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Biblical Play Scripts


The First Love Story

Written by Adapted by John Wayne Samples from an adaptation by Mark Twain
Summary: Humorous and touching rendering of the story of Adam and Eve from creation to Eve's death.
From the perspective of their individual "diaries." Purpose: To put some contemporary issues about families
and couples into a different context for evaluation and consideration.
Key words: Adam Eve Love Family Marriage Couples Growing Old Garden of Eden Serpent
Temptations Death
Style: Light-hearted/dramatic. Duration: 12min
Actors: 1M, 1F
Adam: dressed in all white; barefoot.
Eve: dressed in all white; barefoot.
Staging: Two stools with writing stands or two desks and chairs on opposite ends of platform.
Props: Pens, clipboard, black sweaters/shawl, long-stemmed red rose, walking cane.
Notes: Lights could alternate between the characters as they talk.

(Lights come up with both characters, Adam & Eve, already in place.)
(Characters generally do not acknowledge each other directly, looking at their diaries, the audience, or off into
I am almost a whole day old now. I arrived in this beautiful garden sometime yesterday, or at least that is how
it seems to me. I am still trying to get used to all the animals. I particularly like the other creature that looks a
lot like me -- only different. He's cute, but I don't think he knows I'm alive. Yet!
God was in an even better mood than usual today. I heard him talking about a new creation that was very,
VERY good, but when I asked to see it, he told me I'd run across it soon enough. Then He sort of chuckled
and said something about 1 + 1 = 1.
(Demonstrates the concept by holding out one finger on each hand, bringing the two hands together, then
dropping one, leaving one finger still extended.)
I hate math. Oh, well.
That new creature, the one that looks a lot like me -- only different, is a real pain in the side. It's always
getting in the way. It seems to follow me around on purpose, even when I don't have any food to feed it.
I try to ignore it, but I keep getting this queasy feeling whenever it's around.
I don't know if I like this or not.
The most amazing thing happened today. That other creature that looks like me -- but different, it barked at
me. It wasn't like the way a dog barks, it was words, kind of like the ones I enjoy using so much -- only

(Lowers voice.)
Like this!
I was so excited to hear it speak, I don't even remember what it said, but I do hope to hear its voice again,
I finally told that new creature to "shut-up" today. You would have thought I had asked it to marry me or
something, whatever that means. It just got all giggly and ran off. Well, at least it did run off.
However, I do have to admit something to myself... She sure is a lot more fun to look at than any of the other
"SHE"? Where did I get that word?
God's lessons have been really interesting lately. He said that tomorrow I'll start learning about the little
animals. He said its time we talked about the birds and the bees.
(Puts his hand to his stomach.)
Oh! There's that queasy feeling again.
She must be around here somewhere...
(Looks all around as lights go to black.)
(Lights: black for a moment then up on Eve.)
I am exactly one month old today, and never before have a man and a woman been so blessed as Adam and I
are. And I do mean never before!
God conducted the nicest little wedding ceremony down by the reflecting pool last week. I know it was a short
engagement, but it's not like we needed to shop around or anything. Besides, when you got the right guy, you
just know it!
I doubt that any couple will ever have it so good. But something tells me they might just think the very same
I don't know whether to thank God or not! This EVE is nice enough, and she has been helping me do some
things, at least I let her think she's helping. But, "till death do us part" is a mighty long time, I think.
I mean, I'm not sure how long this hunk of masculinity will last, but it just seems it might have been wise to
wait a little longer to see if anything else, anything better would come along.
(Hears God talking.)
What's that...?
You only made how many like her...?!
Well, I always said she was one of a kind.
(Trying to convince himself)
This is gonna work. With time. With the Lord's help. After all, we've only been married a year...
(Lights: black for a moment then up on both.)
How long can it take this man to name these animals?! It's been over three years since God gave him this job,
and it still isn't done! It's not like we're dealing with every animal in the world here...
(Looks over at Adam who is scowling back.)
Well, I guess it is every animal in the world. But still... I think he must need my help.
(Stands up and starts looking around for animals to name.)
I got some more animals named today. Not that I really wanted to, but you-know-who thinks the Lord is
gonna have a fit if I don't get it done. He never said that, I'm sure. At least not to me. Anyway, I don't know
what the big hurry is, but we must be in one cause she decided to help me...

