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Class Lecture No 3 : Human Rights & Status of Woman in Islam

Introduction :
The Purpose of Creation of Men and Women :
The Muslim accepts that the main purpose behind the creation of jinn and mankind was that they
should worship Allah.
Equality of Men and Women as regards Religious Obligations :
In this spiritual regard, Islam makes no distinction between men and women. Both have a soul,
both were created for the same purpose in life, both have a duty to fulfill their religious
obligations, both will be judged by the All-Mighty, and both will be rewarded or punished
according to their individual actions.
There can thus be no doubt that in the Hereafter, men and women will both bejudged.
Biologically Men and Women are two different sexes but complementary to each other :
It is an established medical fact that men and women have different biological compositions and
temperaments. Allah the All-Mighty created and knows this biological difference better than
E.g :
The farmer and the doctor make different contributions to the society, but both are equally
The Right to own Wealth and Property :
A woman has the right to keep her property or wealth , whether earned or inherited , and spend it
as she may please.
Freedom to choose Her Husband :
The guardian of the girl, whether her father, brother or uncle, plays an important role in her
marriage, such as finding a suitable match for her. But under no circumstance does this allow
him to force his choice on her against her wishes.

Polygyny :
A man is allowed a maximum of four wives provided he treats them with equality and justice. If
he cannot support more than one wife or fears that he will not be just between them.
Right to trade or seek other employment :
A women is allowed to trade and work in institutions for women only, and at all times she must
observe the relevant rules on Hijab and Satr.
Violence Against Womens In Pakistan :
In Pakistan, domestic violence is considered a private matter, as it occurs in the family. Women
have to face discrimination and violence on a daily basis due to the cultural and religious norms
that Pakistani society embraces. Various forms of domestic violence in the country include
physical, mental and emotional abuse. Some common types include honor killing, spousal abuse
including marital rape, acid attacks and being burned by family members.
Male dominance is frequently mentioned as a determinant of the domestic violence.
Unfortunately, Pakistani societies still run on tribal and feudal system and the majority of the
population lives under rural and feudal control.
In feudal system, there is no education; no freedom and women are treated like slaves or
prisoners in the households making violence against women in these societies very common.
In Pakistan Case :
Woman is one of the best creatures of the universe. The state of woman in Pakistan as compared
to man is very miserable. She is badly victimized of domestic violence and sexual assaults at
working places. It is only education that can empower her not only socially but also financially
and professionally.
Undoubtedly, education plays a role of backbone in the development of woman at every level.
Truly speaking, the poor state of woman can only be improved by promoting education ranging
from primary to higher level and opening up the doors of opportunity for jobs in different
departments. So that they can become socially, economically, politically and professionally
The Weak Institutions of Pakistan are judiciary, parliament and executive. All of them are almost
failed to provide social, political and economic justice to women.
Judiciary : It is well said that justice delayed justice denied. But here the condition of justice is
painfully miserable. The person seeking for immediate justice and it is found no where in our

Parliament :
Parliament is one of the great institutions of Pakistan. It consists of the elected representatives of
the four provinces. It is a supreme power of the country. It legislate various bills and policies for
the betterment of the country.
so far it has also passed many a law for protection of women rights. Different governments have
passed different ordinances and laws for the social and economic security of women. Zia regime
passed hudood ordinance in which women were safeguarded against sexual assaults and
Musharaf government encouraged woman empowerment at a considerable level various
ordinances were passed for enhancement of woman empowerment. Woman protection bill was
also enacted in his regime which further made woman socially strong.
After the overthrow of Musharaf government the government of Pakistan peoples party came
and passed a law of domestic violence against woman. Thus they strengthened the position of
woman in society.
Executive :
Parliament makes different laws and executive implements it in a country. But the
implementation of law is least to be found in this country. Leas are themselves victim of
corruption. They have failed to enforce law in the country effectively.
The poor women who are daily victimized at the hands of certain criminals.
Lack of political awareness:
Lack of political awareness has also wreaked havoc on the socio-economic and political
development of women.
Undoubtedly, political awareness can further strengthen the position of women in every walk of
life. Surprisingly enough, most of the women do not know about the value of their votes. They
are quite ignorant of it It is the crying need that our politicians should take this issue very
Cultural Barriers:
Cultural barriers are too big hindrances to the socio-economic development of women. It is
surprising to say, that Pakistani society is male-domestic as well as private affairs of life. Finally,
the women empowerment cannot be developed unless they are given professional and financial

