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EMP5179 & MCG5179


Section A
Fall 2016


Jamel Cherbib; B.A.Sc, M.Eng, MBA, LL.L


Course Deliverable

Weight on Final

Four Assignments (Team work)


Project (Team work): Oral: Nov 22

Report: Dec 3


Midterm Exam: Saturday, November 5

20 %

Final Exam: Saturday, December 3

30 %

Course Description
Introduction to manufacturing systems. Manufacturing system selection and cost justification.
Analysis of manufacturing operations. Flexible and agile manufacturing. Group technology and
cellular manufacturing. Transfer line and assembly line systems. Analysis of material transport
and storage systems. Manufacturing Process Planning. Tolerance analysis and Taguchi methods.
Design for manufacturing and assembly. Just-in-time production. Quality function deployment.

Course Learning Objectives

After completing the course, you will be able to understand and discuss the following:

Production systems
Manufacturing operations, production facilities and product/production relationship
Manufacturing metrics and economics, production performance metrics and manufacturing
Industrial control systems, continuous versus discrete control
Hardware components for automation and process control
Material transport systems, material transport equipment
Storage systems, automated and analysis of storage systems
Automatic identification and data capture, bar code technology and RFID
Manufacturing systems: components and types
Single-station manufacturing cells
Manual assembly line, line balancing algorithms
Automated assembly systems
Group technology and cellular manufacturing
Quality programs for manufacturing, quality in design and manufacturing
Inspection principles and practices, analysis of inspection systems
Process planning and concurrent engineering
Production planning and control systems
Just-In-Time and Lean production, waste in manufacturing

Team Building

Team work assignments and project

Team between 4-6 students

Project (30%)
Select a topic from the following list or any related to manufacturing systems.
An oral presentation (10%) and a writing report (20%), more details in class.

Topics list

Virtual Manufacturing
Material Handling Equipment and Systems
Distribution and storage systems
Manufacturing Scheduling
Lean and Agile Manufacturing
Sensor Technology in Manufacturing
Design for Assembly and Manufacturing
Automation of Assembly Lines in production process
Kaizen in Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing
Waste Management in Manufacturing
Process Planning
Logistics in Manufacturing
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Just-In-Time (JIT)
Six Sigma
3D printing

Textbook/Course Package
Automation, Production Systems, and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 4/, by Mikell P.
Groover, Pearson Education, 2015, ISBN: 9780133499612

Course Schedule
The professor reserves the right to modify the class schedule by adding items, changing items, or
deleting items as the pace and environment of the classroom dictates.



Sept 13

- Course Introduction


Sept 20

- Introduction

Ch 1

Sept 27

- Manufacturing Operations

Ch 2

Oct 4

- Manufacturing Metrics and Economics

- Introduction to Automation

Ch 3 &4

Oct 11

- Industrial Control Systems

Ch 5

Oct 18

- Automation identification and data capture

- Overview of manufacturing systems

Ch 12 & 13

Due date

- Group list and topic

- Assignment 1

October 23-29 READING WEEK

Nov 1

Nov 8

- Production planning and control Systems

Ch 25

Ch 25 & 23

- Midterm Exam: Nov 5

- Assignment 2: Nov 1

- Production planning and control Systems

- Product design and CAD/CAM in the production system
Nov 15

- Process planning and concurrent engineering

- Just-In-Time and Lean production

Nov 22

- Oral Presentations

Nov 29

- Just-In-Time and Lean production

Ch 24 & 26

- Assignment 3: Nov15

Ch 26

- Final Exam: Dec 3

- Final Report: Dec 3
- Assignment 4: Dec3