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June 2008



No. 34



by Jacob Prasch

David Royle

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June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

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his month we introduce to you, Danny Isom, and
Walk With the Word Bible Studies and Web site. Danny
is a good brother and is working to redo the Moriel Web
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with Mission Aviation Project of Jim Elliot fame. His Web site
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Bible. The goal of his Web site is to help people apply Gods
Word to their lives so that the changes in their lives will become
apparent, not only in the believers hearts, but in the eyes of those
around them. Welcome, Danny, and thanks for all your help.
A couple of articles are included on Todd Bentley, one of the
newest false prophets to pop up and be pushed to the forefront.
His teachings include trips to Heaven, angels and more angels,
fire falling, soaking, and every other experience that has
happened since the Toronto Blessing. Only what is worse
than before under the previous outbreaks, he is going after
the youth and is advocating violence against people to impart this spiritual experience, including kicking people in the
face, body slamming people, leg dropping a pastor, and every
other wicked thing. Please get informed and warn others.
Jacob is coming in August. Please check our Web site for where
he will be speaking. At the time we went to print, we did not have
all the dates set. We hope to see you all at the various churches.
Please pray for Jacob as he goes around the world. It is getting
harder for him to take these long periods of separation from
his wife, Pavia. But both Pavia and Jacob know the Lord has
asked him to do this traveling and teaching, and to sacrifice time
together for the sake of the Gospel. May the Lord bless them both.
In Peace,

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Jacob Prasch

Feature Article



There are people today denying there
will be a rapture, or catching up, to be with
the Lord Jesus. We will look at some of the
reasons why they are saying this. But more
important, we must understand the things
in the Word of God that teach us about it
and what it will be like. In order to do this
we have to employ certain hermeneutical
devices ways of looking at Scripture. We
begin with the basic things the Bible says,
but then we look at the things which typify
or illustrate them: the other raptures in the
Bible that have already taken place, the
things that teach about our resurrection.
In Scripture we use the term rapture,
which is simply a Latinized form of the
Greek term caught up. The Greek term
episynagg, gathering, with Him, is
where we get the word synagogue.We dont
make a distinction between the resurrection
and the rapture. They are the same event.
Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, He {began}
asking His disciples, saying, Who do
people say that the Son of Man is?
And they said, Some {say} John the
Baptist; and others, Elijah; but still others, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.
He said to them, But who do you
say that I am?
And Simon Peter answered and
said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of
the living God.
And Jesus answered and said to
him, Blessed are you, Simon Barjona,
because flesh and blood did not reveal
{this} to you, but My Father who is in
And I also say to you that you are
Peter, and upon this rock I will build
My church; and the gates of Hades
shall not overpower it. (Matthew
This occurs at a place called Caesarea
Philippi. Most people will tell you the
transfiguration of Jesus took place on
Mount Tabor because that is basically
what the Roman Catholic Church and
the Eastern Orthodox Church decided,

By Jacob Prasch

but it didnt. We have to understand the

transfiguration and how it teaches about
the rapture in light of Caesarea Philippi.
Caesarea Philippi is important for two
reasons: First, it was a center of idolatry.
Today, you can still see the carvings of the
Greek god Pan on the face of a cliff where
there are still the remains of his temple.
Pan was said to appear in human form a
god pretending to be a man. Second, it
was also a place where there stood a statue
of Caesar Augustus, the first of the Roman
emperors to be worshipped as a god in
his lifetime. Emperor worship is one of
the main things in the Bible that teach
about the anti-Christ. He will reign over
the known world.
When Jesus came the first time, the
emperors numbered peoples heads. Why?
They numbered the peoples heads to
gain financial control of the world, and to
maintain control. When Jesus was born,
the census that took place at the behest
of an emperor was, in a sense, a form
of worship; it was a type or a shadow of
what the anti-Christ will do just before
Jesus comes the second time. His first
coming teaches us many things about His
return. There were many false prophets
and false messiahs before He came the
first time, and there will be false prophets
and false messiahs before He comes again.
But this element of emperor worship will
be replayed before Jesus comes back. The
prophet Daniel tells us that the fourth beast
in his vision comes into play again. We
will see some kind of a reconsideration
of the countries that were in the Roman
Empire and ultimately, through this system,
the anti-Christ will appear. But here in
Caesarea Philippi, we see the center of
Greco/Roman false religion a god who
pretends to be a man, and the worship of a
man who pretends to be a god. The latter is
the emperor a political figure.
Jesus challenged the gods of this world
on their own turf. He came to Caesarea
Philippi, a place in Israel today that we call
Banias. He, not Caesar, is the King who
will be worshipped. As for Pan, he was no
god at all. Jesus, of course, is God, and He is

truly man. He is both fully human and fully

divine. So this contrast was taking place.
With that background in view,
understand this: Banias is an area in
Israel-occupied Golan Heights where
there is a waterfall. This waterfall comes
out of the slope of Mount Hermon. We
call it in Hebrew, Har Hermon. Its the
tallest mountain in Israel today, and towers
above the Golan Heights in the area where
Israel, Lebanon and Syria all converge. Its
cap is snow-covered about eight months
of the year.
Let us look now at Matthew 17:1-9:
And six days later Jesus took with
Him Peter and James and John his
brother, and brought them up to a high
mountain by themselves.
And He was transfigured before
them; and His face shone like the sun,
and His garments became as white as
And behold, Moses and Elijah
appeared to them, talking with Him.
And Peter answered and said to
Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be
here; if You wish, I will make three
tabernacles here, one for You, and one
for Moses, and one for Elijah.
While he was still speaking,
behold, a bright cloud overshadowed
them; and behold, a voice out of the
cloud, saying, This is My beloved
Son, with whom I am well-pleased;
listen to Him!
And when the disciples heard
{this,} they fell on their faces and were
much afraid.
And Jesus came to {them} and
touched them and said, Arise, and do
not be afraid.
And lifting up their eyes, they saw
no one, except Jesus Himself alone.
And as they were coming down
from the mountain, Jesus commanded
them, saying, Tell the vision to no one
until the Son of Man has risen from the
Then Jesus begins talking about
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Feature Article Continued

Elijah and John the Baptist. Notice

how this connects the resurrection with
the transfiguration. Jesus commanded
His disciples not to tell anyone about
the transfiguration until His resurrection.
Why? Elijah and Moses are the two
prophets of Israel most associated with the
Messiah in the New Testament and also
in Jewish thought. Moses was a man who
died faithful to God. Jesus was God who
became a man. Elijah was someone who
never died but was raptured, or caught up
to Heaven alive.
So there stood the Lord Jesus with
someone who was raptured and never died,
and someone who died. They all looked
exactly the same. They were all transfigured.
We shall be as He is. It doesnt
matter if we are raptured or if we die
faithful to God, we shall meet Him in
the air. This was on Mount Hermon, a
white-covered mountain most of the year.
Where do we meet Him? In the sky, above
the gods of this world. Do you understand
the typology? Now there is more. When we
read the Apocrypha, we get the background
to what the Epistle of Jude tells us in the
NEW TESTAMENT about the nephilim, or
rapha, the giant offspring of fallen angels
joined with women. These fallen angels
were demonoids who came down and
procreated with human women. It is said
that they came down at this very mountain.
So you have the conflict between Jesus
and the political powers of the world, the
Hellenistic religions of the world which
are demonic. It all happens in the same
geographical location.
In midrash (the Jewish way of
interpreting Scripture), where things
happen in the same geographical location
it is an indication that there is a theological
and a spiritual relationship between those
events, even though there might not appear
to be. For instance, Elisha, Elijah, and
John the Baptist all had the same spirit,
or anointing. Where did Elisha take the
mantle of authority from Elijah? On the
plain of Jericho, the same place where John
the Baptist was baptizing. And they had the
same spirit. You will frequently find this
same confluence of events in Scripture.
We have to look at what else happened
in a given location to understand the full
dimension of its spiritual and theological
significance. One who died in Christ or, as
it were, was faithful to God under the Law
of Moses, somebody who was raptured,
and the Lord Himself, all looked the same.
Moses wanted to enter the Promised Land
but he was unable to for a variety of reasons.
One reason is because Moses represented
the Law. It was Joshua who could bring
the people into the Promised Land. Jesus
name in Hebrew, YESHUA, is simply the

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

way they said Joshua (YHOSHUAH)

after the captivity. Joshua becomes a
picture of Jesus while Moses in this sense
becomes the picture of the Law. The Law
cannot lead us into Heaven; only Jesus can.
Hence Moses could not enter the Promised
Land. But once the Messiah comes again,
he will. God told Moses he couldnt go in,
but then God does eventually answer Moses prayer. He will walk in the land, but
only when the Messiah comes.
Now, that is a pretty good basis but let
us begin considering further. Lets look at
some of the people who were raptured and
some who were resurrected. Let us look at
the Book of Genesis:
When Adam had lived one hundred
and thirty years, he became the father
of a son in his own likeness, according
to his image, and named him Seth.
(Genesis 5:3NAS)
Man is made in Gods image and
likeness. God is creative and He makes
us procreative so that our offspring
come in our own image and likeness.
We read further:
And Enoch lived sixty-five years,
and became the father of Methuselah.
Then Enoch walked with God
three hundred years after he became
the father of Methuselah, and he had
{other} sons and daughters.
So all the days of Enoch were three
hundred and sixty-five years.
And Enoch walked with God; and
he was not, for God took him.
And Methuselah lived one hundred
and eighty-seven years, and became
the father of Lamech.
Then Methuselah lived seven
hundred and eighty-two years after he
became the father of Lamech, and he
had {other} sons and daughters.
So all the days of Methuselah were
nine hundred and sixty-nine years, and
he died. (Gen 5:21-27NAS)
The first person to be raptured was
Enoch. Every rapture and every resurrection
teaches something about ours. Lets look at
2 Kings 2:11-12:
Then it came about as they were
going along and talking, that behold,
{there appeared} a chariot of fire and
horses of fire which separated the
two of them. And Elijah went up by a
whirlwind to heaven.
And Elisha saw {it} and cried out,
My father, my father, the chariots of
Israel and its horsemen! And he saw
him no more. Then he took hold of
his own clothes and tore them in two
pieces. (NAS)

Elijah was raptured. Some people

believe that it is Elijah and Enoch who
will come back as the two witnesses of
Revelation 11:3. Others believe that it
is Moses and Elijah because they were
the ones transfigured. Lets look at 2
Corinthians 12:1-4:
Boasting is necessary, though it
is not profitable; but I will go on to
visions and revelations of the Lord.
I know a man in Christ who
fourteen years ago whether in the
body I do not know, or out of the body I
do not know, God knows such a man
was caught up to the third heaven.
And I know how such a
man whether in the body or apart
from the body I do not know, God
knows was caught up into Paradise,
and heard inexpressible words, which a
man is not permitted to speak. (NAS)
If you were to translate caught up in
verse 1 from the Latin Vulgate you would
have the same Latin word from where we
get rapture.
The context of these verses pretty
well tells us it is Paul himself who had
this rapture experience. He was caught up
and he then was sent back. If it is literally
to be Elijah who comes back as one of
the two witnesses that would be the Old
Testament precedent. But of course it
begins with Jesus. He came down from
Heaven. He is always prolific. He is sent
and He comes back again. What happens
to Jesus begins to happen to His disciples.
Its prolific. He is the first of a kind. Our
experience of ascending and coming back
teaches something about His.
Let me go back to our first text.
Peter wanted to build three booths.
Why did he want to build three booths,
three tabernacles? The Feast of Tabernacles
was the last Jewish feast of the year. Jews
commemorate Gods provision for their
ancestors in the wilderness during their
exodus, but it is also the thanksgiving for
the autumn harvest. We see it in a millennial
context in Ezek. 47. In John Chapter 7 it is
being celebrated when Jesus talks about
living water. They would take water from
the pool of Shiloach and pour it out on the
Temple Mount.
Why these booths and why do the Jews
associate it with the Millennium? Look at
Zechariah 12: 10:
And I will pour out on the house
of David and on the inhabitants of
Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and
supplication, so that they will look on
Me whom they have pierced; and they

Feature Article Continued

will mourn for Him, as one mourns for

an only son and they will weep bitterly
over Him, like the bitter weeping over
a first-born. (NAS)
The Jews are back in Israel. Jerusalem
becomes the point of controversy for all the
nations. This chapter tells us, I am going
to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling
to all the people round about. Today in
Israel even left-wing Jews are willing to
talk about land for peace. They will talk
about Judea, Samaria. They will talk about
a Palestinian state in Gaza. They will talk
about negotiating over the Golan Heights.
But when you touch Jerusalem, you are
touching the heart of a Jew.
Jerusalem will be the center of world
conflict when Jesus comes. It is where
Satan received his biggest defeat and
where he will receive his final defeat.
I cant go into it now, but dont let
anyone tell you that these current events
you see in the Middle East are not of
prophetic significance. Those who would
do so are deceived, and they are trying
to deceive others. According to scriptural
prophecy, the Jews are back in Israel
for the Great Tribulation for a terrible
deception when the anti-Christ will
come and appear to be the Messiah. None
the less, let us look. The Jews see Jesus
come in Zechariah 12:10. Then it reveals
what happens when He comes:
And in that day His feet will stand
on the Mount of Olives, which is in front
of Jerusalem on the east; and the Mount
of Olives will be split in its middle from
east to west by a very large valley, so
that half of the mountain will move
toward the north and the other half
toward the south. (Zechariah 14:4 NAS)
There is a cleft in the Mount of Olives
where the High Priest had to stand on the
Day of Atonement and look through the
East Gate into the Holy of Holies. It is
through this cleft that Jesus would have
come on Palm Sunday from Bethany
and Bethsaida across the Kidron Valley.
There is a fault that runs through the
cleft of the Mount of Olives. The last
time there was an earthquake was 1927.
So there is a seismological fissure there
already. An earthquake is not only likely,
but where there is that kind of fissure, it is
inevitable. Zecharia continues:
Then it will come about that any
who are left of all the nations that went
against Jerusalem will go up from year
to year to worship the King, the LORD
of hosts, and to celebrate the Feast
of Booths. And it will be that which-

ever of the families of the earth does

not go up to Jerusalem to worship the
King, the LORD of hosts, there will
be no rain on them. And if the family
of Egypt does not go up or enter, then
no {rain will fall} on them; it will
be the plague with which the LORD
smites the nations who do not go up
to celebrate the Feast of Booths. This
will be the punishment of Egypt, and
the punishment of all the nations who
do not go up to celebrate the Feast of
Booths. (Zechariah 14:16-19 NAS)
When Jesus was transfigured, there
was Moses back from the dead; there was
Elijah, who was raptured, on the earth
with the Messiah. Peter said in effect,
Lets have the Millennium; lets build
the booths. They understood the Feast of
Booths was about the Millennial Kingdom,
the establishment of the Messiahs reign.
Each of the Jewish holidays in their
sequence teaches something about Jesus.
He fulfils the spring holidays like Passover;
He is the Lamb who was slain. He is
the First Fruits. He is the Resurrection.
At Pentecost the Holy Spirit given is
His first coming. He fulfils the autumn
holidays in His second coming. Here we
are addressing the Feast of Booths and the
Feast of First Fruits because they teach
about the rapture. Do you understand
how these feasts teach about the future?
But Jesus instructed them not to
tell anybody about this encounter with
Moses and Elijah until after He is raised
from the dead. They didnt understand
that he had to die for their sins first. Its
in His second coming that He will set
up His Millennial Kingdom. His first
coming was in order to deal with sin.
His resurrection is like our resurrection,
and His ascension is like our ascension. In
Acts, chapter 1 we are told of Jesusascension:
And after He had said these things,
He was lifted up while they were
looking on, and a cloud received Him
out of their sight. And as they were
gazing intently into the sky while He
was departing, behold, two men in
white clothing stood beside them, and
they also said, Men of Galilee, why
do you stand looking into the sky? This
Jesus, who has been taken up from
you into heaven, will come in just the
same way as you have watched Him
go into heaven. (Acts 1:9-11 NAS)
In Daniel 7:13 the Son of Man comes
down to the earth. In Zechariah 12:10 and
Ezekiel 43:1 it is all prophesied He
goes up, He comes back. Elijah went up,
then came back. Moses came back. Paul

went up; Paul came back (2 Corinthians

12:2-4). Whenever people come back,
they are always identifiable. Peter, James,
and John had never seen Moses and Elijah before, yet they knew who they were
when they saw them with Jesus. When
we go to be with Jesus, we will know
Him and be known by Him. Youll know
who Isaiah is; Isaiah will know who you
are. You will know who Elijah is; Elijah
will know you. The minute he sees you,
hell know who you are and you will
know who he is, without any introduction.
In resurrection, in rapture, it doesnt
matter; we know and we are known,
because of Jesus. Because we are known
to Jesus and known by Jesus, we likewise
are known by those and known to those
who know Him. They immediately
knew who Moses was and who Elijah
was because they knew who Jesus was.
Lets look at the terrible sin of King
Saul where Samuel came back when Saul
sought his counsel through the witch of
Endor (1Samuel 28):
Then the woman said, Whom
shall I bring up for you?
And he said, Bring up Samuel for
When the woman saw Samuel, she
cried out with a loud voice; and the
woman spoke to Saul, saying, Why
have you deceived me? For you are
And the king said to her, Do not
be afraid; but what do you see? And
the woman said to Saul, I see a divine
being coming up out of the earth.
And he said to her, What is his
form? And she said, An old man is
coming up, and he is wrapped with a
And Saul knew that it was Samuel,
and he bowed with his face to the
ground and did homage. (1 Samuel
28:11-14 NAS)
Notice she calls him a divine being.
The KJV says gods. The Hebrew word is
elohiym, used of God, angels, judges, and
others with authority, as well as false gods.
We shall be as He is. We will all have
authority in the Kingdom as priests, but
Jesus is the High Priest. We are all kings,
but He is the King of kings. He will always
have pre-eminence as the firstborn of the
Be careful of charismatic Kingdom
Now theology that springs from the
Latter-Rain Movement. It does not teach
that we will be as He is, but that we are
as He is. You are a god, according to
Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin,
among others. This is Gnosticism, not
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Feature Article Continued

biblical truth. Yes, we shall be as He is, but

not yet. Were being changed from glory to
glory, and our change to immortality will
come when we are resurrected or raptured
to meet the Lord in the air. Kingdom Now
theology teaches that man is a god and, by
faith, can speak reality into being the way
that God did. This is absolutely heretical.
We have looked at some people who
have been raptured, and they teach us
certain things about our rapture. Now lets
look at resurrections because people who
are resurrected teach about our resurrection.
When we go under the water of baptism
we die with Christ. His death is ours and
His resurrection is ours. Its prolific and
its the same event, only chronologically it
happened to Him first.
Lets look at 1 Corinthians 15:
But now Christ has been raised
from the dead, the first fruits of those
who are asleep. For since by a man
{came} death, by a man also {came}
the resurrection of the dead. For
as in Adam all die, so also in Christ
all shall be made alive. But each in
his own order: Christ the first fruits,
after that those who are Christs at His
coming. (1 Corinthians 15:20-23 NAS)
It is prolific the same event, but
He is first in the order. Then will come
the end when He will deliver up the
Kingdom to God the Father when He has
abolished all rule, authority and power of
man and Satan. This again points to the
millennial reign. He must put His rule in
place of the rule of man and then turn it
over to the Father. He must reign until he
has put all enemies under His feet. Now
let us understand what this is telling us.
The Kidron Valley lies between
the Temple Mount and the Mount of
Olives. The Jewish Feast of First Fruits
is the first Sunday after Passover. We
call this week the Feast of Unleavened
Bread. Precisely at sunrise, the Cohen
Hagadol the High Priest would go into
the Kidron Valley between the Mount of
Olives and the Temple and ceremonially
harvest the first bit of grain (the first fruit)
coming out of the earth. He would then
bring it into the Temple. All four gospels
tell us that Jesus rose at about dawn dont
they? The rising of the SUN is always a
metaphor for the rising of the SON, even in
the OLD TESTAMENT. Rise and shine
for Your Light has come always alludes
to the resurrection, but all four Gospels
say that He rose around dawn when it
was still dark when the sun had risen

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

around that time.

The very hour when the High Priest
had gone into the Kidron Valley to bring
the first fruit into the Temple, Jesus was the
First Fruit of the resurrection. Understand,
the very hour he was doing it Christ was
rising from the dead. Now lets continue:
Otherwise what will those do who
are baptized for the dead? If the dead
are not raised at all, why then are
they baptized for them? (1 Corinthians
The Mormon practice of baptizing
for the dead is based upon this verse.
But I mention this to explain that Paul
was referring to a pagan practice, not a
Christian one. Even the Greeks had a
sense of afterlife. Dont let the Mormons
tell you that baptism for the dead is a
Christian practice; it isnt. Paul was
simply saying that even the pagans knew
that there was an afterlife. You had pagan
rituals of baptism as well as Jewish. The
Jewish ritual was called mikvah, but the
pagans had their own baptism rituals.
Now, what are we to be like?
Become sober-minded as you
ought, and stop sinning; for some have
no knowledge of God. I speak {this} to
your shame.
But someone will say, How are
the dead raised? And with what kind of
body do they come?
You fool! That which you sow does
not come to life unless it dies; (1 Corinthians 15:34-36 NAS)
When we consider the last days and
the return of Christ and the resurrection,
we should be sober and not drunk. But
we also should be inclined to holiness.
Now here you have, the Greek aphron,
which is different from the word moros,
equivalent to the Hebrew rach. Here it
is translated fool, but it is not the kind
of fool Jesus warns against calling our
brethren. The Bible says call no man a
fool because the fool says in his heart
there is no God. But this is a different
word for fool; it is not that word. Let us
and that which you sow, you do not
sow the body which is to be, but a bare
grain, perhaps of wheat or of something
else. (1 Corinthians 15:37 NAS)
As we consult the Gospel of John
we understand how Paul is explaining
to the Corinthians what Jesus meant:
Truly, truly, I say to you, unless
a grain of wheat falls into the earth
and dies, it remains by itself alone;

but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

He who loves his life loses it;
and he who hates his life in this world
shall keep it to life eternal. (John
12:24-25 NAS)
You have the shell of the seed; inside
is the germ where the DNA resides. When
you plant a seed in the earth, the outer
shell undergoes a biological process of
catabolism and dies. The seed inside turns
into something completely different; it
is a new creation. Something dies and
something is born. In order for something
to be born, something must die. So it is with
us the old creation and the new creation.
Our physical bodies die so that
something can happen metabolically and
we become a new creation. However,
it is the same seed. It is not a spiritual
resurrection. A physical biological process
happens in our resurrection. This shell
dies but what comes out of it is literal and
physical. It is a literal, physical resurrection.
We have to understand that salvation is
past, present and future. Ive been saved,
Im being saved, Im going to be saved.
Ive been saved. When Jesus died on the
cross, I died with Him by faith. He took my
sin and gave me His righteousness. I died
with Him. I am a new creation and I rose
up with Him as a new creation. Ive been
saved. Past, justified. Ive been saved, Ive
been justified. Even through I am corrupt,
He gave me His righteousness and took my
sin. Therefore, I am justified. Ive been save.
Im being saved. This is sanctification.
Take up your cross daily. I am being
crucified with Him every day and
resurrected every day. He who endures
to the end, shall be saved. Lift up your
head, your redemption draweth nigh. You
are being sanctified; you are being saved.
Youre going to be saved. You shall
be resurrected to eternal life in the body.
He is going to come back and pick up the
package He paid for.
In each case, the natural creation
must fall to the earth and die so the new
creation can come out. It happened when
you were first saved. When you were first
saved, by faith your old nature died with
Jesus, but every day we are supposed to
put to death the will of the flesh. This is
sanctification being made holy to God.
Someday, unless Jesus comes first, you are
going to be planted in the earth. But what
comes out of the earth is going to be very
different from what goes in. How different
is wheat from the seed? How different is
a flower from the seedling you planted in
your garden? Very different isnt it? So, too,
your resurrected body is going to be quite
different from what is put in the ground.
What teaches us about this? The

