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Luca Barbareschi was born on July 28, 1956 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He began his career at the age of 20, serving as the assistant director for the production “Henry V” directed by Virginio Puecher, at Verona Theatre. He soon settled in Chicago and worked as assistant director in the staging of “Hoffmann’s tales” – a five-act Opéra-fantastique by Jacques Offenbach – also directed by Virginio Puecher. Before moving to New York, Barbareschi worked on three further productions at Chicago Lyric Opera Theatre, as first assistant. In New York, he spent a year at Metropolitan Opera Theatre under the direction of Frank Corsaro, and four years studying with the best acting coaches of that time: Lee Strasberg, Nicholas Ray (director of “Rebel without a cause”) and Stella Adler. In 1983 Barbareschi produced, wrote and starred in the film “Summertime” (director M. Mazzucco), prize winner in Venice, Sydney, London, Annecy, Nice. Later, he decided to return to Italy with his newly acquired innovative experiences and ideas and chose Rome as his adoptive town. That same year he also played the leading role in Nino Marino’s film “Son of a bitch”. From that moment on, his thirty years of activity have been intensely frenetic ranging from theatre, film and television, sometimes as supporting or leading actor, at others, in the capacity of producer, director, anchorman, or scriptwriter. His eclectic personality led him to create both a computer company, Glamm Interactive and the Rome-based production company Casanova Entertainment, which produces for theatre, film and television. It was his company that acquired the rights of numerous authors’ works (for example those of American writers such as Mamet and Shepard). In the 90’s for Four Point Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based production company, he hosted 100 episodes of “That’s amore”, a very successful TV show. Barbareschi’s career in theatre includes more than 30 plays and shows- for the most part as actor (often in leading roles) and director, with his production company producing the seven most recent productions of these. From the very beginning Barbareschi’s main aim was to focus on unconventional playwrights and make them known to the Italian audience. To do this, he acquired the rights of a great deal of plays which he personally staged as leading actor and director. Among them: the oneman show “Planting nails with my forehead in the floor” by Eric Bogosian, “Skylight” by David

Hare, “Pop corn” by Ben Elton, Mamet’s “Oleanna” and “Boston Marriage” - the latter produced by Casanova Entertainment in 2001, featured Veronica Pivetti and Valentina Sperlì . In 2000-2001 his performance as Salieri in Shaffer’s “Amadeus” a colossal production directed by Roman Polanski, was met with critical and audience acclaim. He later acted in “Harry and me” by Nigel Williams, brought to the stage in 2000 and broadcast the following year by Raidue as part of “Palcoscenico”. Recently, he made his first appearance as a musical star playing the role of Billy Flynn in the Italian tour of the prestigious musical Chicago. Barbareschi has taken part in more than eighty television series and twenty variety shows. In 2001 he presented the game show “Greed” (130 episodes of 30’ on Rai Due). In 2002, he produced and starred in the two-episode miniseries for Raiuno “Giorni da Leone – Living like a Lion”, directed by F. Barilli. In 2003, he played the leading role in two television series “Una vita in regalo” (director Tiziana Aristarco, with Irene Ferri and Remo Girone), and “Rivoglio i miei figli”, (director Luigi Perelli, leading actress Sabrina Ferilli). In 2004 he produced and played the lead role in four episodes of the TV-series “Nebbie e delitti” directed by Riccardo Donna for Rai. He also shot “Les Rois Maudits”, a five-episode TV-series for France 2 Télévision, directed by Josée Dayan, with Gérard Depardieu and Jeanne Moreau. In 2005 he produced and played as main character in four episodes of the TV-series “Living like a Lion 2” directed by Francesco Barilli, and in 2007 he also acted in the sequel in 6 episodes “Nebbie e delitti 2” directed by Riccardo Donna. For cinema, Barbareschi has starred in 30 films, produced 5 and directed 2. His very first film as a director was “Ardena – The never-never land”, shot in 1996, featured Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere as female lead. In 2002 he directed and starred in “Il trasformista – The Chameleon”, coproduced by RaiCinema. In 2001 he was appointed artistic director of Eliseo Theatre (Rome) where he directed Anna Galiena and Fabio Sartor in Blasband’s play “Une liaison pornographique”. He was the author and artistic director of the first two seasons of Bologna Futurshow and Oltremanica (2000-2001-2002), a festival for international scriptwriters and was also a member of the board of Piccolo Theatre in Milan and IMAIE. He is currently a Juror at David di Donatello Festival and European Film Academy; member of Territorial Council of ETI Ente Teatrale Italiano (2003-4-5); Vice President of APT (TV Producers Association) 2003-2005; Artistic Director of Latina Theatre and member of the Cinema Revision Commission within the Italian Government’s Department of Art and Culture. In 2006 he was placed in charge of artistic contents of the television channel of H3G media company.