(Standing and excited)
I did not know I was so good at this.
Oh look, Adam, there goes a, uh, a dodo bird.
Adam Reluctantly stands as both look out toward the audience.
There's no such thing as a dodo bird, Eve.
There is now. I just named it.
Why in the world would you give that poor animal a name like dodo bird?
It just looks like a dodo bird.
That ring-a-lang-a-thing-thing looks no more like a dodo than I do do.
(Catching himself acting foolish, he addresses the audience, still standing.)
...And so it went all afternoon. "It just looks like a this-or-a-that."
Well, no harm in letting her pretend, but we'll see whose names last longest.
That is not a zebra.
Eve, it is too! I should know, I named that one. You can always tell a zebra by those spots. Er, oh yeah.
Spots, stripes, horses, cats, what's the difference?
(Sees a new animal)
And if you're so smart, what's the name of that thing.
Oh, my. I've never seen anything like that before. Isn't it beautiful.
(Picks up a snake and strokes it.)
I think we should call this a... snake. No, serpent. That's classier sounding. Serpent. I like that.
(Tilts head to listen, then astonishment.)
ADAM! Did you hear that? This beautiful creature spoke to me. Said it likes the name I gave it. Said it likes
me, too.
(Eve's light goes down. The lights alternate between characters again.)
Great! The animals even like her names better.
(He returns to his diary.)
She really seems to like that snake. By the way, I gave it that name last week. She knew it, too. That's why she
changed it to serpent, I'm just sure.
I wonder why God didn't tell me snakes could talk?
I love my husband, but this serpent sure makes me feel good and I like to be around it. It told me today that I
was by far the prettiest creature in the garden. And it said that there was a way I could be the smartest, too, if
I'm not already.
Adam is finally motivated by something. I asked him today if he wanted to take a walk with me, but he said
he had better go find some animals to name.
So I went on a walk with the serpent, instead.
I really would rather be with Adam. But I understand that he has responsibilities so I must be patient.

For the first time in years, I was without Eve for a while today. She asked me to take a walk with her, but I
was so tired of hearing her talk about that stupid snake, I told her I had some work to do, and I left. I wonder
how she spent her day.
I wonder if she missed me, too.
(Both lights go dark for a moment, then back to alternating. Both characters are now wearing black sweaters.)
Cain and Able went fishing with their father today and they all left me to pick the beans. Little Anna helped
out some, at least I let her think she did.
We had a bit of a scare just before lunch. Little Anna was down at the end of the row when she suddenly
started screaming. I ran and grabbed her up just as this ugly, slimy looking snake made a strike at her. Before I
realized what I was doing I was whacking at the beans with my rake trying to kill that thing. I ended up taking
out 3 rows of beans, but I got the sneaky little devil. I just hate those awful creatures.
It's been 17 years since I last let a snake get the better of me. 17 years of blisters, and back aches, and sunburn.
17 years since I made that mistake that cost us so much. But, it could be worse. God kicked us out of the
Garden, but he didn't leave us. And Adam didn't leave either. It could be a lot worse.
(Lights: black for a moment then up on Adam.)
I lost my boys today. Able was killed in a dreadful accident, and Cain decided he needs to be on his own.
That's what I told their mother. She's been through so much raising those kids, I don't know if she can take the
I've never longed for the Garden as much as I have today. There was no death, no pain, no fear of the future.
Only the fellowship with God and being with the love of my life.
It's been half a lifetime since we made that awful mistake that costs us so much. Half a lifetime of boys
bickering, fish hooks in the fingers, and "it's his turn to take out the trash".
But it could've been worse.
(Lights: black for a moment then up on Eve. Both Characters now showing some age.)
Adam became really sick today. I've not been this scared since the day we left the Garden. Please God, don't
take him from me now.
(Lights stay on Eve as they come up on Adam)
Mercy. I don't know what that was that got a hold of me yesterday, but I've never felt so bad. Maybe I'm
finding out just how long this hunk of masculinity will last.
(Exchanges glances with Eve.)
At any rate, I reckon a fella oughta start slowing down when he reaches 900 years old. Of course, I thought
that at 800, and 700, and 600....
(Lights out on Adam.)
I needed Adam to fix a fence today, and he gave me that same old line he used when he was 45, the one about
needing to slow down at his age. I don't think I ever really minded when he said that, but today, I didn't even
act like I did.
Thank you Father for bringing Adam back to me, if only for a while.
Lord, it is my prayer that when we die, we may pass from this life together. But if one of us must go first, it is
my prayer that it shall be me. For he is strong, I am weak. I am not so necessary to him as he is to me.
You have blessed me to be the first wife. But in me you have planted the loves and desires and prayers that
will be repeated in the last wife.

(Lights: black for a moment then up on Adam's area. He tries to write for a moment, then looks over toward
Eve as the lights come up in Eve's area. She is gone.)
(Adam, slowed by age, crosses into Eve's light, lays rose where she sat, or where audience can see it. He
stands silent for just a moment.)
I love you Eve.
You know, I thought I had been put completely out of the Garden long ago, but only today do I learn that
wherever you were, there was always Eden in my life.
(Starts to leave, then )
By the way, God, did I ever thank you for her.
(Adam shuffles out of the light and lights go black.)

