Republic Act (RA) 9369 was enacted authorizing Comelec to use an Automated Election System (AES).

To ensure the accuracy, veracity and authenticity in the recording and reading of votes in the precincts; electronic transmission of the election returns (ERs) to the municipal, city, provincial and national canvassing; as well as the tabulation, RA 9369 required the AES to have minimum capabilities standards, such as the use of digital signatures, voter verifiability, and UV scanning to detect unauthorized ballots, among others.


DIGITAL SIGNATURES: The importance of digital signatures in the election is clearly specified

in RA 9369. The Chairman of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) shall electronically transmit the precinct results to the respective levels of board of canvassers (BOC). The election returns transmitted electronically and digitally signed shall be considered as official election results and shall be used as the basis for the canvassing of votes and the proclamation of a candidate. RA9369 also referred to RA 8792 Electronic Commerce Act as to the requirements for provision, use and interpretation of various aspects of electronic or digital signatures.

On June 15, 2009, Executive Order 810 was issued institutionalizing the use of digital signatures and directing the application of digital signatures in E-Government services.


VOTER VERIFIABILITY: An audit trail so the voter can verify whether his votes were the same

as those read and counted by the PCOS machine.


UV SCANNING: A feature in the PCOS machine to detect fake and unauthorized ballots.



1. On March 4, 2010, Comelec issued Comelec Resolution 8786 dated March 4, 2010, essentially disabling the use of digital signatures. Thus, the electronically transmitted ERs from the precincts no longer bear digital signatures

Several excuses were given by Comelec ranging from PCOS machine signatures are equivalent to digital signature (which of course is not true); use of digital signature will require another P1 Billion (as if digital feature is not included in the P7.1 B contract); reducing transmission time (how can

less than one minute signing digitally will reduce much a transmission of about 30 to 60 minutes?); and the PCOS i-button and BEI Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are equivalents (of course, not).

2. After the initial printing of the ballots, Comelec announced that the UV scanning feature of the PCOS will no longer be used because the density of the ink used in printing the ballots is not within the ink specifications that can be accurately scanned. Instead, Comelec procured thousands of UV handheld lamps that eventually were not used during the elections.

3. During the election, the voters were only notified "Congratulations" in the PCOS LCD screen, and had not been given a chance to verify whether his vote choices were properly read and recorded.


1. There was a significant violation of the RA9369 including non-compliance with the provisions of the Bid and the Automation Contract.

2. The authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, veracity and accuracy of the vote counts in the ERs, and eventually the Certificates of Canvass (whose basis are the electronically transmitted results) are compromised.

3. The resulting irregularities, discrepancies in printouts vs. transmitted results, null votes, and reconciled votes cannot be addressed specifically as the source of the controversial votes cannot be identified.

4. Comelec had revised an existing law of which only Congress is authorized to repeal or modify; and with such resolution and action being assailed as unconstitutional, and promulgated and done with grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction.


1. Only the manual counting of ballots will resolve the issues and protests.

2. This may be accelerated with the use of fully-tested, fully-audited and specification compliant PCOS machines to read the ballots within a disputed administrative jurisdiction.

3. Conduct a full blown, independent, non-partisan, and expert AES audit to determine compliance to the law and specifications, improvements for future elections, and pinpointing accountabilities. Such audit should result in the corresponding prosecution of those found negligent, incompetent, arrogant and with fraudulent and criminal intent and wrong doing.

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For all documents related to Critique of the AES:

Cheaters Incorporated:

President Gloria Arroyo (MDM 101) Chairman of the Board Ronaldo V. Puno (HG 101) Chief Executive Officer Nicodemu Ferrer (com 101) Board Member Lucenito Tagle (com 102) Board Member Rene Sarmiento (com 103) Bpard Member Armando Velasco (com 104) Board Member


Firstly, we apologize that not everyone found it easy to open and access We are trying to remedy the situation. One difficulty we found was that when we opened the web site, we did it on free hosting service that allowed for a very small storage space and very little allowance for traffic bandwidth. Due to this limitations, the sudden influx of visitors to the site have cause the system to slow down quite considerably. What we did was to upgrade the service to one that would allow us bigger storage space and traffic allowance that allowed us to handle more visitors to the site without compromising the speed and quality of the site. We hope that we have been able to solve the problem.

In the first release, we included several e-mails. There was a reason for including those e-mails. It was to give skeptics the opportunity to check and verify some of the contents. Case in point was the e-mail exchanges between

Puno, Sarmiento and Ben Dy. You were suppose to open this by clicking on the link “decide to play god”, but if you have not or were not able to, we are including it here once again. (click here to read email) In this particular case, the e-mail exchanges resulted in the death of the Isabela COMELEC election officer several days after these exchanges. This thing has gone far beyond politics. The murder of an election officer, Michael Valdez, a man more honorable than them cannot go unpunished. Politics is one thing but murder is too much. There had to be a way to honor this outstanding COMELEC officer who stood by his principles and died as a result of it in contrast to his bosses in Manila. Puno, Sarmiento and Ben Dy should not go unpunished for their heinous crime.

