June, 2010 Reston Master Plan Special Study Task Force: RCA’s Reston 2020 Committee is an open group

of Reston residents and others interested in the future of Reston. Since the Task Force was formed last December, we have followed its work closely, and have provided our views to the Task Force on specific elements of the Plan such as the Planning Principles. All of our meetings are open to the public and several Task Force members and alternates have actively participated in Reston 2020. As required by FOIA, our meetings have been officially listed by the county as public meetings. The members of the RCA Board and the Reston 2020 Committee are all residents; we are not, however, anti-development. We understand the importance of the changes coming to Reston with the Metro and that the inevitable growth represents opportunities for our community as well as potential dangers. It is crucial that this growth is well planned and implemented in order to benefit both current and future residents, as well as developers and the business communities of Reston. We have formed working groups to study and write about specific issues that we feel are important in the planning process. Each group has read background material, looked at what the Tyson’s Task Force has done on their topics, had presentations from local experts in their fields, and many of the groups have members with professional qualifications and experience in planning and design. The Working Groups are:      Environment, Transportation, Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities, Residential and Urban Design, and Livability, Implementation, Phasing, and Financing.

The papers in this binder are the output of the various Working Groups over the past five months. The papers are all designed to be helpful to the work of the Task Force. All the papers have principle authors and, to an extent, represent the views of the principle author. Each paper has been reviewed, however, by the members of the Working Groups and the leaders of Reston 2020; they reflect a commonality of views represented by our Planning Principles. We hope these papers are indeed helpful. In the future, we hope to continue in our efforts of assisting the task force by submitting additional work group papers to be added to these binders. New work will be accompanied by updated index sheets to help keep our research convenient and organized for your use as you make the decisions that will shape our tomorrows in Reston. Dick Stillson, Co-Chair, Reston 2020 John Bowman, Co-Chair, Reston 2020

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