In the Garden
by Frances Jones
Genesis 2:15-25, 3:1-24

Garden plants
Two trees
Gods clothes
Snakes clothes
A sign, Knowledge
A sign, Life
Stones for sitting
Fur clothes

Stage directions are from the actors right or left.
[Grandmother, Ben and Sarah come in front of the curtain at stage right. The children hold Grandmothers
hand. They are talking.]
Sarah: Grandmother, are you ready to tell us a story? I want the one about the garden and
Ben: I know that story! I want to hear it again, Grandmother.
Grandmother: Well, then, sit here. [They sit on the floor of the stage right front.] You know this is an old, old
story. It begins
Sarah: We know! It begins before time.
Grandmother: [Laughs] Yes, you can say that. Far back in time, there was a garden. We call it The Garden of
Eden, but some people call it The Garden of God.
Ben: Where was it?
Grandmother: The story says it was in the east. People have looked for Gods Garden, but no luck. And you
know, if you go east and go east, and go east, and go east, what happens? You come right back to where you
started. So who knows where east is?
Sarah: And The Garden of Eden had many plants, big and little plants, vines, and good things to eat. And the
animals lived there, and they were not afraid. Is that right, Grandmother?
Grandmother: Yes, that is right, Sarah. And there were two trees in the garden. One was the tree of life. The
other was the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God made this garden for Adam and Eve. Eve did not have
her name yet, but we know that is what she is going to be called. The garden was a lovely home for Adam and
Eve to live in. Do you know that Adam had a job? His job was to take care of the garden.
[The Garden of Eden. Two trees are on stage, one of them stage centre. The one in the centre has a sign,
Knowledge the other has a sign, Life. Adam and Eve walk on stage from stage right. They are laughing and
talking. Eve has a rabbit in her arms. Snake is sitting on the floor at the back, stage right. Grandmother and
the children turn to look at the stage.]
Adam: [He waves to Snake.] Good morning, Snake.
[Snake puts up his hand but he does not say anything.]
Eve: Tell me again, Adam. What did you name this little animal?
Adam: Rabbit, Eve. [They sit down on a stone. Adam sits close to Eve.]
Eve: Tell me again, Adam, the way you were made.
Adam: I do not remember. But God said he got some dust and made me. He breathed life into me. There I
was, living.

Eve: And me?

Adam: I was sleeping. God said he got one of my ribs out of me. He made it into you. [He gets Eve into his
arms.] And you are just right!
Eve: I love hearing the way God made us. And then he put us in this lovely garden. I love it here, Adam.
[Grandmother and the children stay, sitting on the floor of the stage.]
[Eve is in the garden. She is looking under some plants. Snake walks to her.]
Snake: Good day to you, woman. What are you doing?
Eve: [Parting the plants and looking into them] Looking for the little rabbit.
Snake: Yes, the rabbit. [Looks here and there.] This garden is good, is it not? [Looks up at the tree of
knowledge of good and evil.] But one thing is not so good. There is not much to eat here.
Eve : [Turning to look at Snake] Oh, yes there is! There is very much to eat. Anything we want. And it is all
Snake: But you cannot eat all this good fruit on the trees.
Eve: Yes, we can. We eat from all the trees. All but one. We cannot eat fruit from the knowledge of good and
evil tree. [Whispers] If we touch it, we will die!
Snake: [Laughs] As I live and breathe, who told you that? Not true, not true.
Eve: God said if we eat that fruit we will die.
Snake: [Laughs again] You will not die; you will change. You will get knowledge. That is why God does not
want you to eat that fruit. If you eat it, you will know good from evil. More than that, you will understand
what is good and what is better. And you will know what is bad and what is not so bad. You will know the
good and bad of all things, just as God knows. That is why God says, Do not eat the fruit. He does not want
you to know what he knows.
Eve: Oh.
Snake: Think of knowing all that God knows. Think of being as God is.
Eve: Well [She looks up at the tree.] That lovely fruit does look good. And I do want to know what is
good and what is evil. Maybe one will not hurt me. [She gets a fruit and eats a little of it.] You are right, it is
[Adam comes from stage left. Snake goes back to stage right and sits down.]
Eve: Oh, Adam, look at this. [She holds up the fruit.] It is good, Adam. Snake said it was good to eat. I ate
some and I did not die. See, I am not dead.
Eve: Here, have some too.

[Adam takes the fruit. He eats a little.]

