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7500 Whispering Sands Dr.

Las Vegas, Nevada 89131


Kevin McPartlin * Lynn McCann * Denise Tomchek * Jessica Scobell * Anthony Marentic * Hilary Eisen
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Dean of Students

Dear Parents and Guardians;

On Friday, October 7th, there was a rather large altercation at two local fast food restaurants
involving Arbor View students and students from at least one other high school. The
administration at Arbor View is cooperating with local law enforcement to address this situation.
This was an isolated incident that occurred off campus, but I want to reassure you that we are
providing extra security at school.
Please understand the incident that has been shown on social media and local news stations is not
a representation of the students we have at Arbor View. We have over 3,100 students; they are
well-behaved and positive members of our community. I am proud of our student body and urge
you to avoid making large-scale judgments based on the actions of a few individuals.
At this time, the Metropolitan Police Department is leading this investigation. Please contact
Metro if you have any pertinent information that will assist their officers.
I am asking for your assistance in assisting us in keeping your child safe.

Please monitor your childs social media accounts.

Speak to your child about walking away from any disturbances.
Report any potential acts of violence to the administration and to parents.
Please ensure your child is following all curfew laws.
Please report all harassment and bullying incidents to the Deans office at 702-799-6660 ext.
4500 or via our Anti-Bullying Link on our website.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Kevin McPartlin

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