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resurrection is prolific. Look at Jesus

body. He could walk through walls!
You see people today like the Kansas
City prophets who say we are going
to walk through walls before He comes.
Thats not only unbiblical, its crazy.
God can do what He wants, and I can
conceive how God can make something
like that possible in a given instance if it
suits His will. But it is not for all of us until
the resurrection. What happened to Jesus
body is going to happen to ours. His body
went into the earth and came out totally
different. He could disguise Himself and
people whom He knew didnt know it was
He until He chose to reveal Himself to
them. Our body will be something like that.
What Jesus was like after His
resurrection teaches us about what we
are going to be like after ours. A glorified
body with what we today consider
superhuman capability and that does not
grow old totally different what comes
out of the earth to what you put into it.
Totally different, but it is the same body.
Be careful again of the lies of groups
like the Moonies and the Jehovahs
Witnesses who spiritualize the resurrection.
What did Jesus do when He rose? He
manifested His identity to His followers at
Emmaus in the breaking of bread. He ate with
the disciples in Jerusalem. He physically ate.
Let us look at what happened when He
raised Lazarus from the dead. Every time
you see somebody raised from the dead in
the Bible, it teaches something about our
resurrection. What does Lazarus do in John
11 when Jesus raises him? He comes out
of the tomb. Unbind him and let him go,
Jesus said. So they made Him a supper there
and Lazarus was one of those reclining at
the table with Him! Lazarus physically ate.
When Jesus wakes the little girl from
death, what does He say? Give her
something to eat.
Whenever you find the resurrection,
Jesus always said give them something to
eat. Those He raised from the dead went
on to eat. Why? Because eating was a
way to illustrate, among other things, that
it was a literal, physical resurrection. He
Himself ate after His resurrection, so all
the others ate when he raised them up. He
ate to show that His resurrection was absolutely literal. This is what Paul was talking
about in 1 Corinthians 15. If it was not a
literal resurrection of His body, then those
who witnessed of it were stupid people. If
it is not a literal actual resurrection if our
physical bodies are not going to be resurrected into something better than they are
now we may as well laugh, get drunk,
have a good time with the world because
thats all there is. If Jesus did not rise
from the dead, the NEW TESTAMENT

actually teaches we should live wicked

lives because that is all there is. BUT
HE IS RISEN, and you are going to rise.
When you witness to an unsaved
person and he gets saved, that in
itself teaches something about the
resurrection. Remember, youre dead and
resurrected already by faith arent you?
You have been justified. Look at John 5:24
Truly, truly, I say to you, he who
hears My word and believes Him
who sent Me, has eternal life and
does not come into judgment, but has
passed out of death into life. (NAS)
In other words, when somebody is born
again, their resurrection has already begun.
We are already living our eternal life. Our
resurrection has already begun; it is prolific.
His resurrection is ours. It is something
already underway; we have already passed
from death to life. So Jesus tells the people,
Roll away the stone.
When you witness to an unsaved
person, all you are doing is rolling away
the stone. You are making it possible for
the dead to hear the voice of Christ. We
can witness, witness, and witness, but
until they hear His voice and not ours,
they are not going to be saved. We can
speak it; we can roll away the stone. We
can put it in ones ear, but there is the
distance from the ear to the heart. All we
can do when we evangelize is roll away
the stone. Then He says, Lazarus, come
forth. This connects with what you read in
John 10: My sheep will hear My voice.
Only the Son of Man can call that
which is dead to life. He saves them. Then,
when one comes to life he comes out of
the tomb; you unbind him and let him go.
When people are saved they come bound,
emotionally and spiritually. They need
baptism, they need counselling sometimes,
and they need discipleship. You unbind
them. We can roll away the stone, only
Jesus can call them from death to life and
then we unbind them. The resurrection and
the rapture will simply be the completion
of the process. Well truly hear His voice
even more clearly than we hear it now. We
shall see Him as He is, but then we shall
be totally unbound. Whenever somebody
gets saved, that in itself teaches something
about the rapture and resurrection. Our rapture and our resurrection has already begun.
Now things get a bit more complicated.
Jesus was put into the earth and came out
of it. We were in the earth (dead in sin)
and came out of it totally different (born
again). But now let us begin understanding
the things that teach about the rapture.
Lets begin with the first incident of the
rapture in the Bible excluding Enochs

personal rapture; the first collective or corporate rapture. Until now, weve looked at
things taught about personal rapture and
resurrection. Now let us look at the things
that teach about the corporate or collective:
For the coming of the Son of Man
will be just like the days of Noah. For
as in those days which were before the
flood they were eating and drinking, they
were marrying and giving in marriage,
until the day that Noah entered the
ark. And they did not understand until
the flood came and took them all
away; so shall the coming of the Son
of Man be. (Matthew 24:37-39 NAS)
In his Epistle, Peter also says the
last days will be like the days of Noah
the same as Jesus did. But he adds
that just as Noah tried to warn people to
repent and they didnt listen till it was
too late, so will people in the last days.
The faithful believers will be warning
people to repent, but they wont listen
until it is too late thats what Peter says.
He talks about people doing things that
are evil. However, Jesus doesnt talk about
people who are doing things that are evil.
He talks about people doing things that
are natural: drinking, eating, and getting
married. Peters message about the days of
Noah is for the unsaved. Jesus words are a
warning to us. There is nothing wrong with
drinking or eating or getting married, but
when the things which are temporal become
central to our focus and become the things
we are here for, we are in trouble.
Believers begin hoping and trusting
in their businesses, their marriages; these
become more important to them than being
with Jesus. These are things that are not
wrong in themselves but become idols.
One of the things which can become an
idol in the last days relates to the warning,
Let he who is in the field not go back to
get his cloak (the mantle of authority).
Ministry can become an idol. The work of
the Lord can become more important than
the Lord of the work. They call it ministry,
but they are not building the Kingdom of
God; they are building personal empires and
putting Gods name on it. Whats the test?
Jesus told the apostles, particularly Peter,
Ill make you fishers of men. Peter was
fishing another thing that teaches about
the rapture and resurrection. Fishing
is always a picture of evangelism. The
apostles fished, and fished, and fished, but
caught nothing until Jesus told them where
to cast their nets.
We can have an evangelistic program,
an evangelistic crusade and missions
program all we want, but until He directs
our evangelism and tells us where to
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cast our nets, we are not going to catch

too many fish either. So Peter is fishing;
he is doing what Jesus called him to do,
midrashically, but as soon as the call comes
up, It is the Lord, he puts on his garment
and dives overboard. Jesus was more important than fishing. Understand, his ministry was not an idol. Why did he put on
his garment? Because the garment represents the wedding garment the garment
of salvation (Isaiah 61:3). Normally, you
would take off your shirt to dive into the
water. Peter puts it on. This is a picture
of the wedding garment. He immediately
leaves the ministry as it were, his fishing, and dives overboard to be with Jesus. The work of the Lord was not more
important than the Lord of the work.
Now if ministry can become an idol,
what cant? Marriage, career, business. Are
you willing to walk out the door the minute you hear the call, It is the Lord? If
you look back, you will be like Lots wife.
We need to tell unsaved people that
the judgment of God is coming as in the
days of Noah, but we ourselves need
to learn that things are for here; they
are not the things that we are here for.
One morning I was talking to and praying with some Christians who have gone
through some terrible things. There was a
great-grandmother, a grandmother, and a
little baby with cerebral palsy. The mother
died in labor, the little baby girl, Rebekka
(Rickah) is a spastic. The family is bereaved.
Another woman with whom I spoke
had an amputation of her leg; her daughter
was killed. A lot of people are hurting like
this. What do you tell these people? Now,
first of all when we read the book of Job, we
understand that people tend to blame God.
But Satans temptation of Jesus reveals
that the kingdoms of the earth have been
given into Satans hand. (Matthew 4:8)
This is true. Jesus never questioned
Satans authority over the earth in its
present condition. God gave dominion to
man, and man gave it to Satan. Jesus will
take it back when He comes again. The Lord
of Glory will trample Satan under His feet
when He comes back. That will happen. In
the meantime, we live in a fallen world.
Jesus never questioned Satans
authority, asking, How could God let
this happen? or Why did God do this?
When you blame the God of the Bible you
are blaming the wrong God. On the other
hand, Satan can do only what God allows
him to do. There are a number of reasons
God lets these terrible things happen to
Christians, one of which is that He doesnt
want us to trust in this fallen world.
Laodicea is the back-sliding church
with a lot of religion, blind to its true
spiritual state because it is materially

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

well-off. It doesnt know its real condition.

But those whom I love, I correct.
I have among my best friends a
Jewish man in New York. His wife is
Jewish and they are believers in Jesus. I
baptized them. He is heir to a considerable
amount of money, yet their daughter has
cerebral palsy. They would give every
cent to have their little daughter, Sarah,
a teenager now, normal. Why? There
are people who just have a good life in
this world without a cross to bear, and
they begin to trust in this life. God doesnt
want us to trust in this life. This world
is under a sentence of death. No matter
how affluent your business seems, you
are buying stock in a bankrupt company.
He doesnt want us to trust it. The world
uses people to get things; the world uses
people to get money. God uses money to
get people. God uses things to get people.
The only good thing about money is that
we can use it for Gods work. The rest of it
doesnt matter; its all going down the tubes.
The hopelessness of this world is great.
The days of Noah teach about the
rapture and resurrection. Peter says the
unsaved people wont understand until it
is too late, but Jesus is warning Christians
not to trust in this world or they will not be
ready for His coming.
Now let us understand more about the
days of Noah.
I have a friend in New York who is
an evangelist. He has done quite a study
on the subject. Every time man sought
to become God, and establish himself
as divine and master of his own destiny,
God has intervened to prevent sinful
man from living eternally. Adam and
Eve could not eat of the Tree of Life and
thus live in sin forever. God intervened
directly and prevented it. With the
Tower of Babel when man tried to reach
God and become gods, God intervened.
Today, with Biogenetic engineering,
super computers, and particle physics, we
are approaching the same kind of things
that happened in the Garden and with
the Tower of Babel. Man thinks he can
become his own god. It has even gotten
into the Church. You have people like
Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and
Ray McCauley teaching that you dont
have God, you are a god. Ray McCauley
teaches that building the Tower of Babel is
Gods model for Christian unity.
Now if that is in the so-called
Church, what do you expect from the
world? There is no problem with science and
technology, per se, but there is a problem
with fallen man. Science is neutral; it can
be used for good or evil. But because man
is evil fallen it is used more often than
not for some ungodly purpose. We are

reaching the point of that which happened

at the Tower of Babel and in the Garden of
Eden: man trying to become his own god.
You get people like Paul (David) Yonggi
Cho teaching that you can speak it into
being. This is not biblical. It comes from
shamanism and Buddhism. He admits that
in his book, The Fourth Dimension.
Buddhists and Hindus have believed this
for centuries. Now Cho claims that Jesus
has shown it to him. This is in his book.
We are reaching a point where God
will be personally forced to intervene
to stop us from setting up our own
kingdom. Again, be careful of Kingdom
Now theology and Dominionism, it is a
pack of lies. It is unbiblical on one extreme
as is a bunker mentality on the other.
Neither is balanced. But now let us
understand this: Jesus said, As it was in
the days of Noah, so shall it be when the
Son of Man comes. Well, what happened
in the days of Noah? We read in the book
of Genesis, chapter 7 that demonic beings
came to earth and procreated with humans,
creating demonoids demonic monsters.
When I was in University studying
medical physiology and genetics, there
were things that seemed like science
fiction but today are biomedical reality.
Cloning, taking recombinant DNA from
one species, genetically engineering it
to be injected into another, synthesizing
enzymes. Proteins are very long molecules.
Today, with super computers, they can
find out the structural formula of a protein
in practically no time. It says in Daniel
that knowledge will increase. Biogenetic
engineering, organic micro-chips, super
computers that can analyze things with an
integrated system the way the human brain
works. These things are becoming reality.
Again, I have no problem with
science or technology. I have a science
background myself. I am simply saying there
is a problem with man. It is not difficult to
understand the fallen ones who came down
from the sky, demonoids on the earth. In
the 1970s the American president Jimmy
Carter declassified something called the
Blue Report. He didnt declassify all
of it, but some of it. It was research into
extraterrestrial phenomena (UFOs) done
by the American government, the US Air
Force, the Central Intelligence Agency,
and the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA). These documents
claimed that there is no evidence of
extraterrestrial life whatsoever. The
American government was afraid the
Soviets where developing space-type
weapons using unidentified flying objects,
using stealth technology. Already back in
the 60s the United States was beginning
to work with stealth technology bombers

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and fighters that could not be traced by

radar. The government was afraid the
Soviets were ahead of them, so they began
to investigate UFOs to see if they were
perhaps objects made by the Soviet Union.
These things were declassified,
some by President Jimmy Carter, and
some later under the American Freedom of Information Act. These are US
documents. They found American government psychologists talking to occult
mediums who seemingly could conjure
these things and make them appear. There
are many documented cases of American
jet fighters chasing these things. Yet there
is no scientific evidence, only parapsychology with occult activity.
The Bible does not say there are not
beings on other planets. It doesnt say
there are, but it does say the cosmos needs
to be cleansed. Look how many people
believe there is life on other planets.
During the period called the
enlightenment, rationalism and science
were divorced from the occult. Take for
instance astrology and astronomy. The
Greeks made no distinction between the
two. With western rationalism what was
genuinely scientific was separated from
occult superstition. Astronomy became a
science, astrology became occult.
Medieval alchemists made no distinct
between chemistry and witchcraft. The
sciences of chemistry and pharmacology
came out of alchemy; magic went one way,
qualitative physics and chemistry went
the other. Again we have the separation
between the occult and the scientific.
The same occurred with medicine.
What had a genuine physiological basis
comes out of the medieval healing arts.
Today there is a reintegration of science
and the occult. This is evident in most forms
of holistic medicine. It is beginning to occur
in particle physics. It is the remarriage of
science and the occult. This is the same kind
of thing that happened in the days of Noah.
The Greek word for drugs or sorcery
is pharmacopoeia using drugs to obtain
metaphysical and spiritual experiences.
When I attending university in the U.S.
we used to take LSD, but not just for kicks.
We used to take it as a way to investigate
the occult and to enter into the spiritual
realm through pharmacopoeia through
drugs. People have genuine metaphysical
experiences through the taking of
mind-altering drugs. I was shocked when
I got saved and learned that the Greek
word for sorceries is the basis for the
word drugs: pharmacopoeia. Make no
mistake, with psychedelic drugs you enter
the spiritual realm through a door other
than Jesus. Talk to people saved out of LSD
backgrounds and they will confirm this.

Nonetheless, lets look at what

happened in the days of Noah. These
beings came down from the sky, procreated with human women, and we are told
in the Apocrypha it happened on Mount
Hermon, where Jesus was transfigured.
I am becoming more and more
convinced that movies and television
programs about extraterrestrials are setting
up people with a deception. I am convinced
that this remarriage of science and the occult
with a strong probability of extraterrestrial
activity will have something to do with that
deception which will be as it was in the
days of Noah. It seems like science fiction,
but it isnt. These demons were personified
on the earth. You had demonoids; you had
monsters. They actually existed. And as it
was in the days of Noah, so it will be again.
It is not farfetched. Suppose someone
were to take the DNA of Joseph Stalin
or Adolf Hitler and clone it a mixture
of science and the occult. It is easy to
see the possibility of merging organic
micro-chips and genetic cloning. It is
not difficult to see how these deceptions
will occur. What happened in the days of
Noah: demons on the earth mating with
women. Look at these people claiming
UFO abductions. How many of these
stories had some kind of sexual aspect
to them. There is a reason for that.
Uri Geller, the spoon-bender psychic
medium, claims that people from outer
space are trying to contact him. Some
like him say they are looking for some
kind of a messiah figure. This seems
frightening, but its reality because people
have strayed from a biblical premise for
their beliefs. Unsaved people are being
set up. So it was in the days of Noah.
Those who got on the Ark, however,
were saved, and it was only a small group
of people.
Noahs Ark is the first major type of
the Church in the Bible after Eve. She
also typifies Israel and the Church, but
the Ark is the first one after that. Even
its dimensions give us a clue. It was 50
cubits x 30 cubits x 300 cubits. 300 Is the
number of the elite, like Gideons Army.
50 Cubits is the number of the Holy Spirit
at the day of Pentecost, and 30 cubits is the
number of spiritual maturity. Jesus began
His public ministry when He was 30 years
old; David began to reign as king when he
was 30. Its a type of the Church. What I
open, no man closes and what I close no
man opens. Just as in the days of Noah,
that door is going to be closed. Only those
on the Ark (Jesus) will be saved.
The judgment is pictured in the flood.
Everybody went through the water but
only Gods people came out. That is why
baptism is compared by Peter with the

story of Noah. Everybody goes through

the water; we all die, but only Gods
people come out. Pharaohs army went
through the water too, but they didnt
come out; only Gods people came out.
Now lets look at Exodus. Those
judgments in the Book of Exodus are
memorialized in the Passover Haggadah,
the liturgy for Pesach Hoschech (darkness,
etc.). Those judgments you read about
in the Book of Exodus are replayed in
the Book of Revelation. The way that
Pharaohs magicians counterfeited the
miracles of Moses and Aaron is the way
the anti-Christ and false prophets will
counterfeit the miracles of Jesus and His
Now at this point, I have to explain to
you something about prophecy understood
from a Jewish perspective as opposed to
a western perspective. With our western
minds, our grammatical, historical exegesis,
we think of biblical prophecy, eschatological prophecy, Messianic prophecy,
prophecy about the last days and the coming of the Messiah, as predictions fulfilment. Thats the western Hellenistic
mind. The Bible, however, is not a western book; it is an eastern, Hebraic book.
Most western cultural wisdom comes from
Greco/Roman civilization. Gods people
have to understand the Jewish concept of
In the time of Jesus, prophecy was
not only prediction and fulfilment, but
a pattern. Every Old Testament prophet
prophesied for three time periods: for
his own time, for the first coming of the
Messiah, and for the second coming of the
Messiah, sometimes all in the same breath.
Now lets begin with this idea of
the exodus and the rapture. Abraham is
the father of all who believe. Hes the
archetype. During a famine he went into
Egypt with his family. Gods judgment
comes on Pharaoh, and Abraham (as
Abram) comes out of Egypt with the wealth
of Egypt. Pharaoh gives him donkeys and
servants and gold, etc. What happens to
him happens to his physical descendants
the Hebrews. In a famine the sons of
Jacob go into Egypt. They come out of
Egypt, God judges Pharaoh and they take
the wealth of Egypt with them. But they
brought Josephs bones with them when
they came out. So they have the wealth
of Egypt and the bones of Joseph when
these judgments happen. 1 Corinthians,
Chapter 10: we come out of Egypt when
we get saved. Egypt is a figure of the
world; Pharaoh is a figure of Satan, the god
of the world, also a type of the anti-Christ.
Just as Moses went to a mountain and
made a covenant with blood and sprinkled
it on the people, so Jesus made a covenant
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with blood and covers us. As Moses led the

Hebrews out of Egypt through the water
into the Promised Land, Jesus leads us out
of the world through baptism into Heaven.
Jesus Himself comes out of Egypt
(Matthew 2:15: Out of Egypt, I called My
Son.). This is a quote of Hosea 11:1. With
the western mind, it seems out of context.
Hosea is speaking of the exodus of the
Hebrews with Moses. But Matthew tells us
its about Jesus. When Herod dies, out of
Egypt, I called My Son. Once again, God
judges a wicked king, and Jesus comes out
of Egypt, the same as Abraham, the same
as the sons of Jacob and their descendants.
When you see verses like Israel My
Glory, Israel My Firstborn, theyre
a midrashic illustration or allusion to
the Messiah. Jesus is the personification
of Israel. He is the Seed of Abraham. So
Abraham comes out and God judges the
wicked king. Abrahams descendants come
out when God judges the wicked king; the
Messiah comes out of Egypt when God
judges the wicked king; and we come out
of Egypt when God judges the wicked king
of our sin nature. There is a pattern, but the
ultimate coming out of Egypt is the rapture
and the resurrection. Why did they bring
the wealth of Egypt out with them? Why
did Abraham get riches? Why did the sons
of Jacob and their descendants bring the
bones of Joseph with them out of Egypt?
The dead in Christ will rise first. Its a
picture of the rapture and resurrection.
Now let us understand further. In
Lukes version of the Olivet Discourse
Jesus is talking about the last days:
But when you see Jerusalem
surrounded by armies, then recognize
that her desolation is at hand.
Then let those who are in Judea
flee to the mountains, and let those
who are in the midst of the city depart,
and let not those who are in the country
enter the city; because these are days
of vengeance, in order that all things
which are written may be fulfilled.
Woe to those who are with child
and to those who nurse babes in those
days; for there will be great distress
upon the land, and wrath to this
people, and they will fall by the edge
of the sword, and will be led captive
into all the nations; and Jerusalem
will be trampled under foot by the
Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles
be fulfilled. (Luke 21:20-24 NAS)
The times of the Gentiles will come
to an end and the Jews will be back in
Jerusalem. Forget these people like Rick
Godwin who are telling you to be against
Israel. Do not listen to those who teach that

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

the Jews get nothing; the Jews have no right

to be in the Land; aid to Israel is nothing but
wasted money. Be careful of people like
them, they are false teachers of the very
kind Jesus warned would come in the last
days to deceive the elect. He is a Kingdom
Now proponent. These people believe there
is no rapture. They say Matthew 24 and
Luke 21 are not about the last days. They
say these events totally happened in AD 70.
Now lets look at the big version of the
Olivet Discourse in Matthew, chapters 24
and 25, once again about the days of Noah:
Then there shall be two men in
the field; one will be taken, and one
will be left.
Two women {will be} grinding
at the mill; one will be taken, and one
will be left.
Therefore be on the alert, for you
do not know which day your Lord is
coming. (Matthew 24:40-42 NAS)
The false teachers say that Matthew 24
was totally fulfilled in AD 70. The problem
with their position is that the Olivet
Discourse is not found only in Matthew
24, it is also found in Matthew 25. Look
at Matt. 25; its the same discourse. Did
Jesus come to separate the sheep from the
goats in Matthew 25? Did that happen in
AD 70? Did He give people their eternal
reward based on how they used their
talents in AD 70? No. You see the
absurdity of it. Prophecy is not merely a
prediction and a fulfilment; it is a pattern.
What happened in AD 70 partially
fulfils what happens at the end when the
Temple is destroyed, the Temple being a
figure of the Church. What happened in
AD 70 is a major type of the rapture. It
was prophesied by the apostles, by Jesus,
and by the prophet Daniel (chapter 9).
You get Eusebius, you get Josephus in
The Wars of the Jews, and you read how
these prophecies were literally fulfilled
in AD 70. The Temple was destroyed.
When the apostle James was martyred,
a cousin of Jesus became the senior
pastor as it were of the assembly in
Jerusalem. His name was Simeon. The
believers remembered what Jesus said:
When you see Jerusalem surrounded,
flee. They fled from Jerusalem to the
mountains, to a place called Pella (not
Petra), and were saved. In Revelation when
it says, Fallen, fallen is Babylon, that is
straight out of Isaiah and Jeremiah. So
just before this, Rome burns under Nero.
The early Christians identify Rome with
Babylon. Peter writes his epistle from
Rome, She who is in Babylon, greets
you. The same mystery religions that
began in Babylon found their way through

Asia Minor, particularly the city of

Pergamum, into Greco/Roman civilization,
and Rome became identified with Babylon.
Thinking of the early Christians, Peter
writes, She who is in Babylon, greets
you. The city on seven hills in Revelation
is Rome: fallen Babylon.
Nero comes along; he murders Peter
and Paul; Rome burns; Fallen is Babylon.
Mount Vesuvius erupts, volcanic ash goes
into the atmosphere, all the way to the
ionosphere, and the sun and the moon dont
give their light. Jerusalem is surrounded
by an army of Gentiles, the Temple is
destroyed. The believers in Jesus thought it
was the rapture and that Jesus was coming,
and they fled. They were not completely
wrong; remember Hebrew prophecy is pattern. It was a partial fulfilment. Jesus didnt
come, but it still teaches about the ultimate
fulfilment. The same as the exodus teaches
about the rapture, the same as the salvation
experience we have teaches something
about the rapture and the resurrection, so,
too, these events in AD 70 teach something
about them. All that Jesus prophesied happened. They saw Jerusalem surrounded by
armies; the East Gate of Jerusalem, known
for the requirement of 24 people to open
it, opened by itself. A comet in the shape
of a sword appeared over the Temple
Mount. These signs in the sky occurred.
Now with that in view, lets go back
and look at Genesis, Chapters 18 and 19.
You always find the same pattern. What
was Abraham saying?
Suppose the fifty righteous are
lacking five, wilt Thou destroy the
whole city because of five? And He
said, I will not destroy {it} if I find
forty-five there.
And he spoke to Him yet again and
said, Suppose forty are found there?
And He said, I will not do {it} on account of the forty.
Then he said, Oh may the Lord not
be angry, and I shall speak; suppose
thirty are found there? And He said,
I will not do {it} if I find thirty there.
And he said, Now behold, I have
ventured to speak to the Lord; suppose
twenty are found there? And He said,
I will not destroy {it} on account of
the twenty.
Then he said, Oh may the Lord
not be angry, and I shall speak only this
once; suppose ten are found there?
And He said, I will not destroy {it} on
account of the ten. (Genesis 18:28-32
Yet there could be found no
one righteous but Lot.
God says destruction comes; I am

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going to rescue only those who are Mine.

That teaches about the rapture. Theres
a false teacher in America who teaches
that people can be two-thirds right and
still be considered true prophets. Before
I believed in Jesus and immigrated to
Israel, there was a witch in New Jersey
who used to read my tarot cards. She was
about three-quarters right. But this guy
in America, Mike Bickle from Kansas
City, teaches that a person can be wrong
one-third of the time in his predictions and
still be considered a true prophet of the
living God. Deuteronomy, chapter 18 says
that if you predict something in the name
of the Lord that fails to happen you are a
false prophet. Yet youve got these guys
promoting false prophets like Rick Joyner.
All these guys make predictions
that dont happen. Theyre saying they
are true prophets. The Bible says they
are false prophets. Jesus warned they
would come in the last days. When you
see people predicting things that dont
happen, Jesus said look out for them.
Witches can be right two-thirds of the
time. Fortune-tellers can be right more
than two-thirds of the time. God gave up
on mankind in the days of Noah and He
gave up on Sodom and Gomorrah. Now
understand, when Sodom and Gomorrah
were destroyed, they thought it was the
end of the world. They actually began
having marital relations with members of
their own family to begin the human race
again, because they thought it was the end
of the world.
So what happens? God says enough is
Now the two angles came to Sodom
in the evening as Lot was sitting at the
citys gate. When Lot saw them, he rose
to meet them and bowed down with his
face to the ground. And he said, Now
behold my lords, please turn aside unto
your servants house and spend the night
and wash your feet so that you may rise
early and go on your way. They said,
however, No but we shall spend the night
in the square. Yet he urged them strongly
so they turned aside to him and entered
his house and he prepared a feast for them
and baked unleavened bread and they ate.
Before they lied down, the men of the
city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the
house both young and old and all the
people from every quarter and they called
to Lot and said to him, Where are the men
who came with you tonight? Bring them
out so that we may have relations with
them (homosexual gang rape). But Lot
went out of the doorway and shut the door
behind him and said, Please my brothers,
do not act wickedly. Now behold I have
two daughters who have not had relations

with a man; please let me bring them out to

you and do to them anything you like; only
do nothing to these men inasmuch as they
came under the shelter of my roof. But
they said, Stand aside. Furthermore, they
said, This one came in as an alien, and see,
already he is acting like a judge; now we
will treat you worse than them. So they
pressed hard against Lot and came near to
break the door. But the men reached out
their hands and brought Lot into the house
with them and shut the door. And they
struck the men who where at the doorway
of the house with blindness, both small
and great so they wearied themselves trying to find the doorway. (Genesis 19:1-11)
There are two things which bear the
symbol of Satan. There is a principle
of opposites, one is the black mass
found in a witchs coven. They have the
actual Catholic ritual in reverse. They
hang crosses upside down and things
like this. It was Gods design for human
sexuality that man and wife would give
and receive pleasure and procreate. Today,
instead of giving and receiving pleasure
in a heterosexual marriage relationship,
the two largest phenomena growing are
sadomasochism and homosexuality. So
instead of giving and receiving pleasure, it
becomes giving and receiving pain; instead
of heterosexual relationships, it becomes
homosexual relationships. This happened
in the days of Sodom and it is happening
again today homosexuals on the rampage.
Gods judgment will come because of this.
It will absolutely come. They are teaching children in schools that homosexuality
is normative. In San Francisco, they
teach six-year old children to read books
like Heather Has Two Mommies. Its
the state curriculum. This, as well as
abortion, is going to bring Gods judgment.
When you see things like abortion,
divorce, homosexuality, etc., this is
Satan attempting to destroy Gods original
purpose for man, to reproduce His image
and likeness. The idea of God making us in
His image and likeness has become something perverted, and its going to get
worse. Ultimately, what you see with the
rise of homosexuality is that its going
to bring us back to a Sodom scenario,
when God will personally intervene.
Lot was a weak believer. He represents
what the Church and most Christians are
going to be like when Jesus comes. The
Church is generally not going to be in
good shape when Jesus comes. Will the
Son of Man find faith on earth? Hell
find the faithful remnant but they will be
saved by the skin of their teeth. Lot lived
in a wicked place. He was not party to
the wickedness himself. In fact, he was
vexed by the wickedness, but he was

not willing to leave until forced to do

so. Obviously, he was not like Abraham.
Abraham represents Jesus in His High
Priestly role by pleading for Sodom. But
then the judgment comes. Notice what
they said about Lot: You are like an alien
and you are trying to judge us. Christians
are going to be like aliens before Jesus
comes. We overly identify with our culture
and our civilization. And our civilization
is largely identified with us, particularly
in the Protestant world, where there is
so much biblical influence in our models
of economy, government and culture.
Our Christianized society has deluded
us. Hostility against Gods people will
rise in the last days when they consider
us to be aliens, which is exactly what we
are supposed to be anyway. Persecution
may come from the devil, but God will
have a purpose in it. He always has.
Now, what else happened at Sodom?
The angels struck blind the men who
were at the doorway, yet they still tried to
find the doorway. Amazing, men would
not repent.
Then the [angels] said to Lot,
Whom else have you here? A
son-in-law, and your sons, and your
daughters, and whomever you have
in the city, bring {them} out of the
place; for we are about to destroy
this place, because their outcry has
become so great before the LORD that
the LORD has sent us to destroy it.
And Lot went out and spoke to
his sons-in-law, who were to marry
his daughters, and said, Up, get
out of this place, for the LORD will
destroy the city. But he appeared to his
sons-in-law to be jesting. (Gen 19:1214 NAS)
Notice these were the believers. Some
believers understand that Gods judgment
is real; other so-called believers say, Oh,
you are crazy; Gods going to take us out
of here before the place is wiped out. God
gave us these Scriptures so that we and
our families would be prepared for His
return, and would not be deceived in the last
days. Yet false teachers in the churches say
these Scriptures are not about the last days.
Youve got people like Gerald
Coats teaching there is no rapture that
the rapture is a fantasy and a myth.
These people teach that passages like
Matthew 24 are not about the last days.
If it were possible even the very elect
would be deceived. Satan already has the
world deceived, he is trying to deceive us.
There are basically three classes of
people in the Bible: Jews, Gentiles, and
believers who could be either Jew or GenJune 2008 Moriel Quarterly