2006 Responsible for artistic contents for H3G’s TV channel. 2003-2005 Vice President of APT (TV producers association) 2003-2005 Artistic Director of Teatro di Latina Member of Territorial Council of Ente Teatrale Italiano (2003-4-5) 2001-2002 Artistic Director of Teatro Eliseo 2000-2001-2002 Artistic Director of Oltremanica – International Playwriters Festival Member of Board of Directors of Piccolo Teatro D’Europa Member of Board of Directors of I.M.A.I.E. Member of Censorship Commission Juror at David di Donatello Festival Juror at European Film Academy


Henry V W. Shakespeare. Teatro di Verona Director: V. Puecher Actor and Assistant Director 1976 Director: Mario Fratti Actor and Director L. Pirandello. Hunter Theatre, NY, NY Actor and Director Offenbach. Teatro Lirico di Chicago Director: V. Puecher Producer: V. Puecher Assitant Director 1978

Il Ponte L'uomo con il fiore in bocca Hoffmann's Tales

La Traviata and six other lyrical dramas Metropolitan Theatre, NY, NY as first assistant director Amphitrio H. V. Kleist. Teatro di Ostia Antica Director: G. Lavia Actor and Assistant Director 1979 V. Alfieri. Teatro Quirino di Roma Director: G. Lavia Actor and Assistant Director 1979 F. Dostoyevsky. Director: G. Lavia. Festival di Spoleto Actor and Assistant Director W. Shakespeare. Teatro Carcano di Milano Director: M. Morini Actor and Assistant Director 1981 W. Shakespeare. Teatro dell'Elfo di Milano Director: G. Salvatores Actor and Assistant Director 1981 J. Steinbeck. Teatro Carcano di Milano Director and adaptation: Luca Barbareschi 1983 Gli ultimi viaggi di Gulliver G. Gaber. Teatro Carcano di Milano Director and adaptation: Giorgio Gaber Actor

Il Divorzio

The dream of a ridiculous man

As you like it

A Midsummer night's dream

Mice and Men



American Buffalo

D. Mamet. Teatro Piccolo Eliseo di Roma Director: F. Però Actor 1984 S. Shepard. Teatro Carcano di Milano Director and adaptation: F. Però Actor 1985 D. Mamet. Teatro Tenda di Roma Director and adaptation 1985 D. Mamet. Teatro Stabile di Genova Director and adaptation 1986 M. Duras. Teatro di Genova, Piccolo di Milano Director: M. Sciaccaluga Actor 1986 M. Kundera. Teatro di Genova Director 1987 D. Mamet. Spoleto Director and Actor 1987 D. Mamet. Spoleto Director and Actor 1988 A. Ayckbourn. Teatro Manzoni di Milano Director and Main character 1989 D. Mamet. Teatro Nuovo. Asti Festival Producer: Casanova Entertainment Director and Actor Other main character: Lucrezia Lante della Rovere 1993 E. Bogosian Producer: Casanova Entertainment Director and main character 1995 D. Hare Producer: Casanova Entertainment Director, adaptation and main character 1998/1999

True West

Sexual Perversity in Chicago

Glengarry Glenn Ross

Suzanna Andler

Jacques and his master

The Sermon

Speed the Plow



Pounding nails in the floor with my forehead




P. Shaffer Producer: Casanova Entertainment Director: Roman Polanski Adaptation: Luca Barbareschi Main characters: Jesus Emiliano Coltorti (MOZART) Luca Barbareschi (SALIERI) 1999/2000/2001 B. Elton Producer: Casanova Entertainment Director and main character Main character: Luca Barbareschi Other main characters: Chiara Noschese 2000 N. William Producer: Casanova Entertainment Director and main character Other main character: Chiara Noschese 2000 P. Blasband Producer: Teatro Eliseo Director Main characters: Anna Galiena, Fabio Sartor 2002 Fred Edd e Bob Fosse Producer: Blue Apple, Clear Channel Entertainment, Fabrizio Celestini, Andrea Maia e Barry & Fran Weissler Director: Walter Bobbie Main characters: Luca Barbareschi, Maria Laura Baccarini Lorenza Mario 2004 Fred Edd - Bob Fosse – John Kander Producer: Billy Chicago Adelphi Theatre - Cambridge Theatre Main characters Other main character:Bonnie Langford and Amra-Faye 2006

