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English Prepositions - Noun + preposition - English usage quiz for ESL EFL TESL and TOEFL learners.

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Noun + Prepositions
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Use 'for' preceded by the following nouns:
a check for (amount of money)
Example: She gave me a check for $50.
a demand for something
Example: Unfortunately, there wasn't enough demand for our product.
a need for something
Example: There is a real need for discipline in this class.
a reason for something
Example: I have a reason for doing that!
Use 'in' preceded by the following nouns:
a rise in something
Example: There has been a rise in prices recently.
an increase in something
Example: We have seen many increases in production levels.
a fall in something
Example: There has been a fall in prices recently.
a decrease in something
Example: We have seen many decreases in production levels.
Use 'of' preceded by the following nouns:
a cause of something
Example: She is the cause of all his problems.
a photograph OR a picture of something or someone

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Example: He took a photograph of the mountains.

file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Noun+prep.htm[08.07.2011 11:47:03]

English usage quiz for ESL EFL TESL and TOEFL learners. WITH     Use 'with' preceded by the following nouns:     a relationship with someone or something Example: My relationship with Mary is wonderful. try the follow-up quiz to test your understanding. reaction to something Example: Her reaction to his behavior was quite funny. a difference between TWO things Example: There is no difference between those two colors. a relationship between TWO things Example: The relationship between the two friends was very strong.htm[08. Nouns + Prepositions Quiz file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Noun+prep.07.2011 11:47:03] .English Prepositions . Enter Email Use 'to' preceded by the following nouns: damage to something Go! Example: I did a lot of damage to my car the other day. Test Your Understanding Now that you have studied the various noun + prepositon formulas. an attitude to something (or TOWARDS something) Example: Your attitude to your problems doesn't help them get resolved. a solution to a problem Example: He provided the solution to our financial situation. TO   Stay up-to-date! Subscribe to our newsletter. Advertising > Free Credit Report > Free Psychics an invitation to a celebration of some type Example: We were invited to their wedding.Noun + preposition . a connection with someone or something Example: His connections with the CIA are very limited. a contact with someone or something Example: Have you had any contact with Sarah? BETWEEN Use 'between' preceded by the following nouns: a connection between TWO things Example: There is no connection between the two crimes. a contact between TWO things Example: There is little contact between the two parents.

2011 11:48:00] . are different from verbs with helpers.07. she began to catch on.htm[08. Incorrect: She always gets the rules around (This construction makes no sense in English. to understand)     Incorrect: She began to catch on the math problem.)     Intransitive catch on (meaning: Correct: After I explained the math problem. Correct: She added it up on her calculator. Separable add up (meaning: to add)     get around Inseparable (meaning: to evade) Correct: She added up the total on her calculator. inseparable.uments%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Phrasal%20verbs. file:///C|/.)   Unfortunately. Correct: She always gets around the rules...Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms)   Main Indexes Indexes Main OWL Home Page Go! Enter search here. the runner dropped out. Some particles can be separated from the verb so that a noun and pronoun can be inserted. he dropped off. The particle that follows the verb changes the meaning of the phrasal verb in idiomatic ways: VERB drop off drop off(2) drop off(3) drop out MEANING decline gradually fall asleep stop and give something to someone cease to participate EXAMPLE The hill dropped off near the river. (the word to makes the math problem an indirect object. Below is a partial list of each kind of phrase. also called phrasal verbs.)     Correct: She began to catch on to the math problem. and these two-part verbs. Get an Adobe PDF version of this page.. (catch on cannot take a direct object in this meaning. there is usually no indicator whether an idiomatic phrase is separable. In addition. which is acceptable in this meaning. meaning they cannot take a direct object. Brought to you by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. or intransitive. Many verbs in English are followed by an adverb or a preposition (also called a particle). While doing his homework. Would you drop this off at the post office? After two laps. In most cases the phrases must simply be memorized.. Search owl home || writing lab and owl || handouts || workshops and presentations || internet resources   Two-Part (Phrasal) Verbs (Idioms) Get a printer-friendly version of this page. some phrases are intransitive. and some particles can't be separated from the verb. the other person's share of a business buy up .chew thoroughly chop up .07.clear the surface of clear up .clean the surface of clean out .clear the inside of close down . continue at another time or place cheer up .repair. cause to explode.interpret.dust the inside of eat up . blow up.write.clarify. care for from childhood brush out .accomplish bring on . order away call up .close permanently close up .chop into small pieces clean off .publish. accomplish.calculate.carry. delete cut down .complete (a printed form) fill out . begin.reduce in quantity draw up . complete.become calm carry on .analyze.htm[ the whole supply of call off .eliminate.Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms) Separable add up .cancel. arrange in a suitable manner get across .include count out .clean the inside of clean up . emphasize bring over .cause to move completely figure out . list the parts of separately break into .cause to happen bring off .bring bring to .eliminate cut off .consume by fire buy out .2011 11:48:00] .return file:///C|/.complete (a printed form) fill up .put clothes on.raise.cause to be understood give back .. compose (a document) dress up . understand figure up .go into a house or room forcibly.exclude count up . summon for military service calm down .uments%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Phrasal%20verbs. destroy by explosives break down . add to a total cross out . fix up .continue carry out .close temporarily count in .brush the inside of burn down .destroy by burning burn up . suddenly.cause bring out .compute fill in .add back up . amputate cut out .fulfill. bring about . adorn dust out ..interrupt. support. tidy clear out . perform carry over .revive bring up .cause to become cheerful chew up .fill completely (a container) find out .