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tile. Satan has the nations; the Hebrew

word for nations and Gentiles is the
same word: goyim.
The nations are already deceived. The
Jews will be deceived by the anti-Christ
to think he is the Messiah in the time of
Jacobs trouble.
That leaves us believers in Jesus. Satan
is trying to deceive us. The kind of things
you see happening in the churches now: a
leading Pentecostal preacher in this country
has said the building of the Tower of Babel
is Gods model for unity. Somebody from
the Rhema Church on television said we
should be like Balaam. Desmond Tutu,
a leading Christian clergyman said
recently that we should ordain lesbian
priestesses, and you are not to believe in the
resurrection. When you see things like the
doctrines of Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth
Hagin and Rodney Howard-Brown and
the laughing phenomena dividing families
do you understand? This kind of division is beginning to happen already. Jesus
said many will fall away and will betray
one another. Do you know who is going
to fall away and betray you tomorrow?
The same ones who are following the
money preachers today because they are
hoping in this world. They are teaching
Kingdom Now theology. Jesus said His
Kingdom is not of this world. They are
preaching that God wants you rich. Jesus
says we should die to self. There is in
America a heretic named Robert Schuller.
He has said that Jesus went to the cross to
magnify his (Schullers) ego and that the
biggest error the Church has ever taught is
death to self. Jesus said unless a man first
denies himself he cannot be His disciple.
So you see, it is already coming into the
churches. Division will come to the House
of God as it happened with Lots family.
And Lot went out and spoke to
his sons-in-law, who were to marry
his daughters, and said, Up, get
out of this place, for the LORD will
destroy the city. But he appeared
to his sons-in-law to be jesting.
And when morning dawned, the
angels urged Lot, saying, Up, take
your wife and your two daughters,
who are here, lest you be swept
away in the punishment of the city.
But he hesitated. So the men
seized his hand and the hand of
his wife and the hands of his two
daughters, for the compassion of the
LORD {was} upon him; and they
brought him out, and put him outside
the city. (Genesis 19:14-16 NAS)
If it werent for Gods compassion,
we should all be dead. To save the elect

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

those days will be shortened. If it werent

for Gods compassion and the prayers of
Abraham corresponding in figure to the
prayer of Jesus, the intercession of Christ
as our High Priest, nobody would get out.
Go outside the city, escape with your
life; dont look back. Dont stay anywhere
in the valley; escape to the mountains. Just
like AD 70. What did Jesus say? Youll
see Jerusalem surrounded, the house is
surrounded. Escape.
But Lot said to them, Oh no, my
lords! Now behold, your servant has
found favor in your sight, and you have
magnified your loving kindness, which
you have shown me by saving my life;
but I cannot escape to the mountains,
lest the disaster overtake me and I
die; now behold, this town is near
{enough} to flee to, and it is small.
Please, let me escape there (is it not
small?) that my life may be saved.
And he said to him, Behold, I grant
you this request also, not to overthrow
the town of which you have spoken.
Hurry, escape there, for I cannot
do anything until you arrive there.
Therefore the name of the town was
called Zoar.
The sun had risen over the earth
when Lot came to Zoar. Then the
LORD rained on Sodom and Gomorrah
brimstone and fire from the LORD out
of heaven, and He overthrew those
cities, and all the valley, and all the
inhabitants of the cities, and what grew
on the ground. (Genesis 19:18-25 NAS)
Lots wife looked back. And what
does Jesus say but, He who is in the house
must not go back for his possessions; he
who is in the field must not go back for
his coat. Dont look back, just get out of
here. Hoping in this world. Kingdom Now.
His Kingdom is not of this world. Get out
of here or, rather, cool it on the Titanic. We
are sailing on the Titanic. Do you want a
luxury suite on the Titanic or do you want
to get in the lifeboat? Understand the lies
that Kingdom Now teaches. They tell
you that in Lukes Gospel where it says,
The Kingdom is going forth slothfully,
then you should take it by violent force.
They say that we will establish the
kingdom with violent men. When you
read it synoptically, however, it says save
yourself from this perverse generation.
What does it mean? It means you are sailing
on a boat that is sinking and people begin
fighting to get into the lifeboats. It doesnt
mean that you are to take the Kingdom by
force. Press into it in order to escape. That
is what the Greek word means, but because
the level of biblical education and the

knowledge of Hebrew and Greek is so low

in Pentecostal and charismatic ministers,
they dont understand what it means.
Again, I am a Pentecostal minister
myself, but some of them cant even read
English, let alone Greek. Building the
Tower of Babel is Gods model for unity?
If half these guys were not Pentecostal
ministers, you know what they would be
saying for a living? You want fries with
that? The Pentecostal ministry has become
a dumping ground for the incompetent. I
am serious. These men are dangerous.
Now, lets begin to understand
the trumpet judgments in the Book of
Revelation. I cant go into all of this. You
will have to get our tapes on the Jewish
Feast of Trumpets. But in 1 Thessalonians
4:13-18, this connects with the Jewish
Feast of Trumpets the feast of Yom
Kippur, when the last trumpet was blown.
It also connects with the year of Jubilee.
But we do not want you to be
uninformed, brethren, about those who
are asleep, that you may not grieve,
as do the rest who have no hope. For
if we believe that Jesus died and rose
again, even so God will bring with Him
those who have fallen asleep in Jesus.
For this we say to you by the word
of the Lord, that we who are alive, and
remain until the coming of the Lord,
shall not precede those who have
fallen asleep. For the Lord Himself
will descend from heaven with a shout,
with the voice of {the} archangel, and
with the trumpet of God; and the dead
in Christ shall rise first. Then we who
are alive and remain shall be caught
up together with them in the clouds
to meet the Lord in the air, and thus
we shall always be with the Lord.
Therefore comfort one another
with these words. (1Thessalonians
4:13-18 NAS)
Revelation, chapter 20:4: I saw
the thrones and they sat upon them
and judgment was given to them. And
I saw the souls of those who had been
beheaded because of the testimony of
Jesus and because of the Word of God
and those who had not worshipped the
beast or his image and had not received
the mark upon the forehead and upon their
and they came to life and reigned with
the Messiah for a thousand years. Then,
there is another resurrection at the end.
Where people go wrong is they confuse two events and they make a hermeneutic mistake. First of all, it talks about

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sleep. When the little girl was dead and

Jesus was going to raise her up, Jesus said
she is asleep. They said, What are you
talking about? She is asleep, He said.
Lazarus is asleep, Jesus told the apostles
in John, chapter 11. Paul speaks of the
brethren who sleep. Unsaved people
die; Christians go to sleep. The Bible never uses death for the biological cessation
of believers in Jesus. If you are not born
again, youre going to die. In fact, spiritually you are dead already. Your biological
cessation is simply perfunctory. You are
dead already. Believers in Jesus go to sleep
and wake up again.
Lets look at it again. The Lord Himself
will descend with a trump. This has to do
with the Jewish feasts as a paradigm of
heilgeschichte salvation history.
In 1 Thessalonians, chapter 4, we see the
Lord Himself descending with the shout of
an archangel and with the trumpet of God. 1
Corinthians reveals more about this event:
Behold, I tell you a mystery; we
shall not all sleep, but we shall be
changed, in a moment, in the twinkling
of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the
trumpet will sound and the dead will
be raised imperishable and we shall
be changed. The perishable puts on the
imperishable, the mortal the immortal
(1 Corinthians 15:51-53)
We read Scripture through the prism
of the Epistles. Jesus established apostolic
authority. If you want to know what Jesus
meant, look how the apostles understood it
and taught it. If you want to understand the
rest of the Bible, read the Epistles. What is
the Book of Leviticus about? If you read
Hebrews, you will find out. The Epistles are
inspired commentary, not a commentary
you get in a bookshop. They are Gods
commentary. We look at the rest of Scripture through the prism of the Epistles. The
Epistles do not contain hidden speech.
The rest of the Bible, Hebrew poetry,
apocalyptic narrative there are deeper
meanings. Theres midrash, there are types
and allegories. But the Epistles explain the
rest of the Bible. If the Epistles use typology
and allegory, they explain what they mean,
the way Jesus did with His parables.
We read the rest of the Bible through
the prism of the apostles teachings. You
might say this is the Gospel, this is the
OLD TESTAMENT. How do I understand
it? These glasses are the Epistles; how
did the apostles interpret it, apply it and
tell us to understand it? You begin with
what is plainly stated. You understand the
complicated things in light of the simple,
clear things. Thats how you begin. Now
you go deeper after that, but you begin

with what is simple. You dont begin with

calculus; you dont do calculus until you
can do algebra, and you dont do algebra
until you can do arithmetic. You begin with
what is simple. You are not going to figure
out a logarithm if you dont know how to
count. It doesnt work that way. We have it
in Colossians, we have it in Thessalonians.
Then we begin to look at what Jesus taught
about the rapture and resurrection through
what the apostles said. We always interpret
the complex in light of the simple, and the
ambiguous in light of the clear. Let me give
you an example to explain what I mean.
You have two kinds of passages in the
Bible that talk about baptism. You have
the ones which clearly support believers
baptism and you have the ones which
are ambiguous. Now what we should
do is interpret the ambiguous passages
about baptism in light of the clearly
stated ones. However, people who want
to sprinkle babies will do the opposite.
They will interpret the clear passages in
light of the ambiguous ones; they put the
boots on the wrong feet. One day I was
talking to three women, and boy were they
confused. They are attending a church
with their husbands who are religious,
and even though the church was somehow
evangelical, their husbands were not born
again. They were not saved, but they kept
saying, Yes we are; we were baptized
when we were babies and were members
of the church. You begin telling people
they are Christians when they are not, and
the devil gets them into hell with religion.
Instead of the Church being the ecclesia, the called out ones, it becomes a
social mechanism for religiosity. How do
they do this? Instead of taking the clear
passages of the Bible and interpreting
the ambiguous ones in the light of what
is clearly stated, they do the opposite.
The people who are teaching you
annihilationism today, like people who
run the March for Jesus, Roger Foster
and Graham Kenrick, these people say we
cant be sure there is a literal hell. When
unsaved people are judged, they might
simply be annihilated and will not have a
literal eternal hell. There will be no literal
conscious judgment of the unsaved. These
people in the March for Jesus tell you that
when you die and you dont get born again
and accept Jesus and repent, you will be
judged and you wont exist anymore. Thats
what many unsaved people believe anyway.
Thats whats in back of the March for Jesus
when you look at the people who run it.
Now the Greek phrase forever
relative to the torment of the unsaved (The
smoke of their torment will go on forever
and ever) is the same phrase used for the
High Priesthood of Jesus for the Glory of

God and our salvation being forever.

Hence, if we cant be sure that the torment
of the unsaved is an eternal conscious one,
how can we be sure that our salvation is
an eternal conscious salvation. They use
eisegesis rather than exegesis; they read
things into the Bible it doesnt say. Instead of interpreting the unclear passages,
the ambiguous ones, in light of what
is clearly started, they do the opposite.
They cast out what is clearly stated by
over-amplifying the ambiguous portions.
Well this is what many do with the
rapture. Youve got the clearly started
passages supporting it and you have
other passages which are ambiguous.
What do they do? They take the
ambiguous and use it to cast out what is
clearly stated. Thats their first mistake.
The second mistake is they are
confusing the return of Christ with the
rapture and resurrection. If you use the
term third coming, that wouldnt exactly
be accurate, but it would somehow describe
it. First the Lord comes for His Body of
believers, then He comes back with us
to establish His Messianic Kingdom.
Now we have a tape for One Messiah,
Two Comings, where we explain from a
Jewish perspective, why there must be
a Millennium. If there is no Millennium,
Jesus cant be the Jewish Messiah.
And if He is not the Messiah of Israel,
neither is He the Christ of the Church.
Lets look at the Book of Revelation
Revelation 8:1: And when He
broke the seventh seal, there was silence
in heaven for about half an hour. So
there is silence. You have got the seven
seals, but out of the seven seals there is
a seventh seal, and from the seventh seal
come seven trumpets. So you have silence,
then you have seven, but the seventh has
a numerical sub-set of seven. Then they
blow the last trumpet. When they blow the
last trumpet in Chapter 11 what happens?
The kingdoms of this world become the
kingdoms of our God and of His Messiah
(verse 15). But before this you have two
olive trees, the two lamp stands that stand
before the Lord who are the two witnesses
from the Book of Zechariah. So you have
silence, seven sevens but the seventh seven
has a subset of seven. Again, you have
these two witnesses, then the last trumpet
is blown and it says the kingdoms of the
world, have become the Kingdom of our
God and His Messiah. This is a midrashic
relay of the story of Joshua. They march
around Jericho seven days, but the seventh
day they do it seven times. So you have a
subset of seven coming out of the seventh
of the initial seven and when the Levites are
leading the people around, God tells them
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


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they must be totally silent. Somehow those

two spies that Joshua sends into the city
to rescue Rahab, the Gentile woman, are
a type of the rapture of the Church. Those
two spies (mraglim in Hebrew) are types
of these two witnesses in revelation. They
blow the last trumpet in Jericho, the walls
come tumbling down, and they say, This
city has been given to us by the Lord.
The last trumpet in Revelation is blown.
What happens? The kingdoms of this
world have become the kingdoms of our
God and of His Messiah. One replays
the other. It is the same as the exodus.
The rapture and resurrection occur
between the sixth and seventh seals after
the sealing of the 144,000 Israelites.
John sees them in Heaven. Thats where
it happens during the second half of the
70th week of Daniel, to the best of my
understanding. You cannot prove that the
Great Tribulation is the last seven years.
You can only prove that the second half
is the Great Tribulation: 2 x 1-1/2 = 1260
days. Its broken into two halves both in
Daniel and Revelation.
You say you are pre-trib? That does
not necessarily mean the beginning of
the seven years. He is coming sometime
during. The second-half is much worse than
the first. In fact, in the beginning it seems
the anti-Christ counterfeits the Millennium
and things get better, or appear to get better,
at least initially, but not for the Church.
There are a number of people who
typify these two witnesses. Those two
angels who came and rescued Lots
family somehow teach about those two
witnesses. Obviously Elijah, and Enoch,
and Moses teach about those witnesses.
The two spies teach about those witnesses.
In Zechariah its the olive trees. Who
does Zechariah see? One of priestly
descent and one of regal or kindly descent.
In chapter 3, Zechariah says, He
showed me Joshua the High Priest
standing before the angel of the Lord and
Satan at his right and Joshua was clothed
with filthy garments. Joshua is there and
is before the throne of God with Satan.
But the other person who co-ministers
with Joshua when you read Zechariah,
Haggi, Ezra and Nehemiah all at the
same time, they cast light on each other.
The other is Zerubbabel. Joshua and
Zerubbabel somehow also teach about
these two witnesses.
What did the two angels in Sodom
do? They got Gods people out of there.
What did those two spies do in the Book of
Joshua? They got Gods people, Rahab a
type of the Gentile church out of there. You
have two Greek words for time: kyros and
chronos. How you apply time to eternity, I
dont know. It sounds like every half-hour.

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

There is a lot I dont understand, but

the pattern is clear. There will be a rapture,
and the Bible tells us a lot about it. It tells
us what kind of people are going to be in it,
what kind are not, who is going to be ready
and who wont.
Now I have just scratched the surface.
I am going to give you just one more
passage, a lesson in midrash. Matthew 25
the wise and foolish virgins. The wise
ones had oil in their lamps. Thy word is
a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my
path the illumination of the Holy Spirit
for our understanding of Scripture. In the
last days understanding and faithfulness
become closely associated. When God
shows Daniel about the last days, about
what is going to come upon Israel, He
says that those who have insight among
the people will give understanding to
the many (Daniel 11:33-35). But then he
says in chapter 12 Many will be purged,
purified and refined, but the wicked will
act wickedly. Just as in Revelation,
yet men do not repent of their deeds.
None of the wicked will understand, but
those who have insight will understand.
In 2 Thessalonians 2:11, it says the
Lord Himself will send a strong delusion
upon them so that they may believe what
is false because they are taking pleasure
in wickedness. Those who do not love
knowledge of the truth fit Daniels prophecy
like a glove. When people do not love the
truth it means they dont love Jesus. If they
dont care about right biblical doctrine
which is the teaching of Jesus, it means they
dont care about Him. The Word becomes
flesh. The Bible is Jesus in print. If they
dont love the truth, they dont love Jesus.
They are taking pleasure in wickedness.
The stuff you see happening the
deceptions of the churches, the increase of
evil in the world all point to the last days.
Look what has happened to your country
in the last three years. Pornography on
television; what used to be political
violence is now just crime, worse than it
has ever been. Youve got witchdoctors
on platforms with your national leaders;
youve got a new constitution coming
which could severely curtail your freedom
to proclaim the Gospel. On top of all the
crime, on top of what is happening to
your schools, abortion has been legalized.
On top of all that, something else has
happened. Militant Islam claims it can stop
crime and restore a moral righteousness
to your country because Christianity and
Judaism have failed.
Thats your country. As it stands now,
your children will have no future in this
country and men in your churches are
telling you to roll on the floor and laugh,
God is doing something. Which god?

The Lord Himself will send a

delusion so that they may believe what
is false those who took pleasure in
wickedness and did not love the truth.
They dont want to know right doctrine.
Im a Pentecostal myself, I am a Full
Gospel minister, I lecture in a Full Gospel
theological college, but I am a biblical
Pentecostal. These people are not.
The Song of Solomon is what is read
in the synagogues at Passover time. In
Matthew 25 Jesus was speaking during
Passover. He took what was being read
in the synagogues at Passover and He
said this is what the last days will be like.
The Song of Solomon is built on two
dreams: chapters 3 and 5. We know from
the gender and number in Hebrew what
the bride is singing. It was a type of the
Church in Israel what the bridegroom
is singing a type of Jesus represented
by Solomon and what the witnesses are
singing. Its Shulamites best dream. She
is ready for her beloved to come, On my
bed night after night I saw him. I found
him whom my soul loves and brought into
my mothers house. Chapter 3 is her best
dream. Chapter 5 is her worst nightmare.
I was asleep but my heart was awake,
my beloved was knocking. Open to me
my darling. Hes gone, she misses him.
Thats what is being read in the
synagogues at Passover, to this day. It will
be your best dream or your worst nightmare.

Danny Isom

Guest Author

Leaving the Elementary


For though by this time you

ought to be teachers, you
have need again for someone
to teach you the elementary
principles of the oracles of God,
and you have come to need milk
and not solid food. For everyone who partakes only of milk
is not accustomed to the word
of righteousness, for he is an
infant. But solid food is for the
mature, who because of practice have their senses trained
to discern good and evil. Therefore leaving the elementary
teaching about the Christ, let us
press on to maturity, not laying
again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of
faith toward God, of instruction about washings and laying
on of hands, and the resurrection of the dead and eternal
Hebrews 5:12-6:2
While recently studying through Hebrews in concert with The 2008 Walk
with the Word Reading Plan (http://www. this particular passage was in no small way deeply
disturbing. The writer of Hebrews provides
a specific list described as elementary
principles and elementary teaching, for
which he admonishes Christians as falling
far short of the solid food needed to attain spiritual maturity in Christ. This list
alarmed me because so many Christians
exposure to Gods Word has been so greatly
minimized today that I would be absolutely
elated if they actually knew these basics.
There are six things specifically identified as elementary teaching, the things
which every believer should know without
repentance from dead works

This refers to the old way of adhering

only to the Old Testament Law. This
was the message of John the Baptist,
to repent of going through the motions
of being religious and to become truly
changed from the heart; to repent in
order to accept the live works, so to
speak, to come through the Messiah.
faith towards God This is
the distinction of having a relationship with God based not on keeping
the Old Testament Law, but upon a
faithful relationship with Him through
Christ. [Note: Faith and faithfulness are always interchangeable
words in both the Greek and Hebrew.]
instruction about washings
Although some translations use baptism, washings is the better term
as the Greek word for baptism isnt
actually used here. The plural form
of the word is also inconsistent with
the concept of singular baptism, as
we are baptized but once. Therefore it
refers to the act of regeneration which
is performed by the Holy Spirit when
one receives Christ, and it stands
in contrast to the Old Testaments
myriad cleansing requirements and
rituals which were a shadow teaching
of the work of the Holy Spirit. He
saved us, not on the basis of deeds
which we have done in righteousness,
but according to His mercy, by the
washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit. (Titus 3:5)
laying on of hands Most
likely this refers to the laying on of
hands to receive the gifts of the Holy
Spirit, probably an elementary
teaching following the point of salvation as evidenced in the early Church
(e.g., Acts 8:17-18; 9:17). The gift
provided generally identifies a calling to perform greater works/deeds
on behalf of the Kingdom of God.

the resurrection of the dead

Another teaching that would logically
follow closely to the early stages of a believers salvation experience referring
to the hope of the resurrection of believers as a result of Christs resurrection.
eternal judgment You know
that final big one.
Just honestly take the time to score yourself, your local church, and the Christians
you know best as to the quality and depth of
knowledge each one has when it comes to
this laundry list of elementary teachings:
Repentance of sin/the old life.
Walking in faith/faithfulness towards
Walking according to the Spirit.
Receiving/employing the gifts of the
Holy Spirit.
The hope (future fact) of our reurretion in Christ.
Final judgment.
Isnt it shocking that there might be
Christians who dont know these, the basic
components of Christianity? Im not trying
to be elitist or overstate my own understanding of Gods Word and ways, but instead Im struggling to come to terms with
the fact that so many are being improperly
fed in western churches. If you or your local church arent thoroughly versed in these
basics of Christianity, what exactly has
been your focus instead? When the basics
are missing, what has been substituted in
the name of Gods Word? If we dont know
the basics, why would we even suppose to
have a grasp on the deeper things of Christ?
And then, as the Walk with the Word
reading plan moved me through the book
of Romans, I was struck with the number
of times Paul asks rhetorical questions,
using some form of Dont you know?
Whereas many a seminary treats Romans
as the centerpiece to developing and teaching what they term Pauline theology, the
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Guest Author

Danny Isom

proper context is that this, too, is not the

most advanced of all teachings, but something Paul expects every Christian to have
a basic and thorough understanding of.
This epistle, which goes into so much detail on the working of Christs righteousness in the forms of salvation, justification,
and sanctification is, in Pauls estimation,
simply the basics. If someone doesnt have
a handle on items 1 through 6 listed above,
what are the odds theyre even close to digesting the basics presented in Romans?
Perhaps there is no better testimony to the degraded state of the average
Christians grasp of Gods Word than a
trip to the local Christian bookstore. 20 or
30 years ago such stores were filled with
tomes written by Spirit-filled teachers
exegeting Scripture and not just teaching
the basics, but moving us into more advanced areas. Today, however, such have
been replaced by the voluminous sections
Christian Fiction and Christian Living which only seem to vaguely reference Scripture, if at all. Such titles have
largely betrayed the six basic items previously mentioned, much less offering anything deeper or scripturally substantive.
See to it that no
one takes you captive
philosophy and empty
deception, according
to the tradition
of men,
according to the
elementary principles
of the world,
rather than
according to

of faith in Christ, how can they possibly

navigate the end-time deception come
upon us and discern the truth from the lie?
There is probably no greater concern for which we can pray on behalf of
the Church at large and our fellow Christians personally than a return to His Word
a hunger for the basics giving way to
the deeper things of Christ. This, and a
sincere desire for repentance from sin,
are the hallmarks of every legitimate revival in the Churchs history. But short
of that, we should not be surprised at the
rise in popularity of the antichrist spirit
in the guise of mega-churches and socalled Christian publishers best sellers
lists when not even the elementary principles of Gods Word are being advanced.
In His Love,
Danny Isom

The Walk with the Word Web site,, is dedicated to personal and small group Bible
study by teaching the basics of the Inductive Study Approach in concert with
The 2008 Walk with the Word reading
The ultimate goal is to apply Gods
Word personally to the point that it
becomes evident in our changed relationships with others so that the preeminent command of Scripture, to love
others, is visibly fulfilled.

Colossians 2:8
It seems that many have been taken
captiveaccording to the elementary
principles of the world rather than according to Christ, while failing to achieve
anything further advanced beyond the
basics. This is what happens when pulpits and small groups move away from
the Bible to books and programs rooted
in the worlds principles, pop psychology,
or any other substitute for Gods Word.
Its with a very heavy heart that I acknowledge that this is most likely one
of the strongest indications to date of
the imminent return of Christ, because a
great falling away is predicted as one of
the most prominent signs of His return. If
Christians dont understand what Gods
Word says about the basics of sin and
salvation, how will they possibly understand the prophetic things of Scripture?
If they cant articulate the nuts and bolts

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Quotes of the QUARTER !

General William Booth, with
great prophetic insight,
stated over fifty years ago:
The chief danger of the twentieth
century, will be Religion without the
Holy Ghost, Christianity without
Christ, Forgiveness without
repentance. Salvation without
regeneration, Heaven without hell.

The water of life is the Word from GOD

Hebrew is read from right to left
tfel ot thgir morf daer si werbeH :etoN

Ancient Hebrew Word Meanings

Faith ~ Emunah
By Jeff A. Benner

The Hebrew root aman means firm, something that is supported or secure. This
word is used in Isaiah 22:23 for a nail that
is fastened to a secure place. Derived
from this root is the word emun meaning a
craftsman. A craftsman is one who is firm
and secure in his talent. Also derived from
aman is the word emunah meaning firmness, something or someone that is firm in
it or his actions. When the Hebrew word
emunah is translated as faith, misconceptions of its meaning occur. Faith is usually
perceived as a knowing, while the Hebrew
emunah is a firm action. To have faith in
God is not just knowing that God exists, or
knowing that He will act. Rather, it is that
the one with emunah will act with firmness
toward Gods will.

