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2002 Internet Marketing Secrets Exposed

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Table Of Contents
One Sure-Fire Method You Can Use To Get People To Send
You Their Money Quickly!..................................................1
Two Words That Can Make You Big Money On The
The Secret Some Companies Use To Make Millions And
Millions Of Dollars On The Internet!..................................5
Here Are Fourteen Things You Can Give People And Make
Thousands And Thousands Of Dollars!........................7
How A Little Self-Promotion On The Internet Can Make
You Rich!.......................................................................9
Don't Ditch What's Already Working For You On The
How Huge, Million-Dollar Companies Can Help You Build
Your Fortune!....................................................................13
Preemptive Internet Advertising Could Make You
Make Sure You Answer These Four Questions Clearly,
Concisely, And Dramatically, And You Could Make
Thousands Of Dollars Selling On The Internet!!..........17
Keep Your E-Mailing Lists Current And Accurate - This
Way, They Can Keep Bringing You More Money!..........19

Six Techniques You Can Use To Easily Beat High Stress

And Burn-Out!..................................................................21
Get An Article Published This Is A Great Way To Get Free
Controversy Is A Great Way To Attract The Media And Get
Of Potential Customers!....................................................25
Other Businesses Have Had To Use Trial-And-Error To
Find Out What Would Make Them The Most Money On
The Internet BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO!.....................27
The More Powerful Benefits Your Product Has, The
If You Already Have That Fire - That Drive - That Ambition
- Then You Already Have Half Of What It Takes To Make
How To Cut The Fluff From Your Small Internet Ad And
Make It More Effective Than Ever Before!....................33
People Want More Money. If You Can Offer A Product Or
Service That Can Make Them More Money, You Could
Have A Hot-Selling Product On Your Hands!.....35
How To Make A Fortune With Your Own Internet


The One Thing You MUST Do To Get Prospects To Buy

Your Products!..................................................................39
Three Elements You Must Have To Succeed With Your
Internet Business!..............................................................43
Know Whether You Have A Winning Internet Ad On Your
Hands Before Rolling Totally Out With It - Test It!..........45
The Seven Questions You Must Answer In Every Internet
Ad You Create In Order To Make The Most Money
Make Your Internet Ad Stand Out To Your Prospects,
Screaming, "Hey! Here I Am! I Have Something Great To
Offer You!"......................................................................49
One Way to Let the Experts Help You Make Money!.....51
Offer Your Customers More Than The Same Old Rhetoric Offer Them A Distinct Advantage!...................................53
A Professional Reporter Can Help You Get Rich Over And
Over And Over Again!......................................................55
How E-Mailing Lists Can Make You An Instant
A Simple Way To Make Your Prospects Completely Trust


There Are Four Things Every Ad Must Contain In Order

For You To Make The Most Money Possible - Including
Your Web Page Ads!..........................................................61
How "Legal Espionage" Can Make You Rich!..........63
How You Can Secretly Influence People To Buy From Your
Five Easy, Simple Steps To Write A Book That Will Sell
Like Crazy!........................................................................67
Make Your Prospects Want To Do Business With You
Instead Of With Your Competition!...................................73
Recognize Opportunity When It's Knocking - And Take
Advantage Of It!...............................................................75
Huge Companies Are Spending Millions Of Dollars Doing
What You Can Do For Pennies!.........................................77
Appealing To The Self-Interest Of Your Prospects Is More
Important Than Anything Else!.........................................79
How A Ghost Writer Can Make You Rich!.....................81
The Real Secret Formula To Gaining Free Advertising On
The Internet!....................................................................83
Here Are Fourteen Ways To Make 100% Sure Your
Products Will Sell Over the Internet!.................................85

Always Remember -Your CUSTOMERS Are The Key To

Your Success!...................................................................87
The Amazing Secret To Automatically Increase Your
Internet Profits!..............................................................89
What Do People Want? If You Know, You Could Create
Products And Internet Offers That Can Make You A
Many Internet Marketers Make The Same Mistakes Every
Year - Don't Let Yourself Fall Into This Trap!................95


One Sure-Fire Method You Can

Use To Get People To Send You
Their Money Quickly!
One of the best ways to get your customers to
send you their money quickly is to make special
limited offers to them, either through e-mail or on the
This will motivate them into sending you their
money faster. And, it will get some people to send
you money, people who would never order otherwise!
People, by nature, are procrastinators. We all
like to put things off as long as we can!
This is something that you must overcome in
order to get the most sales possible. People are
afraid of making the wrong decision, so instead they
make no decision.
So, you need to put some pressure on them to
get them to send you their order. Giving them a
limited time offer will do just that. Your offer doesnt
even have to be real fancy.
It could just be a special low price that is only
good for the next 14 days!
Whatever the offer, you should try to have
something that forces people to take action and

order immediately. Any procrastination can spell lost

sales for you, and you do not want that!

Two Words That Can Make You

Big Money On The Internet!
Whatever the product you are trying to sell,
your goal is to fill a need, or to teach people to do
something that they cant do right now!
This is especially true in the opportunity
market! You are trying to show people ways to
increase their income, etc.
You can put two words at the beginning of the
title to your Internet sales material that can instantly
increase your response! HOW TO....
These words are powerful. People
everywhere want to learn how to.... Your products
best benefit goes right after these two powerful
Here are some examples:
- How To Make Up To $100,000 A Year As A Writer!
- How To Get Rich Quick!
- How To Lose Up To 100 Pounds In The Next 180
- How To Get On The Internet For The First Time!
- How To Avoid Paying Taxes Now!

- How To Retire Before You Turn 50!

The List Goes On...
These are just a few of the many topics that
how to reports, books, newsletters, etc., cover!
Whatever your product, you can make a how
to report out of it! Whatever you are selling, your
how to should be followed by the biggest benefit
your product has to offer!
The how to will catch the readers eye and
draw them to your copy.

The Secret Some Companies

Use To Make Millions And
Millions Of Dollars On
The Internet!
The secret that some companies use to make
millions of dollars on the Internet is to actually lose
money first!
Intelligently losing money can make you a lot
of money later! Let me explain...
Almost all of the really successful marketing
companies realize that their initial offer aimed at
attracting new customers is an investment.
They have figured out what they will spend, on
average, per customer they get on the front-end.
They understand that enough customers will order on
the back-end to make up for what was spent on the
front-end to get all those customers.
This is why it is important for you to have a
back-end offer you can make to your customers.
A lot of times there is not enough profit from
just one initial front-end product to get rich! You
must always look for back-end related products to
sell your customers!
It is a tough thing to do, though. We are so

conditioned into thinking that losing money is bad

that we try not to lose any money.
That is why you must look at it as investing in
a customer that will make you more money in the
future than they cost you to get!

Here Are Fourteen Things You

Can Give People And Make
Thousands And Thousands
Of Dollars!
Did you know that there are fourteen things you
can give people and they can help to make you
thousands and thousands of dollars? Here they are:
1)Give Them Better Quality.
2)Give Them A Way To Save Time.
3)Give Them A Way To Save Money.
4)Give Them Convenience.
5)Give Them A Way To Make Money.
6)Give Them State-Of-The-Art Products & Services.
7)Give Them A Way To Make Life Less Difficult.
8)Give Them A Way To Enhance Their Looks (real or
9)Give Them Items That Have Multiple Uses.
10)Give Them Items That Are Durable And LongLasting.

11)Give Them Items That Will Solve A Problem They

12)Give Them Items That Are More Effective.
13)Give Them Items That Make Life More Enjoyable.
14)Give Them Items That Offer Multiple Benefits.
You should find a way that your product can
fill as many of these needs as possible. The more
needs your product fills, the more likely you are to
make a sale! Go back over this list again. Find the
things that make your product stand out above the
competition. Point these things out to your
customers in your Internet marketing copy, and they
will want to buy from you!