deceive. hit with a vehicle run off .repay pay off .arrange show off .be quiet ring up . reproduce mechanically save up . retract a statement take down . write from dictation take in . rob.omit let down .complete.send to where someone is set up .emphasize point out . give someone his final pay pick up . lift with hands or fingers.continue.return.cause to move more slowly spell out .the telephone rinse off .remake move over .live in such a way as to cause something to be forgotten make over . receive as an overnight guest quiet down .eliminate run down .entertain someone informally at one's home hold off .Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms) give out .send to a place where formerly located send over . deceive or fool put up .postpone put on .not take advantage of (as an opportunity) pass on . learn casually.light. restrain hold up .accumulate see through .rinse the inside of rule out .release from confinement.accompany someone to the beginning of a trip send back . pronounce formally.distribute.preserve (food).be dressed in have over .htm[08. fool.sweep the inside of take back .delay.understood.dress in.07.pull in a downward direction.2011 11:48:00] .cause to be understood or accepted put off .. illuminate thoroughly live down . make smaller (in sewing) file:///C|/.delay.remove from a high position.move to the side pass out .transmit pay back .cause to cease functioning slow up .trace.deliver.minimize play up .surrender something hand down .yield control of hang up .indicate pull down .fail to keep an appointment with sweep out . disparage.suspend have on .discharge a debt completely.exhibit ostentatiously shut off . keep the same pace leave out .enumerate.uments%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Phrasal%20verbs. threaten with a weapon keep up . announce give up . leave as an inheritance hand over .distribute pass up .cause to depart. raze push across . state in detail stand up .rinse the surface of rinse out ..disappoint let out . in spite of difficulties see off . initiate an association publicly play down . make larger (in sewing) light up .come to meet an escort.

wipe the inside of.interrupt disagree with .use until no longer usable. make progress come by .put on a garment to verify the fit try out .repair try on ..compose. tire greatly wind up . invent throw away . decimate work out .take.Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms) take over . prepare (a document) Inseparable back out of .visit casually without planning drop out of .examine. tighten the spring of a watch or machine wipe off .write down every detail. lower the volume turn out .wash the surface of wash out . verify come across . produce count on .lean on.have to do with bear up under .create.desert.wash the inside of wear out .consider from beginning to end think up .utter.produce.abolish do without .endure break in on .. guard. maintain carry on with .deprive oneself of drop in at/on .rely on cut in on .continue catch up with . assume command of tear down .interrupt break into .interrupt call for .utter.07.test turn down .wipe the surface of wipe out . require care for .accompany.find accidentally come along with . quit file:///C|/. force into exile. produce come up with .cause illness or discomfort to do away with .record write out .tear into small pieces tell off .reject tie up . reprimand think over .cause to be exhausted touch up .consider think through .solve write down .finish. extinguish (a light) wash off .leave. securely or tight tire out . fail to keep a promise bear down on .htm[08. browbeat bear on .come to get. spell out write up .scold.become ill with come out with .find accidentally come down with .2011 11:48:00] .refuse.cover the distance between oneself and check up on .discard throw over .uments%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Phrasal%20verbs.destroy tear up .

terminate. leave get on .support.resist file:///C|/. fail to do live on .evade.arrange. look pleasing together go without .continue go over .remember nostalgically look down on . mount get on with . arrange see to .flatter for personal advantage put up with .anticipate look up to .decide on.resist keep at .campaign for see about . admire make up for .respect.lag.abstain from hang around .grasp tightly hold out against . demand stand up to . supervise settle on . finish go back on .htm[08.07.tolerate read up on .search out information on run against . choose stand for . permit stand up for .transmit pick on .substitute for get ahead of . not progress at required pace fall back on .do without being caught or punished get by with .persevere at keep to .review go with . consider get in .manage with a minimum of effort get down to .desert.persist in.remain idly in the vicinity of hear from .evade.compensate for pass on .descend from.take care of look back on .compete against in an election run away with . continue keep up with .consider.enter (a vehicle).Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms) face up to .learn about (sometimes accidentally) hit on . beat get around . bully play up to .leave. escape from run for .maintain the standard demanded of look after .support or sustain oneself by means of live up to .2011 11:48:00] .use for emergency purpose fall out with ..maintain the pace of lie down on .receive a communication from hear of .tease.enter (a vehicle) get off .proceed with get through with .be interested in. fail to keep (a promise) go for .feel superior to look forward to .surpass.acknowledge fall behind in .quarrel with fill in for .represent. avoid get away with .uments%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/ accidentally hold on to .become serious about.harmonize a great deal go in for . participate in go on with .

