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Internet English Grammar: prepositional verbs

Internet English Grammar

There are many verbs after which a particular preposition is used. The prepositional phrase is followed by an
object (mostly a noun or a clause). If the object is a verb, the verb must be in the gerund form ('ing' form).
There are prepositional verbs with only one object and prepositional verbs which can have one or two
1. Prepositional verbs / Verb + preposition
Verb + preposition (+ object)
The verb has one object and cannot be used with two objects. The preposition comes before the object.
Have you applied for the job?
In questions the preposition sometimes comes at the end of the sentence.
What do you blame the insurance company of?
Sometimes the meaning of prepositional verbs can be explained from the meaning of the separate parts (e.g.
run away). In other cases the combination of the verb and preposition gets a new meaning which cannot be
explained from the separate parts (e.g. to look after).
A list of prepositional verbs with one object:
Agree to something (= accept)
The unions have agreed to the employer's proposals
Agree with something
I don't agree with the terms stated in the contract.
Allow for something (= include in the planning)
We must allow for some extra expenses if we expand.
Amount to something (= be equivalent to)
file:///C|/...rian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/English%20Grammar%20prepositional%20verbs.htm[08.07.2011 11:47:02]

Care for someone (= look after.. Take care of yourself.2011 11:47:02] . Apologise ( to someone) for something I apologised to the customer for being late.rian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/English%20Grammar%20prepositional%20verbs. Attend to (something) I will attend to the matter as soon as possible Believe in something Do you believe in free trade? Belong to someone This suitcase belongs to our Chief Buyer Care about someone/something (= think someone or something is important) Our company cares about the environment. file:///C|/.07. Apply for I applied for a job yesterday. Take care of someone/something (= look after) My assistant will take care of our visitors when we have lunch. Care for something (= to like : in questions and negative sentences) Would you care for a drink ? Conform to something(= comply with) During the Gulf crisis Iraq refused to conform to UN resolutions. nurse) As an insurance company. Complain to (someone) about (something/someone) Some customers complained to me about the quality of our goods. Collide with someone/something Delivery will be late as our driver collided with a lorry.htm[08.Internet English Grammar: prepositional verbs Losses amounted to over $1 million.. we care for our customers in many ways.. Come across someone/something (= to meet by chance) Yesterday I came across a computer programme that we can use.

I don't know what happened to the shipment. Hear from someone (= receive a letter or telephone call from someone) Have you heard from our Sales Manager in New York yet? No. Depend on someone/something The success of our company depends on the demand for luxury goods Die of an illness Ms Swan died of a heart attack. Hear of (= know that someone or something exists) I have never heard of that company before. consider) During the meeting I dreamt of higher profits. Happen to someone/somebody/something What happened to Mr Robberts during the reception? He left in a hurry. Hear about (= be told about) I have just heard about the crisis on Wallstreet. Dream about something (while asleep) Last night I dreamt about a deal we closed with Microsoft Dream of being something/ doing something (= imagine. file:///C|/.. The government should concentrate on fighting crime.2011 11:47:02] .rian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/English%20Grammar%20prepositional%20verbs. When we received the tax assessment I dreamt of starting a company in a tax haven.Internet English Grammar: prepositional verbs Concentrate on something I can't concentrate on this report when the radio is on..07. Consist of something (= be composed of) The committee consists of financial experts Crash/drive/bump/run into someone/something The lorry driver crashed into a pile of boxes. I think he's still on the plane. Consist in (= to have something as its main characteristic) The job of our receptionist consists in welcoming visitors and giving information.htm[08.

. I am searching for the sugar. Rely on someone/something For our software we have to rely on our computer programmer. Look after someone/something (= take care of) The government should look after the interests of the citizens. Laugh/smile at someone/something When I entered the room. the Managing Director smiled at me. Let's listen to the news. but I can't find it. Search (a person/a place/a bag) for something I have searched the whole office for my diary. It's flickering. have a look at Look at the monitor.2011 11:47:02] . Pay (someone) for something We will pay the plumber for the repairs this week.. The printer doesn't work. Let's have a look at the manual. Look at someone/something also: glance at. Look for someone/something (= search) We are always looking for new opportunities.htm[08. Look after yourself! Look forward to something We look forward to hearing from you.07. They have not paid for the internet connection yet.Internet English Grammar: prepositional verbs Insist on something We insist on prompt delivery. stare at. Live on money/food Those tramps live on money from passers by. Listen to someone/something The quarterly figures of Hewlett Packard will be announced today. Shout at someone (because you are angry) file:///C|/. I look forward to the party.rian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/English%20Grammar%20prepositional%20verbs.