Ancient Hebrew Word Meanings

Atonement ~ kaphar
By Jeff A. Benner

The Hebrew word kaphar means to cover

over, such as a lid, and is the word for
the lid of the Ark of the Covenant (though
many translations translate this as mercy
seat for no etymological reason). This
word is translated as pitch, which was
spread over Noahs ark in order to make it
watertight (Genesis 6:14). This same word
is also translated as atonement. The
word atonement is an abstract, but in order
to understand the true Hebrew meaning of
a word we must look to the concrete meaning. If an offense has been made, the one
that has been offended can act as though
the offense is covered over and unseen. We
express this idea through the word of forgiveness. Atonement is an outward action
that covers over the error.
Copyright 2006
Ancient Hebrew Research Center,

Bill Randles

Special Interest

the new
S imon Magus
[C] Thomas Abrahamsson.celeborn@ysator.liuse

By Bill Randles

But there was a certain man called Simon... claiming that he was someonegreat,
to whom they all gave heed, from the
least to the greatest, saying, this man is
thegreat powerof God. And they heeded
him because he had astonished them with
his sorceries for a long time. Acts 8:9-11
Todd Bentley isgreat! If you dont
believe me just ask the multitudes who
have been astonished by the miraculous revival in Lakeland Florida! Or just
check out theChristiantelevision show
Xtreme prophetic featuring Host Patricia King, which I saw on Youtube. Bentley was featured on the show as one of the
new prophets of the younger generation.
Patricia King spoke for many when she
proclaimed Todd as an awesome man of
powerwho is a Seer. She also announced
that Todd has brought a million people
into the Kingdom of God in the last eight
years. Todd was a guest on the show with
his mentor, anothergreatprophet Bob
Jones. His resume was equally impressive. King described Him as achampionof the Seer realm, and one of the
most accurate of prophets of our generation. She thanked him for being a father of the faith as well as a seer prophet.
Bentley has great reverence for Bob
Jones. When Bentley prepares for his
yearly visitation of the Lord to seek what
is the Word for the year to come, part of
thepreparationinvolves consulting with
Jones: ...needing a clear commission
from the Lord concerning direction for
the year, I always seek Him about what
lies ahead.With that purpose, recently,I
asked my friend Bob Jones (a gifted,
mature seer-prophet)about what God
was saying to him concerning 2008.
(Todd Bentley, prophetic word for 2008,
com/ \t _blank
Never mind that Bentleys mentor Bob
Jones is a proven false prophet* put under
discipline for fondling women who came
to him for prophetic counsel. When you
are GREAT, or you are billed as something
like The Great Power of God, you never
have to worry about things like the scriptural warnings to avoid false prophets.
Jones predictions, such as his warning of

an imminent earthquake in Los Angeles in

1997,* have failed tomaterializetime after
time. Neither has Jones outrageous doctrine. Jones has taught that the Government of the earth shall rest on the shoulders of restored apostles and prophets that
there is a physical elected seed out of the
bloodlines of Paul, David, Peter, and John
who would become the last days Manchild
company! Neither doctrinal, nor moral deviations get in the way of the truly GREAT.
Only small, narrow religious people worry
about such things. Pharisees! Nit pickers!
Why worry about Deuteronomy 18,
which warns that we are not to fear any
prophet who makes predictions in the
name of the Lord, which fail to come to
pass? Or why worry about Deuteronomy
13:1-3, which warns of the possibility that
a prophet could actually perform signs and
wonders, yet still be false? The only way to
tell would be if the teaching of the prophet
led people to follow other gods. Get it? The
choice presented by the true God is between
Power or Teaching. Another greatprophet very much esteemed by Bentley and
his mentors, Bob Jones and Paul Cain,
is the late William Branham.Branhams
power wasGreat !He could tell people
what their name was and what symptoms
they had in their body; he would then pray
for healings which actually manifested! It
wasGreat!The only problem was Branhams teaching. He had a few quirks, such
as his belief that the doctrine of the Trinity
was of the devil, his belief that the zodiac
was as valid as the word of God, and his delusion that he was the Angel of the church
of Laodicea! When He died in a head-on
auto crash in 1965, his followers were so
obsessed with his works of power they
delayed burying him for several months,
hoping that he would be resurrected the
following Easter! He was that GREAT!
Bentley, Cain, Rick Joyner and the
disgraced and discredited Bob Jones* all
admire the false prophet Branham to this
day. The saw him asGreat, and wanted to
be regarded as the nextGreatone. People
who are so enamored by these false prophets also want greatness, but in a different
way. They lust for a Greatshowy display
of the power of God. Their hearts are not

right. Like the Samaritans in Acts 8, they

are willing to be astonished by sorceries, false signs, gold dust, stigmata, etc.,
because they have departed from God and
any sense of His truly awesome power.
Proverbs 9 says, By the knowledge
of the Holy comes understanding. Unfortunately these people have no understanding. Listening to Bentley, et al, one hears
story after story of the varied subjective
experiences these mystics are having: In
the Holy Place, under the Shepherds
Rod, yearly appointments with Jesus,
of course on the Day of Atonement. As the
Samaritans were enamored with Simon
theGreat, the so-calledGreat power of
God,this adulterous generation clamors for and willreceivemany more such
deceivers perhaps even more powerful
versions of Bentley, Cain, Joyner, Jones
and even Branham, until the coming of the
ultimate Great Man, the antichrist himself! The emphasis is in the wrong place;
we are not called to seek greatness or to
adulate great men. As recorded in Acts 8,
when Peter told Simon Magus that hewas
in the gall of bitterness, he was quoting
Moses warning that idolatry would become a root of bitterness to Israel (Deuteronomy 29:18). Peter also saw that this
fascination with greatness in men and the
lust to see great works of power would be
for the churches what idolatry was for Israel a root of bitterness defiling many.
Perhaps it is not too late to turn away
from this idolatry of greatness and great
men, and lust for great power. The church
is actually sick at least the expression of the church following the Greatness Movement. Perhaps this sickness
will not be unto death, but that even yet
there will be a humble turning back
to truth so that God may be glorified.

* (as documented in two of my books


June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Mike Oppenheimer

Point of Interest

Todd Bentley

Meet the New thing- Same as the Old thing

Will We get Fooled Again?

The newest
wandering star
breaking forth
on the Signs
and wonders
scene is Todd
Bentley, a Canadian evangelist from Abbotsford, BC,
and his team
hold crusades
in over 55 nations where they say,
Thousands have been saved, healed
and delivered.
Todd claims that in his late teens he
had a dramatic encounter with the saving and delivering power of God, which
brought him out of a lifestyle of drug and
alcohol addiction, without cravings or
withdrawal symptoms. He was also delivered from a lifestyle involving criminal activity, youth prisons, drugs, sex,
satanic music and bondage. Todds miraculous conversion to Jesus seems much
like the Apostle Pauls on the Damascus
road. Todd was instantly transformed
into a radical disciple and soul-winning
evangelist for Jesus. (Website- About
Us, Todd Bentleys Personal Profile).
Saved at 17, he began preaching
and prophesying shortly after.
In his Biography, Bentley says that
God has drawn him into deep and intimate
places of prayer. These extended times in
Gods presence have released a fresh prophetic and miracle-healing anointing.
He wants to see others set free
through the anointing of the Holy Spirit
and to see others come into the reality of
intimate relationship with Jesus. We are
told that he ministers prophetically, corporately and personally as well as brings
forth the word of God with the power and
demonstration of the Spirit God confirming His word with signs and wonders
following. God has released an increase
of the healing anointing into Todds life
to the point where the blind see, the deaf
hear and growths dissolve as Jesus still
heals every sickness and disease.
Wow, these are just a few impressive

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

marketing phrases that do not even compare to the supernatural stories that surround him. His ministry is called, Fresh
Fire Ministries International: Apostolic
Network. After a short visit to Ignited
Church in Lakeland, Florida, last year
Bentley was invited by the pastor, Stephen
Strader, to return. He has been conducting
healing meetings twice daily in Lakeland since April 2, 2008.
The 700-seat sanctuary of Ignited
Church is filled up as people have been
waiting for hours for the doors to open.
It has now been attended by more than
20,000. Stephen Strader is the son of Karl
Strader, former pastor of Carpenters Home
Church in Lakeland that launched Rodney
Howard-Brownes ministry in the US. TBN
carried its services, and the church was
influenced to believe this kind of preaching and behavior is what revival is about.
Like previous revivals, people from
all over are willing to fly to Lakeland to
catch the revival fire and bring it back to
wherever they live, not knowing that if it
is God, you are unable to capture Him (or
His anointing) and distribute Him (or it) to
others. Instead of getting people saved they
are getting people lost by their listening to
a mans experiences of the supernatural
that are both unbiblical and untrue.
This revival has all the spiritual sensations and activities of the other revivals combined: roaring, groaning, burning
sensations in the body, head, and stomach,
shaking, jerking, spiritual drunkenness
and uncontrollable laughter. Then there
are some new manifestations: people have
their eyes rolled in the back of their heads;
reports of women gyrating and pulsating
as if theyre being ravaged from behind by
some unseen force. Whether these things
are holy or unholy may still debated by
some, but to those of us that are knowledgeable on the previous revivals and the
power of the occult, the jury is in: maximum unholiness. The source is not the God
of the Bible. This may disturb some, but if
they will use their Bible, pray, and think
it through, they will gain discernment and
spiritual understanding.
The shakes, jerks, twitching, frozen
stillness, laughter, and falling to the floor
have all been standard in revivals since

By Mike Oppenheimer

Benny Hinn passed it on to Rodney

Howard-Browne. It came through Randy
Clark and filled many of the Vineyard
churches as well. It continues today, but
this time the conductor of this orchestrated
supernatural hodgepodge is Todd Bentley. When it comes right down to it, Todd
Bentley and the Lakeland Outpouring is
just another chapter added to the various
false revivals of our time. This revival
is a continuation of the Pensacola Revival,
that came from the Toronto Blessing, that
came from Rodney Howard-Browne, that
came from Benny Hinn, etc.
Im able to say this because I have studied these revivals from when the Kansas City
prophets came into the Vineyard churches,
which began in the 80s. And now this.
Bentley has been doing his take on
miracle ministry for over 8 years:
It wasnt long before he began to
pray for people who needed fillings in
their teeth. Seven people received gold
teeth last night. One lady was standing at
the front, and while waiting to be prayed
for received five gold teeth in a row. Not
just filled, but bulging with gold. People
were being healed in their seats; others
heard the instruments prophesy in an audible voice; over the two nights there were
salvations and more healings (Source:
Message posted on the pro-Toronto
Blessing New Wine mailing list (item on
file), March 22, 1999) -underline mine)
Diamond-dust manifestations of Gods
presence have appeared in meetings led
by Todd Bentley in Canada and Ian Turton in Australia. There have been other
places where they have appeared also, but
it seems that they are not as commonplace
as the gold dust and gold dental miracles.
According to Bentley they look like fine,
sparkly, ground glass reflecting light in
beautiful colors. (Message posted on the
pro-Toronto Blessing New Wine mailing
list (item on file), Feb. 16, 2000).
Once we identify the people Todd
Bentley associates with, the angels that
work among him (which he claims to have
constant experiences with), we can then
understand exactly what this is all about.
Bentley has shown no sign of leaving
Lakeland since an angel, he said, visited him
the day after he arrived. Prophetic min-

Mike Oppenheimer

ister Bob Jones told Bentley he believed

the angels name was Winds of Change
the same angel, Jones said, that visited
healing evangelist William Branham in the
1940s. (Paul Steven Ghiringhelli, Lakeland, Fla., Asst News Editor, Charisma,
HYPERLINK http://www.charismamag.
com/news/archives/042208d.html http://
the second night of the Lakeland
meetingshe said he saw an angel he described as carrying the Winds of Change.
Asking him to describe this angel, Bentley replied that those familiar with the life
of William Branham would recognize the
angel from being a relevant factor in his
healing ministry. He felt that this angels
appearance signaled a shift in the atmosphere for the meetings and felt that an
openness for revival had been ushered in.
(Teresa Neumann, Reports of Revival
Breaking Out in Lakeland, Florida, HYPERLINK
pid=954&bid=93 http://www.freshfire.
He has prepared you for such a time
as this ... there is a Branham anointing on
you and a double portion of it! (Che Ahn to
Todd Bentley, Lakeland Revival, April 24,
2008, God TV)
Bentley is well read on Branham. In an
article entitled, Living in the Supernatural, Bentley describes in detail how Branham conducted his services: When people
would come on the platform to receive
healing and Branham entered that realm,
he would go into visions and tell everyone
many details of their life. He did this only as
a sign that the Lord would heal them. People would wait in healing lines for hours.
They would have to get a card with a number to get into the healing line to even get
prayer. He would wait for an angel to come
and stand behind him on his left side. He
would do nothing until the angel arrived.
The beginning of the prophetic movement goes back to the 1940s where there
began what certain Pentecostals call the
Healing Revival. It continued from 1947
to 1957, led by Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn,
Jack Coe, A.A. Allen, and O.L. Jaggers. Gordon Lindsays Voice of Healing magazine
recorded many of their astonishing stories.
And there was also William Branham who
stood out among them all as the healer and
prophet. The Pentecostal Healing Movement was transformed by a number of new
teachings he introduced. It was called the
Latter-Rain, which began in Canada from
Branham who laid hands on the leaders.
From the beginning Branham had unusual manifestations which he attributed to

his angel. The power invested me by my

commission given by Almighty God and
ministered to me by an Angel, a Pillar of
Light (The Revelation of the Seven Seals
p.112-113). Branham admits the angel is a
pillar of light (this will become important
as we look at Todd Bentleys experiences
with angels and light). The angel that William Branham had was actually a powerful
angel of light a demonic entity that masqueraded as the angel of the Lord and the
Holy Spirit of God. This entity appeared
throughout Branhams life from early
childhood and eventually led him into all
kinds of serious error. It is crucial to understand what Bentley is claiming, by renewing the call of William Branham. Bentleys
acknowledgement of his angel as Branhams angel via Bob Jones (notwithstanding the many other angels that constantly
visit him) puts his imprimatur on Branham
being used of God. This is not that unusual; many charismatics endorse Branham.
The difference is that he is saying this angel is an influence or power in his ministry.
If one examines the beliefs of William
Branham that were taught by this angel
there is no other conclusion but it being
heresy. Branham was guided by this angel his whole life, he claimed the angel
was with him night and day. He stated
that he was unable to minister unless the
angel was at his side (Kurt Koch, Occult
Bondage and Deliverance, pp. 49-50).
Im convinced that its the Angel of the
Lord.Im convinced that, right now,
that this is what Im looking at, this circle
of light before me, Im convinced thats
the Holy Spirit! (Convinced than Concerned, June 10, 1962). Ironically, Bentley is also Convinced than Concerned.
The healings and prophecies purportedly came through an angel that was
always with Branham on stage and continually gave him counsel and revelations
(Kathie Adler, William Branham: His
Life and Teachings, Narrow Way Ministries, Holbrook, N.Y., 1986; pp. 3-5).
Branham claimed that he was the angel in Rev 3:14 and 10:7. From a supernatural experience he believed that he
was Elijah, who would precede Christs
second coming. Branham taught that the
angels to the seven churches in the Book
of Revelation were men who appeared at
various times throughout Church history
bringing new revelation, and that he was
the messenger of the last Church age, Laodicea. From his alleged angelic influence,
he denied the Trinity and called it a satanic
doctrine: Thus saith the Lord, trinitarianism is of the Devil (Footprints, p. 606).
Branham taught the oneness doctrine
of the godhead: Christ, and the Holy
Spirit is the self same person, only in a

Point of Interest

different form. Its three manifestations of

the same Person, or you might call it three
offices.... (The Revelation of the Seven
Seals, pp.156-157) He at times denied that
the Son of God is the eternal God. In referring to John.1 he said, Now, in the beginning was the word. A word is thought expressed. In the beginning He wasnt even
God (The Mighty God Unveiled Before
Us, p.11). Branham taught numerous other
strange and heretical doctrines: that God in
all ages had skin on him, even before the
incarnation; that Eves sin in the Garden
of Eden (Genesis 3) was sexual sin with
the serpent and that Cain was the offspring
(known as the serpent seed doctrine). Branham believed in two authorities besides
the Scriptures: the Zodiac and the Egyptian pyramids were other revelations of
God. He taught that denominations were
abominations; belonging to any denomination meant you had taken the mark
of the beast. There are many others too
numerous to list here. Those who endorse
Branham as genuine only implicate themselves as being ignorant and immature in
the Word of God. (see Branham).
From the Latter Rain of this time period we hear the same: the next great outpouring is going to be marked by all these
other truths plus such a demonstration of
the nine gifts of the Spirit as the world, not
even the Apostolic world, has ever witnessed before. This revival will be short
and will be the last before the Rapture of the
Church (Richard Riss, Latter Rain, Honeycomb Visual Productions, pg. 56-57).
Today we hear: On New Years Eve,
for 2008, God told Bob Jones that the third
wave was coming. Todd asked Bob what
the third wave was. He said that Toronto
was wave #1, Pensacola was wave #2, and
the third wave is the Winds of Change
this move of God. This move will be a
global move, traveling with signs and wonders all over the world! The third wave is
The third wave is a clich
coined by Peter Wagner who heads
up the apostle/ prophet movement
where many of the Kansas city prophets have come under his leadership.
From what I have read and watched in
video, when you go to one of these meetings
your senses will be assaulted by the enthusiasm of the crowd and Todd Bentleys supermarket of supernatural ideas and revelation experiences that exceed those of any
biblical apostle. As he tells his stories he
acts out his induction by psychological and
spiritual manipulation in an entertaining
package. A servant of God does not speak
or act in this manner. Bentley can manifest the anointing by shaking his head
back and forth, with his body physically
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Point of Interest Continued

shaking. He will even wave his arms over

the audience, shouting, Fire! Fire! Fire!
This is nearly identical to Toronto and Pensacola. And his own ID, shouting BAM!
We will examine the subjective experiences and revelations he is bringing others
into, and the objective, i.e., the teachings,
the new revelations from angels, and his
stories inconsistency with the Bible and
within themselves at times.
First: in his ministrys Statement of
Faith, the majority is in agreement with
Christian teaching. However, there are a
few points that need to be focused on:
We Believe in... Number 1. THE
WORD OF GOD-We hold the Bible to be
trustworthy, the only supreme authority in
all matters of faith and conduct. Scripture
is our source of revelation of God,it is
the final Court of Appeal on all points of
doctrine, life and godliness. (2 Tim 3:1617; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Hebrews 4:12).
Number 12. FURTHER REVELATION - We recognize that God is continually restoring truth and light to His
Church. Therefore, we place no limit on
further revelation; however, each must be
substantiated according to the Scriptures.
index.php?Id=106 http://www.freshfire.
That is exactly what we will do: look
to see if what Bentley teaches and practices
is substantiated according to the Scriptures
when they are read correctly and in context
of the authors intent.
This last statement of faith in itself
is an oxymoron since God has already
finished his revelation and does not continue giving more and more. Instead, we
are to learn and understand what is already
given. This means we have an open Bible.
This has become the modus operandi of
Bentleys ministry and lifestyle.
I personally believe (and have experienced) the power of God and genuine
gifts of the Holy Spirit which are given to
empower our ministries and lives. Some
think that we should just have an attitude
of rejoicing for the good reports coming
from Lakeland and not concentrate on any
flaws. These people often make excuses
for anything that does not line up with Bible doctrine because they want to believe,
and not be critical of someone in ministry.
They are willing to accept anything, even
when error stares them straight in the face.
But a mature believer will not blush and
run from an examination, nor fear what
man may say, but only what God says.
We want to be sober minded, on guard,
discerning, knowing we are at the end of
the age during which Jesus warned there
would be great signs and wonders to deceive the elect (us). This is what God says,

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

and it is not to be ignored.

Some people have wondered if this
is the new age inside the church. Well, its
operatives have been working inside since
the late 80s and early 90s, so we should
not be surprised at the escalation of power
in counterfeit miracles and experiences.
Because the masses are attracted to SEE a
miracle they have become unable to hear;
they have become deaf to the Word of God.
In the vacuum of true Bible exposition, in
which they are supposed to grow, they are
seeking supernatural experiences promoted in Bentleys gatherings. For years Bentley has openly promoted angelic encounters, transportation to Heaven, and Jesus
appearing. He is preaching what is not in
the Bible, and it does not make one hungry
for the word, but instead desirous of supernatural experiences. Some may ask, Why
is this wrong? I will hold off on answering this immediately and let you decide
after you have read of the experiences and
the refutations by the Word of God, which
is living and active, sharper than any two
edged sword. What we need is to be in
prayer for the many young people that are
attending his meetings, that they not be led
astray or damaged by what is encouraged
for them to do.
The book of Leviticus speaks about
piercing and tattoos - that we are not to
follow the trends of the world, we are to
be sanctified. It is in the last several years
that Bentley has thoroughly decorated
himself for his ministry. On this site it
gives pictures of his tattoos: http://www.
Putting aside his abundance of tattoos
and body piercing, it is far more important
to examine the teachings and concepts he
is putting forth to know whether the source
of the supernatural that is taking place is of
God or is from somewhere else. How does
a sign and wonder deceive? When it is delivered by someone who does not know or
teach the Word correctly. This is not about
someones quirky personality, but what
they believe, teach, and practice apart from
sound doctrine. You can also know what
people believe by the people they associate
with; Bentleys associations should be the
first red flag for anyone familiar with the
prophetic movement and the Latter Rain
proponents: Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Paul
Cain, Randy Clarke, John Arnott (Toronto
Airport Christian Fellowship), Patricia
King, and a host of unknowns that also
hold to Latter Rain teachings.
Bentley is a part of Elijahs List, a
loose group of false prophets who have
intentionally divorced themselves from
the Word of God in their interpretation
and operation of spiritual gifts. They now

have an influential internet forum to sell

their books and DVDs, and to post their
prophetic promptings. They daily post every wacky nonsensical prophecy possible;
nothing seems to be prohibited. If you
think you have heard it all, you have not
until youve read their daily posts.
Lets read just a few teachings from the
Elijah list website:
Q: Do psychics have a prophetic gift
from God?
A: While there is no verse in the Bible
that says that psychics have a prophetic
gift from God, there are numerous passages in the Bible that, if taken together,
paint a picture of a loving Heavenly Father
who gives gifts to every single person from
the time of his or her conception. Some of
these passages include: scripture references given for brevity- Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm
139:13,16 ; James 1:17; Romans 11:29.
(submitted by a reader of our
Web site. Prophetic TV is a production of Elijah List ministries
h t t p : / / w w w. p r o p h e t i c . t v / f a q s . p h p )
Sorry, there are no Scriptures to justify
this. None the Scriptures he cited have any
reference to everyone being born with spiritual gifts. God gives us natural gifts, not
supernatural gifts. Natural gifts are for the
natural man. The spiritual gifts come only
through possession by the Holy Spirit.
They are for those who believe the Gospel,
not for everyone born. Yet Shultz says that
these were born with a prophetic gifting
from God, they can use their gifts for their
own selfish, and even demonic, purposes.
If they cant get this right, how trustworthy
are they to discern truth from error? Theyre
not. This is beyond absurd and scary. It
shows us how bankrupt they are in understanding the Gospel and the Holy Spirit
who works charisma in believers only.
In another the article, Debugging
the prophetic, Steve Shultz, who heads
up the Elijah list, asks a question: How
and where do you find accountability for
the accuracy and fulfillment of prophetic
words delivered by the prophets today?
Who can I rely on?
Answer: When we post any word at
all on The Elijah List website ANY word
some think its from God and some think
its NOT from God. So, thats the way its
supposed to work. Over time, you will
decide literally for yourself which words
you feel are trustworthy for YOU and/or
which prophets you feel have the least
or best credibility.
After making a case for prophetic accuracy with Hurricane Katrina, he goes
on to say, So, the bottom line is this: just
work to decide for yourself which prophet/
prophetess you most trust and which you
dont and leave it at that. I believe this is

Point of Interest Continued

the wisest course.

Is this how we decide? It is up to an
individuals feelings to determine what is
true or not. This is not wise or biblical. We
are not to lean on our own understanding;
we are to trust in Gods delivered word. Our
trust is not to be in men that prophesy, but
in the God of prophecy. This is an everyman-does-what-is-right-in-his-own-eyes
philosophy. It is promoting a prophetic
free-for-all. When Israel did this they were
misled by the false prophets. And what
were the false prophets saying? Through
their dreams and visions they were telling
the people of Israels future.
Lets look at whom Bentley attributes
his influence from ANGELS:
Now let me talk about an angelic
experience with Emma. Twice Bob Jones
asked me about this angel that was in Kansas City in 1980: Todd, have you ever seen
the angel by the name of Emma? he asked
me as if he expected that this angel was appearing to me. Surprised, I said, Bob, who
is Emma? He told me that Emma was the
angel that helped birth and start the whole
prophetic movement in Kansas City in
the 1980s. She was a mothering type angel that helped nurture the prophetic as it
broke out. HYPERLINK http://www.
A female angel. There are none mentioned in the Bible, not once. Every time
angels appeared they looked like men.
They are called sons of God, not sons and
daughters of God.
It is crucial to understand the roots
of this whole movement that first went
through the Vineyard churches through
John Wimber, then spread to the body of
Christ. To befriend Bob Jones (who is one
among many sordid characters he hangs
out with) is not good. Bob Jones telling
Bentley the prophetic movement was started by a female angel may be more revealing than one would first think.
Bentley has a view of the supernatural
that has crippled him from understanding
the simple truth from Scripture. So he has
replaced it with his own revelations and
supernatural experiences that exceed even
those of the apostles.
Bentleys entire ministry is focused
on angels and false revelatory visions and
visitations; from this come the healings.
Bob Jones was a Vineyard minister
(one of the original Kansas City prophets). Jones was removed from the Vineyard for sexual impropriety. He had women strip so they could stand naked before
the Lord. Two women came forward in
1991 and told Vineyard leaders that Jones
had used his prophetic authority to touch
and fondle them sexually. (Roy Rivenburg,

A Question of Faith, Los Angeles Times,

January 28, 1992, sec. El, p. 8.) Jones admitted it and was removed from ministry.
While Jones appears repentant, in the
same time period he was prophesying that
Jesus told him that a certain portion of
the end-time church will be an immortal
end-time army.
Bentley says of Jones My friendBob
Jones [is] a gifted, mature seer-prophet.
Jones has been influential on Bentley and
this so-called miracle revival in Lakeland.
On Bob Jones Web site we read of him
being sick. (Update on Bob Jones, April
12, 2008.)
We still need to have a fistula placed
in his arm in the event he should need dialysis in the future. However, we believe the
Lord gave us a miracle and will continue to
heal the kidneys (sic) and totally restore his
health. He is gaining strength daily. We must
be good stewards of the miracle He gave us.
There were many long and exhausting
days due to effects of the chemicals used
to cleanse the bloodstream. Many times
Bob was ill and very weak after dialysis.
In the process of healing, he lost about 55
pounds, however his lungs are clear and
his vitals are normal.
They ask to pray for his kidney function to increase.
The most recent report: Our last visit
to the kidney doctor was a great success.
Bobs kidney function continues to improve; the creatinine level dropped to 3.1
so the doctor removed the perm-cath from
his chest last Wednesday. (May 6, 2008)
Why didnt Jones go to Todd Bentley
and be instantly, miraculously healed, as
we hear others are? Isnt this what is taking place at the Lakeland meetings? The
answer should be obvious: Just like the
faith healers, when they are sick (and this
is serious) they go to a doctor, not to their
fellow gifted healers. They know better.
What does Bob Jones believe and
teach? Follwing are just a few examples.
He had this to say about Joels army:
They will move into things of the supernatural that no one has ever moved in before. Every miracle, sign and wonder that
has ever been in the Bible - theyll move in
it consistently. Theyll move in the power
that Christ did. Every sign and wonder
thats ever been will be many times in the
last days. They themselves will be that
generation that raised up to put death itself
underneath their feet and to glorify Christ
in every way. . .and the Church that is raising up in the government will be the head
and the covering for them. So that that glorious church might be revealed in the last
days because the Lord Jesus is worthy to
be lifted up by a church that has reached
the full maturity of the god-man! (Visions

& Revelations, Fall 1988.)