How A Little Self-Promotion On

The Internet Can Make
You Rich!
You have to decide to call yourself an expert.
Many times people are afraid to go into consulting
work. They are afraid of the self-promotion that
comes with consulting. But, if you do not promote
yourself no one else will. You are an expert the day
you call yourself an expert, and you cannot be afraid
to take a stand.
Remember, all of the consultants that are out
there making the most money now were in your shoes
at one time or another. They all had to take their stand
sometime. Do not be afraid!
Get yourself involved, start promoting yourself,
and in time you could be making up to $500 an hour
or more just like the most successful consultants in the
Overcoming your fear, getting started,
promoting yourself and your services, and going for
the gusto is how to become and expert and get paid
up to $500 an hour! This is how a little self promotion
can make you RICH!
You have to get out there and promote yourself
without fear. You especially cannot fear what others
are going to say or think about you. There are people

out there who will be jealous, there are people who will
criticize whether or not you really are an expert, and
there are going to be people who will react snobbish
towards you.
They may be people who are smarter than you
are, but you will be the one with the real guts, going
out and offering your services. And, if you become a
successful consultant, who is going to have the last


Dont Ditch Whats Already

Working For You On
The Web!
Many marketers get tired of their old web
It doesnt matter whether theyre making money
or not, they still get to the point where they see the old
web promotion as tedious.
Many of them will scrap the old web promotions
and try to start new ones. What they dont realize,
though, is that scrapping a successful old web
promotion is a mistake!
To increase their profits, these marketers
should be finding new prospects to sell to.
It doesnt matter how tired you are, if its selling,
stick with it. Let it continue to work for you.
Remember, every time you try something new,
you are essentially starting over. If you eliminate the
things you used to gain in the first place, you will
probably lose customers.
Stick with what works, and keep expanding out
with your front-end sales. This is how to instantly
increase your profits by up to 900%.

You will continue to expand and grow, and your

previous profits can very well pale in comparison to
those you gain after expanding your Internet
You want to separate the people on your
customer e-mailing list based on the different types of
products they buy, the frequency of their purchase,
how recent their last purchase was, and by the
amount of money they spent.
Then, once you have the list segmented, you
can market to those people even more specifically.
You can find the groups that are the most profitable,
and you can focus more on them. This is the trick to
making very profitable back-end e-mail sales! You can
focus on the groups that are making you the most
money and try to make them more offers.


How Huge, Million-Dollar

Companies Can Help You
Build Your Fortune!
By showing other companies that you can
expand their customer base and bring in more profits,
they will be much more willing to do business with you.
And, the bigger the company is, the more
willing they tend to be to pay for your services.
Why? Because the big companies are in for
the long haul.
They are not worried about their day-to-day
survival. Theyre not worried about paying their bills.
Everything for them is automatic at this point.
They have more than they need, and now they
are in business to make the most profit they absolutely
These companies have more money to spend,
so you can ask for a higher amount of the profit
Also remember, many of these companies
goals are to simply make the most profits that they
absolutely can.
Since they dont have much to lose and a lot

they could potentially gain from your proposition, they

will be willing to let you have a higher percentage of
the profits because they will still be gaining anyway.
This is how million dollar companies can make you
piles of money!


Preemptive Internet Advertising

Could Make You Millions!
You may think that youre not really that special
and unique. You may think that youre pretty much the
same as everyone else in your market. But there are
all sorts of things your customers dont know about
processes that are inherent in your type of business,
how you got involved in business, certain things you
offer your customers in a very unique way.
In preemptive advertising you clearly
communicate every single aspect of your business
that makes you unique and somehow sets you apart.
This helps add a personal touch to your Internet
sales copy, and it helps show that you really know
what youre talking about and you know what your
prospects want and need.
Its a way of showing them that you understand
their problems and can fix them. Many companies
have made millions of dollars using this very same
technique. This is why preemptive Internet advertising
can make you up to $1,000,000 a year . . . or even
The best selling results occur when a marketer
knows the product that is being offered. You can
make over $1,000 a day with your knowledge!


People can sense when you know your product

or service well. When they feel that you know what
youre talking about, they are more comfortable with
you and will believe that you can help them. They feel
that the marketer knows what he or she is talking
about, and it helps to tear away the skepticism.
This can enable you to make more money.
Some marketers are making over a thousand dollars a
day this way, and you have the same potential as they
This type of marketer knows how a customer
will benefit from the product and writes Internet sales
copy based on those experiences and perceptions.
Direct involvement is the only way to develop creative,
effective, and powerful advantages in a sales
proposition, Internet or otherwise.


Make Sure You Answer These

Four Questions Clearly,
Concisely, And Dramatically, And
You Could Make Thousands Of
Dollars Selling On The Internet!!
Your prospects will be confused by not knowing
what you really represent. The answer to these four
questions can make you millions!
1.Who are you?
2.What are you selling?
3.What makes your offer better than the competition?
4.Why should I buy it from you?
You should always remember that it will take
you some serious time and thought to develop your
really great U.S.P. At first you are going to have
superficial, pat answers to these questions.
My husband and I like to equate business and
marketing to a game of chess.
In a game of chess you can just start out as a
novice, pick up the moves as you keep playing game
after game, and, as long as youre playing with
someone who is more skilled than you, you can
always get better and better. The key is to practice

and continually search for answers.

These four questions work the same way. You
should not ask yourself these questions once and
then forget about them. You should keep asking
yourself these things over and over again, always
looking for a better answer.
This is how you find your fortune in Internet
marketing with these marketing principles. The
process of asking yourself deeper and deeper
questions as you gain more and more knowledge
and experience is how you develop the intimate
knowledge you can use to get rich!


Keep Your E-Mailing Lists

Current And Accurate This Way, They Can
Keep Bringing You
More Money!
Many companies want good mailing and emailing lists. The people who are renting your list
want to be able to trust it and know where those
names originated from. They want to be confident in
their selection of your list. When you work with a
good list manager that knows the origins of the names
on your list, thats going to make the others feel good
about your companys list. Soon you and your lists will
have a sparkling reputation. And the better your list,
the more its worth.
Coming up with the best lists you possibly can
is how to get something many people want and will
pay you HUGE amounts of money for! As a mailinglist supplier, you can supply marketers - Internet and
otherwise, including your competitors - with the least
expensive way of increasing their sales. When you
supply them with good names, they make money.
Then they help you make money through their
continual business with you. Its a win-win situation.
Its how to make money by helping your competitors
make money!
And, always remember, no matter what your
business objective is, you should stay positive. Most

people use creative positive thinking in a relatively

unconscious way. Unfortunately, many people use
deep-seated negative concepts about life. They
imagine that limitation, difficulties, and problems are
their lot in life. In one way or another, that is what they
create for themselves. This is how many people ruin
things for themselves before they even get started!
Stay positive and focused on the big picture.
Stay focused on success and believe that you really
can and are able to attain it. This belief is vitally
important. This is how your creative imagination can
produce whatever you want! When you study the lives
of very successful people, you find out that they had a
very firm direction set in their mind. They developed a
simple plan for getting where they wanted to go. With
a positive belief in themselves, they worked towards
their goal . . . and eventually attained it! This is how to
turn your dreams into cash money!
Instead of looking for all the reasons they
couldnt make it, they looked for all the reasons that
they could make it. They pursued these ideas and
eventually followed them to their success. This is one
secret to using your mental powers to get whatever
you want!
These people have a very solid,
unwavering belief that it could happen, it would
happen, and they were willing to do whatever it took to
get there. They use all of their powers to move
forwards. They refused to quit, they refused to give up
no matter how many times they were knocked down.
This kind of thinking is how to make your mental
powers stronger and instantly make more money!

