“What’s it to you…” Masa laughed… “What’s the name, Hijikata? .. .

What a laugh, that man died 100 years ago!!!!” He stood up and looked Tensei in the eyes and went to serve a hefty punch towards the taller man’s abdomen. He didn’t believe one bit about this reincarnation ‘shit’ and thought it was no better than some stupid religious cult faction that everyone followed. Tensei took the blow, a hefty blow that obviously hurt like hell… a blow in which told him the first amount of strength to apply towards his defense. “Believe what you will moron, I’m not here to judge your case of insanity.. I’m here to save your sister from your stupidity.” He noticed that Masa didn’t realize the Bokken at his side, and gave a sly smirk towards the other man. “You, save reiko? she loves what I do to her, and she enjoys me.” Masa gave a sardonic laugh and grinned at the taller man, “Reiko is not yours, By all means… From day one, she was mine.” “So you’ve said.” Tensei said, dropkicking the other man and picking him up by his collar and growling. “Yours or not, does not give a man a reason to abuse and demean their subject to a level such as this.” He swiftly punched the other man in the face, giving a blow to the other man’s jaw. “You think you can save everyone.” Masa growled, “You’re my age.. and you already have a Savior complex!” He quickly returned the blow, first moving to punch Tensei again in the gut, and then doubling around to attempt an uppercut. Tensei grabbed the Bokken after dodging the uppercut, and began to move it swiftly “A stain, like what… cum or blood?” Masa grinned, laughing and twisting out of Tensei’s grip. “Lord only knows how much you want my sister, so you and your dead lover can have necrophilia sex at night!” Last stop for the midnight abuse train, buck stops here – get off or get on either way there’s no more free rides. Tensei dragged the shorter man into a tighter grip with both arms behind his back and another arm across the other man’s neck. “You will stop this nonsense now.” Defending his true nature was not going to work with someone like this, Reiko was like his little sister and Hide was like Souji to him. The loss of both of them in more ways than one was already eating away at him more than he’d admit. Reiko’s life was becoming a tattered cloth, ready to throw away into the trash. All because of her brother’s actions, and he never --- Tensei never realized the full extent of what was going on until now. “Let go.” “Not until you realize what you’ve done.”

“Never.” Masa said, picking Reiko’s body up and throwing her across the other end of the room again. “If I can’t have her nobody will.” He grabbed a Swiss army knife

from his pocket, trying to slip out of Tensei’s grip and with some success he slightly stabbed Tensei in the side and tried to make a throwing jab toward his younger sister who was now situated in the corner of the apartment. Tensei growled, it was almost as if his eyes were glowing with a form of rage. He moved the arm around the other man's neck to quickly move it across the jaw area. Stomping one foot on the floor, he yelled and snapped the other man’s neck immediately with a force he didn’t even realize he had. Letting go, he felt Masa’s body fall to the floor. Staring into space, he gulped and began to re-gather his thoughts. He moved a hand to his side to realize he was indeed bleeding, and tried to look for where Reiko was without even bothering to see where there was something he could use to stop the bleeding.