Since we literally have hundreds of holdings in our possession, we did miss some which should have been included in the first chapter which we are now including here. As we have said, this story is still UNFOLDING. These crooks are not yet done. They have not yet accepted the verdict of the people and are still busy plotting. Hard to believe but true. We have now included additional e-mails wherein names are mentioned so that verification can be made further. One is an email of Puno to PGMA on the 12th of March 2010 reporting his conversation with a certain Mr. William Burns of the US State Department about the projected visit from the US of Election Observers. (click here to read e-mail) Who is Mr. Burns? Another is the e-mail exchange between Puno and a certain Gary Hardaway on March 31, 2010 (click here). Hardaway is the foreign IT-expert whom Puno would consult regularly if they ran into technical problems. Here Hardaway is recommending options to take on how to manipulate the May 10 Elections. In fact it was one of his schemes that was finally implemented by Puno and that was the subtle use of the CF cards. There were several exchanges between the two and we will include them in our next release. Who is Garry Hardaway? Hint - He is from the United States and works or lives in the state of New Jersey as far as we know. (Click here to read e-mails: mail #1 , mail #2, mail #3, mail #4, mail #4)

With regards to Bulacan, we are now attaching a more detailed report on the way cheating was done. (click here to see Report on Cheating, Click here to see Detailed Statistics of Bulacan) We are hoping that this will help a little bit those candidates who feel very strongly that they were cheated but could not understand or have difficulty in their quest for the truth. The missing votes do not really tell the entire story. Very clearly, Alvarado could not have won much less be proclaimed because three towns were not able to transmit their official results inspite of the fact that as per PBOC canvass, there was transmissions. In fact the PBOC server was not on line when they were canvassing. All towns managed to transmit but not these three. It is all very easy and simple to prove their manipulation but another simple proof is an e-mail of Ferrer to Puno on May 12 basically admitting their cheating, revealing their shocking other intentions. (click here) Also included is an e-mail by Puno to “Miss Garci” regarding the importance of Bulacan (click here) and an e-mail regarding areas that they must control (click here) You can see that even they accepted that they would lose in the province without cheating. During the last 10 days preceding the May Election, there was a flurry of e-mails between Puno, Miss Garci and Ferrer which we now include here in chronological order to give you an idea on how frantic they were in trying to correct their mistakes and cope with the unfolding developments. This will also tell you that the alleged whistle blower now appearing on TV is a fake. He is what you

call their “pakawala” a decoy to their real intentions and actions. Watch for the 2nd chapter which is coming very soon.

More e-mails: May 07: mail #1 May 06: mail #1, mail #2, mail #3 May 05: mail #1, mail #2, mail #3, mail #4 May 04: mail #1, mail #2 May 02: mail #1 May 01: mail #1, mail #2 Apr 30 : mail #1, mail #2 , mail #3

**For all the emails herein mentioned, please access the documents related to Critique of the AES:**

The Much Awaited Part 2.....

We are happy that at last the mainstream media started to pick up the story of the May 10 election manipulation by Puno and Company. We are however, disappointed that the media is so fixed on the conversation between Puno and Ferrer which we somehow expected instead of focusing on the more substantial e-mails. In fact, nothing about the e-mails were mentioned or asked. We know that Puno is trying very hard to keep the story off the mainstream media. He has been braggin in his e-mails of his control of some media personalities. We hate to suspect the worst. But we have faith that some will go deeper and investigate.

The audio presentation was simply intended to get everybody's attention. The e-mails are the more damaging because you cannot fake it. E-mails can be traced back to its source and cannot be denied. So, Why isn't anybody asking them about their e-mails? With the audio, as if you do not remember what happened to the Garci Tapes. Ferrer and Puno, naturally are denying it and of course both are lying. The conversation that was between two telephone numbers 09178491692 and 09156869234 were both traced to Ferrer and Puno. We sent Ferrer a copy of it ahead of everybody and as we expected, he immediately sent an e-mail to puno on May 12 admitting that the conversation was between them which we already included in our addendum (Our Apologies). For your Benefit, we are including it again. (click her) Maybe the media interviewing both people could ask this point?

We cannot spoon-feed the media with everything. They must also at least try to do some searching on their own. In the Sarmiento, Puno and DY exchange. a lot of information was there. Who is Jimmy Rivera? Was Michael Valdez killed after the e-mail exchange? Was his security withdrawn prior to his murder? In the e-mail of Puno to "Miss

Garci", he speaks of Mr. William Burns of the U.S> State Department. Did you in the media even bother to check with the U.S. state Department if such a person exists. what is his position and whether or not the conversation took place? Same with this Gary Hardaway fellow. Who is he? Did you in the media ask help of the U.S. authorities to locate this person? He is not only in violation of Philippine Laws but U.S. Federal Laws as well as we believe. Mga Kaibigan, magtrabaho naman tayo ng kaunti. Why are we telling you this? So that you can check the veracity of the information. There are so much information in the other e-mails that it should be easy to pick up the story.