Pop Corn

Harry & me

Une liaison pornographique

Chicago - The musical

Chicago - The Musical (London)


Don Giovanni by Molière

Regina di Montecatini Summer Festival – original text by Roberto Cavosi – music by W.A.Mozart Reciting voice July 2006 freely ispired by the novel “The Leopard” by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa Production: Taormina Arte- Fondazione Palazzo della Cultura di Latina – Teatro Manzoni di Milano Protagonist 2006/2007

Il Sogno del Principe di Salina: L’ultimo Gattopardo (The Dream Of Salina’s Prince: last Leopard)




Uomini e topi (Of mice and men) Perversione sessuale a Chicago (Sexual perversity in Chicago) Mercanti di bugie (Speed the Plow) Oleanna Piantando chiodi nel pavimento con la fronte (Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead) Il cielo sopra il letto (Skylight) J. Steinbeck 1983 D. Mamet 1985 D. Mamet 1988 D. Mamet 1993 E. Bogosian 1995 di D. Hare 1998


Son of a bitch (Un uomo Americano) Da Corleone a Brooklyn Director: N. Marino Main character 1976 Director: U. Lenzi Actor and assistant director 1976 White lies (Bugie Bianche) Summertime Director: S. Rolla Assistant director 1977 Director: M. Mazzucco Co-writer and main character Venice, London, Nice, Sydney Festivals. De Sica Price as Best Debuting Director Production: Casanova Entertainment 1983 Director: Costa Gravas Actor 1983 Director: G. Deodato Actor 1984 Director: V. Zecca Main character Winner Ischia Prize 1984 Director: I. Micheli Co-main character 1984 Director: P. Avati (Festival de Cannes) Co-main character 1984 Romance Director: M. Mazzucco Co-writer and main character 'Migliore Attore - Globo d'Oro Stampa Estera' Prize 1986 Director: C. Vanzina Main character 1986 Teresa Director: Dino Risi

Hanna K.

L'inferno in diretta

Chi mi aiuta?

Il lungo inverno


Via Montenapoleone

Main character 1987 Ti presento un'amica Director: F. Massaro Actor 1987 Director: E. Oldoini Main character 1987 Director: D. Mamet Actor 1987 Director: C. Fornari Main character Production: Casanova Entertainment 1990 Director: S. Rubini Actor Director: G. Magni Main character 1990 Hidden lens (Obiettivo indiscreto) Director: M: Mazzucco Main character - Coscénariste Production: Casanova Entertainment 1990 Director: Alexander Galin Main character together with Inna Churikova Production: Casanova Entertainment/Mos Film Best actress Europa Cinema 93' Prize 1992 Director: Curtis Hanson Actor with Meryl Streep 1994 Director: A. Grimaldi Actor 1995 Ardena-The never-never land (Ardena-l’isola che non c’è) Le fils du français Director and main character: Luca Barbareschi Production: Casanova Entertainment 1997 Director: Gérard Lauzier Actor with Fanny Ardant

Bye bye baby

Things Change

The arab friend (L’amico arabo)

The Blonde (La bionda) In nome del popolo sovrano

The delegation (La delegazione)

The river wild

Il cielo è sempre più blu

1999 Con gli occhi del cuore I.DEA Actor 2000 Director: Alessandro Bettero Production: Film & Art Direction.

Fuga d’amore

Director: Jacques Deray Production: Andromeda S.r.l. Actor 2000 Director, co-writer and actor Production: Casanova Entertainment 2002 France Lead 2005

The Chameleon (Il trasformista) The birthday

The International

Director: Tom Twyker Actor with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts Production: Siebente Babelsberg Film 2007


Melodramma Main character Production: RAI La bella Otero Director: J. Sanchez Main character Production: RAI 2 (4 episodes) Director: S. Bolchi (6 episodes)


Director: G. Tarquini (1 episode) Main character Production: BBC/RAI - High Definition Television Project Director: V. De Sisti Main character Production: RAI 1 Director: V. De Sisti Production: RAI Director: G. Fina Production: RAI 2 (1 episode)