Jones describes his hands turning blue,
and then turning purple: When that happens that means youve got some incense
thats gone up. Youve got some intercession
thats gone up that Papas saying yes to.
Jones also states that his alleged healing power came upon him when he was
struck by lightning:
It was about 76. A bolt of lightning. I
was inside, I didnt have my wires grounded
in the basement down there, and I grabbed
ahold of the refrigerator, and lightning hit
the wires outside, and a great blue flame
came in. And a ball of fire danced all over
that basement, and didnt hurt me. But from
that time forth my hands worked funny.
Anytime God is going to start a fire, he
starts it with lightning. And you can take a
little of that fire and impart it wherever it is
needed. And it will start a Gods fire (Bob
Jones, Visions and Revelations, 1988.)
Bob Jones was told that the general
level of prophetic revelation in the church
was about 65% accurate at this time. Some
are only about 10% accurate, a very few of
the most mature prophets are approaching
85% to 95% accuracy. Prophecy is increasing in purity, but there is a still a long way
to go for those who walk in this ministry.
This is actually grace for the church now,
because 100% accuracy in this ministry
would bring a level of accountability to the
church which she is too immature to bear
at this time. (Rick Joyner, The Prophetic
Ministry, Morningstar Prophetic Newsletter. Vol. 3, No. 2, Page 2.)
This is probably the most dangerous of
his statements. He is saying that God gives
us false prophecy because we are immature,
unable to be accountable. Its just like the
Devil to turn truth on its head. What about
the Old Testament prophets? Did they not
have 100% accuracy in prophecy? And so
when these prophets miss it (even 10%,
although its far more) his excuse is that
its Gods fault, not theirs.
Mike Bickle and Bob Jones relate the
story of an angel revealing that God would
appear to Bickle in the form of another
person named Don in a vision or in a
dream. Bickle said the vision eventually
took place, and part of its message was
to show him that Jesus appears in thousands of different faces to portray something, Bickle said, He was trying to say,
Im your friend, I am your familiar friend
and Im going to show you all things so
you can move in the power of the Spirit
(Mike Bickle with Bob Jones, Visions and
Revelations, transcript, series of five tapes,
Fall,1988 p.53-60.)
I am your familiar friend may be
more like a familiar spirit, considering the
teachings that have come forth and the acJune 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Point of Interest Continued

tivity that took place.

This next statement is proof that this
whole revival is orchestrated by the same
men who brought it to the church over 20
years ago through the Vineyard:
And now my government is in place,
and in a time of great stress I shall bring
forth my next step, for Toronto was a step,
Brownsville was another step; My next
step will be my glory, and signs like you
have never seen before... (The Remnant
Seed, a prophecy by Bob Jones at Hamilton, Ontario, March, 1998).
Can a revival be genuine when you
have the same players that are involved in
continual false prophecies, false teaching
and other false revivals? I think not.
Florida Outpouring on May 5, 2008:
Paul Cain received numerous, recurring
visions and words about the coming faceless generation healing revival. Todd flew
Paul Cain in specifically to release that
prophecy again and bless the revival. Jim
Goll also spoke over the revival as well. It
was a powerful night.
So they are trying to make a connection to Paul Cains prophecy that has recurred for over 30 years. Certainly he is
not a good source, and it shows the discernment of the people involved who honored his false vision which is all about the
Latter Rain. Incidentally, Bob Jones called
Cain the most anointed prophet thats in
the world today.
The Holy Spirit will always show what
is false to a believer walking in the light.
He will not bear witness to the false. But
it can take effort and perseverance for one
to get through the trappings of the shadows to the light. Paul Cain was a prophet
above prophets among his association
of fellow prophets who had elevated
him to the status of a super prophet. (
HYPERLINK http://www.letusreason.
Latrain5.htm) He is one of the few that
knew William Branham personally and
participated in the Latter Rain movement
of the 50s. Paul Cain considered William
Branham the greatest prophet in the 20th
century. Several years ago it was revealed
that Cain was an alcoholic and a practicing homosexual. This was revealed
by his own friends the prophets who
did not know this for years when it was
with them, right under their own noses.
Much as he did to Cains discipler,
William Branham, the Angel of the Lord
visited Cain for the first time when he was
8, and then years later Jesus materialized
in his car and said he was jealous of his
fianc, and told him not to marry.
His theology is Latter Rain/ Manifest
Sons of God/dominionism. His most important teaching of all is that about Joels

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Army. Cain said, Many years agoI have

came to the crossroads of life and I saw a
vision of an illuminated billboard on which
was written: Joels army in training.
This became his primary message.
In 1987 Cain met with the leadership of
Kansas City Fellowship and they received
him as a father a prophet over prophets. It
was at this time that he also met John Wimber, and the Kansas City prophets became
accepted into the Vineyard movement.
At a meeting in Lakeland, Paul Cain
was given a place on the platform. It is reported that he publicly said that there were
false rumors about him and that he had
lived a chaste life.
Bentley did not correct Cain, who basically lied about his indiscretions. (see
The teaching of Joels Army from both
Bob Jones and Paul Cain (and others) also
finds itself in Bentleys teachings.
On the Freshfire Web site we read:
Under the Leadership of Revivalist/Evangelist, Todd Bentley
Impartation and prayer time with Todd
Bentley Question and answer times
Impartation is from the Latter Rain teaching
Servant hood weekly soaking,* evangelism
September: Miracles Signs and Wonders
From time to time Todd will have
weekly associate ministries and friends
blast you in the Holy Ghost.**
Interns will sit in on Supernatural Training Centre classes once a week outreach
*(Soaking is an unbiblical way to receive the Holy Spirit that was practiced in
the Vineyard)
**Blast you with the Holy Ghost! it
is doubtful this can be the Holy Spirit who
is called the Comforter. One cannot be
trained to learn to impart the Holy Spirit
or enter the supernatural. This is all far removed from the teachings of the apostles
in the Bible.)
Spiritual Manipulations and
Last year God asked me an unusual
question: Todd, are you ready to pray for
people to receive a double portion? Then,
as I sought the Lord for direction in 2008,
He brought that question to my remembrance as He said: 2008 is the year of the
double portion. (Todd Bentley, Prophetic Directions for 2008, The Elijah List,
January 23, 2008.)
NOWHERE in the New Testament do
we read of the anointing being transmitted
from one person to another person, nor do
the apostles teach of any double-portion

anointing. This was related to only one

prophet Elisha. This is straight out of the
heretical Latter Rain teachings and has absolutely nothing to do with the real anointing that already resides in every believer.
On one video we hear Bentley say,
God told me there was going to be a special anointing tonight. I saw an angel today
that is going to visit the children. Theres
a glory moving into the room a drunken
glory heavy, heavy weight glory, smokin
glory, shekinah glory.
Frankly, when I hear this kind of foolish talk I fear for the person. What did
people do when they had a glimpse of the
true glory? Moses was hidden in a cleft
of rocks only to see Gods passing by. In
the New Testament John was astonished
and fell as dead. I do not find anyone in
the Bible using crass language like that of
Bentley and his ilk. If you are trained by
the true Word of God you should be able
to tell if someone is sound and speaking
according to the Holy Spirit by what they
teach and how they speak. If you cant tell,
or are unsure, then get a biblical education,
for it may mean your spiritual survival in
the times we live.
Last night was a tremendous explosion of miracles over cell phones! They
were coming in so fast that they could
barely keep up with the testimonies!! report from Stephen Strader, pastor of Ignited Church says this move of God is the
Spirit of Elijah.
The Supernatural Realms of Heaven:
Experiencing God in the Prophetic is
an advertisement of a new school by Todd
Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries. It combines teaching on prophetic ministry with
instruction on how to engage the revelatory
realm of Heaven. During this course Todd
will teach and impart prophetic gifting to
each student in faith that takes this course.
Todds goal is to share and impart everything that he has learned and experienced in
the realm of the prophetic. (EARLY BIRD
- $110) Todd shares many of his prophetic
experiences and teaches how to activate
spiritual senses. Saints, get ready to fly
like an eagle into the supernatural realm!
The School of the Supernatural Realms of
Heaven will help launch you there!
Angels Everywhere
In our ministry over the last year, this
angel has come frequently and on many
different occasions. When He comes I get a
gift the ability to diagnose peoples sicknesses with my left hand. At times this angel brings words of knowledge; I get very
accurate details from God including peoples first, middle and last names as well as
nicknames, the year they were injured, the

Point of Interest Continued

color of their vehicle and the state they are

from. (Todd Bentley, Angelic Hosts.)
The gifts of the Holy Spirit do not
operate in this way. Nor do we get the gifts
from angels.
Now lets listen to the interview by Patricia King on Extreme Prophetic interview:
Todd, I remember years ago, you
gave me a phone call and you said, Hey,
Ive just been soaking with Bob Jones and
Ive gone up into the third heaven.
Bentley explains: The first time I met
Bob was actually in Grants Pass, Oregon.
We were sitting in a restaurant and I was
really hungry. I knew Bob was a real seer
prophet. I thought, Lord Im going to get
an impartation. Ive been having all these
encounters and all these visions and experiences already soaking, but I thought,
Lord I need to talk to somebody thats
been walking in this thats really a senior
prophet. So when I met Bob I thought,
Lord, Im going to get an impartation.
And I remember talking with Bob in a restaurant about going into the heavens, and
what it was, and we were talking about the
third heaven, going into the immediate
abode, into that place, the dwelling place
of God. And I thought, Thats awesome!
I was hungry for it too; I wanted more!
Cause up until that point, sovereignly,
God was just visiting me. And I was just
waiting in His presence, and sovereignly,
God was visiting me. And Bob said to me,
he said, We can go right now! And I said,
What do you mean, we can go right now?!
We can make the decision right now and
enter into that realm of the spirit? And he
said, Sure we can! Dont you have faith,
So Bob Jones is a senior prophet to
Bentley who sought an impartation by
him. Big mistake. It was God who brought
John and Paul to Heaven. We cannot initiate this on our own. Bentley now teaches
that people can visit Heaven any time they
want. This is utterly false. The Bible teaches that only the apostles were communicated a revelation of Heaven, not regular
Christians. It was because they were the
ones commissioned to teach the churches
and write the Scriptures for us.
The interview continues:
King: Well, I remember when you
[Bentley] were telling me about it, I got
so hungry for it. And right after that, Bob
was coming to a conference that we were
havingI was going to just ask him all
kinds of questions about this third heaven.
I didnt know, because I wanted to know.
I wanted to experience God in a new way,
and I think we all do; were all so hungry
for Him, right? But I hadnt caught yet,
because you had told me about the experience but not the faith dimension, so I was

just still thinking, Sovereignty. Gods

sovereignly going to move, take me out,
well, whatever. So Im asking Bob questions, and Bob, you said, Well, I do my
raptures every day! I said, What do you
mean, your raptures every day? He said,
I go up every day! And I said, You go
up EVERY DAY! Id love to go up every
day! And he said, Well, its by faith.
Does a persons FAITH make something like this happen? The faith dimension? Wheres that in Scripture? Jones goes
to heaven every day, and he teaches others this! Someone who says this may not
go there at all unless they repent. This is
blasphemous. Where did the apostles teach
any of this? They didnt, but the Latter
Rain proponents can because they are doing even greater miracles than the apostles!
Impartations are unbiblical, especially
seeking one. One cannot pass the Holy Spirit
to another; He is God, and He is sovereign.
Grants Pass comes up again. Todd
Bentleys angels are the same ones that appeared to Branham, to John G. Lake ( he
endorses the healing rooms), and others.
I first saw the angel called Healing Revival on December 5 of 2000 in
Grants Pass. The angel came to me again
in Albany the next February. He stood in
the church service with his body going
through the ceiling of the church. Then
the Lord told me the angels name and that
he was the same angel I saw in Grants
Pass earlier. God also revealed to me that
this angel was involved in the ministry of
John Lake, William Branham, and John
Knox in Scotland. This angel, the Lord
said, is from the North West Healing Revival and is manifesting again as a sign
that God is restoring the Voice of Healing
revival and opening up the ancient wells.
In our ministry over the last year, this
angel has come frequently and on many
different occasions. When He comes I get
a gift the ability to diagnose peoples
sicknesses with my left hand. At times this
angel brings words of knowledge; I get
very accurate details from God including
peoples first, middle and last names as
well as nicknames, the year they were injured, the color of their vehicle and the state
they are from. I believe the angel showed
up in Albany as a sign that God was endorsing what was taking place and that
it was opening up a healing well. Everywhere I have seen this angel the miracles
continue after I leave and a healing well
is established in that church and in that
city. When that angel visits, we have another John 5 Pool of Bethesda experience
as God releases His approval.(ANGELIC
HOSTS Revivalist Todd Bentley)
Apart from questioning the validity of
what God told him, if this is the same angel

involved in John Lakes ministry (I have

never read of him referring to an angel) or
William Branhams, then we must go to the
Scriptures and see if there were angels involved in the healing ministry of the apostles. The answer is no, there were not. So
then we have a biblical problem of determining from what source this angel came.
Bentley besmirches John Knoxs name
by including him with these men and this
angel. As far as the angel in William Branhams ministry is concerned, if this is so
then we now have validated a demonic
connection from none other than Bentley
Himself. For Branham denied essential tenets of the faith because of his angels influence. Furthermore, Branham believed this
to be the Angel of the Lord that appeared to
Moses (same as Paul Cain believed). Now
we have the biblical problems escalating
because Jesus was the Angel of the Lord
in the Old Testament, and once He became
a man, the Angel of the Lord no longer
appears. Why? Because He is no longer
coming as a messenger He became man.
Bentley seems to have angels follow
him and speak to him nearly everywhere
he goes. Recently, I had an angel come
to me in Kansas City. He said, Todd,
my name is Promise, and Ive come to
bring the fulfillment of Gods promises.
I thought believers were given the Holy
Spirit for this. Experiences described by
Bentley brought on by an angel are unbiblical, and there are so many that it may be beyond all the miracles in the Bible put together.
In three occasions over the past
couple of years Ive had a visitation from
the Lord in which Ive seen the angel of
finance. Every time this happens (in our
meetings) there is an incredible financial breakthrough; something is opened
up in Heaven. It invades the earth, and
people respond by giving generously.
Bentley sees the angel that is going to
visit the children, and hes seen this angel
only two other times: (
Im concerned that the angel that Todd
has been encountering is let loose to the
children, and they, too, are overtaken by
the same influence.
Im asking God to release the seer
anointing to you as you read this article
so that you can even see the angelic hosts.
Today I want to focus the teaching on the
angelic realm and how you can release angels to fulfill Gods word. Recently, I had
several daily visitations of angels which
lasted for weeks. Since the beginning of
this year Ive also sensed an increase in the
presence of angels in our meetings. (Todd
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Bentley, Opening Our Eyes to the Angelic

There is no such teaching of our releasing angels to fulfill Gods Word. God sends
the angels, man has no control over these
angelic beings that answer to God. Seeing
angels day in and out (like Benny Hinn)
is neither spiritually healthy nor true. But
this is the power behind Bentleys ministry, he is caught up in an infatuation with
angels and has made contact.
Bentley says, Let angels come right
now to win souls in the North, East, South,
and West of my city. Father I release the
angels.It is important that we release the
angels if we dont, angels can be bound out
of the battle. The Devil can be prevailing
in his darkness in a region until we begin
to release, bind and loose in heaven, and
begin to pray to the Father to release the
angelic hosts that we need as reinforcements. (Todd Bentley, Fresh Fire Ministries, Teachings, http://www.freshfire.
No Christian can be taught to summon
angels (it is demons that obey man). One
can twist the words of God about them
serving us, but one cannot find any example of any apostle or believer summoning
angels or ordering them around as Bentley teaches (go do a study on angels). This
teaching is in the Kabbalah, in the occult,
and it is also found in word-faith teachings. The angel in Daniel did his mission
and overcame the fallen angel over Persia
without Daniel even knowing there was a
battle going on.
Those who have attended this revival
bring the anointing back with them just
as it was done in Toronto. People who go
to these meetings and get the anointing
begin to see angels. While this may make
the Hunters happy, this is a very dangerous
precedent of which many people are unaware. None of this has anything a Christian who wants to grow spiritually should
pursue. Paranormal experiences can seem
to be of God when they are not. This kind
of spirituality makes a person dysfunctional, and eventually have a dissonance with
reality. The more a person experiences it,
the stronger the demonic element gets until he is taken over.
Angel feathers, gold dust, diamonds
falling, seeing angels even female angels constantly, trips to Heaven at your
disposal, new revelation, extrabiblical and
even unbiblical revelation. What can be
said of this ministry is, Participants beware.


Following are some of the significant events in Jewish history that occurred in the
month of December:
December 1, 1909: The founding of Deganiya Alef, the first kibbutz in Israel (then known
as Palestine).
December 17, 1862: General U. S. Grant ordered Jews to be expelled from the Department of Tennessee
December 17, 1914: The Turks expelled Jews from Tel Aviv, sending them to Egypt.
December 18, 1774: Empress Maria Theresa expelled all Jews from Prague, Bohemia
and Moravia.
December 22, 1970: S.S. commander of Treblinka sentenced to life imprisonment.
December 23, 1867: Emancipation of the Jews of Hungary.
December 25, 1977: Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat met in Ismailia, Egypt.
December 30, 1947: 40 Jewish workers were massacred at the Haifa refineries.
December 31, 1963: Israels first desalination plant opened in Eilat.

Test Your Yiddishkeit

1. Is the name of the holiday Purim derived from
(a) an East End Londoner, who for some reason felt sorry for Haman (who was hanged
on his own gallows) and declared, Poor im
(b) the fact that the villian of the story cast lots to determine when to annihilate the Jewish people living in Persia
2. Is Megillah
(a) the first name of a 1960s cartoon character (last name Gorilla)
(b) the Hebrew word for scroll referring to the Book of Esther, also used colloquially
to indicate the whole story
3. For whom is the Jewish womens organization Hadassah named?
(a) a 17th century Jewish hairdresser
(b) Queen Esther (because Hadassah was her Hebrew name, and what her uncle Mordy
called her)
4. Is a grogger
(a) an elderly Jewish man who has a hard time waking up in the morning
(b) a noisemaker that is twirled to drown out the name of Haman each time it is pronounced during the reading of the Purim story

Do you know who was the first Jewish person to come to the United States and why
he came?
The first Jewish person to set sail for America did not stow away on the Mayflower with
the Puritans. In 1584, Queen Elizabeth sent Sir Walter Raleigh to the Virginia territory to
look for gold, silver and copper.Raleigh asked Joachim Gaunse, a Jewish metallurgist and
mining expert, to take part in the expedition.Thus in 1585, Joachim Gaunse became the
first known Jew to set foot on what is now American soil.


June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Answers 1 thru 4 are the letter (b)


Jacob Prasch

Intelligence Report

This past week

The biblical basis for understanding Gods intention for marriage is found in Genesis 2. The human
race began with the creation of a heterosexual coupleAdam and Eve. The creation of Adam and Eve
(male and female) was the foundation of human civilization and their union the first marriage.

Genesis 2:24 states: This is why a man leaves his father and mother and bonds with his wife, and
they become one flesh. Marriage is an institution of God designed as a lifelong covenant relationship between

Gods command to Adam and Eve was be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth (Gen. 1:28).
a man and woman
(Matt. 19:1-6).
Gods design for procreation demanded the union of a man and woman. This is another
indication that Gods intention for marriage was exclusively a heterosexual union.

A Bad Week, A Mad Week, And A Sad Week

The Apostle Paul confronted a secular culture where homosexuality was accepted

and endorsed by influential writers and leaders. In contrast to the acceptance
of homosexuality by many in the first century A.D., Paul referred to the practice as sexual impurity, unnatural, shameless acts,
and perversion (Rom. 1:24-27). Paul included homosexuals among those who will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:910). Homosexuality is also included in a list of sins in 1 Timothy 1:10.

By James Jacob Prasch

A Bad Week California

Although 6-7 million Californians
voted to uphold heterosexual marriage,
cheered by the mayors of Los Angeles and
San Francisco, the California Supreme
Court ordered the legalization of same-sex
marriage in that state. Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will
not oppose the decision or seek its overturn. As in Massachusetts, a state Supreme
Court usurped the power of the legislature,
defied the democratic will of the electorate, and imposed a law from the bench
courtesy of an agenda-driven judicial-fascism normalizing the unnatural.
It is little wonder. Another grade-B
Hollywood-movie-actor-turned-Republican-Governor of California, named Ronald
Reagan, who went on to become President
of the United States, appointed a pro-abortion judge, Sandra Day OConnor, to the
US Supreme Court. This was after promising nave Christians he was pro-life in order
to con them into voting for him. OConnor,
then wrote the courts decision ordering the
Ten Commandments out of the Judicial building in Alabama, again in defiance
of the democratic will of the governed,
nearly 80% of whom wanted the Ten
commandments displayed in the courts.
It was the Earl Warren Republican Supreme Court that banned prayer in schools,
and the Warren Burger Republican Supreme
Court that ruled for abortion in Roe v Wade.
It is bad for Christians to identify the
Gospel with any political party, especially
when the Republican Party is just as godless
and corrupt as the Democratic Party, and
when Republican politicians are just as much
godless liars and hypocrites as Democrats.
It was a Bad Week.
A Mad Week -- Great Britain
After voting to allow the creation
of hybrid embryos that are part human
DNA and part animal DNA, The British Parliament declined to lower the gestation age for non-therapeutic abortion.
What was once science fiction is now
science, courtesy of Her Majestys govern-

ment. Embryos that are literally part human and part animal, will be killed in order
to harvest hybrid stem cells. Even when all
stem-cell advances have been perfectly
achievable from stem cells harvested from
100% pure human placenta and embryonic umbilical tissue and from fetal tissue acquired from natural miscarriages.
Hybrid monsters are being artificially
procreated in test tubes (mixing seed
- Deuteronomy 22:9). Where will it end?
How long will it be until one is eventually implanted and allowed to be born?
Will it be a human? Where will it get
its spirit? Will its soul be animal or human? Indeed, I am increasingly forced
to wonder if politicians are animal or
human. They appear to be human, but
seem to have some of the DNA of swine.
Not content with this however, the
British Parliament, in keeping abortion
legal up to 24 weeks, absolutely refuses
to face the scientific and medical fact
that some premature babies have survived as young as 17 weeks after conception. Neonatology, ante-natal medicine,
and genetic medicine, are progressing
all the time. So is incubation technology.
The British government of Gordon
Brown and his Labour Party are allowing
the killing of human embryos at 24 weeks
on one floor of a hospital, while on the
floor below, others, in some cases up to 7
weeks younger, are being kept alive. This
is not only wicked, it is obvious madness.
A Sad Week
After his father and his secretary of
state created an Iranian- and Syrian-controlled Hezbollah de facto terrorist state in
southern Lebanon, George Bush Jr. and his
Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, have
created an Iranian- and Syrian-controlled
Hamas de facto terrorist state in Gaza.
The Bush family are business partners with the Wahabbist Saudi Arabians in the Carlyle group, and are political pawns of international oil interests.
These same Saudi Wahabbists persecute
Christians and fund radical Islamic fun-

damentalism that engenders Moslem terror. After 9/11 the Bush administration
continued the policy of handing out express visas to Saudi Wahabbists to enter
America even though most of the 9/11
terrorists were Saudi Wahabbists. Observing the facts, some would call this treason.
Every year since 9/11, Bush has celebrated Ramadan in the White House to
honor Islam, and has placed a Koran, which
says God has no Son in the White House.
(You cannot bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia.) After a US army sniper used a Koran
for target practice, the Bush administration
ordered a US military commander in Iraq
to appear on TV with Moslem clerics and
kiss a Koran as an act of public repentance,
thus paying homage to a book that says
God has no Son. If the judgment of God
falls on President Bush and his wicked
administration it will be easy to see why.
During the same week, Bush and Rice
were in Israel, using Israels 60th Re-birthday as a nation in fulfillment if biblical
prophecy, to call for Israel to forfeit even
more of its God-given homeland to Islam.
Bush and Rice then flew to Saudi
Arabia to beseech the Wahabbist King to
increase oil production in order to bring
escalating prices down. The Saudis refused, as their profits soar and they buy up
more and more of the American economy
at bargain prices due to the weak dollar
under Bush, including equity in media
companies so they can influence the reporting of the news. As fundamentalist
mosques are constructed all over America
with the blessings of Bush and Rice, not a
single church can be built in Saudi Arabia.
It was a disgrace to watch the president
of the United States, virtually on his knees,
begging the arch financier of a radical
brand of fundamentalist Islam that inherently breeds support for terror, promotes
anti-Semitism, and persecutes Christians.
It was as if Bush was on his knees licking
the camel dung from the Moslems sandals.
Admittedly, this may be exactly
what Bush and Rice deserve. But has
America so fallen from its biblical heritage that it now deserves no better than
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Jewish American History

to be beholden to a heathen nation with

an evil religion? After he finished begging and licking, Bushs Saudi master sent
him back to Washington empty handed.

A Jewish American Hero


To this add the tragic events in Burma/Myanmar where a junta aligned to
the Chinese regime in Beijing refused to
allow emergency aid to its own people,
and an earthquake in China left 5 million homeless. I personally believe it is
Gods judgment on China for its role in
supporting the unspeakable actions of the
governments of Myanmar and of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and of the debauchery in Sudan. Chinas persecution of
Christians will invoke the wrath of God,
just as divine wrath is going to be soon
unleashed on the Moslem world for its hatred of Israel and persecution of Christians.
All of this was in just one week last
week. Moreover, as the fallen world becomes sicker, and more twisted and depraved, so much of the Christian Church
becomes likewise more and more twisted
and depraved from the demented replay
of the Toronto & Pensacola deceptions
now underway in Lakeland, Florida, with
the ridiculous hype artistry and biblical
ignorance of Todd Bentley, to the Purpose-Driven Lie of Rick Warren, to the
ecumenical deception of Chuck Colson, to
the apostasy of Brian McLarens Emergent
Church. Last week, Franklin Graham, head
of Billy Graham Crusades, turned against
Christians in sport saying that Christians
should not preach the Gospel at the Beijing Olympics. If the Church has lost its
mind, what should we expect from the
world? With a backslidden Church, how
can nations be otherwise? With scum in
our pulpits, what else can we expect to
have in our governments? Quite a week.
Yet the worst week, which will also
be the best week, is yet to come. The 70th
week of Daniel will yield more badness,
more madness, and more sadness than all
of the other weeks in all of human history
combined. But, ironically, it will also herald the most gladness, eclipsing the badness, madness, and sadness. While that
week will be the most bad, the most mad,
and the most sad, it will also be the most
glad. It is this same week that Jesus will
come. May we be ready. Yes, it is getting
bad, it is getting mad, and it is getting sad.
But Jesus said that when we
see these things happening we
should lift up our heads for
our redemption draws near.