Adam and Eve: What did I do? What did you do? [Adam throws the fruit under the tree.]
Adam: [Looks back and whispers.] God said not to eat fruit from that tree, Eve! Why did you do that?
Eve: Well, you had some, too. You had some.
Eve: [Whispers] What are we going to do? God will look at us and know we ate the fruit. He will look at us
and know.
Adam: Try to cover up what we did! It was wrong!
Eve: Why did you not stop me, Adam. Why? God will know!
Adam: You are the one that did it!
Eve: You did, too.
Adam: Come, get under these plants. [Adam gets the fruit from under the tree.] Put this under there
too. [They get under the plants. There is silence.]
Eve: The sun is going down. It is getting dark, Adam. God will come. We will have to face him.
Adam: Sh! I hear his steps.
God: [Comes into the garden from stage left.] Where are you, Adam? Adam, where are you?
Adam: [Comes slowly from the plants. He holds his clothes together as if covering up.] I heard you, but I
was afraid.
God: You were afraid?
Adam: You know all things. What I did was wrong, so I was afraid.
God: Who said what you did was wrong? [God looks at the tree of knowledge of good and evil.] Did you eat
the fruit from that tree? The tree of knowledge of good and evil? Did you eat the fruit I said not to eat?
Adam: That woman. The one you made for me. She said to eat the fruit, so I did. Here it is. [Adam holds up
the fruit.]
[Eve comes from the plants. She is holding her clothes together. She tries to cover her head. Snake stands up
at back right stage.]
God: [To Eve] What did you do?
Eve: [Looks down at the floor.] It was Snake. I said, If I eat that fruit I will die. But he said it was not true.
He said, if I eat the fruit I will have knowledge. He said I will know all things. It looked good to eat. So I got
the fruit. And I ate some. Just a little.
God: [To Snake] You did this! From this day on, you have the biggest curse of any animal. You will go on
your belly all the days of your life. You will live in dust. You will live in dust and eat dust. [Snake begins to
get on the floor. He puts his arm up to cover his head.] You and Eve will hate each other. Your children and

her children will hate each other. They will hate each other for all time. One of her children will strike your
head. And you will strike his heel. [Snake goes on his belly off stage right.]
God: [To Eve] From this time on you will hurt much, having children. Yet, in your heart, you will want to be
married. And you will want children. Your husband will rule over you.
God: [To Adam] As for you, Adam, you listened to the woman. You did what I said not to do. So from this
day, the earth is cursed. You will work in the dust of the earth so that you can eat. You will work all your life,
and the work will be hard. You are made from dust, Adam, and when you die, you will go back to dust.
God: [To Adam and Eve] You cannot live in my garden one more day. But I will care for you when you go
away. I made these clothes for you. Take them with you. [Gives Adam and Eve fur clothes.]
Adam and Eve: [Whispering] Thank you.
God: Today you two are like gods. You know good from evil. Next time you will eat from the tree of life and
then you will not die. You cannot live in my garden and do what is wrong. So I am putting you out. The gate is
closed to you. Go forth to the world. Go!
[Adam and Eve go off stage right. An Angel comes from stage left. It stands with arms out at stage centre
[Grandmother, Ben and Sarah stand up.]
Ben: That was a good story, Grandmother.
Sarah: God was angry with Adam and Eve. Am I right, Grandmother?
Grandmother: Yes, Sarah, but he loved them. He made them some better clothes. He loved them, but he was
sorry for what they did. He was sorry. [They walk off stage right.]


Mothers & Sons

By Kathy Applebee
Summary: On the night Peter is released from prison, as the church gathers to pray; the women in Marys
kitchen discuss how hard it is to be a mother, especially as the church is persecuted.
Style: Dramatic. Duration: 27min.
Scripture: Acts 12
Hostess Mary - mother of John Mark, hosting the prayer session
Rhoda - a young inquisitive Gentile serving girl about 7 or 8 years old
Salome - One of the supporters of Jesus, mother of James and John
Joanna - Wife of Cuza, supporter of Jesus

