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Official language:


Area: 65.300 km2

Population: 2.979.000
National currency: the euro (from 1 January 2015)
Geographical situation:

Lithuania is a state in Northern Europe

Neighboring countries:

Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia


Announced on 16 February 1918

Restored on 11 March 1990

Form of Government:
International membership:

Parliamentary democracy
NATO member since 29 March, 2004
Member of European Union since 1 May, 2004

Largest cities (number of inhabitants):

Vilnius (531 947)

Kaunas (301 296)
Klaipda (156 122)
iauliai (104 619)
Panevys (95 218)

The month of September is characterized by falling daily high temperatures, with daily highs
decreasing from 20C to 15C, or dropping below 12C. Daily low temperatures range from
7C to 11C, falling below 4C or exceeding 14C.
IMPORTANT: The weather is often rainy in Lithuania, so do not forget to take

Electricity: In Lithuania the standard voltage is 230 V. The standard frequency is 50 Hz. The
power sockets that are used are of type F. Above you find picture of this power socket and
corresponding plug.

Time Difference: Lithuania is GMT+2, two hours ahead of the UK and one hour of the
Central Europe.

Visa: While planning your trip to Romania, dont forget to check if your passport is valid for
at least 6 months. EU state-passport holders do not need any Visa.

In our city we are going to see:

The statue of Golden Boy- symbol of iauliai

And go for a walk along central pedestrian street of iauliai:

And visit iauliai cathedral:

and City Hall:


1. VILNIUS OLD TOWN (An inviting warren of alleyways overlooked by a handsome

Baroque architecture)

2. CURONIAN SPIT (A wild, beautiful national park on the Baltic coast)

3. HILL OF CROSSES (A compelling symbol of Lithuanian faith and national identity)

4. TRAKAI CASTLE (A fairytale medieval castle sitting on its own little island)


Lithuanian cuisine is based on traditional rural fare. Typical starters include marinated
mushrooms (marinuoti grybai), herring (silk) and smoked sausage (rukyta desra)
along with cold beetroot soup (saltibarsiai).
A popular national dish is cepelinai, or zeppelins cylindrical potato parcels stuffed
with meat, mushrooms or cottage cheese.

Others include potato pancakes (bulviniai blynai),

and koldnai boiled or fried dumplings with meat or mushroom filling.

Popular beer snacks include deep-fried sticks of black bread with garlic (kepta duona)
and smoked pigs ears.

Pancakes (blynai, blyneliai or lietiniai) come in a plethora of sweet and savoury


We are going to have dinner at:

Restaurant eduvos Malnas

Restaurant Smak smakas

and other places.

Souvenirs to buy in Lithuania

Abmer, which is called Lithuanian gold

Lithuanian chololate produced at sweet factory Rta (which is more than

100 years old):

Lithuanian ceramics:

Luthuanian black (rye) bread and famous Lithuanian cheese:

And famous Lithuanian strong drinks:

Lithuanian mead (50 drink based on honey)

or herbal drink Trejos devynerios (20 or 35 based on herbs)

Things made from linen:

Wicker goods:


School address: Vilnius street, 297, iauliai

School phone No: +37068304930
Project coordinator (Zulfija): +37061088447