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October 10, 2016

Church Leadership
Our ministers and lay leaders are available
to answer any questions you may have to
help you connect with the ministries of
First Baptist Church.
Rev. Matt Sturtevant
Senior Pastor, x.202
Rev. Cheryl Harader
Associate Pastor of Adult Spiritual
Formation, x.204
Tim Bonner
Intern of Adult Spiritual Formation
Michaela Schenkel
Intern of Childrens Spiritual Formation
X. 205
Jenny Purvis
Office Manager, x.203
Holly Grassy
Bookkeeper, (785) 917-9622
Evelyn Falen
Mark Robinson
Chancel Choir Director
Christy Miller
8:30 Worship Instrumentalist
Susan Pauls
Digital Outreach Liaison
John Pauls
Buddy Langford

First Baptist Chancel Choir invites you to


Preparing for Worship

October 16, 2016

Music Fest 2016

Worship services at

*A beneit for the Habitat for Humanity

Building On Faith program

8:30 & 10:45 a.m.

Sunday, October 16
6-8 p.m.
Corpus Christi Church

TwentyTwenty-second Sunday after


(6001 Bob Billings Pkwy)

Rev. Matthew Sturtevant

How Can I Help Haiti After the Hurricane?

By John Adams, contributed by Louisenie Desauguste (Dezo)

1) Don't give a cent to the big organizations like the Red Cross or the Clinton Foundation. Google either of those organizations' names + Haiti and you will find articles
that talk about six houses being built with billions of dollars and single-digit percentages actually reaching the Haitian people.
2) Don't give emotionally. Give rationally, consistently, for the long term. $20 a
month over 10 years to put someone through school is far better than $200 right
now for disaster relief. Why? Because it's more money, because you'll still be invested
30 days from now, and because it's building something that will last. Besides, everyone else is texting some number to give to disaster relief, anyway. They'll be covered.
3) Don't volunteer to travel to Haiti unless you have a skill. If you're wanting to do
disaster relief, that essentially means a stethoscope. Haiti doesn't need more painters
or builders. If you come to do that, you'll take someone's job away from them. Take
the money you would have spent traveling and give it to an organization that will use
it wisely. Otherwise, come here as a tourist (seriously- tourism is great for the economy).
4) Don't send stuff to Haiti unless it can't already be bought here. You know what a
box of free shoes means in Haiti? Someone gets a free pair of shoes and someone
else who sells shoes for a living goes hungry. Be smarter than that.
5) Don't be reactive, but proactive. You know what Haiti needs help with more than
this storm? The next storm. How can you leverage what influence you have to get
infrastructure developed before the next Hurricane Matthew hits? You might not
think you have any influence, but if you have a heart for doing this, the Lord might
open your eyes and open a door.
Having a heart for the poor is easy. A mind for the poor takes work.
Please continue to pray for my country of Haiti. ~Dezo

The Bible from 30,000 Feet

October Worship Series
October 9-23
Perhaps you have had the opportunity to fly in a plane over the place where
you live or have recently visited. It is an interesting experience to see a
place that you know well, when viewed from cruising altitude of 30,000 feet.
You may intimately know the road or the woods or the neighborhood that
you are flying over perhaps you have even spotted your house! But it is
quite a different experience to see those places in relation to the big picture.
Sometimes, I think we do that with the Bible. We spend so much time focusing on
the trees that we fail to see the whole forest! We drill down deeply into what John
meant by a certain Greek phrase in the sixteenth verse of the third chapter of John,
but how does it all fit into the big picture? What does John have to do with Mark or
Matthew? Or Genesis or Revelation, for that matter?
In the next three weeks, we will be exploring the Bible in flyover mode. It might
sound crazy to try to cover the whole Bible in just three weeks, but buckle your seatbelts and leave your tray tables in an upright and locked position, for together we will
explore the big picture, including significant patterns and themes, and how those
themes impact our daily lives. So plan now to join us for worship October 9-23!
October 16: God Speaks Through History
October 23: God Speaks Through Life

COR Needed
The Spiritual Leadership Team is looking for a Chartered Organization Representative for our partners at Troop 60. The
COR would serve as a liaison between the church and the troop and would help keep both sides in the loop as we continue our 90+ year partnership together. If you are interested in serving in this role, or hearing more about it, please contact
Pastor Matt.

Quarterly Business Luncheon &


Sunday, October 23

12:002:00 p.m.

First Baptist Church has been involved with Justice Matters in addressing local issues related to affordable housing and homelessness, mental
illness, criminal justice reform, and traumatic experiences endured by
children. The First Baptist Justice Ministry would like to update you on
recent progress on these issues, as well as hear your thoughts on other
critical issues in our community that need to be addressed. Listed below are times (and locations) of opportunities for you to participate in
"a conversation about justice". You are welcome to attend any one of
Sunday, October 16, 9:30 a.m., DNA Sunday School Class
Sunday, October 16, 9:30 a.m., Lost and Found Sunday School Class
Monday, October 17, 7:00 p.m., Home of Sandy Heacock (3007 Trail Rd)

The 30th annual Share the Warmth program in which
gently used coats and blankets are collected, cleaned and
donated to people in
need will be underway beginning October 16 and continuing
through Nov. 20.
People wishing to
donate a coat or blanket can do so at First
Baptist Church or at
any Scotch Fabric Care locations throughout Topeka
and Lawrence. In nearly three decades as sponsor of the
event, Scotch stores have collected more than 237,000
coats in the two communities. Scotch collects, cleans
and works with the Salvation Army to distribute the
coats during early December.
As in past years, drive organizers say a special need exists
for children's coats and those for larger adult sizes.