Six Techniques You Can Use To

Easily Beat High Stress And
You can revitalize your creative energies by
easing the stress of pressing mental efforts. Here are
a few suggestions to ease stress.
Stretch: Eliminate the tension in your muscles by
giving them a nice long stretch. Gently and slowly
stretch the muscles in your legs, arms, neck and back,
etc., until you feel a tug. Then hold it for ten to 20
seconds and release. You either can do this just with
the muscles that are tense, or throughout your body.
Walk: When tension is high, walk it off. Just get up
and take your tension for a stroll. A brisk ten- or 15minute walk can reduce muscular and nervous
Take a Mental Trip: By visualizing a stress-free scene
that appeals to you, you can unwind the tension you
feel. Just sit back and see, as vividly as you can, the
beautiful scenery of your next vacation, or a single
Use as many scenes as possible to
experience your stress-reducing vision.
Take a breather: When a person is tired or uptight,
breathing becomes rapid and shallow. You can
decrease tension by deliberately breathing more
slowly and deeply. Take six seconds to inhale, then
seven seconds to exhale. Repeat this for five

minutes, or longer if necessary.

Practice progressive relaxation: PR is a way to destress yourself anywhere. First, sit down, lean back,
and close your eyes. Then, clench your right hand,
tensing the muscles in your wrist and forearm, and
hold for five seconds, concentrating on the tension
building in your hand. Then release, letting the
tension drain away. Pay close attention to the feeling
of relaxation. Repeat this sequence of tension and
release with your left hand, then your upper arms,
shoulders, neck, back, face, legs, feet, and toes.
Discuss your Situation: Open the pressure valve. If
you are really stressed out, open your mouth and let
out the pressure. Talking is one way to do this.
Sometimes the quickest way to ease writers tension
is to discuss it calmly with someone else. It is a great
way to depressurize yourself. And, do not forget to
laugh. Laughing at a stressful situation can restore
calm and give you a more productive perspective.


Get An Article Published This Is

A Great Way To Get
Free Advertising!
Many people dont think of a published article
on a website as free advertising, but it can be a
fantastic way to get free advertising! At the end of
your articles, you throw in a call for action like so:
John Doe is a marketing consultant . . . He has
a free report that he has just written titled 25 Ways to
Double Your Profits Right Now. You can get this free
report by e-mailing . . .
The free report gives them some good
information, and it helps you build your e-mail list.
They have already accepted something you had to
offer, and you can go back to those people with
profitable offers.
Remember, the strength of the website and the
trust the readers have in it will help you in getting
those readers to take you up on your free offer. All of
a sudden youre elevated in status and become
considered an expert. This is how to make your name
extremely valuable.
This is how to make yourself an expert and
earn thousands of extra dollars every month!
People want to work with experts, and if you
can go this route and become an expert yourself, you

can enjoy more profits. The more attention and

respect you get in the market, the more potential
money you can make, up to thousands of dollars more
than before! It can instantly increase your net worth
because of the power and respect you gain!
Always run some type of Internet or website
advertising that pulls in new customers and re-sells
them. Think of your advertising message as a radar
beam that sweeps your market for the target.
The target is your best prospects and
customers. You can earn steady money all year long
by keeping your advertising message out there on the
web all the time working for you.
Just develop a simple marketing plan that
attracts new customers and re-sells them additional
products and services. You can do this by following
many of the other secrets in this manual.


Controversy Is A Great Way To

Attract The Media And Get Your
Product In Front Of Millions
Of Potential Customers!
Any media (almost) is better than none at all.
You want to get into the media as much as you
possibly can. If you have a product or service that has
some controversy surrounding it, great!
Recently a product was released on the market
called Sex In a Bottle. It is just some vitamins and
minerals that have been shown by some studies to
concentrate certain hormones in the body. Just the
name, though, is catchy, and the company is out there
doing a lot of very aggressive media hype. This
company is trying to stir controversy. The company
has its team of doctors that claim the product really
works in giving people a much better sex life. Then,
when they end up on television or on the radio on talk
shows, the networks will have their teams of doctors
there to dispute what the companys doctors say.
The debate goes back and forth like a tennis
ball . . . and who wins? The company wins by getting
a tremendously huge amount of exposure. Also, the
product actually reaches into a bit of a taboo grey
space. This helps the company get attention from the
media. And it almost seems at times that the company
really doesnt have to advertise much, thanks to their

This is just one example of someone using

media to gain free publicity, and they are amassing
millions of dollars just by stirring up a little controversy
and breaking the norm. If you have something like
this, the media might just be waiting for you to release
it. The richest and most powerful people in the world
know how to use the power of the press for their own
gain! And you can do it too on a smaller scale! Its an
example of how to MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS
something dramatic, and not everything works well for
free publicity. Certain products can really do well, but
some wont.
An editors biggest challenge is to pull out the
news releases that offer the most to their readers. It
is a good idea to specifically tell them in an e-mailed
cover letter why you think the news release about your
product or service could work for their website.
If you are aiming for big websites, make sure to write
to them specifically. This will help you get into the
website because youve stated your case, plain and
simple, thereby cutting down the amount of time the
editor has to spend considering whether or not to
make a story out of your press release. This is why an
editors biggest challenge can be your greatest
opportunity to make thousands of easy dollars!
Develop the lists of the websites you want to
try. Then work out a very simple plan of how to get
your message to those websites on a regular basis.


Other Businesses Have Had To

Use Trial-And-Error To Find Out
What Would Make Them The
Most Money On The Internet
Go on the Internet and check out websites that
cater to your market. There are many specialized
websites these days that cater to certain markets.
After using a search engine, such as Yahoo, Alta Vista,
Lycos, etc., you should be able to find some of these
Then look through them. Look through as
many back editions as you can. Start tracking and
researching who was and is making the most money
and who is not. Then, study the ad links or ad banners
that were making the most money.
Which sounds more costly, going out and
testing everything on your own, or going out, looking
at some back editions of a website (many have
archives with news articles from the past) looking
through the ads to find ads that ran repeatedly, and
learning what works that way? Yes, the second option
is definitely the cheaper one. Its how the trials and
errors of others can help you get RICH!
One important thing you should know and use
to your advantage is how other people are using
FREE publicity on the Internet to make millions. You

can do it too!
There are many insider tricks and secrets
people in the business know that others dont know.
Free advertising and publicity is one of those things.
We want you to be very well aware every time
you look at a market-specific news and information
website. A piece written about a particular product,
service, or company was most likely a news release.
The editor was informed that it would be very
beneficial to his or her readership.
Know how its done, because you can do it too!


The More Powerful Benefits

Your Product Has,
The Better!
When you write your copy for websites, list all
the benefits your product or service offers. Then, build
on your greatest benefit by introducing all the other
benefits around it.
This is how to structure your Internet ads so
they make the MOST IMPACT, and produce the
This principle also applies to small Internet
classified ads. Stress your biggest user benefit.
Your list of specific benefits that your product or
service offers should be as many as a hundred! See
if you can come up with a hundred different specific
Many ideas wont be used. Many may be
related. Maybe you can only come up with eighty.
But, you would have never discovered those eighty
benefits if you had not tried to find them.
If you set out to find ten specific benefits, youre
going to stop once you find ten. You should set out to
find a hundred, though, because, when you find them
all, youll have more than you need.


Remember, the whole key to selling something

is showing the customer or prospect whats in it for
Explore your products benefits. Come up with
as many benefits as you can. Then, when it comes
time to advertise on the Internet, youll be speaking
the markets language.
Whats in it for them?


If You Already Have That Fire That Drive - That Ambition Then You Already Have
Half Of What It Takes
To Make It!
Ambition is half of what it takes to make it in
Internet marketing. Knowledge is the other half.
If you are already ambitious, you already have
half of what it takes to be successful in Internet
The ambition has to be there, though. Nobody
just goes out, gets rich, and stays rich totally by
accident. If someone does go out and instantly make
money, then they usually end up losing it as fast as
they make it.
The people who get rich do so for a reason.
They start out with ambition, believing that its
possible. They start out with a fire inside of them.
Since you have this manual in your hands, you
have answered for your ambition. If you didnt have
ambition, why would you be holding and reading this
manual now? You already have half of what it takes to
make your fortune!
Now take your ambition and add it to the other
half of the equation - knowledge - and get out there

and work at making your fortune!