June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Haym Solomon (or Salomon) (17401785) was a prime financier of the American
side during the American Revolutionary War against Great Britain. A Jew, he was born
the son of a rabbi in Leszno (Lissa), Poland. He died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Solomon came to New York from Poland in 1772 and joined the Sons of Liberty.
In 1776 he was captured by the British, but he used his knowledge of German to convince his Hessian jailer to let him out. It was during this period of incarceration that
he contracted tuberculosis. After this he joined the American forces evacuating New
York at the time. Haym Solomon was a merchant. He traveled south with Washingtons
Army and eventually settled in Philadelphia. While in Philadelphia he married Rachael
Franks, the daughter of loyalist merchant and slave trader David Franks, of Philadelphia. They kept one slave, a young woman who helped Mrs. Solomon in their home.
Solomon was an astute merchant and auctioneer who succeeded in accumulating a
fortune, which he subsequently devoted to the use of the American government during the
American Revolution. For example, he personally supported various members of the Continental Congress during their stay in Philadelphia, including James Madison. Acting as the
patriot he was, he never asked for repayment. Solomon also negotiated the sale of a majority
of the war aid from France and Holland, selling bills of exchange to American merchants.
A Key Figure
Solomon became an associate of prominent Philadelphian Robert Morris, a member of
Congress with close ties to Benjamin Franklin. Morris brokered many financial transactions
that helped the revolutionary cause gather steam early on. By the winter of 1780-81 the colonial government was broke and Morris was appointed superintendent of finance. Solomon entered into more than seventy-five financial transactions with Morris between 1781 and 1784.
He was almost the only broker for the sale of bills of exchange -- bonds sold to provide funds
for the war effort and salaries of top government officeholders. Solomon may have backed
many of these with his own assets. Moreover, he was the principal broker for subsidies from
France and Holland to help the American independence effort, and turned over his commissions on these transactions to the cause as well. He was also named an agent for merchandise
that was seized by privateers loyal to the colonists, which he sold to help finance the war.
Records show that Solomon advanced over $211,000 to Morris when the latter was superintendent of finance, and entered into other transactions with the government to the tune of over $353,000. There were also several promissory notes totaling
$92,000. In all, the sum that Solomon advanced to help the war cause was over $658,000,
an amount which was later recognized by Congress as valid. Some of these transactions were in specie (Revolutionary paper), and as such declined considerably in value
after the war. The loans that Solomon advanced to men such as future presidents James
Madison and James Monroe were assumed to have been settled between the parties.
Solomon maintained his Philadelphia brokerage throughout these years, and was also a
devout practitioner of his faith. He was active in the citys Congregation Mikveh Israel, and
once appeared before the Board of Censors to speak in opposition to a religious oath required
of civil servants designed to keep those of the Jewish faith from such jobs. His firm began to
experience financial losses after a 1783 recession, and he planned to relocate to New York City
in 1785. According to one story, he petitioned the government for repayment, and was sent a
sheaf of documents on a Saturday, the Jewish holy day. Solomon would not sign them because
of the Sabbath laws against transacting business. On Monday he fell gravely ill. Other sources
note that he had not yet tabulated the debts and presented his claim officially. What is certain
is that Solomon died on January 6, 1785 in Philadelphia, a death attributed to tuberculosis.
When Solomon died, it was discovered he had been speculating in various currencies
and debt instruments. His family sold them at market rates, which had greatly depreciated because of the weakened state of the American economy in the 1780s. Subsequent generations
misunderstood his truly patriotic actions and appealed to Congress for more money, but were
turned down twice. A myth grew that he had lent the young United States government about
$600,000, and at his death about $400,000 of this amount had not been repaid. This sum was
added to what he really had lent to statesmen and others while performing public duties and
trusts. Jacob Bader Marcus wrote in Early American Jewry that the sum owed to Solomon was
$800,000. That amount in 1785 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $39,264,947,368.42
(using relative share of GDP which indicates purchasing power) in 2005 US dollars.

Ruth Nessim

Israel Update

CJFM Report for June 2008

A Day Out In Palestine

Entrance To Bethlehem

Myself with Abdullah (right of picture)

So much has happened since I last wrote that I thought I would bring you all up to date. Also, I forgot to mention one or two very
interesting events in my last update, or perhaps there was no room to mention them!
This morning I woke around 6 pm, having gone to sleep around midnight. As my mind reflected on the events of the day before, I
found myself crying. I was obviously in some kind of delayed shock, asking myself if it really happened, or was it all a dream? I reached
out for my camera, and yes, there it was, documented on film, as well as firmly implanted in my heart and soul.
A few days ago I had needed a small set of shelves to tidy up the mound of CDs and videos which were piled about 4-5 feet high (one
and a half meters) on my sitting room floor. To say the least, it was a mess. I knew where I could get such shelves, but the store was two
hours away by car. So I prayed. The following day, I realized that my son David had gone to Tel-Aviv and would pass by the store on the
way home. He is not known for his excess of patience, but I plucked up courage and asked him. He said he could not promise but would
try, and if he couldnt, he would donate his to me! The next day he arrived with these beautiful wooden shelves, put them together and
then arranged all the CDs for me, and said it was a gift! Well, I thought, that was a speedy answer to prayer. But Lord, I have tried to
go twice to see Abdel Moti, and the situation was impossible. Please answer this prayer too.
On Shabbat we had a packed house again as many came to the meeting, including about seveb nonbelievers, one of whom asked us to
hold the next meeting in her house, and even offered to provide the lunch! We are going to take her up on her offer for the next Shabbat
meeting on 31st May. About 10:30 that evening, there was a phone call from Pastor Najeeb. He was travelling to Bethlehem on Monday,
all the barriers were now open, and would I like to come?!
I did not sleep too well on Sunday night, and felt quite unwell on Monday morning. Nevertheless, I was on the 8:06 train to Haifa,
where I was picked up by Pastor Najeeb, and we were on our way. Israelis are not strictly allowed to go to Bethlehem, and the situation
can turn volatile at any time. Then there was the little question of getting over the border and past the Israeli check points, never mind
the Palestinians. Abdel Moti had left Jenin at 6 am, and his journey through the check points was, as we were to learn later, horrendous,
apart from the fact that Israeli soldiers confiscated four bottles of olive oil and 10 kilos of cheese which he was bringing for us. They
kindly left him with two bottles of olive oil. Before leaving Jerusalem, we picked up a recovering Arabic drug addict from an Arab village inside of Jerusalem.
We entered Bethlehem through Bet Jalla, going the back way in. To our surprise, the Israeli soldier just waved us in, and before long
there was the Palestinian flag waving in the breeze! Not far down the road, I spotted trucks with Palestinian flags and men sitting in the backs.
I wondered aloud what that could be. Its the Palestinian army, said Najeeb. They are keeping order here. We passed by, and they did
not stop us on this occasion. It was reminiscent of scenes we see on the TV depicting the fighting in Beirut. However, it was otherwise very
peaceful. We called in at the Christian bookstore, where we were served a delicious cup of mint tea, and waited for Abdel Moti to arrive.
Here also another brother was waiting to see Pastor Najeeb. The wife of this gentle Palestinian brother, who was a preacher of the Gospel,
had left him and their five children to live in Sweden. And although he begged her to come back for the childrens sake, and went to Sweden to try to win her over, she refused, and he is absolutely broken. My heart went out to him, and I promised that I would pray for him.
After a while, Abdel Moti arrived, and we were happy to see each other. Then we all went out to lunch in a Bedouin tent. We
had a super meal, as the Arabs know how to cook. Abdel Moti was looking very thin, and had obviously lost a lot of weight. Life
is difficult for them. There is little to no work, and little to no hope for their future. Through Elias, the former drug addict, I was
able to talk to Abdel Moti while Najeeb comforted the other brother. Abdel Moti related how his brothers stay at Rambam hospiJune 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Israel Update Continued

Ruth Nessim

tal had given him a new perspective on life, and he learned things that he had never known before: that Jews and Arabs could love
each other instead of hating. It was then that he began to read the New Testament. He is still amazed that we could care for him.
He joined hands with us in prayer for the afflicted brother and his family. It was difficult to imagine that Abdel Moti was once a
Hamas sympathizer, while his brother was an active fighter. Such are Gods ways. We went to the home of the brother whose
wife left him, and met some of his lovely children. His home was set in its own grounds and was very beautiful and well kept, but
his sadness was palpable. Before we left, he gave each of us a bottle of perfume made from Nard (New Testament Spikenard )
From there we went to see Pastor N. and his beautiful wife. They knew it was my birthday, so they ordered a delicious chocolate gateau
with the words Happy Birthday, Roote. It also had candles, which I had to blow out, and they all sang Happy Birthday. The first piece
of cake was given to me, and I gave it to Abdel Moti. I never in my life imagined that I would ever spend a birthday inside the Palestinian
territories as a guest of honor, with a former Hamas man, and such lovely Palestinian Christians. They, too, have sat through crossfire,
sandbagged their homes, and hoped for better times. We resolved to go on praying for each other and stretching out our hands in friendship.
All too soon it was time for Abdel Moti to return to Jenin. A final hug, and he was gone, leaving me two bottles of olive oil and
With Pastor Ns Wife Selwa

My Birthday Cake

some plums that look like cherries. I then sat and chatted to Selwa, the Pastors wife, and we both could feel that the Lord had brought
us together for a purpose. It was two hearts united.
We made our final farewells, and set out for home. On the way we were stopped by four Palestinian soldiers who saw our Israel
License plates. Where are you from?
Pastor Najeeb greeted them cheerily in Arabic, and told them that we are from Haifa. Where are you going?
Just to visit friends.
They waved us on, and later we came to a bakery. As Najeeb disappeared into the bakery, two soldiers stationed themselves at the
back and the front of the car, while another was seated on the opposite corner. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. They did not look at
us, but their guns were at the ready. I was happy when Najeeb emerged from the bakery, entered the car, and we drove off! A few minutes
later, we passed an Israeli checkpoint. After a brief question, we were allowed to move on, and within seconds we were back in Israel.
We do not know how long the situation will remain calm, but it was good to visit our brothers and sisters over there and to get to
know some of these other sheep who are not of the Jewish fold. Somehow I felt as though I had left part of my family over there, and yet
they were buried in my heart.
We have much more to tell you, but that can wait for next time. Please keep us all in your prayers that we may be found busy about
the Masters service, and please dont forget Abdel Moti, that he may make a total commitment with his wife, as well as his brother. And
remember also our Palestinian brothers and sisters, as well as our work with our Jewish friends.
In Pastor Ns House

May God bless you all.

In Messiahs love,

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Ruth Nessim

Israel Update Continued

CJFM Report for May 2008-Continued

Shalom Everybody!
Greetings from Israel on her 60th Birthday. Of these 60 years, we have been here for 37, and have watched the tremendous development of the country, its survival in numerous wars and terror attacks, and the manifold increase in population in spite of all difficulties. We
have also witnessed the increase in the numbers of believers, the growth in number and size of the congregations (in contrast to the shrinking numbers of believers in Europe!), and the incredible fact that Moslems are coming to the Lord in droves all over the Middle East.
However, there remains much land still to be possessed, and persecution and opposition to believers is increasing, especially in
Beer-Sheva and Arad, and also most recently in Akko (Acre) or ancient Ptolemaeus which is just down the road from us. One in four
Israelis live in abject poverty, many more struggle. One in three children is hungry and often without basic necessities. We have a corrupt
government, and probably the weakest ever, and peace is still a dream for both Israelis and the Palestinians, whose governments are even
With all this in mind, we continue with other believers to spread the word while it is still day, and before the night comes upon us.
Our Shabbat meetings have been well attended, and the mid-week Bible studies, though smaller in number, have been blessed and fruitful. Among those who come to the mid-week studies is Cindy, who is now well over her operation and feels as though she is part of the
family, although she has not yet committed herself.
Last month our organization (CJF Ministries), arranged an eight-day conference in Eilat, which included a fabulous trip through the
Negev, a dip in the Dead Sea, and a visit to Qumran and Ein Gedi. We had a wonderful week of fellowship with workers from all over
the world, including the former Soviet Union, South America, North America, England and Israel. It was great to see what God is doing
in various parts of the world, and that we belong to a large family.
Returning to Nahariya, we learned that our beloved Shirley, our tea maker and translator, had been called Home that very morning.
She was longing to go, but has left a big gap in our fellowship. There were many believers at her funeral, many tears, but wonderful words
of love and encouragement from her family, for whom she had been an example.
The highlight of the month was the Passover celebration. We crammed 26 people into our festively dressed sitting room with tables
decked in blue and white and beautiful flowers. The Menu (apart from the mandatory hard boiled eggs, bitter herbs, salt water, and horse
radish representing the tears and hard labors of our forefathers in the land of Egypt, and Kharoset (representing the mud with which our
forefathers made the bricks there) and other ceremonial delicacies:
Hors Doeuvre: chopped liver and chopped herrings
First Course: Chicken Soup and Kneidelach (dumplings made from matza meal and eggs)
Second Course: Stuffed Chicken (provided by Arab Cooks), Arab vine leaves, roast potatoes, sweet carrots, salads.
Third Course: fruit and non leavened cakes
Of course there were the four ceremonial cups of wine, and after supper the ceremony of partaking of the broken matza and the wine,
from which the communion service is taken.
This, however, was only part of the Passover! Of the 26 people present, two were Lebanese refugees and another six were Arab brothers and sisters from Haifa. The men all wore traditional Jewish head coverings (kippot or yarmulkes). Also present were a number of
Jewish friends; a retired Jewish doctor from London and his wife Cindy; Lydia and Shimon, a Holocaust survivor from Holland brought
by the daughter of the people who had hidden him; and a young Kibbutznik. All of these Jewish friends were overwhelmed by the presence of the kippot-wearing Arabs, and the obvious joy and blessing which was flowing.
After all was finished, Shimon and an Arab brother named Carlos were hugging each other. Several expressed that this was the best
Passover they had ever experienced, and their utter amazement that such a thing could be. The doctors wife said, I know it was sad
that Albert died, but all this has happened as a result, and its only a beginning. The blessing and sweetness of this Passover lingered for

This has also been a time of many visitors, with friends from England, Scotland, Germany, and America sometimes so many that
we had to board two in son Davids house. (He very kindly offered to help us out!) A most interesting visitor was a man originally from
Egypt, a Coptic Christian, who came to faith in the States, joined a Messianic assembly, and has become a friend of Israel! He flew back
to participate in a Passover in North Carolina. We are still expecting a number of visitors before May and early June have passed! We
continue also our program of visitation, hoping shortly to take Old Shoshana out to lunch, as we have had little time to see her lately.
Cindy comes anyway; she will not allow us not to see her! And shortly we hope to try again to get into Bethlehem and visit Abdel Moti
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Israel Update Continued

from Jenin. Lets hope the situation will remain quiet! Please pray about this. We have been able to give a Jesus DVD to our Moslem
gardener, and friends from England have put us in touch with a Druse man who is open to the Gospel. Please ask the Lord to open doors
into these unreached peoples homes and hearts.
We have also had much heartbreak this month, many sleepless nights, and almost a loss of vision and purpose which grieved us
deeply. We cannot divulge any details, but we ask prayer for healing for all concerned. We know we do not fight against flesh and blood,
and that this battle is the LORDs. We thank all of you for your prayers and gifts and interest in Israel. Can you take to heart also our
cousins and neighbors, that God will also open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel, and that as Jewish and Arab believers we can present
a united front for Yeshua. Keep praying for Abdel Moti and his brother who is in need of a new leg as well as a new heart. He can hardly
feed his eight children, and needs about $30,000 dollars for a new leg prosthesis.
God bless you all, and thanks again for being with us in this fight.
With our warm greetings in Yeshua,
Ruth, Avi and Esther.

Once again, our phone numbers and e-mail addresses are:

Home: +972 4 982-6932 Fax: + 972 4 982-6635 Mobile: +972 544-914 017
E-Mail: or


Connecting the Dots . . . . .

US government supporting Islamic colonization schools in American cities
by Bill Wilson
KIN Senior Analyst
The Fairfax, Virginia, board of supervisors has unanimously renewed the lease of county land and facilities within a few minutes of
our nations capital to a flagship Saudi school that is highly suspected of teaching and promoting terrorist fundamentalism to some 900
students from kindergarten through high school.
Supervisor Gerald Hyland, a liberal Democrat, said he didnt have the impression that the Islamic Saudi Academy was doing anything other than teaching young children in a fashion that is to be an example to others.
Hyland, who reviewed the schools curriculum, did not say what type of example the school was trying to teach. He did, however, cop
Islamic dualism by qualifying his statement: I would be less than frank if I didnt tell you that the curriculum does contain references to
the Quran which, if taken out of context and read literally, would cause some concern.
The U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom recommended last October that the State Department shut down the school because it
was thought to be teaching hatred against Jews and Christians and advocating violence.
Of course, the director-general of the academy denies that its textbooks contain such information. He may be correct, as the only book
that needs to contain that information is the Islamic holy book, the Koran. And he would not consider the Koran a textbook.
Nina Shea of the Commission on Religious Freedom was quoted as saying that the problem is far deeper. She said, We are very
concerned, on a partial review of the Saudi Academy textbooks, about some passages that instruct that jihad is the pinnacle of Islam,
that speak about impunity for murders of polytheists or non-Wahhabis, that legitimize the murder of Muslim apostates and that state
the lives of only those non-Muslims living or working under Muslim rule are inviolable.
Shea said there are denunciations of specific religious groups as evil or enemies, and the textbooks blame Jews for divisions within
There is an alarming number of such schools that are following the Muslim Brotherhood plan of Islamic colonization in the United
States. The TIZA School is a charter public school in Inver Heights, Minnesota, that teaches Islamic tradition and is funded by U.S. taxpayers. This school didnt fly the American flag because the schoolmaster said he didnt know how to operate the flagpole.
There are others like it in Ohio, Georgia and California. It is sad that unqualified and treasonous local and state officials allow this
attack on our own government.
Jeremiah 51:14 (NKJV) says, Surely I will fill you with men as with locusts and they shall lift up a
battle cry against you.
T h i s i s a w a r n i n g t o G o d s p e o p l e . I t i s t i m e t o s o u n d t h e a l a r m !


June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Th o s e

Jason C.

Wh o

Russian Report

Trust in YHWH with all your

heart. Proverbs 3:5

M o u rn

Update from Russia, 3. May 19, 2008

Peace I leave with you My
peace I give to you; not as the
world gives do I give unto
you. Dont let your heart be
troubled, nor let it be fearful.
(John 14:27, NASB)
What a rich, rich blessing we have in Jesus
Christ! Jesus gives us His peace a peace
so unlike the false peace that this world
endlessly pursues. And so we shouldnt let
our hearts be troubled, nor should we let
our hearts be fearful. If youre reading this
right now and you have burdens, worries,
stress, and pressure weighing heavily upon
you, take a deep breath, open your Bible to
John 14:27, and let His word minister to
your soul. Actually, I recommend reading
all the way through chapters 14-16. These
chapters have so very many precious truths
contained in them! If we read them with
a heart open to His voice, it is virtually
impossible to close the Bible and not feel
much better than we did before. Jesus
words are so beautiful indeed!
Things are going well here in Pittsburgh,
and the Bible study for my Japanese students is continuing. Thus far, weve had
three lessons concentrating on: the reality
of God and His creating us, the laws God
gives which we all break and the punishment we deserve, and the good news that
through Jesus Christ we can be forgiven
and receive eternal life. Several things
have been striking as weve done these
studies, but perhaps the most astonishing thing to me personally has been to see
that, as a whole, they barely even have any
foundational concepts about God and His
Son, Jesus Christ. Although Ive known
for many years that there are extremely
few Japanese believers, whats recently
been so surprising to see is how even basic concepts which virtually all Americans have heard of and/or believe are
all Greek to them. For example, the idea
of a real God who personally created them
and this whole universe is a huge thing for
some of them to try and grasp. Now I know
we have lots of atheists and agnostics here,
but Ive never encountered a situation with
them like Ive had with my student who
well call T. When we were discussing
God and His creating us recently, T seemed
awestruck to listen to that idea. It was as if

he was completely dumbfounded. Not because T couldnt believe that concept, but
because that was perhaps the first time in
his whole life (hes in his mid-thirties) that
he even heard and considered that idea.
For most Japanese, their religious thoughts
are a mix of Buddhism and Shintoism, and
they have a variety of gods and/or ancestral
helpers they can appeal to. But for many
in Japan, this is much more tradition than
it is actual faith. Its similar to how most
Americans go to church on Christmas and
Easter. And so, in starting this Bible study
with them it seemed wise to first tackle the
three main issues, being: that we personally have a Creator; that He gives laws which
we break and thus deserve His wrath; and
that He loves us so much that He sent His
own Son to die for our sins. Please pray
for these students! Many of them have
heard, more-or-less understood, and perhaps even agreed with many of the things
weve discussed; but once again, many of
these truths from Gods word are radically
new concepts for them to try to grab hold
of. Many (and perhaps most) Americans
are already aware of (even if they dont
believe) the ideas that God created us, that
there is a Heaven and a Hell, what the Ten
Commandments say, that Jesus died on the
cross so God would forgive us, and so on.
In Beslan, I recently called a few of my
friends there, and the Lord blessed us with
good conversation, although one of the
calls was in response to a tragedy. You may
recall reading about Alina, a young teenager who survived the terrorist attack along
with her older brother. Her mom and dad
recently traveled to Moscow, where Alinas
dad had heart surgery but very tragically
died. I called and talked a bit with Alina, as
well as with her mom (Roza), and they are
understandably in a state of shock over this
tragedy. Alinas dad (Oleg) was only about
40 or 45, and I still remember the day we
watched an old movie together just like it
was yesterday. As mentioned already, both
Alina and her older brother (Zaur) were in
the gym for the three days during the 2004
terrorist attack, and they both were wounded especially Alina. She and her brother
went to Moscow for vital medical treatment following the attack, and Roza accompanied them. I believe they were there
for perhaps a month or longer. After they

returned to Beslan, Roza had some sort of

breakdown most likely from all the stress
and anxiety she lived with during the three
days her two children were under the threat
of death, and the following weeks of intense medical procedures in Moscow. Her
husband, Oleg, also had a heart condition.
I dont know if he had it before 2004, but
even if so, Im sure those three days took
a heavy toll upon his health; indeed, heart
problems are quite common to this very
day among those whose children were
hostages during the attack. Alina and her
family are one of the families that Im very
close to, and so I know that her dads early
death has totally thrown them into sorrow
and tragedy. Alina is such a great kid, as
is her brother Zaur. I dont say that in flattery, but that in truth they are two teenagers who are more thoughtful and kind than
many their age are. Alina wants to become
a singer someday, and she dreams or visiting Chicago again and being able to go to
college there. Please pray for Roza, Zaur,
and Alina that Jesus will comfort them,
and help them to rest in the shadow of His
wings. If The Lord places it upon your
heart to send them a sympathy card or gift,
please let me know and I can inform you
as to how to do so. I know this family very
well, and can assure you that a simple card
from you would really touch their hearts.
(* See family photo at end of update.)
I recently got an e-mail from a mom in
Beslan named Svyeta. You may recall
reading about her in the past she was a
hostage during the attack along with her
only child, a daughter. Sadly, her daughter
did not survive. She and her husband have
since adopted a little boy, a cute little kid
named Arsen. (Her husband, Valiko, is the
man who, on my first short visit to Beslan
in spring 2005, asked, Who will stop the
spiritual murder/killing of the Ossetian
people? That was one of the sentences that
just burned in my mind and helped me realize how much Beslan needs Jesus. Their
daughter who was killed Elvira was the
girl who about a month prior to her death
wrote the poem about Gods angel coming
to take her.) Among other things in Svyetas e-mail, she wrote that she and some
others have started to attend an evangelistic church there. This is a huge, huge step
for her! Praise and glory be to Yah! Please
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Russian Report Continued

pray for Svyeta and these others, that they

will fully give their hearts to Jesus Christ.
One other thing Id like to ask prayer for
concerns my dear brother in the Lord from
Senegal, Africa, named Diegane (pronounced JAY-gahn). Hes the one we have
prayed for many times, who had to wait
so many years before marrying the girl he
helped bring out of Islam, due to her fathers insistence that Diegane first convert
to Islam which of course Diegane refused
to do. To the Lords praise, they married
earlier this year, but please keep Diegane
and his wife Marem in your prayers the
following is from an e-mail which he recently sent me:

ay I ask you again to storm Heaven

with prayers for my wife and me?
You know here in Africa, particularly in Senegal, when married and weeks
after having joined her husband, the bride
goes back to her family for greetings. She
can also spend weeks there. This is what
happened with my wife. When the time
came for her to go to say hello to her family, her parents as they got mad at my
refusal to convert took advantage of her
presence there and forbade her to come
back to my town. Our marriage created a
wall between her father and mom. Her father no longer wanted to talk to his daughter, nor to his wife (Marems mother), who
was weeping all the time and in the long
run fell sick. She got fed up with life because of the shame (as they put it) that

our marriage caused them. Temptation of

suicide was dangling over her head. In
such a situation, I got calls from everyone
in the family and relatives begging me to
just fix the situation by accepting to convert to Islam even if I was pretending. I
refused. They kept putting pressure on me
and Marem. Marem could not endure such
pressure, she also was always weeping. It
was difficult for us to leave in peace.... We
kept on praying. So, here is the situation:
Marem is pregnant, by Gods grace, but is
at her familys. I do not want her to stay
there while shes pregnant, and I do not
want her to give birth there but I do not
want to put more pressure upon her. She
does not want to hurt her parents, as some

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

Jason C.

people tried, and reconciled her with her

father. I support her in this difficult situation. Please pray that the Lord speaks to
the parents, mainly to Medoune Paye (Marems dad), who is the major obstacle. Pray
that the Lord call them to His Kingdom like
He did with Saul. Marem will come back,
but she doesnt know when. She told me
that she does not want to give birth there.
Please keep us in your prayers. I have become single once again. This is real spiritual warfare my friend, and we need Gods
direction and support. Thank you!
How wonderful it is that we can take refuge in The Awesome God that we serve, a
God who can do far more abundantly beyond everything that we can ask or think!
No man can oppose His will, and His plans
can be thwarted by none. When we pray
to Him, may we remember to whom we
are praying The Eternal God, Who never
grows weary, and whos still got the whole
world in His Hands.
Jesus Is Lord!
Peace I leave with you My peace I give to
you; not as the world gives do I give unto
you. Dont let your heart be troubled, nor
let it be fearful.
John 14:27

*Urgent Disaster
Appeal For Prayer
Emergency Financial
Assistance For
The unspeakable disaster in
Myanmar, one of the worlds
poorest countries,is an opportunity to
share the love of Jesus as a witness and
testimony toseriously afflicted people
who are in spiritual darkness due to the
demonic bondage of Buddhist superstition compounded byan oppressive
All contributions will be forwarded
to Moriels sister ministry Understand The Times directed by Roger
Oakland which operates an orphanage and Christian training program in
Myanmar similar in kind to Moriels
work in Africa.

Israel, The
Church &
The Jews

Available NOw
New Release!

You may feel

the cross you bear is
too much for you... But
trust the Lord,
he knows what
you are
going through and
has his reasons for
it. Persevere through
the hard
times and they will
benefit you later
in life. Life is too short
for drama & petty things,
so kiss slowly, laugh
insanely, love truly
and forgive

Israel, The Church

and The Jews is a themedassortment of
biblical teaching and essays. It focuses
on providing a biblically-balanced and
comprehensive perspective onthe major aspects of the relationship theologically and historically betweenbiblical
Christianity, Israel, and the Jewish
people both the regenerate and as yet
unregenerate. Covers theerroneous position of super-cessationist Replacement
Theology toits Christian Zionist antithesis; Messianic prophecy tothe origins
of the Gospel withinthe Judaic culture
that produced it;the eschatological and
prophetic implications of contemporary
events in the Middle East, up to and
including the Annapolis Summit. This
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Margret Godwin

Rambling Rose

a testimony by Dennis, so dont miss it.)