To be sure, Smartmatic has alot of explaining to do. We believe Ferrer is always in contact with them. What is the business for instance of Puno calling Smartmatic all the time including their offices in taiwan? (click here) We argue that Congress should call Ferrer, Puno and let them deny under oath their e-mails. CF cards will not tell the whole story. In the words of Puno, by concetrating on Smartmatic, Congress is "unwittingly confusing and prolonging the canvassing." One must know how this started and who is the director. We also argue that one or two cases be investigated to understand better the whole strategy and tactics. The statement that Ferrer that he is only in the background is a lie because he is always in contact with Puno. (click here for more e-mails exchanges mail #1, mail #2, mail #3, mail #4, mail #5) We are also including here other audio intercepts between Ferrer, Sarmiento, Puno and Miss Garci. (Click Here: call 1, call 2, call 3) In the first audio, the reason why the voice of Puno was a little distorted was due to the fact that the recording speed was different from the playing speed of the players. We hope that the emails will continue to give a fuller understanding ho Puno and Ferrer Manuevered hehind the back of Chairman Melo.

We urge the readers, if you have been following the political news to try and put two and two together and analyze the e-mails more in-detail. There are plenty here for you to digest already. For the media and the press people. There is more than enough here for you to follow. What happened to investigative journalism?

By the way the real name of Koala Bear is Rodel and his handler is not those mentioned in the papers.

For your reading and listening pleasure click on the link and see the entire story unfold.

If you have any information to share with us regarding the irregularities that transpired last May 10, 2010. Please send them to us via e-mail to the email address below:

Text us for your comments and suggestion at 09158376200....

Thank you for you support and your continued thirst for the truth.

EMAILS on Cheaters Incorporated

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Concerns To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Friday, 12 Mar 2010 10:42:08 AM

Madam, There is something that I have to bring to your attention that I have believe we should look into very seriously.

I was on the phone with the William Burns of the US State Department. He told me that the US Government is seriously considering in sending a Delegation to Observe the Upcoming Elections. This was personally recommended by State Department Hilary Clinton to President Obama. This was brought about by the following and I quote Burns "pilot tests of this automated election system’s precinct count optical scanners are erratic and unreliable." he also added and again I quote "Smartmatic has disabled the machine’s ultra-violet ray reader of each ballot’s barcode. In so doing, it removed the safeguard and protective measures against multiple counting of the same ballot resulting (in) cheating and possible vote padding," plus the Bangit appointment was also discussed as something questionable. and finally he inquired about the veracity of the Power shortage in Mindanao.

My concerns are the following. First, a delegation could be detrimental to us and any attempt by us to limit their observation rights might as well be an admission of guilt. Second, the information they have about Smartmatic's move to disable the UV Ray Reader was supposedly confidential and yet they know about it, which points to the fact that we discussed that there is a mole among our people.

Lastly, if they put their backs behind to finding out the true state of our Power Situation, we might as well be sitting ducks. We need to discuss this matter immediately.

So far, we have concluded that our best means of avoiding leakage would be limit the number of individuals with vital info plus limit our communications to the new smart numbers and our emails which is privately served and is behind intense security.

I am already coming out with an action plan to counter this and will be on your email by tonight. I will be conferring with the justices later to discuss the constitutional provisions for an Election Failure of the

Presidency and Vice Presidency only. I know that we have decided that this will be the court of last resort but with the recent developments we have uncovered. It just might become necessary.

Lastly, The individuals we have discussed to be placed on constant surveillance is now closely monitored 24 hours. However, Smart and PLDT refused to give us any communication details or any aid in the matter. I guess we are on our own. I am exhausting all means for this but still to no avail. I will give you an update. HG101

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Brief on Teodoro Defeat To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 19:12:26 PM

Madam, I have to apologize for not submitting to you even a rough brief regarding your request for information on the possible course of action in the event that we fail to install Teodoro or we allow a victory by somebody else aside from Teodoro. As instructed, I have discussed this with the justices and they too are unable to give me a substantial answer. We really need to look at the matter more closely to give you a better answer.

However, we are in agreement on the following:

1. A Teodoro less June 30 would be very difficult for us. 2. A pre-requisite to a Teodoro less June 30 would be the control of congress. 3. A Villar victory would be more acceptable since we have already struck deals with a lot of his party mates through the ones we have deliberately planted in their party. 4. At all cost, avoid a victory by Aquino. In such an event, we might as well control 100% of Congress. I will give you a complete brief within a few days that details all possible scenario and what measures we are to take. HG101

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno "

Subject: Information you requested To: "Gary Hardaway" < > Received: Sunday, 04 Apr 2010 11:33:19 AM

Gary, Here is what we've gathered regarding the Information you've asked for regarding the IP's and the MAC addressing scheme of the providers.