The knowledge isnt as hard to gain as you
think, either. simply pattern your future after the
internet millionaires that are already out there!
Simply find the people who are making millions
of dollars, study their Internet ads, study their
promotions, and use the information you learn to
better your own ad copy. Pattern your own future after
the people who are already making millions!
Get on their e-mailing lists.
Become a
customer. Get the e-mails that the company sends
out. Eventually you get a real handle on what that
company is doing. You cant always tell what a
company is doing right by studying the front-end ads
they run. You have to get in deep with them. Backend sales keep a company growing and making more
and more money. How are their back-end ads
working? How do they keep people coming back to
buy more?
You should model your own business after
these companies because the things they are doing to
make millions can make millions for you too. Ideas
are interchangeable in business; its just a matter of
being creative enough to find a way to use them.


How To Cut The Fluff From Your

Small Internet Ad And Make It
More Effective Than
Ever Before!
You can pack your sales message in as small a
space as possible because the less space you use,
the less it will cost you.
This brings up a paradox because on one hand
you need the ad to be as long as it takes to get the
sale, but on the other hand you dont want the ad to be
too long or the price can become unwieldily.
Where does the line draw from too much to not
enough? You have to ask yourself this question
continuously when your are writing your ad copy.
It is a good idea to have your ads critiqued by
other people who are not involved in your ad writing
and know what theyre talking about. They can look
things over and give you fresh perspectives that will
help you develop a better ad.
Many times ad copy writers try to defend what
theyve done. But when they let another person read
it, they have a different perspective on the ad and can
help to show where the ad can be cut while keeping
the sales message to its peak efficiency.
This editing by outsiders allows you to keep the

most effective parts of your sales message while

discarding the extra or fluff. You can get people to
buy from you VERY QUICKLY by using a small
Internet ad!
The potential to make $20,000 a year or a lot
more, depending on the size of your market is an
opportunity that is waiting for all of us in Internet
marketing to take advantage of.
The secret to doing this is in brainstorming. Sit
down and think through all of the advantages and
benefits of your product or service. Then, once you
have your best ideas, find the best ways to present
them. It has to be a simple, compelling idea that your
prospects can instantly grasp. This is how a little
brainstorming can make you $20,000 a week or more!
Right now our company is working on one
marketing plan. Our personal goal for this marketing
plan is to bring in $1,000,000 a month. Currently we
are making our goal come true because we are going
through the brainstorming necessary to come up with
the best ideas. We are looking at all of the various
elements of our product, and were putting a marketing
plan together that incorporates many unique and
simple functions to the benefit of our market.
Brainstorm things out. Through this you can
come up with many advantages and benefits, you can
find something that can work for you, and you can
crack open the safe that produces your success!

People Want More Money. If You


Can Offer A Product Or Service

That Can Make Them More
Money, You Could Have A
Hot-Selling Product On
Your Hands!
Everyone is interested in making more money,
because people want to be financially independent.
No-one wants to worry about where their next
dollar is coming from, or if they can afford to pay the
rent. Even a continuing succession of bills is part of
life. People do not want to be burdened by worrying if
they will be able to pay their bills.
Many people feel that, in spite of the fact they
work hard, they seem to be getting nowhere. They
may even feel they are not appreciated or given credit
for their efforts and abilities.
Many people dream about going into business
for themselves and quitting a job that seems to be
going nowhere.
Then, they could buy the clothes they always
wanted, save money, get their dream house, maybe
get a luxury car, and help their children go to college.
Many people get tired of taking orders all the
time. They feel that if they had some power they
would do things differently. Although they are fed up

with the same old grind and feel there must be an

easy short cut that will allow them to get ahead faster,
they do not know how.
(But, your offer could show them!).

How To Make A Fortune With


Your Own Internet Catalog!

The trick to making thousands a day with your
own online catalog is to remember that the market
comes first. Many online catalogs run small space ads
looking for certain kinds of people, or they rent e-mail
lists of people who have shown a pattern of buying the
same types of merchandise that they want to sell.
The point is, you have to send links to your catalog to
the people who are the most likely to be your best
customers. In some cases they will have had to raise
their hand to some kind of lead generating offer. In
other cases, you can get them from e-mailing lists.
The secret of success, though, doesnt change.
You have to send your offers to people who have
shown interest before. The more qualified prospects
and customers you attract to your catalog, then
potentially the more money you can make, maybe
even up to thousands of dollars a day!
Remember, dont let yourself fall into the trap of
trying to be everything for everybody. Those people
who try to get into Internet business by trying to please
everyone without specialized products go broke . . .
Quit trying to come up with all of your own
ideas. Thats like trying to re-invent the wheel. Why
bother doing this?
Instead, collect dozens of different ads and

sales letters. Flip through them. Write down the best

headlines, subheads and copy ideas.
Collect dozens the best of these ideas and use
them in all of your ads and sales promotions. All of
these ideas can become a powerful part of your
knowledge and experience. A combination of these
ideas can help you become more creative and make
more money.

The One Thing You MUST Do To

Get Prospects To Buy

Your Products!
If you want people to buy your product, then
you must offer something they want and need. Thats
the one thing you MUST do to get people to buy from
you. That is the key. Offer them something they want
and need that no one else is offering them.
Know your market. Know what their priorities
are. Know what kind of products they spend the most
money on. Find out why, and get creative. For
example, people want:
Things that offer multiple benefits.
People want a product to do as much as it
possibly can. They want more for their money. Think
of a kid in a store trying to pick between two toy cars.
One of the toy cars, a model of a Gremlin, only rolls
back and forth. Thats it. The other car is a scale
model of a Viper. That car can steer, the lights light
up, the horn can beep, the voice of the driver can be
heard. The kid will buy this car and put the other car
back on the shelf. Other products are like that. The
more they can do, the more popular they will be.
Better quality.
People want a product to last and last. They do
not want it breaking or falling apart while they are
using it. Better quality is also a key to keep people
coming back to buy from you again. If the products
you sell them are cheap, they wont want to buy from

you because they know the products will fall apart. If

you offer them the highest quality you can give them,
though, they will be impressed with what you sent
them and will be much more open to buying from you
in the future.
Things that will save them money.
People want to have more money to do with as
they please. They dont want to pay out as much.
Therefore, if you have an offer that will either save
them money or show them how they can spend less
money, you have a good product.
Something that will save them time.
People want more time to do the things they
enjoy. They want difficult projects to be done faster,
simpler, and better.
Things that are durable and long lasting.
People want products that will stand up to the
test of time. They dont want cheap junk that will fall
apart. They dont want time-sensitive information that
will go out of date. They want something that will last
them a long time.
Things that make their lives more enjoyable.
People want to enjoy what they do. They want
more leisure time. They want to be able to spend time
with their families. They want their life to be fun, not a

State-of-the-art items.
Latest technology! New! Latest edition!
People want the newest, most recent up-to-date
things they can get.
They want everything to be less work, quicker
to do, and with high gains.
Things that will make them more money.
People want more money. They want to be
able to buy the things they want. They are, for the
majority, greedy. Greed can be a powerful lever for
you to use in your ads.
Things that are more effective.
People want to do things better, quicker, and
with more impact.
Things that offer solutions.
People have problems. They want to find a
way out of those problems, and your product or
service could be the answer that will eliminate those
Anything that will make life less difficult.

People are lazy. They want everything to be as

easy as possible. They dont like to work; theyd
rather play.
Things that have multiple uses.
People like products they can use for a number
of different jobs.
Items that will enhance their looks, real or perceived.
People want to look better. It improves their
self-esteem and helps them gain higher places in

Three Elements You Must Have

To Succeed With Your

Internet Business!
The Internet business requires three elements
to be successful. You can make a lot of money by
simply having three things:
1.A new or unique product that is in demand
by consumers and not available on a large
scale in retail outlets.
Why would a prospect buy something from
you if they can just go to a store and get it? To many
people, it is more of a hassle to go through websitesr
rather than buy it in a store. At the least, ordering
online requires typing in a credit card number and
filling in a variety of blanks with information. In a
store, though, they can simply drive there, find it, buy
it, and its theirs. This is why it is important to always
try to come up with something that isnt available in
stores but could still be very valuable to the market
you are serving.
2.A basic understanding of how Internet
marketing works.
Nothing can replace a basic understanding of
how the system works. Also, you must realize that
Internet marketing is a life-long study to find the
products and services that sell to the market the
best. To get started, start testing and start learning.
Then keep testing and learning as you go.
3.Powerful advertisement for your product that

people will read and respond to.