Mary Magdela - somewhat disheveled appearance, striking hair

Mother Mary - the mother of Jesus, older, serene
Martha - sister of Lazarus
PROPS: Pots, jars, baskets, some loaves of baked bread, a kneading trough and dough, cheese, other kitchen
implements, towels
SETTING: The kitchen of a first century Jewish home, during the night described in Acts 12. Two stools, a
table and a bench
HOSTESS MARY: (Patiently trying to explain to a wiggly, impatient Rhoda) Rhoda. I will need a lot of help
tonight. There will be at least 50 people, maybe 100. I dont know. But there will be much to do. There will
not be time for playing or jokes. Now, hand me the oil then bring me some water in the red clay jar. (During
this exchange HOSTESS MARY is making bread and other kitchen related tasks and Rhoda is assisting when
she is not asking questions.)
RHODA: Why are so many people coming here? Is this another feast? You Jews have a lot of feasts.
HOSTESS MARY: Our dear brother Peter has been thrown in prison by Herod.
RHODA: You have a brother named Peter?
HOSTESS MARY: Hes a Christian brother. We are going to pray for his release.
RHODA: Why arent you going to your temple to pray and sacrifice? In Egypt we would go to the temple of
Isis and pray to her because she is the protector goddess of women. She might listen if we sacrificed enough.
HOSTESS MARY: Jesus taught us that true worship is about the Spirit and truth, not the place.
RHODA: Is it true that John Mark angered your High Priest? Will the priest make trouble for him? Why
doesnt John Mark just take a sacrifice and say hes sorry?
HOSTESS MARY: Because he is not sorry. The priests and teachers of the law are wrong. They never should
have stoned Stephen. John Mark seems to think it is his place to rebuke them. (But unsure of what she is
saying) I dont know if it was a wise thing to do or not. As a mother I think it was exceedingly foolish.
(Confidently) But as a Christian I know it was the right thing to do. But that is not for me to decide right now.
Right now we have bread to make and fish to grill and many other tasks to be hospitable. I hear our first
guests arriving.
SALOME: (Enters while removing hood from her head.) Shalom. I have come to join in the prayers for Peter.
I thought you might need some help in the kitchen.
HOSTESS MARY: I would be glad for your help. I have 5 loaves of bread rising but I think well need more.
The flour is in the jar. There is water in this jar (indicating with a tilt of her head).
SALOME: (concerned, dropping her voice) It is well we meet here and not at the temple courts.
HOSTESS MARY: The Jewish leaders might make trouble. The Romans might make trouble. Or Herod might
have more Christians arrested and killed. Rhoda, go make sure there is water enough for washing any arrivals
feet and watering a donkeys.
RHODA: Wash, wash, wash. You Jews wash everything all the time. (Exits)
HOSTESS MARY: Salome, I am so sorry about your son, James.

SALOME: (Who has jumped right in to the food preparation) Thank God it was quick. (Quieter) I pray Peter
does not die, but if he must die let it be quickly like James, a beheading, not a crucifixion. I dont think I could
ever bear to watch another one of those.
HOSTESS MARY: (Strong, matter of fact) We are all praying that Peter will be released. God did it before
when Peter and your son John were arrested together. After they healed that crippled man.
RHODA: (Entering loudly) Eight more people have arrived. One of them brought a donkey.
HOSTESS MARY: (pointing off stage) Feet and donkey. (RHODA exits)
SALOME: (Regaining her composure and wanting to change the subject) Shes a Gentile isnt she?
HOSTESS MARY: Yes, Egyptian. I think she had some idea of Jewish customs but The Way has been a shock
to her. Living with us has been ... confusing to say the least.
SALOME: How long has she been here?
HOSTESS MARY: A few weeks. Rather unplanned too. John Mark was passing by a slave auction when he
heard her screams. Her family had run up debts they could not pay. They were sold into slavery. Her father
and two brothers had already been sold. The mother was being taken away by her new owners and Rhoda was
objecting. Loudly. And violently.
SALOME: I dont imagine that went over well
HOSTESS MARY: (becoming more serious) No. They started beating her. John Mark stepped in. He told
them damaged property would bring them less money and offered 5 pieces of silver for her. They agreed
almost too swiftly. (With a soft chuckle) He joked later that he probably could have been paid by them to take
her away.
SALOME: She seems to have adjusted to her new life.
HOSTESS MARY: (With a smile) Yes, and the scratches on John Mark have faded away.
MOTHER MARY: (Entering and pulling the hood from her head) Shalom.
HOSTESS MARY: (Greeting her with a hug, followed by SALOME hugging her) Shalom. I was hoping you
would come.
SALOME: (With concern) But its so late. Its dangerous after dark for a woman to walk alone in the streets.
MOTHER MARY: I wasnt alone. I came with Salome and John. He has become another son to me. Hes seen
Peter. Herod has him under heavy guard. Four squads of four soldiers each. John had no chance to speak to
him. How can I help?
HOSTESS MARY: Sit and rest a while first. Then I suppose well need more bread. And these fish need to go
out to the courtyard to be grilled.
SALOME: I can do that. I saw the fire in the courtyard on my way in. (She takes the fish and a long fork and
HOSTESS MARY: I cant believe how hard this must be for her James being beheaded. Her other son
MOTHER MARY: Yes. She grieves. She is having difficulty accepting the fact that God allowed her son
James to die. She asks why he was not freed by an angel like John and Peter when the Sanhedrin had them
jailed. Why not just a flogging?