The family got together here on
Wednesday, the 7th for Nigels actual birthday (he had a big family due in on the following Saturday). Anyway, it was decided
that as Nigel was getting on in years we
would give him a complete makeover.
Gales of laughter were heard far and wide,
and I produce photographic evidence to
show you just what a wondrous change
this brought about. I think he looks some
20 years younger; see what you think with

Greetings Dear Family in the Name
of Jesus ... from the Land of the Long
White Cloud New Zealand.
o, I have not emigrated! Pam, Vic
and I took the opportunity to have
a two-week break and to come
over to help Nigel (Moriel New
Zealand) celebrate his 73rd birthday. This
is almost becoming an annual event for me.
So currently we are in Napier (East Coast
of the North Island Hawkes Bay area). As
I been heard to say on numerous occasions,
if I did not reside in Victoria and could persuade my family to move I could quite
happily live here. It is a beautiful land.
The Lord has been so very gracious with the weather; it has been perfect except for a day or so of rain. But
coming from our drought-ridden country, one cannot complain about that.
It has been so wonderful to come and
share fellowship with my adopted family
here. It never ceases to amaze me how the
Lord organizes all of this countries apart
and yet praising Him; like-minded people
seeking to serve Him in truth and love. The
fellowship here in Napier may be small
but the move of the Holy Spirit when they
come together is awesome and precious.
As many of you may remember, Nigels wife Jennifer went to be with the
Lord last August, and I felt a little apprehensive coming back this time as our
dear Jen was the hub of the family. But
there was no reason for concern, as she
left three beautiful daughters (all walking with the Lord) to be such a comfort
to their dad. Debbie and her husband
Jonathan, Jacquie and her husband Scott,
Kirsty and her husband Linford, children
Anais, Kezia, Tamysan, and the baby. It is
the most wonderful thing to be on the outside looking in and seeing the whole family like-minded in their love of the Lord.
I would love to pack them up and take
them home with me. We have had daily fellowship with our dear brother Dennis Lyth
(or Denn as he is to us), as well as with
the Nicholson clan. Denn is such a precious brother. (I have included in this issue


the before and after photos! Nigels

brother Rex, and Rexs wife Pam, came
up to Napier to share in the festivities. I
am including a photo of Rex
the didgeridoo.
W e
have been
just over
one week,
head off
for a sixday tour of the top half of the North Island since Pam and Vic, while they have
travelled extensively overseas, have never
been to New Zealand before. There is still
quite a deal of the spectacular autumn
colors around, so it will be a real treat.
Oh yes, one thing I must tell you is
about is the earthquake we experienced
here the other morning. Vic and Pam had
been looking at films of the disastrous
earthquake that decimated Napier in 1931
and they voiced their concern about anJune 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Rambling Rose Continued

other happening. Well would you believe

our gracious hosts ever happy to oblige
-- gave them one at about 4am at 4.5 on
the Richter Scale. Guess who didnt feel a
thing? Yes, I slept through the whole thing!
Although I have reliably been told that they
are a common event and I am sure to get to
experience one, oh joy, oh bliss! I am sure
I could live without the said experience.
While I am over here I have Trish
and Les Martin residing at Shangri-la
Godwin minding my two babies Noah
and Esther. Trish and Les, who are actually Kiwis and lived for a number of
years in Tasmania, now live in their mobile home travelling all around as the Lord
leads them. They delight in sharing Him
with the non-saved. So along with Delsa
they are holding down the fort at home.
Well, dear family, I now have my collar off, the breaks in my neck have all
mended (praise the Lord), and I am now
back driving again (after four and a half
months). Not only did I experience the
incredible miracle of being saved in the
accident, but after a great deal of prayer
the Lord produced a really great replacement vehicle. And would you believe,
its the same model and color as my last

Margret Godwin

grim Fellowship we received some for

a dear sister in South Australia recently.
I was asked to speak to several groups
when I returned from the last trip, and
we now have ladies in our town joining
in. I am including some photos for you.
Doesnt it almost blow you away
when you see the Lords hand in all of
this and the opportunities it affords to
speak of Him? He is just so delicious!
Well, dear family, it is time for me
to draw this to a close as I need to get
the bags packed and cook dinner for
some 14 of the clan tonight the very
best New Zealand lamb, which they
tell me is the best lamb in the world. Of
course, I dont believe the Aussie lamb
can be beaten, but I will give you my totally unbiased opinion in the next issue.

Our knitting program for the children in

the Squatter Camp (across the road from
Ebyown in South Africa)

God Bless and keep you my dears,

In Christ, Marg
P.S. Pam & Vic also send their love to
you all.
P.P.S. Guess what? We are home
again. I had intended to have the newsletter
printed while I was away, but my computer
network crashed so I had to postpone the
mail out.
Thank you to all those who so patiently waited for their resource orders: we
have managed to get 90% of them out this

one. On top of that, my dear brother

Adrian Trudiou and his wife Violet gave
me a gift of personalized number plates.
Thank you my dears; it is amazing how
many people ask me what the name is about.
We had dreadful storms in Victoria last
month. The wind was so fierce that it ripped
the skylights off my veranda. But praise
the Lord no one was hurt. Other people
experienced some dreadful damage, some
losing their homes when huge trees fell
on them and absolutely demolished them.
Being so far away from home I am trying to think about what else has been happening. Oh yes, our knitting program for
the children in the squatter camp (across
the road from Ebyown in South Africa) is
going well and we have been able to send
two boxes full in the past month along
with little hats, booties, and little dollies.
It is so very cold over there at present
(much the same as our weather here), but
of course they live in sheets of tin and very
little to keep them warm no heaters or
proper fireplaces; just a hole in the ground.
Apart from the ladies at our Pil34

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

One of our readers (Trish Martin) spent

almost an entire day recently checking
for typos and spelling errors in our Mini
Catalogue. I was amazed at just how many
there were and as such have decided to
hold a competition. The person who finds
the most errors will receive a very special
prize. BUT to enter you must list legibly
the error and the page it is on. PLEASE
DO NOT cut up your mini catalogue; they
are too expensive and important resource.
So I expect to be absolutely deluged
with entries OK.
I especially look forward to a list from
Owen, Lorraine & Celia you know who
you are!!!!!!!
New Zealand Lamb V
Australian Lamb
I know you will be anxious to know the
outcome of just who has the better lamb.
Sorry folks; it was a dead heat Truly!
I think as I am getting older I am recalling
some of my mothers lessons on diplomacy!
Bye again! In Christ, Marg

Midlands Bible
Accredited Theological studies by
Open & Distance Learning

As a lecturer at MBC, Jacob Pasch

recommends the College as a place of
study for those wishing a more in-depth
understanding of Gods Word. Distancelearning Bible courses ranging from
beginner through to fully accredited
degree-level are available in either
electronic study pack or traditional
cassette and printed notes format.
The Midlands Bible
St. Johns Square
(United Kingdom)

Australian Report

Margret Godwin

Hello Dear Family Greetings in the
Name of Jesus
As I mentioned in The Rambling
Rose, I am currently in New Zealand as
I write this.
When we were at the Melbourne International Airport enroute to Wellington I
noticed a great number of Orthodox Jews
& Muslims. I remarked to Vic that we
were the only Aussies around (and he and
Pam are only by adoption as they are both
Poms). Anyway, Vic tried to talk to the
Jews who were right beside us about Jacob,
Moriel, etc., but they laughingly gave us a
wide berth. And, of course, the Muslims
kept very much to themselves. After a little
while the Jewish people left to catch their
flight. Then, all of a sudden, a group of
about thirty people gathered in a circle and
began to pray quite audibly. They were of
Eastern European descent (Ukraine or Romanian) and they prayed for about twenty
minutes. My spirit soared as I recognized
so many of the words. As I looked at them I
noted their faces were aglow. Finally, their
prayers drew to a close and they moved off
to catch their flight.
It came to my mind that, so many times
when we are together publicly, we almost
whisper a prayer, especially when we say
grace in a caf or restaurant.
I do not want to sound judgmental,
but I do want to encourage each of us to
be bolder as we never know who may be
around and just who could be encouraged
or uplifted by hearing the name of Jesus
lovingly spoken.
Conferences and Meetings
for 2008
We are very excited about the forthcoming conference with Jacob in Melbourne in July. Although other ministries
have held them in the past, this is a first
for Moriel. We ask you to pray that it
goes well and will be the first of many to
come. What is even more exciting is the
fellowship that we will share; so many

people nowadays have very few others with whom they can come together.
The complete program is on the colored flyer in the center of this issue.
For Jacobs conference we have
people coming from New Zealand,
Qld, WA, and a bus load from Adelaide, which just adds to the excitement.
The meetings for Dave Royle in August
& Dr. Calvin Smith in September will be in
a separate mailout so do watch your church
mail board and, of course, your mailbox.
Mini Catalogue (Australia &
Asia Pacific Only)
Judging from the response from the
previous issue, you liked the mini catalogue stapled in the center of the magazine. I suggest that you remove it now
as it will be awhile before we issue a
larger edition. Of course we will highlight new teachings in current issues.
Prayer for Dave Royle and
the children at Ebyown
Dave has been in dreadful pain for quite
some time but now the specialists have
found quite a deal of arthritis in his back.
So they are going to inject directly into his
spine to hopefully relieve the pain for twelve
months. Please keep him in your prayers.
A couple of weeks ago I received an
e-mail from Dave in which he was so
distressed it would seem that he and Lyn
had to take one of our new little girls,
SPhewi (who suffers with CP), into the
hospital. She was vomiting blood, and they
thought she may have had a gastric ulcer.
This little lamb is fed through a stomach
tube and requires quite a deal of nursing.
Hygiene is most critical. When Dave &
Lyn went to visit her she was still in the
same nappy as the day before, and was
lying in blood-soaked sheets. There were
live and dead cockroaches on the floor
and walls, along with dirty swabs and
syringes all around. Dave was so rightfully angry, and this is a little of his message. When he demanded that the floor be

cleaned he noted that the bucket and mops

were dirtier than what was on the floor.
He was speaking to lady who had
given birth to a son there in 1994. At that
time the hospital was a shining beacon of
health care for all the community. What
she found now, due to severe cutbacks,
is overworked and demoralized staff. On
this particular public holiday there was
one doctor covering pediatrics and ICU.
I am not blaming the hospital, nor
am I blaming the staff. Most we met really cared and were dealing with a bad
situation. I blame the ANC. The ANC
promised the people of South Africa
so much 14 years ago: better housing, jobs, healthcare, policy making.
Instead, what do we have but millions
in squatter camps, mass unemployment, a crime wave that makes Sodom
& Gomorra look like tinsel town, and
a health system that hands over dead
babies in plastic carrier bags to grieving mothers, and is barely able to keep
a sick child by providing basic needs.
Mind you, the ANC can spend BILLIONS ON THE 2010 WORLD CUP.
It can provide Mbeki with a 90 million
rand security wall around his palace.
It can provide jets for taking him all
over the world in luxury, and billions
for a parliament riddled with rapists,
abusers and fraudsters. Lord knows
what will happen when the polygamist
Jacob Zuma comes into power, a man
charged with rape & fraud.
In the last ten years there have been
120,000 unsolved murders. untold rapes
and hijackings, and now a crime infrastructure that has had little investment
during the last 14 years. Thank God
that here at Ebyown we have been provided by our supporters with a generator that can kick in when needed. Yet for
the last 8 years we have been touched
by every aspect of the decline of a once
godly nation taken prisoner by every political leader and his nsongoma (witchdoctor). The government and the world
have made promise after promise. But
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly



Steve Doughty/Andy Dolan

what use is a politicians promise to a

sick child lying in a government bed?
Thank you Moriel supporters. Because of your support, through Jesus,
we can be the voice and the practical
hands for these children wherever we
find them. The tragedy is (and something
I believe God will judge), if all those
who claim to be Christian in this land,
just did a LITTLE something, then the
tragedy we are facing could be averted.
Dear family does that not break your
heart, it surely does mine.
Sad Loss
Just as I was preparing to leave for NZ
the news came through that our dear friend
Terry OBrien had gone to be with the Lord
(2nd May). Terry had been ill for quite a
long time and had gone to his final reward.
He has been a great friend to me and my
son Peter. He was a man I respected, and
he was a man of immense integrity. He and
my Ross (when meeting each other for the
first time) became immediate friends and
spent many long hours righting the wrongs
of the world, discussing government, airplanes (for which they had a great passion), flight, and so much more. I have 27
years of lovely memories of times shared.
While he is at peace now, Terry will
be greatly missed by his family and
huge circle of friends. Our most loving
thoughts and prayers are with Maureen,
Frank, Chrissy, Daniel, Cody and Sharnie.
Well, my dears, it is time to draw this to
a close. I am so looking forward to seeing
so many of you at the conference (the rest I
will have to wait to see in the air or Heaven).
God Bless you
In Christ,

Cartoon of the QUARTER !

You cant preach the Bible here,

(What a community policeman told two Christians)
By Steve Doughty and Andy Dolan/June 2, 2008

Two Christian preachers were stopped from handing out Bible extracts by police because they were in a Muslim area, it was claimed yesterday. They say they were told by
a Muslim police community support officer that they could not preach there and that attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity was a hate crime. The community officer is
also said to have told the two men: You have been warned. If you come back here and
get beat up, well, you have been warned. A police constable who was present during the
incident in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham is also alleged to have told the preachers not to return to the district. It comes amid growing concern over the development of
Islamic no-go areas.
The preachers, Americans Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham, are demanding
an apology and compensation from West Midlands Police. They say their treatment breaks
the Human Rights Act, which guarantees freedom of religious expression. The preachers,
who have the backing of the Christian Institute pressure group, say they will take the force
to court for breaching their human rights if they dont receive an apology. They have accused the officer, PCSO Naeem Naguthney, of behaving in an aggressive and threatening
manner. A complaint by their lawyers said he interrupted as they spoke to Muslim youths
about their beliefs.
Mr Abraham, 65, who was born a Muslim in Egypt and is a convert to Christianity,
said: He told us we were trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and that that was a hate
crime. He was very intimidating and it concerns me that somebody holding his views can
become a police officer, albeit at PCSO level.
Mr Cunningham, 48, a fellow American Baptist missionary, said: He realised we
were Americans and then started ranting at us about George Bush and American foreign
policy. He said we were in a Muslim area and were not allowed to spread our Christian
message. He said he was going to take us to the police station.
Mr Cunningham added: I am dumfounded that the police seem so nonchalant. They
seem content not to make it clear that what we were doing was perfectly legal. This is a
free country and to suggest we were guilty of a hate crime for spreading Gods word is
According to a complaint by the mens lawyers, Mr Naguthney summoned two other
officers in support, one of whom, a full constable, is said to have told the men not to return
to the area.
Mr Naguthney, 30, was recruited as a community support officer last year after being
unemployed for eight months. Earlier this year, he had a prominent role at a conference to
launch the West Midlands branch of the National Association of Muslim Police. He gave
a reading from the Koran before the audience heard a recorded contribution from Gordon
Brown, a speech from Home Office Minister Tony McNulty, and contributions from several chief constables. Mr Naguthney declined to discuss the row. His brother, Nadeem,
said: Naeem is a community man, that is why he joined the police.
The Alum Rock area was at the heart of a terrorism inquiry last year, which ended with
the conviction of local resident Parviz Khan for plotting to kidnap and behead a British
A senior Church of England bishop, the Right Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, warned
recently that it is hard for non-Muslims to live and work in some areas where radicals and
clerics are trying to impose an Islamic character. A West Midlands Police spokesman said
an investigation into the complaint had concluded that the PCSO had acted with the best
of intentions when he intervened to diffuse a heated argument between two groups of
men. A statement added: Following this investigation, the PCSO has been offered guidance about what constitutes a hate crime and advice on communication style.
Find this story at
Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard & Metro Media Group 2008 Associated
Newspapers Ltd


June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

South Africa News

Salvador Ung Hayworth

By Salvador Ung Hayworth


Wed 30th April, Day 1

We both had a difficult night -- restless
and not much sleep being accomplished - the night before coming to KwaZulu Natal. My mind was constantly ticking over
despite prayers rendered to God. This trip
to visit Phumulani and our friends would
be the shortest to date -- just Wednesday
to Saturday. Di and I decided that since we
have bought our car we want to try and take
more trips there in order to support Phumulani. I had made phone contact with the
Coastal Assemblies of God pastor called
Jaques Grobelaar in the local town of Vryheid, who has a small group of people meeting in his home. I was quite excited about
this meeting because here was an Afrikans
guy who has a real heart for black people
and actually wants to mix with them for the
Gospels sake -- for the sake of Christ Jesus. I had forgotten to put petrol in the car
the previous night so we had to go some extra kms into Springs to fill up. This worked
out in our favor as Masese had left her
medication at Allen and Sues home. Thus
we could collect them and drop them back
at her home on our way to KwaZulu Natal.
Although this was a short trip, the car
was packed full, especially now that we had
a Cadac stove and a gas bottle for cooking.
We had packed sandwiches and also a supply of snacks for fat man (check out our
last mission trip diary if you dont get it).
We had been warned about the amount
of potholes along the way, and were told
to be careful. I was very attentive because
the road to Standerton was especially bad,
and I was determined to drive that stretch
and not Di because I knew how bad it was.
I did really well in dodging them until I
came up to a practical crater, tried to dodge
it, and hit the back right wheel. There were
four other vehicles pulled over, obviously
caught by the same trap. When we pulled
over we could hear the loud hiss of the air
escaping to its freedom and the tire looking deflated -- which was just how I was
feeling. We tried to put the spare on with
our jack which lacked a turning rod. So we
used the arm of our can opener. It got to
a certain point and then collapsed. I drove
further, praying for Gods mercy in the
midst of my frustration, and pulled over to
where there was more of a hard shoulder.
We tried to get the jack under again but it
was too big to fit under the car. Di spied

Weds 30TH April- Sat 3RD May, 2008


a house of the side of the road but I was

feeling a bit too proud to go ask for help.
However, I relented. The padlock on the
gate was unlocked but hooked to hold the
chain together. I opened it and went inside.
I was about to close it when a dog came
out, sniffed, and came towards me. I went
out, closed the gate, put the padlock back
on, and told the dog, Its ok. I walked
around wanting to attract the attention of
the person inside, but to no avail. I went
back to the dog and asked the dog to bark,
to get his masters attention. Bark Dog!
It didnt even growl. Alas, I didnt
know the word for bark in Afrikaans !!!!
However the owner did appear Huir
More I said, and explained what had happened. Very kindly he lent me his jack and
told me to throw it back over the fence
when we finished with it. He was on night
shift and wanted to sleep. Thus we got to
Vryheid rather late and to Phumulanis
even later. I had been hoping to visit some
people in the afternoon but we managed
only to get to Phumulanis at 5:00pm.
I didnt feel the excitement that I
felt on the last trip; rather there was
a normality about it as if I was going
back home after a short holiday. In fact,
both Di and I felt quite at home during
the trip. Phumulanis dogs didnt even
sniff at us when we got out of the car.
Back to the beautiful countryside, basic
living and a quietness that stills the soul.
Thurs 1st May, Day 2
Wow! Eleven hours sleep! I cant believe it; we must have been tired. This
morning we were due to visit Jacques
in Vryheid, I had hooked up our stove
while Di was reading in bed. I made
some sweet porridge with Mealie meal
boiled with milk and sugar. But I figured that if Id made it with more milk
and water I could have fed more people.
We went to Vryheid hoping that we
could find the Christian bookshop open
so we could buy some Zulu commentaries
and a Zulu exercise book for Di. However,
there was a slim chance of that since it was
a bank holiday. We went to check out Phumulanis exams results at the college but
his results were not yet published. From
there we headed straight to Jacques house.
We had a wonderful time of fellowship
as Jacques shared with us what the Lord

had been teaching their group from their

sharing and from the Scriptures. This had
been confirmed at their churches convention and resonated with my heart -- how we
need to wait on the Lord and allow Him to
lead us and teach us. Through the course of
the conversation, Phumulani shared a little
of his testimony, but wanted to wait and
pray before sharing what might be on his
heart. I shared my hearts desire for these
areas and Jacques said that he felt a witness to that which a good number of other
people have had. Also, we found out that
the Salvation Army officer with whom I,
Caleb and Sophie made good friends with
(Captain Doug Hammond), was actually
a regular attendee of Jacques Bible study
group. I was amazed because we had never heard of Coastal Assemblies being in
Vryheid before. Di felt encouraged by the
meeting and thought that any relationship
formed with this group would definitely
be two-way. Sadly, we didnt get to meet
Jacques wife. An invitation was given to
Phumulani that if there was any need for
prayer or fellowship to contact them. We
were also invited to stay with them for a
night the next time we visited the area.
We headed back to Phumulanis place
for lunch and I made a batch of popcorn to
take to a place called Khambi. The previous time we had visited there I promised
that we would bring popcorn and share
in a Bible study together. Along the way
Di made me stop the car so that she could
capture some of the beautiful rolling hills
and the population of innumerable trees.
We drove through the Khambi village.
On either side of the road lay a high school
and primary school. We drove down to
where our friends live, which was at the
bottom of a rocky tract. I drove down very
carefully, not wanting to burst anything
else on this trip. When it was impossible to
go any further I parked on a small grassy
verge. A sound of singing came from one
of the huts, and out came Nomusa. Nomusa was one of the regular attendees of
the Bible study Caleb and I ran in this
area. The last time I saw her she had starting training to become a nurse, but she
had stopped because there wasnt enough
money to continue her training. We went
with her into the house. Lena, a member
of her Bible study, had just gotten married
so there where many gifts of blankets and
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


South Africa News Continued

pots around that had been given to the family by her husband. We brought the popcorn in with warm greetings and proceeded
to share a Bible study. They phoned a girl
called Mphume, who brought her child, and
we sat and talked through John chapter 1.
An interesting discussion started concerning a Zulu false prophet called Isaiah
Shembe. As a reaction against some Europeans derogatory attitude toward black
people, even going as far as saying they
have no soul, Isaiah Shebe declared that
Jesus was the Messiah for the white people
but he, Shembe, was the black messiah.
Thus his sect that continues long after his
death states that Shembe is the way. I asked
them if it was possible that Shembe was
the way. Nomusa, an active member of the
local Salvation Army, said that she thought
so. Upon looking at John 14:6, she said
that Isaiah Shembe couldnt be the way.
I told them that our friend Caleb, with
whom I used to work, was thinking of a short
mission trip next year and they may get to
see him. They were very happy to hear this.
It was late when we left and we didnt
want Phumulanis mum to worry about
where we were.
Though these people had heard the
Gospel before, there is still a lack of Bible
teaching and really dealing with the religious beliefs that have captivated their
hearts and minds. Because a bridal price is
unaffordable, many couples, even within
churches like the Salvation Army, have
children out of wedlock. It is not just Bible
teaching the people need, but also good
Christian examples of marriage and child
raising. This is the way biblical discipleship is supposed to work -- through doctrine and life. How many teachers have we
listened to in our Christian walk? And how
many of those teachers have opened up their
lives with us and let us observe their walk?
Fri 2nd May, Day 3
This morning I made a huge amount of
porridge mixed with tin fruit. Phumulani
mum was being given a lift somewhere so
I rushed out with a bowl for her to take on
her way. It is such a peaceful and simple
life in this place. The local people get up
early while it is still very dark. Celanis
husband goes to work for a local farmer
but the job is not stable. One week there
might be work, and the other week, none.
Phumulani is responsible for milking Celanis cows, and after that returns to milk
his own. It is cold and dark when he goes,
but then the sun rises and the only work
to do is to keep home. The girls job will
be to draw and bring water from the river.
Though there is cooking and cleaning, set
the fires, etc. This is done at a slow pace.
So we started the day with a visit to

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

the family who had given us a mat for our

baby boy, whenever he comes. We had
promised in our last visit to bring them
some kiwi fruit. This time I boldly asked
if I could share the Bible with her. She
agreed, and I strongly tackled the subject of ancestral spirits while expounding
the Gospel. Just as the day before, when
speaking about Isaiah Shembe and dealing with ancestral spirits, though she said
she believed in them, she didnt show any
signs of reacting against what was said.
The children in her home even wear bands
for these spirits. But she was interested,
and tried her best to answer the questions
I gave, till we got the conclusion that God
disapproved of this practice. We will try
to catch up with her next time we visit.
Our next visit was with a lady that
Phumulani knew of. In fact we had visited
her once upon a time when Caleb, Sophie,
and I lived at the auction yard. She attended a Lutheran Church that was in the area.
She said she was saved, and she welcomed
us into her large home. In fact there had
been quite a development in the area. More
western type houses had been built out of
breeze block. There were still mud huts
around, but I reckon this will become more
of an anomally as time passes. Phumalani
explained some information concerning
this lady and asked me to share. I said that
there is only one true Gospel but there
are different false gospels around. I said I
would share with her, but she must test my
words by Scripture itself. She got her Bible
and was trying to follow what was said, but
her eyes couldnt read the small print; you
could see her heart for the Scriptures because she persevered to read and follow.
While I was speaking she stopped
us as there were noises coming from the
back. She explained it was her children
who were afraid to come in to listen to the
Gospel, so they were trying to hide. So off
she went, and about five minutes later the
matriarch of this clan had all four children
marched into the room and sitting down,
nervously laughing at each other. Even
with their discomfort, twitching and shaking there was obedience to their mother,
and that was a lovely thing to see. By the
end of sharing and asking numerous questions they seemed to have settled down and
they understood the contents of the Gospel.
We headed back to Phumulanis for
a late lunch before going to visit Celani.
I had to confess to her that I had misplaced a letter that she had asked me to
send to the UK, I felt dreadful, about
it. She was gracious and forgiving and
still entrusted me with a letter for Sophie
(which we sent off as soon as we got back).
Celani and Di seemed to have a longer conversation, with Di trying to use the

Zulu words she had learned and Celani

asking her questions. We spoke about a
guy who wanted to put up a tent in Eastmine. It seems that as soon as Caleb and
Sophie had left the area, this guy and another guy had expressed desires for Phumulanis church to sit under their authority. Two different people seeking power.
There is only one problem: it isnt Phumulanis church, but the Lords church.
And the Lord said that the greatest among
you shall be the servants of all. The tent
guy wanted them to sit under him so that
he would minister and they would watch,
but the elders of a church should be there
to provoke the believers into doing works
of service and not to do it all themselves.
Sat 3rd May, Day 4
The last day of this short trip made me really think. For unlike other trips, we just felt
it to be comfortable. Though we were only
there for a few days, I felt I hadnt really
left the area and that I wasnt really leaving
it. It had a homely feel to the place. When
I first had returned in 2006/7 and when Di
and I visited in 2007/8 it had a sadness when
it came to leaving. No sadness was there
on this departure. It was just a matter of
packing and breakfast. Because the shops
were closed on the thursdays we wanted
to get to Vryheid before they closed so we
were determined to leave at 11. Phumulani
was taking the kids club because Celani
had shopping to do for the family. I played
football with Celanis son and Di played
netball with the girls until the kids arrived.
Phumualani started the class with songs
, a few were song which I had not heard
before. There was reading of scripture and
grilling the children through the memory
verse.There were only about 7 or 8 children
this week. It was just like old times when
sometimes we would have over 20 kids and
other times we would have less than 10.
Unfortunately we didnt get to sit
through the whole class due to time. When
we got to Vryheid we waited in a long
queue to withdraw money, while being entertained by a drunk guy in front wanting
to cause trouble.
We managed to purchase 38 commentries in Zulu for the church in Springs
which could be used for bible studies and
aids for Zaks bible teaching. As we drove
closer to Springs the weather changed, we
returned home to a cold evening so deceided to leave the car packed until the morn.
Proverbs 4:7 (NIV) Wisdom is supreme;
therefore get wisdom though it cost all you
have, get understanding.
Yvarechecha Adonai