During October we
will emphasize the
World Mission Offering (WMO).
Please consider a
generous gift to enable International Ministries to provide
the resources needed for American Baptist mission work
around the world.

Remember in Prayer
You are invited to send prayer requests to:
(E-mail coordinator) Betty Colbert,
(Telephone Prayer Chain Coordinators) Hazel Nitcher, 8435302; Annie Merriam, 841-1384.
Local Congregation: St. Margarets Episcopal Church
Regional Minister: ABC of Indiana and Kentucky; Rev. Dennis
Bickers, serving in Madison, Indiana
International Ministries Missionaries: Nancy & Steve James, serving in Haiti
After 14 years of medical mission work
at the Good Samaritan Hospital, Steve
as a doctor and Nancy as a nurse, the
Haitian Baptist Convention invited the
Jameses to return to Haiti to help with
medical assistance to Christian faith
based community health centers. Working as medical consultants, the Jameses
serve as members of local Christian heath teams providing physical,
mental, and spiritual health in Jesus name to those suffering in
darkness. They feel blessed to be a part of Gods healing work in the
world. Nancy and Steve are supported as commissioned missionaries
working jointly with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and American Baptist International Ministries and their Mission Partnership
Team and Network.
The Jameses have six children: Kirstin, Miriam, Carrie, Andrew,
Asia and Micah.

Sock Drive
Lets Do

Youth Group Schedule:

Sunday, Oct. 16
Chupper: Johnson/Hite

Socks are the most needed,

During the month

of October troops but least donated article of clothing in homeless shelters.
of Cub Scouts, Boy
Scouts & Venturers
will be collecting pairs of NEW SOCKS of all sizes, colors, and varieties for the homeless in our community.
The national #Socktober movement proves that even the
smallest acts of kindness, like donating a pair of socks, can
make a big difference in the lives of our neighbors who
are homeless. Our local troop #60 will provide containers
to collect your NEW SOCK donations throughout the
church building during the month of October.

Upcoming dates to remember:

Oct. 30Halloween Party (Mentors invited)
Nov. 4-6Braving Discipleship (Sr. High only)
Nov. 6Middle school only ABY
Nov. 20 & 27 No ABY
Dec. 11Mentor Night

Enjoying some Sylas &

Maddies ice cream
following South Park

Now Forming!
First Baptist Church
1330 Kasold Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66049
785/843-0021 (fax)

Short-term Bell Choir (10 weeks)

Thursday, 6:15 p.m. First Baptist sanctuary
Questions: Contact Sandy Heacock:, 843-8243, or in person. See
you Thursday!

Staff Whereabouts
Pastor Cheryl, Pastor Matt, and Tim Bonner will be attending the 2016 ABCCR
Annual Gathering in Hesston, Ks Oct. 13-15.

Life of the Church

Family Promise Week
Tuesday, Oct. 11
7:00 p.m.Finance Ministry Mtg.
Wednesday, Oct. 12
6:00 p.m.Mid-week meal (in Narthex)
6:30 p.m.Sacred Music Academy
6:40 p.m.Youth Bible Study
6:40 p.m.Two-Way Sermon FeedbackPreview Life Group
Thursday, Oct. 13
6:00 p.m.Yoga with Nancy
6:15 p.m.Bell Choir rehearsal
7:30 p.m.Chancel Choir rehearsal
Sunday, Oct. 16
8:30 a.m.Worship service
9:30 a.m.Sunday School
10:45 a.m.Worship service
5:00 p.m.ABY/Chupper
6:00 p.m.Habitat Music Fest (Corpus
Christi Church)
Looking Ahead:
Oct. 23: Quarterly Business Meeting
Church Office:
785/843.0020, ext. 203

Sunday Morning Volunteers

October 16
Nursery 9:15-12:00 p.m.Amy Munsterman
Extended Care 9:15-12:00 p.m. Mary Ann Williams
Sunday DriverGinger Boring, (785) 542-1204
Sunday A/VKen Hite

SoundNeal Purvis

Wednesday Menu Oct. 12

Pulled Pork sandwiches
Corn casserole
-Pot luck dessert

By the Numbers
as of October 2, 2016
Weekly Receipts:
YTD Receipts:
Weekly Receipts:
Cumulative Giving:


Celebrate! All chairs for our sanctuary have now been

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If you would like more detailed financial information, please contact

our bookkeeper at, 917-9622.
Thank you for your generous giving. Your generosity helps to make
our many ministries possible. Offering envelopes are available each
Sunday or you may choose to give at
Look for Simplegive tab.