Casa Cecilia

I veleni dei Gonzaga

(1 episode) Serial

Buio nella valle

(2 episodes) Actor

Lasciamoci così La sorpresa Il mitico Gianluca Casa Ricordi

Director: Scaglio (1 episode) Variety show Director: G. Pelloni Production: RAI 2 Director: F. Lazoti Production: RAI 2 (2 episodes) (1 episode) Director: Mauro Bolognini (4 episodes) Production: RAIDUE Main character TV movie Director: Jorg Grunler (10 episode) Production: TNF - TeleNormFilm (Germany) Main character (10 episodes each of 60') TV film Director: Luciano Manuzzi (1 episode) Production: FIRST FILM Srl, RAI DUE Main character TV movie 1995

Due padri e una figlia

La tenda nera

30 lines for a crime

Director: Lodovico Gasparini

(4 episodes)

(30 righe per un delitto) 1997 Skylight

Production: FIRST FILM Srl, RAI TV

By David Hare (1 episode) Director: Luca Barbareschi Production: Casanova Entertainment-Rai Due Main character 1998 Directors: (6 episodes) Gianluigi Calderone – Ugo Fabrizio Giordani Production: First Film Srl, RAI TV 1998 Production: Andromeda Srl (1 episode) Role ERODE 1999 B. Elton Producer: Casanova Entertainment – Rai Director and main character 2001 N. William Producer: Casanova Entertainment – Rai Due Director and main character 2001 Director: F. Barilli (2 episodes) Production: First Film Srl, RAI UNO Main character 2001 Di r e c to r : L u i g i Pe r e l l i Pro d u c t io n : A l fa Pr o d uz io n i Ma i n c h ara c te r Co pro ta go n i s t : S ab r i n a Fe r i l l i 2002 Director: T. Aristarco (2 episodes) Production: Casanova Entertainment, RAI UNO Main character 2003 Director: R. Donna (4 episodes) Production: Casanova Entertainment, RAI Male lead 2004 Director : J. Dayan Pr o d uc t i o n : J l a Cr é a t io n- Fra n c e 2 A c to r ( le ad i n g a c to r s G e rar d De pa r d ie u, Je a n ne Mor e a u ) 5 e p i so de s – FR AN C E 2 2004-2005 Director: F. Barilli (4 episodes) Production: Casanova Entertainment, RAI UNO

Cronaca Nera


Pop Corn

Harry and Me

Living like a lion (Giorni da Leone)

R i vo g l io i m i e i f i g l i

Una vita in regalo

Nebbie e delitti

Les Rois Maudits

Living like a lion 2 (Giorni da Leone)

Main character 2005

Donna Roma

Director : J.Schauffelen Production : Team Worx Male lead 2006

(4 episode)

Nebbie e delitti 2

Director: R. Donna (4 episodes) Production: Casanova Entertainment, RAI Male lead 2007


Documentary films Rai Storia della boxe Manuzzi-Ruggero Miti Director: G. Minà Interviewer Production: RAI Interviewer Production: R. Miti Director: M. Nichetti (12 hours) Documentary film Odeon Rock Concerts Quo vadiz (10 episodes) (13 episodes)

Main character 13 episodes Production: Canale 5 Variety show C'eravamo tanto amati '89 Production: Canale 5 episodes) Variety show 1989 Director: A. Ricci Production: Canale 5 Variety show Paperissima 1990 episode) Variety show 1990 C'eravamo tanto amati '90-91 Production: Canale 5 Variety show 1990 - 1991 Sapore di mare '91 Main character Director: D. Rampello Variety show 1991 Production: Rete 4 (200 episodes) Variety show 13 episodes 1991 - 1992 (200 episodes) Production: Canale 5 (1 (200

I campioni della risata

(1 episode)

C'eravamo tanto amati '91-'92

Oscar 1991-1992

Director: D. Rampello Production: Canale 5 1991 - 1992 Production: R.T.I. (200 episodes) Variety show 1992 - 1993 (14

C'eravamo tanto amati '92-'93

Questo è amore episodes)

Production: Rete 4 14 episodes

That's amore episodes) the United States

Production: Fox – Westinghouse


100 episodes on the territory of 1992 - 1993 C'eravamo tanto amati '93-'94 Production: R.T.I. 1993 – 1994 Il grande bluff Production: RTI Variety show

(200 episodes) Variety show

Main character 1996 I guastafeste Anchorman Il grande bluff Production: RTI Variety Show Main character 2000 Production: Pearson – Rai Due Quiz show Anchorman 2001 Production: RTI Variety Show Anchorman 2002 (100 episodes) Production: RTI Variety show


Proposta Indecente (Indecent Proposal)

(4 episodes)

One hundred TV appearances as guest star (Maurizio Costanzo Show, Fantastico, Buona Domenica, etc. etc.)