Allen & Sue

South Africa News


May 2008


Dear friends,
For some time now I have been thinking about three verses in Psalm 90 (verses2b, 12 and 17):
Even from everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God.So teach us to number our days, That we may present to Thee a heart of wisdom.
And let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us; And do confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands. [NASB].
Our lives consist of days that bear eternal significance in the lives of those we love, care for, teach, witness to, and so on. As we yield
our lives to God to teach us how best to serve Him each day, He gives us the wisdom to do so. We also rely on Him to give permanence to
what we do, thus seeing fruit in the lives of those with whom we have to do. Children, particularly young ones, keep ones feet firmly on
the ground with the demands of the day a constant reminder to carefully weigh what is important, and draw on the wisdom of God. One
also realizes the significance of being faithful in small increments of time that are consistently being laid one upon another to produce the
desired effect one seeks. For example, by faithfully giving our HIV-positive children their ARVs daily, we significantly halt the progress
of the virus in their bodies. If we choose to be unwise and sporadically miss some doses, we create a very real threat of resistance to their
treatment, ill health and a shortened life expectancy. So it is with our faith. If we play fast and loose with the Truth and fail to demonstrate
observable love to those we hope to reach and the people we are in relationship with, there exists a real possibility that we contribute to
a resistance in people seeking the Lord. Regardless of what the future holds, the Lord would have us be faithful in the task set before us.
A few weeks ago Dianne asked me if we could assist a foster mom and her twelve-year-old daughter whom she is in contact with on the
informal settlement Kwazenzele. This is where she and Salvador are sharing the Gospel and bringing assistance where they can. Masesi is HIVpositive and had just started ART in November last year. She weighed only 22kg and, as it turned out, she had pneumonia and chronic lung
disease. We took her to my pediatrician, had x-rays taken, and started her on a course of antibiotics and treatment with a nebulizer. She stayed
with us for two weeks, then returned home. We thank the Lord for her recovery and that she is also TB free. Masesi has also gained two kilograms in weight, and it is a joy to see her appetite improve. I am presently home schooling Masesi with my children as she was experiencing
hurtful taunting by the other children at the school she was attending because of her thinness, and was rejected because she is HIV-positive. She
has a strong desire to learn and works at her lessons diligently. My children are very gracious to her and have happily included her in their lives.
Mother-to-child transmission is still unacceptably high in sub-Saharan Africa due to poor resources. With the correct procedure and treatment, transmission can be dramatically reduced. It is with anger and frustration that one responds to some of the erroneous hopes proffered to
a people decimated by a pandemic that bears numerous implications to those with HIV and their families. Some time back I was asked to read
a so-called prophecy and comment on it. One of the predictions was that HIV would be driven out of South Africa. My question is: Where
exactly into a herd of pigs? Then what into the sea? What nonsense. HIV is not a spirit; it is a virus with huge implications both physically
and spiritually. Please pray for all those who are faithfully working at the coal face of HIV, that they would not lose heart in doing right, for in
due time they will reap their reward. [Gal. 6:9].
We give thanks to the Lord for the health of all our HIV-positive children at this time. They are all stable on their treatment and busily doing
what children do. Music continues unabated, with Lizzie writing pre-grade-1 university exams with UNISA for piano, and Trinity London exams
for recorder. Please pray for her as she prepares for them.
Thabo is playing recorder, Ruth piano, and Ernest guitar. Ernest and Ruth are playing soccer for the local football club and Walter participates in the practices. Rosie has just had a new splint made for her hand as the other one was too small. It gives her far greater movement
for her fingers. We had Benjamins hearing tested by an audiologist as we were concerned by a heightened sensitivity to sound. Fortunately
it is not too elevated, and the rest of his hearing is fine. Due to concerns of Walter still being a nonreader at twelve years of age, we had him
assessed. The report places him at a moderate retardation level with an IQ of below 50. It was also suggested that we see a neurologist to rule
out petit mal seizures. We will do so in the near future. My focus for his learning has changed, and at the moment he is following a preschool
curriculum with the five younger children as a remedial program. Please pray for him and for us to have wisdom regarding direction for his
future. We are focusing on dramatically improving reading skills with the older children and were also spending a lot of time with math.
With winter upon us, Lizzie, Thoko and Masesi are knitting scarves for family members. Whenever Allen sees them knitting he says, Hello
grannies, and they protest loudly.
Our vegetable garden has been great this year with the encouragement of Pam in Australia, and our hens gave us lots of eggs. Our rooster
nearly landed in the pot when he attacked Allen, leaving puncture marks in his leg.
We were very blessed to have gone on holiday for a week in December last year, generously provided for by friends. It was to a game park
called Marloth Park next to the Kruger Park. The children swam every day and we saw a lot of game. Zebra came into the garden and the children
patted them. Monkeys came into the house and stole an apple. We also had a warthog walk through, and we saw a lot of giraffes. Many of the
animals had young and it was a memorable time for the children.
Our seven older children were baptized in water, and we thank the Lord that we have the privilege of sharing our faith with them. Please
continue to pray for Allen in his endeavor as he has experienced numerous problems setting up wireless internet.
Thank you all for your prayers, love and support and thank you for taking the time to read this letter. As we labor together, may we give our
Lord all the glory. I would like to leave you with a quote from the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine, Summer 2008 issue:

In 2006 more than half a million children were newly infected with HIV, most from mother to child transmission in resource- limited
countries. The global figures are staggering: every day, 1400 children under the age of 15 die from AIDS-related illnesses. Of the 2.3 million
children currently infected with HIV, most will die without treatment within the 1st 5 years of life-more than half before the age of 2. Even
children not infected with HIV are affected by the epidemic: 15 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS, and these children are
more likely to experience poverty, homelessness and early death.
He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker. But he who is gracious to the needy honours Him.
Proverbs14:31. [NASB].

May the Lord bless you, keep you, make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.
Allen and Sue
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Moriel South Africa

David Royle

Moriel Missions
Dear Friends,
Greetings in the wonderful name of
Jesus our Messiah and Savior.
We have all had a very busy and exciting month, with me going to the UK
on itinerary and also receiving friends
from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. I
will tell you more about this later.
As usual, if you want to see pictures
of the ministry associated with this newsletter then please visit our googlepage at
Jacobs Tour
The tour begins this week, and we
are very excited about having Jacob with
us. It seems only five minutes since his
Christmas visit, and yet the last six months
have been filled with exciting things.
Ebyown Childrens Home:
Lettie our New
Ebyown Child
The last two weeks have been very
busy with the visit of Manny and Kelly
Mance from Pittsburgh, who came to
help us acquire our new home for children with physical and mental challenges. On Sunday afternoon the house was
finished, and on Sunday evening Simphi-


June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

we, Deven moved in. Today Lettie arrived,

ensuring that the house is already full.
Manny is a highly skilled worker and
can do anything in construction. He runs
his own business in Pittsburgh. Moriel
wants to thank him and ask the Lord to
bless him, as he had no income while on
this trip and paid his own way. May the
Lord bless him double. Also, Mannys
wife Marilyn had an emergency gall bladder surgery while Manny was over here,
and we were in constant prayer for her. To
say the least, he was quite concerned, but
Marilyn came through the surgery and is
recovering nicely and is relieved to have
Manny back home. Thanks Manny and
Marilyn and Kelly.
This is a four-bed unit for disabled
children, and will house three children and
house parents. It has been designed with
the extra room needed for wheelchairs, and
also with ramps at the front of the house
and at the rear emergency exit. We had come to fit bathroom and kitchen units, and our electrician Rudy wired
the place ready for use. Thank you to all
concerned who have made this possible
Lettie is 13 years old and has Cerebral
Palsy. She cannot walk unaided and is totally dependent for all her physical needs.
The children will be looked after by our
house mums, Victoria and Mary, during
the evening and early morning, and will
attend our school during the day. As you
can imagine, Lettie and the others require
a lot of special care, and this is expensive.
Please find it in your hearts to sponsor Lettie and give all our children the home that
God says they should have.
We would like to purchase for all our
wheelchair users a special vehicle for taking them and the others for doctors appointments and day trips. This would be a
valuable asset for the ministry and would
cost in the region of $30,000 or 15,000
sterling (R220,000). Thanks once again
for your prayerful support and for ensuring that the children that man gives up on
can find love and nurture with a Christian
Our other young lady, Simphiwi, who
also suffers with CP and who is fed through
a PEG, was admitted to Far East Rand hospital. The staff was great, but the hospital
battles underfunding. So it was quite dis-

tressful at times to see the poor environment that both nurses and patients have to
battle. We were glad to see Simphiwi home
and well again.
Paulina still waits for permission to
remove a bone in her foot. This has now
taken eight months and is an example of
the things we have to battle against with
social services.
Luke had a nasty lump on his shoulder
due to a swollen gland, and Baden, who is
lactose intolerant, managed to steal some
cheese from the top of one of the kids
Pizza. He ended up quite unwell with a terrible tummy.
Prudence really has a talent for baking. Her cornbread is the best I have tasted.
Who knows, she may be Ebyowns future
Nthombi, Siphiwe and Jo have all
been well this month, for which we praise
God. Deven has had several seizures but
has stabilized in the last week.
Lyn and I have had a fair month. We
were due to go on five-days leave but the
xenophobic troubles began on Kwazinzele.
And although it was not the worst hit area,
there were some shacks burnt down and
gunshots heard on several occasions. So
we thought it prudent not to go at that
time. I (Dave) have been diagnosed with
Arthritis of the spine with some slightly
prolapsed discs, and have been given cortisone. Apart from that, we are doing well.
Christopher is also well and is looking forward to travelling.
Our other children are all doing fine.
We now have Deven and our new girl
Siphiwe on a new regime under the supervision of Heidleburg Hospital. Once a
month they go for a visit to the dietician,
speech therapist, and physiotherapist.
We also welcome to our team our new
House Mum, Mary, from Lesotho. She will
be working the opposite shift to Victoria
after some training.
This last month also saw Dave preaching in the UK. Thank you for all who supported his meetings. Dave is also visiting the UK from June 25th to July 15th,
if you want to meet with him. His UK
contact is 0161 737 2996 or cell phone
Our health has not been too bad. Dave,
though, has been diagnosed with Arthritis

David Royle

on his C spine and lumbar spine areas, and

is undergoing hydrocortisone treatment.
Lyn is having a course of antibiotics at the
moment, so please pray for them as the
winter months arrive.
Chris will be taking leave from July
16th to visit friends and family in the UK
for three weeks. Again please pray for
Chris as he takes a well deserved rest.
One of the best gifts we have received
was a generator that we reported on last
year. With the South African power crisis
now in full swing this has been a life saver
in keeping our medicines cool and ensuring the whole plot works well. Power is
down every other day, and on top of this
there are the regular breakdowns and electrical storms that interrupt the service.
We had visitors the last two weeks. My
son Anthony and his wife Liz, our grandchild Levi and Lizs Gran, Barbara. Anthony preached the two Sundays he was here
and it was a joy to see how his teaching
skills are being developed under the guidance of Pastor Leonard James from Woodhill Baptist Church in Colwyn Bay. (If you
are holidaying in North Wales give them a
Sunday Visit)
Our youngest son Aaron and his fiance Erin celebrated the British round of
engagement celebrations. It was good to
receive photos of the event, and everyone
from both sides of the family looked glowing. It was a great shame that we could not
have been there.
Tanazania Mission Report
Our trip to Tanzania was long overdue.
Allen Wells and I had looked forward to
this for months and it was with great anticipation that we boarded the plane to Dar
Re Salaam, and then onto Kilimanjaro. I
had first met Pastor Norbert two years earlier while on Mission in Kenya and he had
willingly agreed to take on the role as our
missions representative in this vibrant yet
poor country. I went there to see the progress of Moriel Missions Tanzania, now
an official government non-profit organization, and I was really impressed with
the progress under Norberts leadership.
Our first day was a trip to the Moriel
HQ. Twenty acres of land given freely by
the Tanzania government is being developed into a mission station that now has a
school for vocational and biblical training.
The journey there was not easy, and everyone winced as the underside of the vehicle
was scraped by the terrain and the exhaust
almost ripped off. The 30 kms took nearly
two hours to travel in the blistering heat
with seemingly no air. One of my duties
was to give certificates to the hard-working
students, most of whom are orphans. Here

they learn agriculture, computer skills, tailoring. English was taught at the church
run by Pastor Nelson, a lovely man of God.
Not only is the land being developed
for growing, but a mill has been purchased
that strips the maize kernel from the husk,
then transports it to the milling machine
for flour production. The Moriel land is
next door to a village, and the ladies have
formed a cooperative that helps one another
with the milling as well as funding a minicredit union for the poorest among them.
As well as crops, it is hoped that they can
raise cattle, goats and chickens to feed the
growing number of orphans and widows.
A cattle shed has already been erected, and
we hope to be able to encourage donations
of animals for the upkeep of this needy
community. One of the nicer duties was
to pray for the local pastors and leaders so
that they could be set aside as ministers of
the Gospel with Moriel. Although we are
not a credential-giving mission (most of us
are with CMFI) it was with a sense of occasion that we were able to set these men
aside. The final act of our time on-site was
to meet with the government and villagers
who expressed their support for our work.
The next visit of the day was to a village down the road where Moriel supports
a substantial orphans and widows project.
The local community has given us two
acres of land to develop and, although we
could not get to see the land due to the
rains and road conditions, Norberts vision for the place is truly wonderful. Most
of the people here are Masai, and it was
heartwarming to be received with song
by both widows and children. The next
day we were to set off to Tabora where
Moriel has churches and a radio program
that reaches over two million people on
Radio Tabora. The ministry here is struggling to pay the $160 per month it takes
to host the show, and it is our hope that
a sponsor may be found very soon so we
can preach the Gospel and broadcast some
good Bible teachings from the likes of Jacob. Unfortunately, we could not arrange
transport to this area (about ten hours by
car), so the next day we were taken to another remote region to visit a Masai village.
Our purpose was to undertake house-tohouse evangelism and to set aside the villages pastor of our Moriel church. The road
to the village was even worse. At one time
we had to get out and push the vehicle that
had gotten stuck in mud. The local farmer
was not happy as we had to push onto his
land and his panga looked very menacing.
Most of us got covered in mud, but eventually we were free to go on with our journey.
The village is made up of simple mud
and straw huts. It has no power, no running
water. The people collect orange rainwa-

Moriel South Africa

ter from wheel ruts on the dirt road. They

use this water for washing, cooking and
drinking. Theirs is a desperate situation.
Infant mortality is high, HIV infection
is growing, and the children appear malnourished and sickly with opportunistic
diseases evident. But despite the lack of
water and desperation we were welcomed
from house to house to share the Gospel.
And not only was there a lot of interest
among the majority of pagans, but we had
the honor of leading one Masai lady to
Christ. The afternoon ended with a meeting at the church tent. The pastor has built
a wonderful construction paid for with donations of wood and material from Moriel.
The praise and worship was awesome and
it was great to lay hands on the new pastor.
The ladies of the church came and gave us
food at the end of rice and beef. However,
even though it tasted great we couldnt
bear to eat it with so many hungry children looking on. So we asked that the food
be taken and shared among the children.
Our next trip was to the church of Pastor George. Pastor George, his wife and
five children were in a desperate situation.
Their small congregation is so poor it cannot
support even the building. Pastor Georges
house costs $20pm and the Church also
$20pm. In fact, they were on the verge of
being kicked out penniless onto the streets.
At this church we preached the Gospel and
also were introduced to government leaders. Pastor George and his family are good
people. We enjoyed their fellowship and
hospitality, and despite the desperation,
they never complained once but were in
fact so passionate about the Lord that you
sensed they would have it no other way.
So what did we learn, and what are
our recommendations for your prayer?
We are amazed at what has been
done in such a short time by Norbert and his team. They are to be commended for their vision and energy.
While at the Moriel HQ we met a retired
nurse whose vision it is to set up a mobile
medical clinic. This is desperately needed
and could save the lives of many children.
The following link is to a USA company that
could supply the ideal vehicle for the kind
of terrain at a cost estimated at $7000 with
transport to Kenya and fitting of back box.
Clean water is an issue. The people
are desperate.
Energy is an issue. We could easily
set up a solar station that could serve
the village.
Pastors if they are to travel and
preach done by creating a ministers
account administered by the Moriel
Tanzanian board to help out when
June 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Moriel South Africa Continued

Equipment such as sewing

machines, electrical generators
and of course animals are
We also had the privilege to meet our
Kenya administrator PS Moses who came
with John, his board member, as well as
our new administrator for Rwanda, Burundi and DRC PS Deo. PS Moses relayed the
awful events in Kenya and how Moriel is
helping feed and meet the needs of some of
the 600,000 people displaced through ethnic violence. Please pray for the brethren
there who are being stretched to the limit.
PS Deo comes from a country that, after
the awful ethnic cleansing, is having a new
start. He related how the Lord is working
and the planting of churches is going ahead.
We hope to visit Rwanda in the future.
All this takes money and, of course,
the expertise to implement these things.
But I am sure that this is doable and that
through these measures we could see the
sustainable growth of this ministry that
blessed our hearts during this brief visit.
I will be going with Jacob in June, and I
pray that in the meantime the Lord will
burden hearts to enable us to help Moriel
Tanzania to reach the pagan people of the
Masai with the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
and to save the lives of countless children.
Kenya Update
Thanks to our Missions supporters we have
now purchased land for Moriel Missions
Kenya. This has come at the perfect time as
the rains for planting have just arrived, and
so Ps Moses and his team have begun to
plant quick-growing crops to help feed the
growing number of orphans and widows
Since the move from Strubenvale in
Springs to Ebyown which is on the edge
of the informal settlement Kwazinzele,
the fellowship has started to show steady
growth after initially losing some families. Dave and Salvador are busy training Zack to become pastor, and services
are now fully bilingual. Aletheia is a very
interesting place to be for Sunday morning worship. At present we have only
one Sunday meeting at 10:30am. Zack
and Sal, with his wife Di, conduct Bible
studies on Kwazinzele during the week.
One of the needs identified is for Zulu
Bibles. We have had a kind donation from
supporters in Australia and we hope to add
to this in the near future.
Prayer Items
That Jacobs tour of South Africa

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

produces lots of good fruit

For Sal, Di and Zak as they evan-
gelize Kwazinzele
For our trip to Tanzania
For Dave as he visits the UK in June
For our health
For Lettie as she settles into her new
For protection from the evil one as
he uses violence to get his will on
For a wheelchair-friendly vehicle
How can you help?
Prayer is important, but also the helping hands and the finances that enable
us to do what we do. So please consider
the following:
Receive a regular news update either by
e-mail or hard copy. Just send your address
to us and we will pop one in the post for
you or e-mail it to you. (although e-mail
to save mail size will be without pictures)
Secondly, you can apply to be a longterm missionary. If the Lord burdens you
and you want to investigate more, please
contact us. Unfortunately we are not taking
any short-term missionaries at present due
to space, but those willing to take a year or
two out for the Lord are welcome to apply
Finally, you can give a one off gift or a
regular monthly amount to cover the costs
of mission. This is simple to do. Just contact
the following people, or you can contact
any Moriel office and they will assist you.
In Jesus,
Dave Royle
Director, Moriel Missions
Contacts UK
MR & MRS B Royle
2 Cressington Close
Off Cedric Street
Salford M55JS
Tel: 0161 737 2996
Email: <mailto:>

Quotes of the QUARTER !

Let us with caution indulge the supposition
that morality can be maintained without
religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can
prevail in exclusion of religious principle.
George Washington

The Roman
Church &
Sexual Abuse
of Children

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The Roman Catholic Church
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for the sake of the victims, and of truth

itself, we must speak the truth, we do
so without malice for Roman Catholic
people whose very own children are the
victims of these unspeakable sex crimes.
We recognize that it is Roman Catholic
children who have been the victims of
these breaches of trust, we want only
to examine the claims and address the
facts. While it is not our purpose to assail
Roman Catholics, those whose allegiance
is not to the irrefutable truth, justice for
innocent victims, and the protection of
their children and grandchildren, but to
an organization or institution (no matter
how guilty of corruption that institution
may be), will indeed be offended. We
encourage all of our Roman Catholic
friends to prayerfully read and examine
the Holy Scriptures for themselves, and
we invite all Roman Catholics to visit our
Web site:

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by Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Th.M., Ph.D.

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Messianic Christology is a study of
Old Testament prophecy concerning
the First Coming of the Messiah. Dr.
Fruchtenbaum works his way through
the Old Testament following the first century Jewish arrangement of the books, the
arrangement that Jesus was familiar with.
He shows from The Law, The Prophets
and The Writings... how the revelation
of the Messiah gradually progressed and
built-up to reveal a magnificent picture of
the Deliverer to come.
The Hebrew Scriptures formed the
very basis for evangelism in the New
Testament. First, Jesus with His disciples,
and then the disciples themselves used the
Old Testament to substantiate His claim
to be the Messiah. When the messianic
expectations of Hebrew prophecy are fully
understood, it becomes clear that Jesus and
only Jesus can fulfill these requirements.

Your Letters and


Letters & Comments

HiSister Carol:
I amwriting, first of all, to let you
know how muchwe enjoy andare learning about the Truth of Gods Wordby
listening toBrother Jacobs teachings.
Myhusband and Iand Brother and Sister in Christ have been getting together
weekly towatchBrother Jacobs DVDs
and have been thoroughly enjoying them.
I want to thank him for being obedient to
the Word of Godbyexposingthe false
prophets and contending for the faith.
Myhusband and Iand Brother and
Sister in Christ are formerRoman Catholics and, like Brother Jacob said, we began
reading the Bible and are so grateful to the
Lord for freeing us from the bondage of religion. We left theRoman CatholicChurch
with no intentions of ever stepping foot into
anotherone of their churches. PRAISE
Thanks again and may the Lord continue
to bless you andyour ministry, in Jesus
name. AMEN!!
God Bless!!
In Jesus Name,
Diana, Maurice, LA


Mr. Prasch,
Thank you so much for your teaching
in Fargo! My husband and I were listening
here in Minneapolis, Minnesota via the internet. We were saying Amen!, preach it.
Your teaching was clear and direct,
just what people up there (and everywhere) need to hear. It is my hometown so
I know the churches up there - filled with
entertainment and programs. Your passion
and love for the truth is evident, warning the flock, caring for peoples souls.
Small world - my brother Fred drove
you to the airport. :)
We will continue to pray for those
that heard the conference, that their eyes
would be open to the deception and error in the church today and embrace the
biblical gospel of repentance and faith,
law, sin, wrath, hell, blood atonement, the
cross, substitutionary atonement, resurrection, complete forgiveness, amazing
love, grace and mercy,etc. You know, all
the things that most pastors leave out
as they preach purpose and felt needs.
May God richly bless your family and

I appreciated your recent article on the

Todd Bentley, the latest False Profit,and
the newest false revival. Years ago, I was
a follower of one of these boguspreachers
sprouting about miracles of gold teeth in
revival meetings. I laterfound out it was really about themoney to be made off of gullible Christians. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ
that I was delivered from the need to follow
after such men.The Lord Jesus Christtold
his followers to take need not to bedeceivedby anyone inthe endtimes.These
false prophets and apostles will continue until Jesus comes for His Church.

Washed in his precious blood,

Sherry Kimball
Minneapolis, MN
Church Affiliation: Twin City Fellowship,
Pastor Bob DeWaay
Dear Sherry:
Thank you for your encouragement. I have
spoken to Pastor DeWaay by phone and he
is a good man.
In Jesus,

Hi Guys - God is still on the throne. Yes,
theres false prophets, teachers, etc. out
there but people are delivered from them.
We hear of so many churches falling off
the wayside & when people question they
are given a hard time & end up leaving but
it sure is nice to here there are people that
see the truth that are caught up in it & get
out. I love a happy ending.
In Jesus,

Dear Diana:
Thank you for your encouragement. May
the Lord bless you.
In Jesus,
JJ Prasch

Fargo conference


Todd Bentley
While you are busy tearing down the work
of the Lord through Todd Bently - using
verses that have nothing to do with whats
going on, and use the Word out of context
tobeat him over the head with your reliJune 2008 Moriel Quarterly


Letters & Comments/Jacobs Tour

gious spirit...we are enjoying the Gospel= The blind see - the sick are healed
- dead are raised - the lame walk - people
are more in love with Jesus - a multitude
turn theirlives over to the Lord and are
saved .... Those are good fruits
Where have we heard those words before? Could this be Jesus ministry when He
was walking on earth? - but yet, just like today - the pharisees saidHe was of the devil! Todd does pray to the angels - angels,
according to the scriptures - are serving us!
- Todd gives all of the glory to God - His
worship leader leads the people to the presence of God - songs that are sang are scriptural - They are praising Jesus - no one else!
If you want to be offended with
Gods choice as a tool in His hand - go
right ahead - but meanwhile - we enjoy
His presence - His love - we draw closer
to Him = those are fruits that are good yours are very ugly and wicked! - thats
not pleasing to the Lord - I do not see ANY
love or truth in your articles - just ignorance! and using the Word that has nothing to do with Todd - God does not look
at the appearance of man but at the heart
Jesus loved them all - He uses whoever is available - Again, He sees the Heart
and not the appearance - when you criticise
Todd - you are criticizing Gods choice No one is perfect - we are all sinners
- that is, including you - no one will have
all the answers either!
Your words and false judgment are really sickening - and are far from giving justice - they do not draw people to the Lord
- Todds love and compassion do draw people closer to Jesus. So what he has tattoos ?
- Only a mature believer will be able to look
beyond them and see the work of the Holy
Spirit and the good fruits its producing.
God does not seem to mind!
You might ask for God to give you
a little more wisdom and discernment of
spirit - so you can repent in your judgment!
Dear Joelle,
I am sorry to hear that you feel the way
you do but you have no understanding in
what you are talking about. None of the
verses were taken out of context as that is
exactly what is happening in light of Bentleys ministry and those of hisilk.As well,
you are the one with a religious spirit, as you
have no idea what the word of God means,
so you worship men, that is the meaning
ofa religious spirit. Pharisees did notfollow the word of God literally, they used the
ideas and teachings ofMEN to makethe

June 2008 Moriel Quarterly

word of God worthless. The teaching that

people can be healed without repentance
and holiness is a lie from the pit of hell and
a teachingof Satan and men. You are the
Pharisee andyou better wake up out of your
stupor and deception before it is too late.
I suggest you watch this video,
< h t t p : / / w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = _

Mark my words. This is how persecution is going to come full force to the USA.
This fruitcake Bentley is going to wind
upkilling or severely injuring someone and
the Police will be called to arrest him. Then
there will be call to arrest all these sorts of
preachers and the call to close down these
churches. Since the church has notdealt
with deception andfalse teachersGod will.
He will use those who are more evil todo
itas He has already started to do, Islam,
false religions, and theLaw of the World.
WAKE UP! According to theWord of God
in Jeremiah youare stupid and asleep because you ignore the word of God, you
dont really study it or research it but just
regurgitate the words of idiot preachers as
I can tell by your comments below. Those
are not my words (stupid & asleep Jer 4:22)
but Gods.I am sorry to be so harsh but I
cannot sit idle when someone spews garbage and they have absolutely not one iota
of understanding as to what they are talking about. You are not enjoying the Gospel, but enjoying lies from the pit of hell
and if you dont run from it and get some
truth and understanding from the PURE
word of God you are in extreme danger.
Lastly, let me say that I am in no way
perfect. There is a difference between
teaching false doctrine - what Bentley is
doing, and daily overcoming the flesh. Everyday is a struggle for me like most believers to walk the walk and not just talk
the talk. My flesh does not like to conform
to the ways of the Lord and it is a constant
battle of the will and going before the Lord
in prayer and repentance. But everyday I
put one foot in front of the other. I pray
that you too may turn to sound doctrine
and turn away from these false teachers and start on the path of righteousness.
And this I pray, that your love (agape)
may abound still more and more in real
knowledge and all discernment, so that you
may approve the things that are excellent
(discern between good and evil), in order
to be sincere and blameless until the day of
Christ;.... - Philippians 1:9-10
May the LORD bless you and keep you,
Scott Brisk
Be Alert!
Moriel Ministries

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