2.Internet English Grammar: prepositional verbs The Facility Manager shouted at the cleaners after they had ruined the carpet. Succeed in something Froid Cola succeeded in doubling its profits in three years. Think about/of something (= consider) The government is thinking about privatising the telephone company.07.2011 11:47:02] . List of prepositional verbs / Verb + object + preposition Form Verb + object + preposition (+ object) file:///C|/. Suffer from an illness Many elderly managers suffer from high blood pressure. use the mind) We are still thinking about the take-over bid. Think about someone/something (= reflect. Wait for someone or something We had to wait for an hour before the meeting started. Think of someone/something ( = have an opinion on) What do you think of the standard of living in The Netherlands? Think of someone/something (= bring to mind.htm[08. Shout to someone (so that someone can hear you) In the factory the production manager shouted to me that all the employees must wear earplugs. please. Write to someone Our Chief Buyer is writing to one of our suppliers to complain about delivery. remember) I can't think of a better example.rian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/English%20Grammar%20prepositional%20verbs.. Speak to/talk to someone I was talking to a journalist when my boss entered the room. I would like to speak to Ms Collins.. To satisfy the unions the employers are thinking of cost-of-living adjustment.

. Congratulate someone on (doing) something My boss congratulated me on my success Ms Wilson congratulated me on passing my exams. Do something about something We have to do something about shoplifting in our shops. Someone and something are objects.2011 11:47:02] . Use A list of prepositional verbs with two objects: Accuse someone of (doing) something One of our cashiers accused a customer of theft. Ask (someone) for something The Employment Secretary asked the Treasurer for more money. to charge someone with something. We were split into two groups for the guided tour.rian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/English%20Grammar%20prepositional%20verbs. Charge someone with something (= accuse) Mr Johnson was charged with conspiracy to murder. Ask someone to do something I asked the helpdesk employee to change my password Blame someone/something for (doing) something My boss blames the Marketing Manager for the lower profits. Convince somebody of something I convinced the bank of the potential of our new products. file:///C|/. Divide/cut/split something in(to) The M1 cuts this village in two parts. Many prepositional verbs with two objects can also be used with one object.htm[08. Blame something on someone John blames the mistake on the Personnel Manager Borrow something from someone I borrowed some money from my assistant.07. For example.Internet English Grammar: prepositional verbs The verb has two objects..

rian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/English%20Grammar%20prepositional%20verbs.) We have invited all our suppliers to the reception. Explain to someone what/how/when to + infinitive Our bookkeeper explained to us how the computer programme worked. Leave (a place) for (another place) That clothes manufacturer left Germany for Poland because of the wages. file:///C|/. Point/aim something at someone/something During the presentation I pointed the pointer at the wrong graph. Remind someone of someone/something (= cause to remember) Your story reminds me of my business trip to Sao Paulo. Regard someone/something as (= consider as) I regard my boss as a coach rather than a superior. a ceremony. My secretary reminded me about the luncheon vouchers for the conference. Prevent someone from doing something This commercial should prevent voters from voting on a Republican Protect someone/something from/against someone/something Some governments try to protect their industry from international competition. Invite someone to (a reception. Provide someone with something The UN provides the refugees with food.. Prefer someone/something to someone/something We prefer high quality to low prices.07.Internet English Grammar: prepositional verbs Explain something to someone I explained to the tax inspector that we suffered a loss last year.2011 11:47:02] ...htm[08.. Our sunglasses protect your eyes against UV radiation. Remind someone about something (= tell someone not to forget) Please remind Mr Giminez about the bill.

1999 More information: see copyright notice file:///C|/.   © Arnoud Thuss.Internet English Grammar: prepositional verbs Remind someone to do something The porter reminded us to give him the keys when we leave.rian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/English%20Grammar%20prepositional%20verbs. Last year Carty Co spent $100. Warn someone of a something The government warns youngsters of the dangers of smoking.htm[08. Translate something from one language into another language We have translated the contract from German into English. Spend (time) doing something The new international students spend a lot of time learning Dutch... Throw something to someone (= for someone to catch) My colleague threw a marker to me when I wanted to write on the flip-over.2011 11:47:02] .07. Spend (money) on something Korea spends a lot of money on education. Throw something at (= in order to hit someone/something) The burglars threw stones at the camera. Sentence someone to (imprisonment) The swindler was sentenced to two months imprisonment.000 dollars on new software.