The IP address assignment method according to the providers is statically assigned but it is limited to a specific set of IP address. I really don't know what that means. About the MAC address database, they didn't mentioned about the refresh time. What they told us is that the MAC address assignment for the set of IP address to be used during the election will expire in 5 days. Regarding the brand name of the modem to be used. We still haven't gotten any information about that except that it is a 3G HSPA modem.

Hope that this information could be of use. Please get back to me as soon as you can. RVP

From: "Gary Hardaway" < > Subject: Got the Info To: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Received: Sunday, 04 Apr 2010 13:12:24 PM

Mr. RVP: Just got the information, this is great and will be of good use. I am studying the options you can avail of now. I, most probably will have it ready for you by tomorrow.

Truly. Gary

Date: April 06, 2010 PF: 32001 REF: 2010 Additional Manipulation Schemes (Philippines 2010 Elections)

Mr. RVP: Here are two schemes that I have formulated for your evaluation based on the information I've gathered and what you have given me. I have designed this schemes so that it would fit all the preparations

you've made so far.

Let me summarize all the Information we have gathered plus those that we already have that are pertinent to this Scheme that I have laid out below.

1. Digital Signature feature of the PCOS will not be activated during the transmission of Data. 2. Voter's Verification (LCD Display of Voter's Choice) will not be enabled. 3. The IP Addressing Scheme of the Providers according to you is Dynamically limited to a specific set of IP address. 4. The MAC Address Validity for the Election Accounts will expire after 5 days. 5. A 3G HSPA Modem will be used for the Transmission. From what I gathered, the modems to be used are manufactured in China. I believe you know already what is meant by Digital Signature as well as the LCD verification in relation to the PCOS Machine and the Election itself. However, I do need to explain to you the IP addressing and the MAC address and why is it important to us and the schemes I am about to show you.

1. IP Addressing is the way a network (The Internet) differentiates or Identifies a certain Computer, Machine (Hub, Routers) from one another. You can very well say that it is the Unique ID by which any Computer is recognized n a certain network.

There are Two ways these IP Address is given to a certain Computer. Either it is Statically or Dynamically assigned by the Network Administrator/Provider. a. Statically Assigned IP means that a permanent IP address is assigned to the same account every time that account logs in to the network. The only chance that this address will change is if the provider decides to do so. In our case this account is defined by the Subscriber Identity Module b. Dynamically Assigned IP, as the name suggest, it is dynamic or adjusting. It is when the IP address can change every now and then depending on conditions that is set by the Network Administrator, in our case the Provider. When I say "it can change", it doesn't mean that it changes every time from time to time. In fact, it basically remains the same each time the account logs in to the Network. Conditions that could merit a change in the IP Address on a static method can be any of the following: 1) Change in Operating System.

2) Long Periods of Inactivity by the account. 3) Change in Network components. 4) Request for an IP change is made to the provider.


MAC address refers to the unique address that is embedded in each and every hardware that

connected to the Network. Be it a computer, printer or whatever. This MAC address is permanent and more often than not can never be changed. Although some brands allow the changing of this MAC address but it requires Cloning Hardware and Hardware Embedding. This MAC address of each hardware is recorded by the Provider on a Database and each MAC address is assigned its own IP address. Each time this hardware logs in to the network, the system will check the MAC address of the Hardware. Then looks at the database and see if it already exists. If it does, it then checks the Validity or Expiration Certificate of the account. If it is valid then it takes the IP address assigned for that MAC Address and uses it. If the MAC address does not exist in the Database, it will record the MAC address and then assign a new IP address for that Hardware.

I am sure that I am already starting to sound confusing. But bear with me for a while and it will make sense soon.

Now for the Scheme itself: Scheme 1 (Transmission from another Station)

1. Election will proceed as Normal. Until the Closing of the Precincts. 2. Transmission will take place as Normal and PCOS will be able to transmit (Without the Digital Signature) 3. Printouts will be printed and duly distributed. However: 4. While the elections are proceeding normally at the precincts. In a different location (Preferably in close proximity to the Precinct) Another PCOS is busy preparing manipulated data for the same precinct. This PCOS must be configured identically to the Precinct PCOS. 5. Once the Transmission of the Precinct PCOS is done, the modem used by that PCOS will then be brought to the PCOS with manipulated data. Using the same Modem the PCOS will now transmit data to the Central Server. We should not forget that the system allows redundant transmission for data integrity. Thus, the earlier transmitted data will be overwritten by the newly

transmitted data. Using another modem is out of the question since that would give another MAC address thus another may be assigned. The point being, using another modem to transmit data from the secondary PCOS would leave a footprint which could very well lead to the discovery of the scheme. Note: The CF cards of the original PCOS must later be substituted with the CF cards from the manipulated PCOS. What are the safeguards we have that no one will be alerted or risk being discovered/traced later?