You have to get the attention of the prospects
your product or service is designed for. You have to
get them involved. You have to get them excited.
You have to show them that theres no risk to them.
You have to show them how great a deal theyre
getting. You have to make them special offers, free
bonuses, guarantees, and proof that what you have
really does what you say it does.
All of this should be incorporated in your
Internet advertising, because if you have it, it will be
easier for the reader to justify buying what you offer.
If the reader can justify buying what you offer and
they have the money to do so, you have just made
yourself a sale!

Know Whether You Have A

Winning Internet Ad On Your

Hands Before Rolling Totally

Out With It - Test It!
How can you know if your ad is good or bad?
The answer is: test it! Thats the only way to see
whether or not your Internet ad is doing what you want
it to. You can cover every phase of ad writing, use
every inch of space to save money, use every ounce
of creative energy to focus on mailing a profit, and still
not be proven good.
An ad (large or small) is good only after it has
demonstrated that it can produce a profit. In essence,
to run an untested ad is to gamble with your business.
Testing allows you to know how well the ad will work
for you. After your test you can make the ad better.
Then, once youve come to the point where the ad is
a real winner, you should unleash it full scale.
In fact, testing is the scientific approach to
making HUGE amounts of money! As all inventors
and scientists know well, it is the process of
elimination that ultimately leads to a successful
It is not only important to know the right way,
but also the wrong way. You must have access to both
past successes and failures. You must be aware of
the roadblocks, detours, and toll-ways, to make a
timely and profitable journey to success.
It all boils down to testing new elements against

other elements, such as one price against another,

one offer against another, these free bonuses against
those free bonuses. Its all scientific. You just tally up
the results, find out what worked, and keep it. Every
Internet proposition has basic differences, and no-one
knows if the information he/she has to work with will
result in a successful conclusion in all circumstances.
But, the positive aspect is that they will discover what
does not work. This also has value, because in
learning what to avoid, a marketer is drawn toward
what does work.
The easiest way to find out what strategies will
make you the most money is to test many different
things that you think stand the biggest chance of
making the most money. Also, look for things that are
working for other businesses, and then weave them
into your own offers and advertising.

The Seven Questions You Must

Answer In Every Internet Ad You

Create In Order To Make The

Most Money Possible!
Your prospects will want to know seven things
when they read your Internet ad. Your ability to
answer these questions will determine how high your
response will be. Its not just a question of whether you
answer them, though. Its also important to ask
yourself HOW you answer them.
You must answer these questions in the most
motivational way possible, showing prospects that
they truly have an advantage if they take advantage of
your offer.
Get creative. And remember, your prospects
want to know only whats in it for them. Here are the
seven questions your ad must answer:
1.What is the product?
2.How much does it cost?
3.Is there a bonus if they buy?
4.Is there a refund guarantee?
5.Are there payment options?
6.Is there a special incentive?
7.Are there any restrictions, such as a limited-time


Make Your Internet Ad Stand Out

To Your Prospects, Screaming,

Hey! Here I Am! I Have

Something Great To
Offer You!
The purpose of any headline is to attract people
who will be interested in your offer.
In advertising, you must get the attention of
those people most likely to be interested in your offer
and what you have to say. Your headline must shout
out information that will attract those prospects. Make
your ad shout!
Internet marketing is just a form of selling. Its
a form of salesmanship in type.
In sales, one of the first thing that you learn is
that timid salespeople raise skinny kids. You have to
be bold and not worry about offending people. Youre
in the business to make as much money as you can
and bring in as much success as you can.
You have to be willing to stick your neck out
via your advertising. You want to develop an ad that
really stands out and shouts to the best prospects out
there, Here I am! Look what I have to offer you! Isnt
One of the best things you can do towards
achieving this goal is to single out the best small ads
that you see on websites that scream out their benefit.

Then, when you find these great ads, give a lot

of thought as to why that ad stands out the way it
does, and then utilize that method in your own

One Way to Let the Experts Help

You Make Money!

No expert will help you if he/she thinks you

are the competition. That is the way it is in any
business. If you need help, do not expect the
competition to help you, unless there is an incentive.
You might be able to get some help, however,
if you know how to go about it. Firms will help you if
they feel there is something in it for them. So, you
have to convince them that you will help them if they
are willing to help you.
If you call some of the bigger names in the
mailing-list business, tell them that you are interested
in having your list of names managed by them. Tell
them your list contains many buyers of Internet
products. They will be more than happy to answer
your questions, if they are interested in managing
your list. You might say that this method is unethical.
But if it is the only way to get knowledge of the
mailing-list business, either you use it or get out of
the business.
When it comes to experts, remember that a
good list broker is an expert on the lists he or she
offers. They will tell you everything you want to
know, because as long as that list makes money for
you it is making money for them. Also, list owners
will tell you about their lists.
After all, it is free publicity. They want you to
know they have something to offer you.


This is how to get the insiders in the business

to tell you everything you want to know! Occasionally,
you might even find someone who will be willing to
give you some free advice just because he/she
knows you are sincere and need it. It never hurts to

Offer Your Customers More Than

The Same Old Rhetoric - Offer

Them A Distinct Advantage!

A well-thought-out advantage is different
depending on the market you are catering to, but it is
always something no one else is offering.
Hopefully, it is exciting to the prospects who
see your sales messages.
If you were to ask most businesspeople,
What are you giving your customers that no other
company in your market is giving to them? they will
say something along the lines of, We give them the
best prices and the best service.
This is not distinct or specific enough to call a
unique selling proposition.
Almost every business out there thinks or says
exactly the same thing. How can it be unique if all of
these other businesses make the same claims?
When you are getting your offers out to your
prospects, be it through direct mail or Internet
promotions, always remember to give them a distinct
Using a distinct advantage is how to do one
simple thing that will make all your Internet
advertising super powerful! It will set you apart from
all of the other companies in your market. It will
stand out, and it will garner you more attention . . .
and, potentially, more sales!

A Professional Reporter Can

Help You Get Rich Over And

Over And Over Again!

A professional reporter has the power of the
written word. This is combined with the power of the
perception the readers have that the website is
giving them this story on their own accord because
its something the readers might find helpful or be
interested in. This is a powerful thing. Therefore,
when the readers read the write-up the website gave
you, it carries a lot of weight in giving you credibility.
This is why a professional reporter can make you
HUGE amounts of money over and over again!
Remember, people dont know you, your
company, or your products, but they do know and
trust in most cases the website that prints the story
written from your press release.
A reporter can give you a great story with their
writing ability. And the more they believe in what you
have, the better they will write the story. You have to
speak their language and show them what you can
do for them and their readers.
Have a book youre trying to sell? Determine
which targeted group would most likely be interested
in your book, and target websites that also appeal to
that select group. This is how a book reviewer can
make you thousands of dollars! Remember, the
closer youre able to match that book up with the
market it most appeals to or was designed for, the
more the potential money you can make . . . up to
thousands of dollars or more!

Websites like to write about books because

the people who read their work tend to be people
who buy and read other products, too. Some sites
have a book reviewer, and some sites book reviews
are simply done by the editor and/or writers on staff.
Whatever the case, you should remember that these
are people who are deeply involved in the market.
They will be very knowledgeable in this area of
expertise, and it wont take them long to know
whether or not your press release is right for their
Therefore, it is essential that you match that
product up to the best possible website beforehand.
Cover all of the bases that you can.

How E-Mailing Lists Can Make

You An Instant Millionaire!