close temporarily came about .regain consciousness cut in . diminish die off/out .understand catch up .close permanently close up .abandon some organized activity.endure blow in . pay one's bill cheer up . fail to keep a promise back up .disappear.return come by .happen come along .support.pass without doing harm blow up .return by car drop in . make a social debut come over .2011 11:48:00] .visit someone in his home come out . not be accomplished file:///C|/. lose weight fall through . become extinct dress up .resemble talk back to .continue as before.become calm carry on .become wait on . quit drop over .telephone calm down .interrupt die away .accompany. lose one's temper call up .don fancy or unusual clothes drive back .not go to bed while waiting for watch out for .become clear close down wait up for .drop in to visit unexpectedly blow over .desert.explode.visit someone casually fall behind ... defend take after .move backwards bear up .persist stick up for .mention briefly turn into .visit someone casually without planning drop out .fade.fade.leave.uments%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Phrasal%20verbs.htm[ misbehavior to authority touch on . diminish die down .07.become cheerful clear out .Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms) stick to . to where someone is come through .come to someone's house.retreat from a position in an argument back out . make progress come back .appear. careful for Intransitive back down .cover the distance between oneself and a moving goal check up .investigate check out .succeed come to .not progress at required pace fall off . misbehave catch on .discuss tell on .leave clear up .answer impolitely talk over .

mature hang around . fail to finish go back .turn out well.07.move to the side pan out .substitute find out . persevere.recline look on .rise get through ..stop burning.escape.happen.htm[08. either just barely or with a minimum of effort get in .surrender.learn fly back . etc. persevere.escape get by . wait while telephoning hold out .progress.go. appear unexpectedly shut up .sell the ownership or responsibility settle up .make progress get along . drain sell out .grasp tightly. increase pull in . move about get away .circulate.descend from leave get on .have a friendly relationship get around .depart running. endure file:///C|/.grow.Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms) fill in .die pick up .enter (a vehicle). be prepared to assist stand up .become unconscious pass on .enter get off .uments%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Phrasal%20verbs.manage. leave quickly without permission run down .2011 11:48:00] .maintain the required pace or standard.arrive pull out .survive (barely) ride over ..continue keep up . be successful pass out .explode go on .wait. mount (a horse.replace a telephone receive on its hook hold on .return go off . dawdle hang up . leave.become reconciled move over .) get on/along .return by air fly over . be compatible get up . succeed grow up . leave one's residence go over . persist keep on .finish give out .stand. rise from sitting.stop talking slow up .remain idly. succeed make up .ride to where someone is run away .reduce speed stand by .arrive.continue to a spectator make out . continue go out .pay one's bills or debts show off .deport pull through . last.slowly lose power so as to stop functioning run off .diminish in intensity lie down .become exhausted give up . continue let up .fly to where someone is get ahead .boast by words or actions show up .

become used up work out . as at a public meeting turn up .fade or disappear from washing watch out .       owl home || writing lab and owl || handouts || workshops and presentations || internet resources This page is located at http://owl.purdue.awaken walk back .fade.walk to where someone is wash out .edu/handouts/esl/eslphrasal.07.become unusable through use.. All rights reserved.   file:///C|/. disappear through use or time wear out .htm[08.return on foot to where one was walk over .uments%20and%20Settings/Adrian%20Grigoriu/Desktop/ENGLISH%20FOR%20THE%20KIDS/Preposition/Phrasal%20verbs.english. Requests for help sent to the wrong address may not receive a timely careful wear off . Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. be found unexpectedly wait up . To contact OWL.answer impolitely throw up .turn so that one is facing another direction turn in .2011 11:48:00] .arrive.. appear.assume command talk back .be successful   Get a printer-friendly version of this page.move to one side take off .succeed.remain awake in anticipation wake up . come. please refer to our contact information page so that you email the appropriate person. Get an Adobe PDF version of this page.vomit turn around .go to bed turn out .Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms) stay over .remain at someone's house overnight or longer step aside .html Receive weekly tips and updates from Purdue's OWL and Writing Lab!   your email    Join    Copyright ©1995-2004 by OWL at Purdue University and Purdue University.leave the ground take over .