1. Without the Digital Signature, there is no way to tell which machine made the second transmission. Plus with the simultaneous transmission going on at the same time. No one will be able to tell that a re-transmission has occurred. 2. The only way to trace this transmission would be to check the IP address of the Transmitting Machine. Since the IP address is Statically Assigned we are certain that the same IP address will appear and having used the same modem, the same MAC address will also appear. For all intents and purposes the IP and the MAC will show that it was the same machine that transmitted the data. Again, with the absence of the digital Signature there is no way to tell which is which. 3. Next Question would be the Time Stamp of the Transmission. The trick here is to set the Time Clock of the servers 10 to 15 minutes late than that of the PCOS machines. This way the time stamp would appear to be approximately within the range of the original transmission. Remember the time stamp that would appear on the printout is the time of transmission while the time stamp on the server is the time of reception which is never the same. There will always be a couple of minute difference. Reminders of Things for Preparation and Things to be Done:

1. Identical CF cards must be prepared and used for both the Precinct PCOS and the Other PCOS. 2. Manipulated Data must be ready the moment the modem arrives so that transmission can be done at once. 3. Clock setting for the Server and PCOS must have a 10 to 15 minute difference with the PCOS being ahead. 4. The same modem must be used by the Precinct PCOS and the other PCOS. 5. As soon as it can be done the CF cards must then be substituted. Note: I think that with the resolutions and policies you have made, the importance of the printouts of the

original PCOS will be academic and of no value.

As I have said earlier, this schemes are designed to fit the preparations you've already made without entailing too much additional work. The only Additional work would be the preparation of the CF cards which will only be applicable if you decide to put the other scheme to action.

The Second Scheme is in the other file which also in this attachment. It is for your evaluation as well. Truly. Gary

Date: April 06, 2010 PF: 32002 REF: 2010 Additional Manipulation Schemes (Philippines 2010 Elections)

Mr. RVP Here is the other Scheme I mentioned to you. I came up with this but I do not highly recommend this scheme for areas that you may consider as hotspots where too much attention will be present. Although this scheme is very easy to put in place. It has a certain weakness. If discovered, it can easily be proven that a deliberate attempt to cheat has taken place.

Keeping in mind the components I've discussed with you before. The basic principle that would make this scheme run is "Manipulate the Counting Process of the PCOS. Aptly put, make the PCOS wrongly count the votes.

Scheme Elements: This Scheme involves a single element for implementation: • Improperly Configured CF cards - the CF cards will be loaded with an Improperly Configured Image File and Interpretation Guide. The CF cards will contain a valid image file but the appended Interpretation guide will be mis- configured to make the PCOS behave in different manners based on how it was configured.

This CF card can be configured in many different ways to make the machines count the ballots in favor of a specific candidate.

1. Configure it in such a way that Votes for a specific candidate will not be counted by defining it as "void" or "null".

2. Make the PCOS behave in such a way that votes for one candidate will be credited to the other. 3. Configure it to behave in a way that it will reject certain Ballots although minor alterations have to be done to the ballots itself. (Not readily available but still possible) Note: Configuration must be given thorough consideration since it is inevitable that certain candidates will get 0 votes for that specific PCOS.

Steps by Step Guide:

1. PCOS machines will be Initialized normally using the improperly configured CF cards. 2. Voting proceeds as Normal with voters casting their ballots in the PCOS. Since the LCD Verification is disabled, the voters will not know that their ballot was rejected, miscounted, etc.. 3. Close the PCOS normally. 4. Transmit the Data normally and Print the ER's as expected. 5. At the soonest possible time. The Tabulated data in the CF card is to be copied to a CF card with a correct Interpretation Guide. For possible presentation later. 6. Like what we discussed over the phone. The PCOS machines will be reset immediately to zero at the first opportunity presented as with all the other schemes. Advantages:

1. Personalities involved in the scheme is limited only to those who will configure the CF cards. 2. The BEI and any other Officials in the Precinct can be completely unaware of the scheme without compromising its success. 3. No jamming and Transmission failure to be staged. 4. The scheme would effectively manipulate the results even if the Digital Signature is enforced. 5. Switching of CF cards will be done after the transmission of data therefore would not be subject to much scrutiny. Disadvantages: I can only foresee one major disadvantage in the scheme described above. That is, if it is discovered while voting is going on. The erroneous Interpretation Guide in the CF card is irrevocable proof that a

manipulation conspiracy is being done. The moment one CF card is caught/discovered. You can expect that all the CF nationwide will be subjected to scrutiny. Also, the moment this scheme is put into action, there is no way to stop it or cancel it mid stream. Unlike the other schemes, you can easily cease operation at any given stage.