Our mailing list strategy was the #1 method

we used to get rich. This strategy helped us turn a
$300 one-time investment into over 21-million dollars
in sales in just eight years. The steps we used to do
this are very simple. You can use them, too, for
todays fastest means of communication . . . e-mail!
Here they are in their correct order:
1)Build your e-mailing list with some type of
front-end offer.
2)Segment your list by creating an immediate
back-end offer to your new customers. And,
separate the names of the customers who
bought this offer from those who didnt.
3)Develop special offers for the smaller group
of your best customers. Then roll-out the
winning promotions to the other less
responsive segments of your customer list.
4)Take the most profitable promotions and use
them as front-end offers that attract new
customers who have never done business
with you.
5)Let a list manager rent your general
customer list to other companies in your
market. This manager does all the work while
you sit back and collect the monthly checks.
6)Repeat this process. This constant

repetition can bring you steady profits for

These same six steps helped us become
instant millionaires in a few years. Who knows, you
may be able to use them and earn even more than
weve made.

A Simple Way To Make Your

Prospects Completely

Trust You!
You can use testimonials to make your
customers trust you more! Testimonials are a great
way to get people to trust you because they can
actually find out what other people think about your
product or service.
People expect you to say your product is good
and that they should hand over their wallets. After
all, you are trying to sell them something. But, a
customer on the other hand, has no vested interest
in your company.
They wont just say something in order to help
you make money. So, the customer tends to believe
the words of another customer who already
purchased the product or service.
So, next time you write a sales piece or any
ad, try to incorporate some testimonials into the ad!
You will find out soon how it can help increase your
Your testimonials dont have to be fancy. In
fact, one suggestion is to make a divider on the side
of your sales webpage and put the testimonials
In these boxed out intervals, it could say
Heres what other people are saying about our

There Are Four Things Every Ad


Must Contain In Order For You

To Make The Most Money
Possible - Including Your
Web Page Ads!
Every ad, whether it is an Internet ad, sales
letter, a circular, a postcard, or a space ad in a
magazine, must have these four things in order to
make the most money! These four things are:
Attention-Grabbing Headlines. Your ad must
have a headline that forces the reader to take notice
and read your ad.
Information That Is Of Interest To The Reader.
You must arouse the readers interest by giving them
information they want to read about.
Benefits. You must convince the reader that
they will benefit by ordering your product.
Action Words. You must get the reader to act
by either ordering the information or requesting
further information. They must be able to get the
information they want right now, or they may lose

When you are creating your sales piece, make

sure you include each one of these four things! They
will help to give you the best response possible. Also,

when you are writing, always use the word you

instead of me. Always put the customer in the story.
Make it personal, and you will increase your sales!


How Legal EspionageCan

Make You Rich!
A very excellent tactic is for you to learn how to
spy on your competition. You can get very valuable
information this way! This is not illegal, and it isnt
In fact, the worlds best marketers are always
spying on the competition. This is how they learn
ways to improve their own products to make them
better than the competition.
The late Sam Walton, founder of the nationwide mega-successful Wal-Mart stores, used to say
that he had been to more K-Mart stores than any
other man alive! You can bet he wasnt spending
any money, though!
Mr. Walton would spy on his biggest
competitor by constantly visiting their stores. He
would check out the prices. He would check out the
customer service, how they were selling their
product. He would do just about anything that would
give him more information about his competitor. In
fact, he was escorted out of many K-Marts, but he
did get valuable information.
He found ways to improve his stores based on
the problems he found at his competitors stores. He
found all kinds of things that could make his store
better than the competition!

Spying is a very powerful source of ideas. It

can show you what is working for your competition.
It can show you your competitors weaknesses that
you can turn into your own strengths!
This can be very powerful for you and your
business. It can be a powerful way to build the
leverage you need to present a better product to the
It isnt difficult to learn to investigate all of your
competition. Here are just a few of the ways you can
investigate your competition!

- Buy their product.

- Order their catalog.
- Get on their mailing list.
- Visit their stores or websites.

Find out all about their operation. Find out how

quickly they fill orders. Find out how they handle a
This doesnt take very much money, and it
could help you make a lot more than you make now!
Do all you can to get a niche in your market that can
help you make the most money possible.


How You Can Secretly Influence

People To Buy From
Your Website!
Psychology tells us that one of the strongest
human incentives is curiosity. Advertisers employ it
whenever they can.
Psychology tells us that if you make a person
curious enough about a product, you can secretly
influence them to buy from you! You can use their
curiosity to get their attention with your webpages
Then, you can build desire with your sites ad
copy. Finally, you end up with a call to action. Tell
your prospect how to contact you immediately.

There are three factors that influence prospects

to accept your offers:

Knowing the people that you want to sell to,

Knowing why they buy the kinds of products
and services that you offer,
And Knowing the kind of presentations that
work the best.

This takes a little time to learn, and each

market is different. The key is mastery. Master this,

as well as anything else in life, takes time,

commitment, work, energy, and focus. Once you
master these, though, you have the secret to selling
your products to as many people as you want.


Five Easy, Simple Steps To Write

A Book That Will Sell
Like Crazy!
Brainstorm all the ideas you want included in
the book. Brainstorming is the easy way to start
writing your book EVEN IF YOU CANT SPELL!
Simply jot down in any order everything you
can think of about your subject. Write as quickly as
you can, in phrases or topics or even one-word lists
everything that pops into your head.
Do not worry about spelling or repeat ideas at
this point. Just search your mind for anything that
occurs about your topic.
Initially, when you are first excited about a
project, you should use your enthusiasm to help you
with that project. This is how to get more ideas than
you can possibly use!
Your enthusiasm becomes that catalyst of
your creative efforts. When you are excited about
something something thats brand new you
have a strength, a power that you can tap into.
A good analogy to compare this idea to is
falling in love. When a person first falls in love, they
dont see any faults in their love at all. Their love is
perfect in their eyes.


The same is true with the enthusiasm that

comes with a new project. When you look at a new
project, you will be excited, elated, and enthusiastic.
You wont notice any of the faults inherent in it.
These are the times when you should really
work on your ideas. When youre infatuated like this,
you will get the ideas that you wont be able to reach
after a while, when youll run dry.
Enjoy the rush of ideas while its there, and
take advantage of it.
Write down all of your ideas, find out which
ones work the best, and use them! This is how
brainstorming can make you fat wads of cash!
By using the best of your ideas, you maximize
your products profit potential and give yourself the
chance to make the most money.
What happens when you run out of moneymaking ideas? When you run out of ideas, sit back
and logically think of the steps of the method you are
going to write about. Write down these ideas that
come to mind as well.
Remember, you are the expert, and you
already know what it takes to get your book done.
Organize these brainstorming ideas. Group
the topics, phrases, or words you have written into
lists. You may do this by assigning numbers or

letters to the brainstormed ideas.

Then ideas that fit in category 1 or category 2,
etc., are listed. As you are organizing these lists,
more ideas may occur to you, so be sure to include
them also.
Label these topic lists, and turn them into your
table of contents. In step one, you generated dozens
of brainstorming ideas.
In step two, you grouped these ideas into five,
ten, or 15 lists. These individual lists are your
Include a table of contents in your book
because the potential buyer will look there to see
what your book covers and if you have included the
information he/she wants to know. This will
encourage people to make the purchase.
Put yourself in the buyers place. Have you
included each area necessary to explain your topic
adequately? Is there another topic you can add that
will further encourage the buyer to purchase your
You also may want to check the table of
contents of other books in your subject area. This
research may trigger more material for your own
book, and it will help you see what is already
available to the consumer. This is how research =
big bucks!

