss the role of social movements in policy formulation

Course Description
Social administration and policies , Theories of social welfare , nature and complexity of
social policy and social programmes , construction of social policies and programmes ,
taxation as a form of social policies , the role of public sector and private sector , policy and
programmes , Theoretical Issues in Social Administration), Issues in Social and Public Policy
Social Development, Social administration andpolicyasa
fieldofstudy;Theoriesofsocialwelfare;The natureandcomplexityofsocial policyandsocial
programmes;Theconstructionofsocial policiesandprogrammes;Taxationasaformofsocial
policy;Theroleof thepublicsector,theprivatesector,andthevoluntarysectorinsocial policy
andprogrammes;and Basic theoriesandconceptsintheanalysisofsocial programmes. Civil
societies and social movements.
Teaching Methodologies
Lectures, tutorials, case studies, individual and group presentations, educational trip.
Instructional Materials
Whiteboards, markers, hand-outs, presentation software, LCD projectors and computers,
Flipcharts, televisions, videos

Course Assessment
End of semester examination


Course Text Books

1. Alcock, P., Erskin, A., May .M (2003). The Learners Companion to Social Policy
Hill, M. (2003). Understanding Social policy 7th Ed Blackwell publishing. ISBN13:978-047065568
2. Henslin, M.J., (2005) Social Problems 7th Ed. ISBN-13:978-0131930827

Reference Text Books

1. Davis, M. (2000). Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Work. Blackwell publishing.
ISBN-13: 978-0631214519
2. May, M., Brunsden, E., Page, R. (2001) Understanding Social Problems Blackwell
publishing. ISBN-13:978-0631220305
Course Journals
1. Journal of Australian Social Work
2. International Journal of Social Welfare
3. Social policy and Administration. ISSN:1753-3015

Reference Journals
1. An International Journal of Policy and Research
2. International Social Security Review. ISSN:1468-246X
3. An International Journal for Research Policy and Practice. ISSN:1753-3025