The basic idea that was going on in my mind while formulating this scheme is this. Among all the schemes we have prepared for, this is the only one that can circumvent the Digital Signature feature of the AES. Besides that, I don't see any other reason why we should be employing this scheme. If there should be any questions. Don't hesitate to call me on my private line so I can Clarify immediately. Truly. Gary.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Precinct level Complaints To: "Nicodemu Ferrer" <> Received: Tuesday, 06 Apr 2010 16:37:42 PM

I see that you've already released the statement that the COMELEC will no longer entertain complaints on the precinct level pertaining to document discrepancies. I know that this was part of the plan all along but I just think that it was quite early as this could spur another attack from parties concerned.

Anyway, as a rule of thumb from now on. No statements regarding policies shall be made without first consulting me. I hope I made myself clear.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: People need direction To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Wednesday, 07 Apr 2010 11:21:38 AM

Madam, I realize that some of our plans have not worked like we had planned. However, some of our people our running around like headless chicken and we do need to once again assure them that the machinery has not fallen apart. The only one who can do that would be you.

I also received yesterday the new scheme that we might be using for the coming election. However, a

clear cut decision on your part as to who we will carry down the stretch is needed. We need to discuss this at the soonest possible time.

For your Guidance and Info. HG101

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: As Stated To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Wednesday, 07 Apr 2010 15:28:01 PM

Madam, I have just concluded making my summary report for a possible alternative scheme for the coming election. Although the preparations for the original scheme is in full blast. It is prudent to still have another option that may come in handy specially right now with the highly volatile situation. I will have the report for you tomorrow right after lunch.

Also, please pardon me for bringing this up over and over again. We need to deliberate soon as to who the final name will be on the block for us. I have to be honest, there was a time when it was clear as to who it should be. But things have changed dramatically as you very well know.

For you Guidance and Info. HG101

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Namfrel and the Padded List To: "Nicodemu Ferrer" <> Received: Wednesday, 07 Apr 2010 16:27:32 PM

I thought this issue about the padded list has been handled and put to rest already with the supposed manual deletion of multiple entry names. If so, then how come NAMFREL is at it with the press claiming that they have knowledge of a 3 Million padding? Kontra Daya even went as far as 5 million. Once and for all, clear this matter for me and give a list of the padded numbers and the places associated with it. I want to see if there figures are correct. If so, where are they getting the information?

This is no joking matter, I need that report yesterday. I'm sure you know what I mean. I need them so I could study it closely and know where we can make adjustments. Specially now with numbers that are

coming in from the surveys.

From: "Nicodemus Ferrer " Subject: No Manual Audit until after proclamation To: " Ronaldo V. Puno " < > Received: Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 09:27:22 AM

We've convinced Melo to agree with us that no manual audit should happen before the proclamation. It's final and we're going to announce it to the Public already. Now, that should give us about 24 hours to clean up the needed ballots and Machines. Rene and I are now making the arrangements to have the PCOS machines be reset to zero immediately after the closing of the polls. We can do this since the Reset and Re-zero PIN will be with the BEI's on election day.

With the machines properly reset, I don't think there is anything that could prove anything afterwards.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Final Public Test before Sealing To: "Nicodemu Ferrer" <> Received: Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 10:09:12 AM

That is good news about the manual audit. We were already thinking of the worse that Melo will order a random audit right after the elections. Another area of concern is the final public test before the sealing the Machines. When will this be done and what do you plan to do about this. Let me now immediately.

FYI, out of the 432 Memory Cards memory cards I got from you. So far, 360 have been copied exactly . While all 432 already have their alternate configuration card. So I will send you 864 cards or 2 sets of 432, the ones with the original configuration that you sent me and another set of card with alternate configuration. I'll have them sent to you tomorrow morning.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Head count for Minority and Majority Party To: "Nicodemu Ferrer" <> Received: Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 13:41:49 PM

I have no idea regarding the numbers for the Minority party and the Majority party. Has the transfer of candidates made any effect regarding the Majority and Minority party. Keep me updated on this. I do

not want to overlook this matter. Later on, it just might kick us from behind.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: We need more numbers To: "Nicodemu Ferrer" <> Received: Friday, 30 Apr 2010 10:16:27 AM

I think you very well know that our bet is way behind on all surveys even on our own survey. I think you can see that for yourself and my people calculate about an 8 to 10 million edge for the other party. Now, that number is way too big to catch even with the control we have right now. Find a way to add numbers wherever you can get it. You have until Monday afternoon to give me a report and what is needed. I hope I made myself clear. Meanwhile, I'll be concentrating on lowering Aquino's numbers.