Corrupt media :
Corrupt media have played havoc with socio-economic and political development of women. It
has not yielded positive result yet.
It has failed to protect the real state of women of Pakistan at international level.
Majority of the poor women being victim of domestic or professional violence cannot cast their
viewpoints. The reason as to why the media has not reached them is lack of access to the far
flung areas of the country. Most of the media demanded for certain amount of rupees for
projecting their issue at national as well as international level. These are number of women
who die of hunger daily.
The media persons are absolutely reluctant to spread the news at a considerable level. In this way
one can find such examples in our society on daily basis.
Some Points : ( Recommendations )
Promotion of education among women at primary and secondary level can greatly
improve the state of women in Pakistan.
This is an undeniable fact that poverty has wreaked havoc with socio-economic and
political development of women.
Truly speaking, it is feudalism that has brought common woman at the level of
Strong institutions play a vital role in developing socio-economic and political condition
of women.
Social, political, cultural, financial and professional liberty can massively improve the
state of women in Pakistan.
Religious scholars can play a positive role in bringing about improvement in the state of
Finally, the state of women can only be improved on the basis of promotion of education, greater
participation in politics and widespread awareness about social, economic and political issues.
Professional and financial liberty can further improve the state of women.
Human Rights And Status Of Woman In Islam :
Islam considers woman as a worthy human being, with an equal share in humanity to that of
the man. The status of women in Islam is something unique. The Holy Quran provides us a
clear-cut proof that woman is equal in all respects with man.
In terms of religious obligations, such as offering daily prayers, fasting and woman is no
different from man. In some cases indeed, woman has certain advantages over man.

For Example :
Women can and did go into the mosque during the days of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and
thereafter attend the Friday prayers is optional for them while it is mandatory for men.
So that,
The right of females to seek knowledge is not different from that of males.
It makes no distinction between man and woman. Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:
" Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim "
This declaration was very clear and was implemented by Muslims throughout history.
Islam also gives the option of divorce to the women and educated men to make a gracious end to
the relationship are it cannot be continued. Woman is entitled to freedom of expression equal to
man. Islam has given her a share in inheritance.
Woman enjoys certain privileges which man do not have. She is exempted from all financial
liabilities. As a mother, she enjoys more recognition and higher honour in the eyes of Allah.
The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) acknowledged this honor when he declared that Paradise lies under
the feet of mothers.
As a daughter or sister she is entitled to security and provision by the father and brother
respectively. By now it is clear that the status of woman in Islam is unprecedentedly high and
realistically suitable to her nature.
Dignity of Humans ( Men And Women ) :
Dignity :
The impressive behaviour of someone who controls their emotions in a difficult situation.
Dignity gives an individual , a sense of value and worth.
Human Dignity :
This means that everyone has the right to satisfy basic needs , such as food , security , shelter
and education.
1. Human dignity = Persons possession of basic rights :
The essential rights to clothing and shelter & The right to basic equality.
The right to free self-expression within the context of social cooperation.

2. Human Dignity =
Basic respect of persons the respect that will allow them to develop their own
To make some personal contribution to common goals.
3. Human Dignity =
Human being has the task of society is to acknowledge and develop that worth.
Humans are called to live in community :
We are called to live as brothers and sisters.
We are called to live in justice and respect / abide by the laws of the community .
Human rights may be defined as those fundamental rights of man essential for the exercise of
human dignity.
Respect for these rights becomes the test whether human dignity is being respected or not.
Human rights belong to human beings, Two kinds of Rights : Natural and Legal.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
It is the duty of states to give respect and protection to human beings.
Notable Points :
In 2000 the Security Council adopted resolution1325 on women peace and security.
The resolution was a landmark in many aspects.
It emphasized the importance of womens full and equal participation in all efforts for peace and
From Islamic Pint Of Views :
Islam recognizes women as individuals with specific rights ;These Include

The right & duty to obtain education.

The right to have their own independent property.
The right to work to earn money if they need it or want it.
Equality of reward.
The right to express their opinion and be heard.
The right to provisions from the husband for all her needs.
The right to negotiate marriage terms of her choice.
The right to keep all her own money.

The right to get sexual satisfaction from her husband.

Custody of their children after divorce.
To refuse any marriage that does not please them.

As We know That ;
Five major types of human rights :

5. Cultural.