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BE (Civil) CE-407 AIRPORT

February 11, 2014
Assignment Questions
Q1) Determine the runway length requirements for turbine powered aircraft.
Following aircraft performance characteristics are observed:
Normal take off:
Lift off distance
Distance to 11 m height
Engine failure:
Lift of distance
Distance to 11 m height
Engine failure aborted take off:
Accelerate stop distance
Normal landing:
Stop distance

= 2100 m
= 2400 m
= 2460 m
= 2730 m
= 2850 m
= 1500 m

Q2) Find out the required length for the airport of reference code 4 D(Field length =
1800 m), located at 450 m above mean sea level. The runway effective gradient is
0.5%. The monthly mean maximum and mean daily temperatures of the hottest
month of the year are 27oC and 18oC, respectively.
Q3) The weight characteristics (in lb) of a commercial aircraft are :
MSTOW= 220,000; MSLW=198,000; Zero Fuel Weight = 182,513; Operating
Empty Weight= 125,513; Max. Structural Payload = 57,000; Fuel Capacity =
Its assumed that the regulations governing the use of aircraft require 1.25 hours
reserve in route service. The aircraft has an average route speed of 540 m/s and an
average fuel burn of 22.8 lb/mi. Plot the payload versus range diagram
Q4)From the following data, determine the orientation of runway, assume that true
magnetic north is 10 degree East.

Prof Adnan Qadir


February 19, 2014

Assignment Questions
Last date of Submission: 28 Feb 2014

Q5) Describe various Runway and Taxiway configurations with the help of diagram?
Q 6) What is the difference between Parallel runways and intersecting runways?
Q7) Differentiate between VFR and IFR
Q8) How VFR and IFR helps in setting the Runway Geometry?
Q9) What is the need of BY pass Taxiway?
Q10)What is the purpose of Holding Bay?
Q11) Draw neat and labeled section of Runway(both Cross section and Longitudinal)
Q12) Describe the purpose of lighting system at Airport
Q13) Describe the different configuration of Runway and Taxiway lighting in detail
Q14) Draw different plan of runway and Taxiway on A3 sheet and show the
following details


Runway Marking
Taxiway Marking
Runway Lighting
Taxiway Lightings

Q15) What are different configurations of terminal buildings?

Prof Adnan Qadir

Q 16) What do you mean by vertical distribution systems of terminal building?

Q17) Draw flow chart showing components of air transportation

Q18) What are different arrangements of aircraft parking? explain giving merits and demerits
Q19)What do you mean by NAVAIDS?
Q20)Explain NDB, LLZ, VOR, TRACON, RADAR, ILS and ATC functions in detail
Q21)What is FAARFIELD?
Q22)How FAARFIELD method is different from previous pavement design method?
Q23)What are the inputs required for Runway pavement design?
Q24)Draw typical cross section of runway pavement

Prof Adnan Qadir