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Vision for Cascades Park In North Town Center

Prepared for
The Reston Master Plan Special Study Task Force

Dick Rogers

Member of:
Residence, Urban Design and Livability Work Group
Reston 2020 Committee
Reston Citizens Association

Residence, Urban Design and Livability Work Group

Dick Rogers, Co-chair and Author
Kathy Kaplin, Co-chair
Fred Costello
Guy Rando
Jennifer Byl
John Carter
Mike Corrigan
Paul Darmory
Bill Dingell
Dave Edwards
Joe Leighton
Terry Maynard
Stephanie Mirabello
Bryan Moll
Richard Newlon
Bill Penniman
Tammi Petrine
Terri Phillips
Holli Ploog
Wendye Quaye
Guy Rando
Rob Whitfield
Vision by Dick Rogers

This proposal is for the creation of “Cascades Park” across from the Spectrum
development. This park would occupy part of a proposed block South of Access
(and west of the proposed Civic Center on the Noritake map).
This urban park would serve several functions:
 Provide innovative urban open space for the new residents of Spectrum
and North Town Center, and attract shoppers and office workers.
 Provide a “greenway” from Spectrum to the proposed civic center and
 Enliven the proposed retail concentration along Fountain.

The proposed park would utilize the natural and topographic features of part of
the existing “Reston Town Green” park. It would feature a “cascade” water
course utilizing the topography of the site. The Fountain Street entrance might be
about 200ft wide. It appropriately would be marked by a fountain type entrance
(perhaps a waterfall). The water course “cascade” would then meander downhill
through the area in the direction of the proposed civic center with cascades and
falls as appropriate.

Existing valuable vegetation, particularly the White Oaks, would be incorporated.

A winding walkway (hopefully wheel chair accessible) would cross the water
course in several locations. Benches and other urban park features such as
picnic and game tables, small play areas and peaceful sitting sites would also be

The park would widen out somewhat as it approached the civic center. This
would provide space for a small pond in which kids could sail boards and an
amphitheater for summer performances.

At the Northeast, Fountain Street corner a restaurant site could be located to

provide south and west facing terraces with a good view of the sunset; perhaps
named “Sunset Deck”? Along the North side small fast food takeout kiosks could
be sited.

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