HOSTESS MARY: Do you think she has accepted that this will not be an earthly kingdom? That John will not
become a ruler? Being a mother is not easy in these times. (glances at Mary and obviously stiffens as she
realizes what she has said to whom)
MOTHER MARY: Its alright. I knew and accepted my son Jesus death long before it happened. It didnt
make it any easier to watch. But I was somewhat prepared. Salome was not.
HOSTESS MARY: I can personally understand that. John Mark has been drawing attention to himself lately. I
worry. As a Christian I know I must accept Gods will. But it is hard to understand why he protects some and
not the others. Isnt there another way? Besides, the Lord said whatever we asked for in prayer would be
granted. We prayed for James. Do you think it was because we did not believe?
MOTHER MARY: His ways are higher than ours. He is beyond understanding. Remember Jesus said blessed
are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Trials will come
and some will fall away like seed scattered on rocks.
HOSTESS MARY: Perhaps. It is so hard to know. What is a trial? What is a test? What is Gods will?
RHODA: (entering) Salome said to tell you the fish are on. Can I tend them?
HOSTESS MARY: Yes, but be careful. Dont burn yourself.
RHODA: Ill be careful. (exits)
MOTHER MARY: John Mark is becoming a fine young man. You must be proud of him.
HOSTESS MARY: (Strained and worried) I fear for him. He speaks out. (Salome re-enters) He has upset
many of the Jewish leaders. Not just what he says, although teaching the resurrection is inflammatory enough.
They think him disrespectful because of his age.
MOTHER MARY: If hes young and rash he will outgrow it. If he speaks by the power of God, then he must
speak no matter how young he is. Jesus was only twelve when he began challenging the elders.
HOSTESS MARY: (To Mary mother of Jesus) Yes, but your son was the son of God.
MOTHER MARY: Every believer is a child of God.
RHODA: (Bursting in). I need more towels.
HOSTESS MARY: Did you leave the fish to burn?
RHODA: No. Some woman is tending them. She told me to get more towels for washing their feet. I must
have washed ten thousand feet already and they just keep coming. I hate washing feet. Theyre dirty. They
stink. (SALOME enters.)
HOSTESS MARY: (Reprimanding) Its the job that falls to the youngest servant.
RHODA: But I hate it. Cant someone else at least help me?
MOTHER MARY: Yes. Ill go help you. (Reaches a hand to Rhoda)
HOSTESS MARY: No, Mary. Not you. Youre an honored guest. The mother of our Lord.
MOTHER MARY: I insist. My son washed feet, even the feet of the one who betrayed him. Furthermore we
are taught that the greatest shall be the least and the servant of all. (takes Rhodas hand and they exit)
SALOME: She is an amazing woman. I can see why God chose her to mother his son.
HOSTESS MARY: Yes, it would take a remarkable woman.

(MARY MAGDELA enters carrying a covered basket)

MARY MAGDELA: (With a touch of drama) Greetings. A blessing upon this house. (Removes her head
covering which has hidden her face)
SALOME: Mary! (They hug, turning to HOSTESS MARY) This is Mary Magdela.
HOSTESS MARY: (Taken aback, a bit fearful) Yes. Of course. (Not going to greet her) The one .... I have
heard of you but we have never met. (finally stepping forward gingerly to take the basket MAGDELA
proffers) Greetings in the name of our Lord. (Steps back quickly)
MARY MAGDELA: Can I help? (Picks up a knife, thumps it into some cheese, staring at HOSTESS MARY
who draws back obviously frightened. SALOME stifles a giggle.)
SALOME: Mary, its alright. She wont hurt you or anything. (To MARY MAGDELA) I think Mary has
heard about the seven demons. (HOSTESS MARY recovers.)
HOSTESS MARY: (Chagrined) I am sorry. Please forgive me. I know Jesus cast them out. I just...
MARY MAGDELA: (Laughing) There is nothing to forgive. I have suffered far worse from others. And
sometimes it suits me to be given wide berth. Especially with the Romans and Herods soldiers and even our
own priests ready to persecute those of us who follow the Way. (JOANNA enters)
HOSTESS MARY: Welcome. This is Joanna. Her husband Cuza manages Herods household. (Women greet
each other)
MARY MAGDELA: (Adamantly with obvious disgust) Herod. That fox.
JOANNA: He is exactly that. (nodding, turning to MARY MAGDELA) I recognize you, now. You were at the
crucifixion and at the tomb.
MARY MAGDELA: I was the one who stayed behind and thought Jesus a gardener. I begged him to tell me
where the body was. (shaking her head at her own stupidity) After all the times I listened to Jesus speak, all
the times I watched him heal and cast out demons, I still had no clue. Then suddenly Jesus himself was there.
SALOME: But when you returned to us the men said you were talking nonsense. Peter and John finally
decided to see for themselves but the rest wrote you off as a hysterical female. (MOTHER MARY re-enters.)
MARY MAGDELA: (chuckling) Maybe they thought the demons had come back. (getting serious for once
and turning to MOTHER MARY) Mary, You didnt go to the tomb that morning. I always wanted to ask you
about that. Why did you stay behind?
MOTHER MARY: Because I knew Jesus wouldnt be there.
HOSTESS MARY: How could you know that? You watched him die with your own eyes....
MOTHER MARY: Yes I watched, not just on Calvary, but all 33 years of his life. I knew before he performed
his first miracle that he could and would.
MARY MAGDELA: (quietly amazed) Thats right. You coaxed him into turning water into wine at the
wedding in Cana.
MOTHER MARY: I knew he would rise again. That was the only thing that kept me from a total breakdown.
But even knowing he would rise, it was terrible. (MOTHER MARY falls silent, SALOME embraces her,
MARY MAGDELA places a hand on her shoulder)
HOSTESS MARY: Sons are a joy to a mother. But they are also the needle that pierces our hearts.

