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Climate Change

Our planet earth has come a long way from being a hot spinning ball of rock ejected
from the sun many billions of years ago.Over time this rock cooled and developed an
incredibly complex ecosystem which made it the only planet not just in our solar
system but perhaps several other planetary systems around us , to support Life in all
it's various and wonderful forms. From simple single cell organisms and plants to
extremely complex animals like us..Human Beings. Even today there are so many
undiscovered species of plants and animals hidden in the depths of our oceans and
forests , whose existence is very important to our planet.
One of the most important features of this eco system is it's climate. Climate is quite
simply the pattern of weather over a period of time which could be years , decades
or even centuries. Climate affects everything on Earth ; it affects the Economic
situation of so many countries , it affects Transport, Communication , affects the
distribution of plants and animals, and affects the availability of food and water
which is so essential for our survival.
Our plunder of the Earth's natural gifts and resources; it's Forests; it's Mountains
and Water Bodies has in a short time changed the climatic pattern of the World.
Earlier the world was divided into three zones : Temperate ,Torrid and Frigid Zones
and one knew exactly what the climate as in these zones. But today we have
unpredictable climate - extended summers and Winters , Hotter Summers , Colder
Winters , Excessive Rain , Deficient Rain , Rivers and Water Bodies drying up, Rising
levels of the sea, Changes in Ocean Temperature etc...
Climatic change , by itself, is a natural phenomenon ; Natural activities like
earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, etc...cause some amount of climatic change but
this is a very slow process .Human intervention is causing a very rapid change in
climate. Global warming is one of the major reasons for climatic change and human
activities are a major cause of global warming. All these are not natural but almost
directly because of Man.
Our excessive use of vehicles and Electricity is causing an increase in heat and
emission of toxic gases , our population is rapidly growing and the need for housing
means forests and green cover ; the Lungs of the world , are being replaced by
housing .All these and many other activities cause effects like global warming and
cause drastic negative changes in our climate.

Very shortly we could see a "Doomsday Scenario" similar to what we see in Science
Fiction movies, were the earth is no longer habitable. We must wake up now and
each of us , as Individuals, must try and act urgently to slow this process of climate
Let us pledge to conserve our forests and Natural resources . If we see a tree being
cut , let us alert the authorities to prevent it from happening . Let us walk short
distances instead of using our cars , let us switch off electrical applianes when not
required, whether in our own homes or elsewhere. The more we conserve and
reduce the use of our natural resources , the better it will be for our environment
and therefore our climate and our world.