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UPLC Bar Questions and Suggested Answers. For 2014, i had (1994-2013). Read from 2013.
Siliman Dondee version of UPLC. 1997-2007 or any updated version. Arranged by topic so you
could read this alongside your codal.
Latest Jurisprudence, recently overturned decisions, landmark decisions
Codals. Read them. If all else fail. Cite the Law and how it will apply to the presented issue or
** if possible, you should also read UST QUAMTO (questions frequently asked) so you could
have an idea of possible topics you should focus on.
Here we go.
Albano, Poli Reviewer (BEST INVESTMENT EVER.) Updated doctrines and cases
Gorospe notes (rumored and confirmed 2014 examiner, cases and doctrines)
Sandoval notes (cases. Doctrines. Concepts.)
UST Golden Notes (Advisers: Atty. Gorospe and Atty. Sandoval. I will trust them with my life)
*I didn't read Nachura because I was afraid it was outdated. I already read Bernas is law school so I
felt like it will cost me time and effort.
Alcantara. Labor Law Reviewer. (User friendly, you'll remember the cases and doctrines. The
examples are usually the Bar questions and suggested answers. Good for Recall.)
Abad. Outlined with cases.
Chan for updated cases, topics and explanations.
Chan Notes: given during Pre-week lecture. This saved my life. Haha.
UST Golden Notes (thank you Atty. Samson Alcantara and Atty. Joeven Dellosa.)
Albano Civ reviewer. (THIS BOOK SAVED MY LIFE.)
Jurado Reviewer (covers everything)
Rabuya (I trust this prof with my life. User friendly. Easy Read
BEDA NOTES. (UST GN's font is so small I can't read it. I used the tables though. Beda notes.
Complete. Concise. Considering the fact that Civ is too looooooong.)
Aligada Notes (the notes of the Great Dean Aligada, my mentor and famous civilist, is still relevant,
codal based with analysis necessary in tackling tricky Civ questions)

*I already read Pineda, Tolentino, Paras in lawschool. I felt that I needed a reviewer book that could
show me how to tackle and answer bar questions.
Dimaampao 1&2 (all I can say was, "thank you sir. Thank you".)
Domondon books (skim and scan. The book has 3 stars for most important topics focus on those)
PM REYES Tax Notes 1&2. (You can email him for recent jurisprudence and he will send you
updated notes.) (i got my notes from Atty. James Domingo. Thank you sir!)
UST Golden notes (According to Atty. Ortega, most complete and Concise tax notes)
Dimaampao notes (AGAIN, THANK YOU SIR.)
Domondon BarStarNotes (he personally handed them out during pre-week. Make sure that your
notes areblessed by Atty. Domondon or else the law on karma shall take effect.)
Boado, Big Reviewer Book. I liked how the concepts were explained. Easy read. Easy recall.
Justice Sandoval's reviewer. Easy read and very helpful.
Prosec. Garcia Notes by SuperSeniors (Prosec Garcia's style: law. Cases. Explanation) easy recall
Justice Peralta Notes (chairman of the Bar Exams)
Amurao notes
Beda Notes.
Nani Perez, quizzers merc1, merc2 and Insurance Law (juris based and q&a. Easy recall.
(Thanks sir nani!)
Sundiang reviewer: outlined. Easy read
JJ or Jack Jimenez Notes: jurisbased. Predicted most of the questions to be asked in 2014 Bar.
Dean Divina Notes: Marx Notes and Handouts
Glenn Tuazon Notes: JJ Transcribed lecture.
*i have read Aquino for Corpo and all the De Leon books for Merc subjects so I felt that it will waste
my time and effort.
Albano, Rem Reviewer (BEST INVESTMENT EVER)
Riano, CivRev 1&2, CrimRev, Evid. (Focus on the Bar Questions)
UST GN (I liked the cases and examples)

BEDA NOTES (The flowchart and the tables are conducive for my mindmapping technique)
Dean Jara Notes
*I have read the book 1 & 2 of Justice Regalado in law school so I felt that it will be a waste of time
and effort to read them again.
Cosico (easy read)
Codals. Hahaha.
*okay. I have read Pineda legal ethics and judicial ethics. To be honest, i didn't have much time for