From: "Nicodemus Ferrer " Subject: Will work on the Numbers To: " Ronaldo V. Puno " < > Received: Friday, 30 Apr 2010 11:19:44 AM

I'll see what I can do. I will also ask assistance from Rene regarding the matter. Pero, I f I may suggest, the best person to talk to regarding this last minute gathering of numbers is Tagle. Sanay sya dyan at kilala nya almost everyone. He would be a big help at this stage.

From: "Gary Hardaway" < > Subject: Give me the numbers To: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Received: Friday, 30 Apr 2010 12:27:13 PM

Mr. RVP: Got your SMS. Send me the figures so I can figure out what to do. That is if there is anything that can be done. You have to understand that schemes like this are meant to augment small to medium differences but not to recover from a major deficiency. But let me have a look first at the numbers. I'll get back to you as soon as I look at it.

Truly. Gary

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno "

Subject: The Report you Requested To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Saturday, 01 May 2010 03:42:12 AM

Madam, Here is the summary you asked for regarding the votes we control. However, I've marked Red the areas where our control is mostly on the Municipal level and not the roots. I do understand your apprehension regarding the numbers that is why I remember mentioning to you before in one of my messages that I think it's about time that you seriously look into the last resort scenario. We do expect a major turnaround with the numbers specially in the coming days after Gonzales comes out with the names.

You see it's no It's no longer a matter of increasing Teodoro's numbers, it's a matter of bringing down Aquino's number that the goal now. I've attached the file containing the numbers.

For your Guidance and Info. HG101

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Correction on the Report To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Saturday, 01 May 2010 11:47:22 AM

Madam, I really have to apologize. It slipped my attention that Region III only reflected 5% total control and it was your son who pointed it out to me. Upon reviewing the statistics, I saw that it should have read 25% total control. I have no excuse for my lapse and I really apologize. I have attached a revised copy of the Analysis. There was a slight improvement on the overall numbers but it still fell short of the required number. However, it is more manageable.

For your Guidance and Info. HG101

From: "Nicodemus Ferrer " Subject: Unique ID for the Cards To: " Ronaldo V. Puno " < > Received: Sunday, 02 May 2010 14:04:52 PM

As I told you, the only way that we can make up that much amount of votes is to add to the number of machines that we will control. The Editing won't be enough. A s explained to us the editing allows us to change values only within the tolerable limit of + or -10% without triggering a system wide alert that will certainly blow up in our faces. We nee at least 750 cards preferably around 800 just to be sure.

Here are the ID's to use: Ballot ID 59 120 pcs Ballot ID 61 130 pcs Ballot ID 74 120 pcs. Ballot ID 72 100 pcs. Ballot ID 81 280 pcs. Ballot ID 4 170 pcs.

This would be enough to cover that much. Hoping that our Bet's number no longer drops.

From: "Nicodemus Ferrer " Subject: Melo won't agree To: " Ronaldo V. Puno " < > Received: Tuesday, 04 May 2010 10:32:17 AM

I have to say that probably the best option we have is to postpone the elections. We need time to sort things out. As it is if the elections push through, were looking at a collapse of the system or worse, we would not be able to do what we want. The big problem however is that Melo is firm that no postponement shall happen. We may need to railroad him.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Do what is needed To: "Nicodemu Ferrer" <> Received: Tuesday, 04 May 2010 11:00:54 AM

The President doesn't care how you do it. Personally, so do I. This is your responsibility, therefore you must fix it. Everything you needed was given and handed to you. All this mess should be clear by Friday. I warn you, the President said, "heads will roll" if this is not fixed. As to Melo, I'll see what I can do.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno "

Subject: Control is needed To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:03:47 AM

Madam, With the most recent developments, a lot of us feel that we have pushed ourselves against the wall. If we try to go ahead with the election as scheduled. We are doing so at a risk of failing to do what we have planned all along. When I say fail, I mean not all of the targeted goals will be accomplished. However, as you said, a postponement could cause a tremendous unrest that we might not be able to deal with. In light of this madam, we need to prepare for a certain situation that may suddenly transpire. First, the failure of the automated Elections due to the problems we have just seen. This will trigger an enormous uproar from all sectors that we need to be ready. I have enumerated several things that we need to be in charge of in such an event.

1. Communications Facilities and the NTC (including Mobile Providers) 2. Transport 3. A steadying force (either the PNP or AFP) both of them if possible. 4. Basic Utilities must also be controlled. If we have this under our control, I think we can handle the unrest and protest actions that will happen in such an event.

For your Guidance and info. HG101

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Go as planned To: "Nicodemu Ferrer" <> Received: Wednesday, 05 May 2010 13:45:12 PM

It's final, no postponement will happen. That will give time the other camps to prepare as well. We proceed. Do what you can in sorting out the cards. However, on the first sign of anomalies happening on a massive level. Declare a total failure of the Automated election. That is the idea so far and then we will take it from there.