MOTHER MARY: Sometimes it is a sword - Simeon prophesied that a sword would pierce my heart and he
was right.
RHODA: (bursting in) Someone else is here. A man and his sisters. They came all the way from Bethany!
They brought all kinds of food too. A donkey load! They must be rich!
HOSTESS MARY: That would be Lazarus, Mary and Martha.
RHODA: Another Mary! I dont think I can keep a 4th Mary straight.
MARY MAGDELA: You wont have to. Mary wont be in to help. Shell be praying with the others. But we
can count on Marthas help. (Chuckling) She truly has a servants heart but I suggest we all get busy or shell
assign us things to do. (To HOSTESS MARY) She tends to take charge.
HOSTESS MARY: (Not understanding) But this is my house. Would she take charge in someone elses
ALL: Yes.
MARY MAGDELA: Ill check the fish. I wouldnt want Martha to find me sitting around. (The women all
smile as she exits and they get back to work)
SALOME: Ill help. (she exits as well)
RHODA: (Amazed at all the activity) How many more people are coming? The house is about to overflow
with people.
MOTHER MARY: There were 120 of us gathered in that upper room right after Jesus ascended from the
Mount of Olives.
RHODA: (Incredulous) 120! In one room! Well never fit 120!
JOANNA: I am concerned about too large a group. Cuza, thats my husband, says Herod is targeting the
Christians. People will notice a large gathering. Theyll talk. Its just not safe anywhere. After what happened
to James....
HOSTESS MARY: When the Sanhedrin put John and Peter in prison, God sent an angel to release them. Do
you think he will do the same again?
MOTHER MARY: I do not know. Peters fate is in Gods hands. We arent called to understand or agree. We
are called to submit.
HOSTESS MARY: It is hard being a woman. We have no status. We have no power. All we can do is wait and
MOTHER MARY: We women can serve. We can pray.
HOSTESS MARY: Yes. Prayer is a powerful force.
RHODA: Its hard to be a mother, too, isnt it?
HOSTESS MARY: Yes, I think its the hardest thing in the world. But I am so thankful we all have a heavenly
father who loves us and cares for us.
MOTHER MARY: And we have many gathered here to pray: (SALOME and MARY MAGDELA enter)
MARY MAGDELA: John Mark has taken over the grilling. Funny how men wouldnt be caught dead in the
kitchen but theyll grill outside.

HOSTESS MARY: I know this is part of Gods plan but why Peter? The Lord left him to lead us. He said
Peter would be the Rock. Hes healed, taught, and even raised the dead. (Emphatically) We need him.
SALOME: He did deny the Messiah.
MARY MAGDELA: We all slip at one time or another. Some of us so far that only Gods tender love and
grace could possibly reach us.
MOTHER MARY: Peter hasnt let fear control him since then. Thats changed. Hes been forgiven and was
told to strengthen the brothers. Not once since then has he failed to proclaim Jesus as the Messiah. He stood
up to the Sanhedrin. He defies the chief priests and elders.
MARY MAGDELA: We can only hope thats from God, not Peters impulsiveness, his rash plunging into the
hornets nest. Hes stirred up the believers as well, baptizing gentiles.
SALOME: Everyone is amazed that he and John were just ordinary, unschooled fishermen. They are truly a
living testament to Gods power - how he can change, how he can empower. You know this for yourself,
Mary, how your transformation affected everyone. How it gives hope that anyone, even a demon possessed
woman, can be changed.
HOSTESS MARY: Look at how that Saul of Tarsus changed.
MARY MAGDELA: Yes. But we have to rely on the power of the creator, not the created. SALOME: I see.
Perhaps we are relying on Peter, rather than God.
MARY MAGDELA: Maybe. I believe God wants every believer to be his messenger. Everything is changed
Salome, everything. Its not just being released from the law. Everyone one of us is called to share the good
news. Its not just the priests or the rabbis or even the apostles. It's ordinary people. Even women.
MOTHER MARY: Even mothers
RHODA: (Entering, exaggeratedly weary sounding) John Mark said to for me to bring some bread and
cheese. (With more interest) He and some old man were talking about an angel letting Peter and John out of
prison. Did that really happen? (her voice starts to speed up as she gets more curious) What does an angel look
like? Do you think the angel will let Peter out too?
MOTHER MARY: (pulls Rhoda to her and holds her) Only God knows. May his will not ours be done.
MARTHA: (entering with basket and jar) Blessings upon this home. (All the women greet her, Hostess Mary
takes the basket)
MARTHA: (Businesslike) I brought bread (indicating the basket with a nod of her head). We also brought oil,
raisins and wine. Lazarus thought there might be a crowd.
HOSTESS MARY: I appreciate it, Martha.
MARTHA: God has blessed my family richly. And the master taught us to share. (Looking around assessing
the situation and taking charge) What shall I do? Have we set anything out yet? I thought I smelled fish being
cooked. Is someone watching them? Do we have enough bread - there were at least 50 people praying when
we arrived and I didnt see Thomas or Matthias yet. How many are you prepared for?
MOTHER MARY: (With a knowing smile) This Mary has everything well in hand. But we wouldnt want you
to be idle. (To the others) Martha makes the most marvelous raisin bread and since you brought raisins...
MARTHA: Yes. Ill get started (Starts assembling what shell need). This could take a while. My sister and I
waited four days for an answer to our prayer for Lazarus.
JOANNA: Martha, how did you manage in that four days?