You have to do as much research as you can,

you have to dig up as many facts as you can, you
have to take as many notes as you can. Spend
some time in the reference section of the library.
When we put together our information
superhighway products we tracked down every
article we could that dealt with the information
superhighway, the Internet, computer bulletin boards
everything we could find dealing with the topic.
Then we took ideas out of those articles, and we
incorporated them into our products.
Remember, you must give the reader a new
approach, a better way, or totally new ideas if he/she
is to be attracted to your book. Make your book so
appealing the buyer cannot refuse it!!
Write your chapters. Look at each chapter list
of ideas carefully. Combine similar topics and
discard ones that completely stray from the subject.
(Perhaps the idea doesnt fit in this book, but it
is an area you will need to include in another book in
the future. Keep these stray ideas on file for future
When you have refined and reorganized all
the ideas for a chapter, you may begin writing. Take
each idea and explain it in easy-to-read, simple


Write the way you would tell someone the

same information. Do not worry about which idea
you write first, second, third, etc. Just begin, and
continue with those you know the best.
If you write each idea in a paragraph or two on
separate pages, you can later put them in a logical
Think of shuffling and sorting the ideas like a
deck of cards. A computer can do this automatically
for you, but if you are writing your book in long hand,
you will want the flexibility to move these ideas
After you have all your ideas in paragraphs
and have put them in order, it is time for you to
revise and rewrite. Is there a weak or incomplete
Add the information necessary to make it
better. Try to have your chapters about the same
size. If the book topics are balanced, you have likely
included everything your customer wants to know.

Read your book aloud. This is a good way to

see if all your sentences make sense. If you, or
someone listening to your book, are confused,
rewrite the trouble spot.
You must be perfectly clear for two people
only yourself (the expert) and the reader (the novice).
If you have written in down-to-earth language so that

a beginner can understand, and have included all the

information an expert knows, you will have a
successful book every time.


Make Your Prospects Want To

Do Business With You Instead Of
With Your Competition!
Many of the same people you want to do
business with you are the same people that your
competition wants. Yes, this does sound like
common sense. But, from what weve seen other
businesses do over the years, we dont think some
businesspeople ever figure this out.
Its crucial that you understand this principle
and how to use this information to your advantage if
you are going to attempt to pull business away from
your competition. You are trying to pull business
away from your competition. The U.S.P. is a
marketing tool you use to set yourself apart in a more
favorable light from your competitors.
Find the weak spots of your competition, fill
that weak spot, and you will be able to pull business
away from your competitors. Isolating that one big
Unique Selling Proposition can set you apart from all
other competitors on the Internet in your field.
Coming up with a big U.S.P. is how to
completely separate yourself from the competition
and get richer faster!
What is BIG? It is always important to remember
that it must be big in the eyes of the prospects, not in
yours. A big U.S.P. is tailored for those in the
market. Very little of it, if anything, has to do with

you. A big U.S.P. deals with the topics that are the
most important to those prospects.
If you can come up with a big U.S.P. that is
able to hit a huge nerve in your market and really
grab the attention of the prospects, you can separate
yourself from your competition that has no such
U.S.P. Since the U.S.P. deals with such a hot topic,
you can reap bigger rewards.
This is how normal, average people are
getting rich in business because of one thing! Things
that are new and different really grasp peoples
attention. You could get rich quickly simply by
knowing what the market you cater to wants and
needs and why they buy the kinds of products and
services they do. Then come up with a new, unique,
different way to give them more of what they want!
Filling the needs and fulfilling the desires of those in
your market like no other company is the secret to
get more people to spend more of their money with
you and it works every time!
People buy with their emotions and desire
is an emotion. A desire is an unfilled want. In the
best markets you have a group of customers that
really desire the benefits of your products or
services. They want the end results the product or
service can give them. And, if your end results and
benefits are better than your competitors, the more
money you can potentially make.


Recognize Opportunity When Its

Knocking And Take
Advantage Of It!
If someone who has never done business with you
before contacts you, and they have a specific interest
in something you are offering, their contact shows
that they have a real interest in what you are offering.
They are opportunity knocking! Have your materials
ready to go so when someone contacts you with
interest, you can do your best to get that sale.
Many opportunities can easily be lost unless you are
prepared. Make those prospects a specific offer
RIGHT NOW. This is how to easily turn your
prospects into cash-paying customers!
All ads are and should be written piece by
piece, bit by bit. Internet ads are no different. Its all
done in sections, a little at a time. In the end it comes
together like a jigsaw puzzle.
We recommend you to get a notebook and a
pencil, and write down one hundred benefits that
your product has to offer. Yes, it sounds like a lot,
but spend some time thinking about it. Its better to
have more than not enough. More benefits will help
make the product seem like more of a bargain, and it
will be easier for the prospect to buy.
Then, take those benefits, and write around
them. Use those benefits to fuel your advertisement.

Put all the pieces together correctly, and you

have your winning ad! This is how to construct your
own million-dollar Internet ad piece by piece!


Huge Companies Are Spending

Millions Of Dollars Doing What
You Can Do For Pennies!
Collect all of the ideas in the marketplace that
other companies are using successfully, and use
those ideas in your own Internet ad copy.
The big companies monitor the marketplace
and learn what others are doing. This is how they
get their ideas, and they spend hundreds, thousands,
and sometimes even millions of dollars gaining this
valuable information.
The more you immerse yourself in the market
itself and explore it from all possible angles, the more
good ideas you will be able to come up with.
It doesnt take much money to do this, if any
at all. It is work, though. You will have to find the
websites that other companies in your market place
ads on.
You will have to do research. You will have to
see which ads run the longest, because those are
the ads that were successful. Why else would they
have kept running?
Do not be dissuaded by the work this takes,
though, for this will show you what works in your
market, what is popular in the market currently.
You can add these ideas to your swipe file.

You can change them to fit your product so they can

make money for you.


Appealing To The Self-Interest

Of Your Prospects Is
More Important
Than Anything
In your web-based promotional copy you have
to have a few details about your product or service,
but many people make the mistake of putting too
much of this information in their Internet sales copy.
Remember, people like to have information on
what you have to offer, but that isnt why people buy
your product.
Self interest is the key. You have to focus on
the self interest of the prospect.
What do they want? What do you have to
offer them? What are the biggest, most powerful
benefits your product has to offer?
Your copy should be focused towards them,
not you! You can make two times more money by
doing one thing with your sales letters, and that thing
is focus on what the customers and prospects want,
not what you want!
Many companies start out focusing more on
information than they should, but when they learn
about what really counts the most the benefits that

the product or service can really offer they end up

making two times more money or more than
they had before! The same could happen for you!


How A Ghost Writer Can

Make You Rich!
Weve been using ghostwriters to help us
create our informational products since 1989. Its
easier than you may think. Heres a simple strategy
weve used to make huge amounts of money:
Come up with an idea for a book, manual, or
report you think will sell very well to a specific group
of people.
Now, think of all the benefits that such a book
should have. Think of all the great things that could
be included in this book. Try to come up with at least
50 main benefits.
Then write an advertisement to sell this
imaginary book. Make this ad very compelling by
telling the reader all the great things they can get by
buying your book.
Now its time to hire a ghostwriter. Just run an
ad like this one in your daily paper:
Writer wanted for small publishing company.
Up to $10.00 an hour. No experience necessary.
Work from home, choose your own hours. Call
(____) ___-______ for more information.
Youll get a flood of calls from the ad above.
Believe me, there are many people who want to get

paid to write. Just take the calls and pick the best
person. Pay them $10.00 for every 8 x 11 single
space page they write for you.
Give them the advertisement and the list of 50
main benefits youve already written to sell the book.
Tell them to write a book that clearly delivers all
these promises. They can write 2 pages on each
one of your 50 main benefits. Give them several
similar books they can use for reference material.
Tell them they can use the main ideas in these books
but must never copy anything word for word.
They will write around 100 pages. At $10 a
page, your cost will be $1,000 for a product that
could sell for many years. This can be typeset into a
smaller 6 x 9 book that will give you about twice as
many pages.
Your book can sell for up to $29.95. Your cost
to print it will be as low as $2.00 for fairly small
quantities. This leaves you with a huge gross profit!
Assuming you have the right title and the right
sales copy, you can sell this book for many years at
a significant profit. We sold over a million copies of
just one of our ghostwritten books.
These simple steps have helped us make millions of
dollars. They can help you get rich, too.
Ghostwriters can be found everywhere. Many good
writers dont know how to make money with their
skill. You are different. You are figuring out a way
to make money with the book before its even written.