From: "Nicodemus Ferrer " Subject: Tagle delivers but Delay of Counting is possible To: " Ronaldo V. Puno " < > Received: Wednesday, 05 May 2010 15:51:12 PM

Tagle has delivered some sort of a miracle. He was able to deliver for us some 1.8 million votes that will be under our control. However we might have to postpone or delay canvassing for this areas since we still need to get the CF cards deliverd to them. Provinding that. we act discreetly and show no taint of wrong doings. We've already made the announcement that about 5% of the entire country will experience delay in the counting of the votes Which I beleive is more acceptable that an accross the board failure of the voting system.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Zion Underway To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Wednesday, 05 May 2010 16:09:51 PM

Madam, As you have ordered I have already started to mobilize the people we need in preparation for the possible events of Monday. We have NTC control already. Globe has agreed to cut down on the provided signal without announcing it to the public.

Transportation as well as the utilities will be the subject of tomorrow's meetings and conferences. You mentioned last night that you will take care of the PNP or AFP. Please let me know madam any developments as soon as there are any. As far as the commission is concerned I've relayed to them the decision. Now, the preparation they are doing is for the holding of the election as scheduled.

For your Guidance and info. HG101

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Go as planned To: "Nicodemu Ferrer" <> Received: Thursday, 06 May 2010 09:44:08 AM

I just want to remind you that no matter how short of time you may be. The following provinces are to

be controlled as originally planned.

The Provinces are: Abra, Nueva Vizcaya Cauayan Isabela Bulacan Ilocos Norte

The Palace and I have more than just votes at stake in the above mentioned Provinces. Let me know the status immediately tonight. We will be having a marathon Vid-conf erence later , so get it to me, even at around 2:00 or even 3:00. A.M.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Headway being made To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Thursday, 06 May 2010 13:29:51 PM

Madam, We've already made headway when it comes to the deficit that we had to cover between Gibo and Aquino. But with the recent developments and the sudden need to reconfigure many of the CF cards, we might loose some grounds on the local level. This is mainly because we will loose control of the votes due to the fact that there is not enough time to reconfigure the local bets as well. This is now the dilemma we're facing. But we still have most of our targets under our fold.

Specifically, even without you telling me I made Bulacan a priority province to be taken. We really cannot take the risk of them to find out what we have done in Bulacan before. The problem is we will maneuver in Bulacan with everything untested plus the fact that the odds are quite stiff in their favor. I will receive a final list not later than tomorrow morning regarding the provinces we are in control of mostly.

For your Guidance and info. HG101

From: "Nicodemus Ferrer " Subject: Preparations and Corrections underway

To: " Ronaldo V. Puno " < > Received: Thursday, 06 May 2010 14:08:31 PM

Ok, all preparations and recovery facilities will be working on this right away. The truth is we're running out of time and probably would fail to complete our plans on many of the places. It would now be up to our IT's in place and the special server options.

We have managed to keep this off the press but about 30 election inspectors around the country have decided to quit.

For your Info.

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " Subject: Dominion Agreed To: "President G. Arroyo" < > Received: Friday, 07 May 2010 12:26:11 PM

Madam, We managed to get what we needed from the Dominion People, they heeded to our request for them to say that they found a glitch. We did this cause if they were to say that they didn't find a glitch in the configuration, then the question would be why did tests fail last Monday. We gave them 3,000 cards that were never tampered. The Official statement they made stated that they indeed found a minor glitch in the configuration done by Smartmatic, when in fact they found none. They agreed to say that there was a glitch in order to restore credibility to the Monday Elections. Distribution of our Cf cards will continue. Actually some were never actually withdrawn and remained with our people in the respective places. Tomorrow, we are gonna finalize the action plan for the day itself and which manipulation system to use for which place.

For your Guidance and info. HG101

From: "Nicodemus Ferrer " Subject: Their Numbers were simply too much To: " Ronaldo V. Puno " < > Received: Wednesday, 12 May 2010 16:27:54 PM

The explanation is rally quite simple. It's not that we did not do our part. In fact everyone did their part

to the letter. The simple reason why we didn't get the numbers that we wanted was simple. The numbers of Aquino were way to high to be affected by what we did.

Look at Mindanao, In areas where we had total control of the voting stations, Aquino never won in any area. Like in Basilan. But in order for us to achieve that, we were taking votes from Aquino not just by 10% but some areas we had to take away 22% of the votes, so that Teodoro might win. It plain and simple if you look at the numbers. In areas where we had somewhat control Gibo was doing pretty decent. It's just that the numbers were simply not enough. When it comes to the local bets. I'm sure that it has shown in the areas that we have absolute control. If there is anybody to blame for this debacle, it's actually the fact that Teodoro was the one they decided to field in the race.

For your Info.

Source: kaakbay partylist

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