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Conventions of an Opening Title

What is the purpose of titles in a film opening?

The purpose of titles in the opening of a film is to indicate the
actors, the director and so on
Portray the personality of the actors
Artistic way to set the tone of the film
Introduces backstage crew
Acknowledge the work of the institution, cast and crew on a
Shown at the very beginning and list the most important
members of the production
Shown as text superimposed on a blank screen or static
pictures, or sometimes on top of the action in the show
They may or may not be accompanying music. Where opening
titles are built into a separate sequence of their own, the
correct term is title sequence
In the following films: (website: art of the title)
1. What titles do they use?
2. How are they different
3. What effect/theme does the opening create
4. What type of opening is it
Sets character/Story
Captain America
1. They have used opening titles, indicating the actors and
actresses names. This portrays to the audience who is
included in the film. They have also stated who created
the film and other important roles such as:
Costume designers
Production Cast
Title of the film is revealed right at the end of the
opening scene
Music supervisor
Executive director
Director of photography(Camera operator)
Production institution
Special effects
2. 3. The theme is mainly propaganda within the world war
throughout. This is portrayed through the successful use
of match on action and superimposition creating an
exciting atmosphere.

4. The opening is evidently superimposed which is an

editing technique.
1. Titles used:
Actors used
Music producer
Costume designer
Production designer
Executive producers
Story Producer
Director of photography
Screenplay by
2. The soundtrack evidently a lot more tense than Captain
America portraying a completely different theme. The
techniques used are somewhat similar however Domino
depicts a more aggressive and exhilarating theme.
3. Themes:
Includes swearing, portrays action theme
Indicates actors behaviour
Pictures indicate theme of dominoes
4. The opening sequence is created using superimposition.
This is effective as it portrays the fast pace editing and
creates a more exciting atmosphere.

Napoleon Dynamite
1. Titles used:
Casting by
Music producer
Director of photography
Executive producer
Written by
2. This opening is different to the other two as the opening
titles are all handmade using different objects. As a whole this

makes the opening titles more relaxed and somewhat relatable for
the audience. The music within the background also connotes a
more relaxed and laid back atmosphere rather than a more intense
sound track.
3. Due to the realism of the opening credits, it further portrays the
setting of a school.