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Overview Of Pakistan Telecommunication

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest
telecommunication company in Pakistan. This company provides telephony services to the
nation and still holds the status of backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure
despite arrival of a dozen other telcos including telecom giants like Telenor and China Mobile.
The company consists of around 2000 telephone exchanges across country providing largest
fixed line network. GSM, CDMA and Internet are other resources of PTCL, making it a gigantic
organization. The Government of Pakistan sold 26% shares and control of the company to
Etisalat in 2006. The Government of Pakistan retained 62% of the shares while the remaining
12% are held by the general public.

Marketing Mix Of Pakistan

Telecommunication Ltd
1- Product/ Service:
IN Based Value Added Service

Internet facility
0800 80800 Toll Free
Customer services center
Basic Services (PSTN Lines)
Package of seven special services
Digital communication all around the world
PTCL Calling Cards Domestic & International
Premium Rate (0900) & Virtual Private Network Service.

Data & Video

Voice Messaging Service (VMS)
Value Added Services
Collocation Facilities
Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL).
Universal Access Number (UAN).
Voice Mail & Messaging Services.
Calling Line Identification (CLI) service.
Digital features like Call Waiting, Call Transfer etc.
Universal Internet Number (UIN) - for ISP's Licensed only).
Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN-PRI, ISDN-Tele Plus.
Local/Domestic/International Leased bandwidth and point to point leased lines.
Business Services
Audio Conferencing
Voice Mail Service (VMS)
Fixed Line
Satellite Phone
Web Hosting Services
Managed WAN
IP & V Connect

Business DSL
Analogue Channels
TV Transmission
Security & Surveillance
Data Centres
Carriers Services & Wholesale
Telecom Operators
Sky link
Leased Circuits (IPLC / DPLC)
International IP Services
PTCL Metro Fibre Network
Interconnection Services
Wavelength Services
White Label Services
Calling Cards & LDI
Network Capacity Services
Home and Personal Services
PTCL Landline
Smart TV
Pakistan Package
Calling Cards

Phone and Net

Conference call
Identical number service
Broadband Pakistan
Evo wireless
Web hos
Dial up internet
Dialup vfone
2- Promotion :
uses different media for promotion like
Print Media
Electronic Media
Local cables
Bill Boards
3- Placement :
The Head Office of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is situated in
Sector G-8/4, Islamabad, which is headed by the President. Besides, it has Regional
Headquarters like: Islamabad Telecom Region, Rawalpindi Telecom Region, Hazara Telecom
Region Abottabad, Northern Telecom Region-I Peshawar, Lahore Telecom Region (South),
Lahore Telecom Region (North), Multan Telecom Region, Faisalabad Telecom Region Southern

Telecom Region-I Hyderabad Southern Telecom Region-II Karachi Southern Telecom Region-V
Sukkur Western Telecom Region Quetta. Switching network Central region Lahore.
These Regions provide Telecommunications services to the customers in their respective areas.
Apart from these, PTCL has an Optical Fibre Construction Region Lahore and Optic Fibre
System Islamabad, each headed by a General Manager to install, operate and look after optic
fibre systems/cables. In each District and Tehsil, an Exhchange, Franchisor, Call Centers,
Customer Care Centers are available to facilitate the customer needs.
4- Price
Being a government organization, PTCL is not authorized to determine the prices of its products
itself, the Telecom Regulator Authority viz. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) fixes
the prices of telecom services. The process is such that whenever PTCL intends to increase or
reduce the rates of its services, it submits its Proposal to PTA for approval. PTA then calls
consumers representatives, journalists and other interested groups for discussion on the
proposal. After listening to the viewpoints of all the interested parties, PTA gives its decision. If
PTA approves PTCLs proposal, the new rates are enforced. It may be mentioned here that
telecom technology is only technology whose rates are on the decline with the passage of time.
PTCL also rationalizes its tariff with the passage of time. Tariff rationalization process started in
1997 as part of GoP Telecom Sector policy for privatization of this sector. It was mainly focused
on rebalancing the domestic process like NWD, international, local call, line rent etc.
Rebalancing is completed by the end of 2008 (as per Tariff rates) with the objective to position
PTCL for competition.
5- Physical Environment:
PTCL built very good and attractive buildins of its offices as well as its frenchises in order to
attract the customer and as a physical evidence.
Interior as well manage but not as like its competitor like moblink, telenor there frenchises are
well mange internally and attractive there internal enviornement as too much attractive and an
educated stuff is present there in order to facilitate the customers but in PTCL frenchises mostly
not manage in region like Multan. But well Manage In Big cities like Lahore And Islamabad.
6- Processes:
There are simple process to get the connection this is only for the sack of customer that he dont
feel any kind of difficulty.
First fill the order form i.e it si for broad band same in case of other products this form is used

Then after filling it submitted to the frenchiser officer he/she will issuse the connection to the
customer after getting the required payments of that connection.

7- People:
The employes of PTCL nearly equal to 30000 who are working in all over in the Pakistan they
are the assets of the company and they are the responsible for the good will of the company
company also focuses on the status of there employees and give them performance appraisal
program and give them incentives and also give them medical treatment.