The Real Secret Formula To

Gaining Free Advertising On
The Internet!
The million-dollar secret formula to getting
FREE advertising on the Internet is to be persistent
Many times people hear about the great ideas
of free advertising, but many times the people who
most want and need free advertising are the least
likely to actually obtain it. They want something for
Keep working. Keep trying. Keep consistently
sending those editors professional, quality news
releases. Keep trying to make them a deal. The
only way to get there is to work. Once you get there,
it could very well be worth all of the work and effort!
There are many people who never gave up at
trying to find their free publicity who, once they found
it, ended up making millions of dollars. This could
happen for you too!
Four easy things you can do to get FREE
advertising are:

Have humility.


Be professional.


Be enthusiastic.


Be persistent.

Dont forget these things. Use them to your

greatest advantage. Now get out there and get to


Here Are Fourteen Ways To Make

100% Sure Your Products Will
Sell Over the Internet!
Your product will sell if you offer it to the right
prospects. When you are searching for a product or
service that will sell, use the check list below to
evaluate whether your product is likely to succeed.

Does your product offer an advantage?


Does it fill a basic human need?


Will your product sell year round?

Is it readily available in retail stores? If so, find
a different product.
Has the market been saturated with the same
product you want to sell?
Will your suppliers be able to provide fast
Can your product be mailed easily and

Have you developed back-end offers?

Will the product you are selling be available to
you exclusively?

Will the product be available from the
manufacturer for the long term?

Will your profit margin be adequate?

Will your product stand up well in mail
Can you reproduce or manufacture the
product yourself?

Can your product be reproduced


Always Remember Your

To Your Success!
Customers will give you all the money you
want new cars expensive homes AND
Without customers you can forget about
having a business, money, a new car, vacations, a
home, or college tuition for your children.
If you become so arrogant that you think you
are totally responsible for your success, you may be
distancing yourself from the real source of your
success your customers.
Everything that you want in life that money
can buy can be yours simply by those two things we
mentioned earlier: finding and keeping customers.
Everybody wants nice things. They want new
cars, fancy homes, lots of nice things that money can
buy, but they dont stop to examine what it takes to
get those things.
They never stop and realize that all of those
things are out there just waiting for them at any given
moment. Its gained through finding and serving


Everybody has certain skills, talents, and

abilities that they are not aware of. If they could just
cue in and realize that they already have what it
takes due to all the experiences theyve had in their
past, they could build a successful business.
People have a wealth of resources and
knowledge, thanks to all of their past experiences, for
developing their own company, their own products,
and their own marketing plan.
They have all these unique characteristics . . .
all due to the experience that builds up over the
years . . . and they are completely unaware of it!
All people have experiences, things they take
with them. Take your talents, skills, and abilities, and
let them carry over into all of your other activities.
Thats how normal every-day experiences and
skills can help you make a fortune!


The Amazing Secret To

Automatically Increase
Your Internet Profits!
Profits are the most important thing to your
business. This is the money you can use to buy all
the things you want: Beautiful homes, cars, boats,
vacations, etc. So learning how to make profits is
very important.
And guess what? ITS SIMPLE TO MAKE
PROFITS. Just remember: Profits come from reselling to your customers. Thats it! Follow these
three steps:

Make continual new offers to your customers.


Make all of these offers as irresistible as you

Take the most profitable of these promotions
and offer them to new customers who have never
done business with your company.

This little profit secret has brought in as much

as $100,000.00 and more in daily sales for our small
company. You can use it to automatically increase
your profits, too.
Your web advertising costs are fixed. Youll
pay this amount no matter how much money your

sales material is able to generate. The secret to

increasing your Internet profit potential immediately is
to test different prices, headlines, and offers. . . .
The extra response you get from these tests can give
you instant profits!


What Do People Want? If You

Know, You Could Create
Products And Internet
That Can Make
You A
Lets look at what people really want, what
they desire, what they hope to gain, what they want
to be, what they want to do, and what they hope to
save. Your product has to do one of the following
things. This is psychology that will fill your bank
account. These are 12 human concerns that can
make you RICH if you know what to do about
People Want:

More Money.

People want more money, be it for leisure, a

more comfortable lifestyle, or just to make ends
meet. How many people can you think of that say
they WOULDNT like to have more money?

Business Advancement.

People want to be more successful at their

occupations. They want to excel. They want to
advance in their ranking. Also, people like the idea
of having their own business, being able to support
themselves, being a self-made success story, and

being their own boss. They want to have some

control over whats being done.

Praise from Others.

People want to be recognized for who they

are and the accomplishments they make. They want
to impress others and be thought of as worthwhile
and necessary.

More Leisure.

Work is usually something people do because

they have to. What would they be doing if they
werent working? People want more time to pursue
their own interests, personal activities, and hobbies.

Better Health.

People want to live long, healthy lives. They

dont want to be brittle or ill. They want to look better
and feel better.

Improved Appearance.

People are very conscious about how they

look. They want to be attractive to other people.
They want to be less self-conscious when they go
out or go to a social event.

More Comfort.

People dont want to have to worry about

anything. They want to be able to just sit back and
relax. They want to be comfortable as much as they
possibly can.


Pride of Accomplishment.

People want to be able to do things well.

They want to be able to exceed in some area of skill.
They want to be good at something and have others
notice that theyre good at it.

Greater Popularity.

People want to be popular with their peers.

They want to be important to others. They want their
peers to enjoy their company.


People like to enjoy nice things: food, drink,

entertainment, and other physical contacts. They just
want to have fun.

Social Advancement.

People want to be socially accepted. They

want to move in higher social circles. They want to
have personal power and influence over others.

Security in Old Age.

As people get older, they worry about many

things Their health, their financial stability, their
independence, their retirement, their appearance.
Knowing all of these things and how your
product fills these gaps is knowing the big picture
behind your product or service, which can make you
the richest person in town! Its not so much what you
sell but how you sell it that is important.

This illustrates the importance of creativity. Its

how you sell something . . . how you present it to
other people . . . that really counts. You have to
present your Internet offer in the right ways.
Remember, people dont buy products
because they want the product. They want
something that they perceive the product can give
them. If youre able to convince people in your
Internet offers that your product can give them the
result theyre looking for, you can make a lot of


Many Internet Marketers Make

The Same Mistakes Every Year
Dont Let Yourself Fall Into
This Trap!
This is why some really GREAT ideas fail: the
company gets wrapped up in thinking about
themselves instead of thinking about the customer,
be it a catalog or an individual purchaser.
Companies and yes, even small companies
can get very bureaucratic in their thinking. They
forget that theyre only in business to serve other
There are people out there that say terrible
things about capitalism. They say that capitalists
greedily exploit other people. Granted, that may be
true when it comes to some fly-by-night operations.
The companies that make their profits from working
with established customers repeatedly, though, cant
get away with cheating and ripping people off over
and over again. The bottom line is: they have to
provide value.
Its easier for people to think of themselves
before they think of their customers. Its easy for a
company to get locked into its own love for the
product its offering and not think about how the
customer perceives that same product. Remember,
its the customers and the prospects the market

that really count in the long run.

Yes, we have to love what we sell. We have
to be able to communicate enthusiasm for our
products and services. We have to feel strongly
about what we have. Then, we have to try to
transfer those emotions to the prospects and
customers. If you are excited about a product and
you are able to convey that excitement to me, Im
going to get excited about the product!
Remember, think about your market, your
prospects, and your customers. Think about what
theyre really interested in. It should all center
around thinking about the customers, not around the
For some reason, it is extremely difficult to see
the offer from a readers point of view. Dont fail to
understand that anything you have to offer is as
important to a consumer as it is to you. Millions of
dollars are wasted every year because Internet
marketers with great ideas fail to understand that
what consumers want to hear is not always what the
marketer has to say.