MARTHA: I knew Jesus was the Messiah. Even death kneels to the Christ, the son of the living God.
JOANNA: When Peter spoke at Pentecost - when Cuza and I were baptized along with thousands of others,
Peter didnt seem like a fisherman at all.
HOSTESS MARY: Its public knowledge that he raised Dorcas from the dead. People line the streets just in
case his shadow falls on a loved one and heals them.
MARTHA: Thats not necessarily a good thing. Remember what happened when it became public Lazarus
was raised from the dead? Remember how the leaders decided it was best for one man to die, or even two?
JOANNA: (Puzzled) Two?
MARY MAGDELA: Yes, two. They talked about killing Lazarus as well. Stop the talk about resurrection.
(Mulling things over) Things arent like at first. At first we were in the favor of the Jews. (Certain) Now thats
changed. They send men around to round us up like sheep to be slaughtered. (Rhoda obviously has stopped
working and is listening intently to the conversation.)
JOANNA: Like Stephen. They accused him of blasphemy and stoned him. (Rhodas face shows some distress
at this. Hostess Mary notices and gives a nod to the others to be quiet.)
HOSTESS MARY: Rhoda - we have many guests and need much more water. Fill all the jars by the olive tree
in the courtyard with water.
RHODA: All 7 of them?
HOSTESS MARY: Yes, all 7.
RHODA: (Protesting) But theyre huge. It takes 20 trips to the well to fill each one!!
HOSTESS MARY: Then you best get started. (Rhoda starts to leave, stops for a hug from MOTHER MARY
and lingers.)
JOANNA: Is it safe for her to be out this late?
HOSTESS MARY: The courtyard wall is high. My John Mark has also posted a few of the lads about to keep
watch. Well be warned if there is a problem.
JOANNA: It grows dark. Herods spies are everywhere, not to mention those of the chief priests and the
Roman invaders. Maybe you should lock the doors.
HOSTESS MARY: Yes. Rhoda - ask John Mark to lock the doors now that it is dark. Tell him what Joanna
just said. We should not let anyone in that we do not know. Now Go (RHODA exits) (Worried) John is so
young to have all this responsibility but since his father died he has to take care of things. I dont know what I
would do without him
RHODA: (Bursting in) Peters here, Hes at the door!
HOSTESS MARY: (Sharply) Rhoda! Now is not a time to play.
MARY MAGDELA: (Mildly reproving) Hold on. Sometimes the most unbelievable news is the truest?
RHODA: But it is true. I saw Peter. Hes at the door!
SALOME: She could be seeing his angel. (To Joanna) Do you think Herod would have executed him tonight before the trial?
JOANNA: Thats not likely. Herod likes show. Hed want to make a spectacle of the execution. Hes wound
up in public opinion, playing to the masses. I think hed do anything for attention.

RHODA: (emphatic) No, really! Its Peter. Really. (Pleadingly to MOTHER MARY) Really. Im not making it
up. Why are you all praying if you dont think hell be freed?

HOSTESS MARY: Rhoda, youve only seen Peter once. Its dark outside. I believe you think it's Peter.
RHODA: (Louder) But it is Peter!
MOTHER MARY: Rhoda (holding out her hand) Lets go see. (They exit)
JOANNA: Mary! It could be Herods soldiers. They might be looking for more Christians to put to death! Or
someone from the chief priests or even Roman soldiers. . (Turning to the others) Maybe we should disperse.
(Those remaining look at each other in silence for a beat)
HOSTESS MARY: My John! My John Mark! Where is he? (Short pause of confusion and concern then
MOTHER MARY and RHODA enter. Women ad lib Was it him? Really him? Is he alright? How did he
escape? Where is he now? )
RHODA: (Shouting above the questions) He left! (noise stops)
MOTHER MARY: (Taking charge and motioning them to be quiet) Ill tell you, keep your voices down. We
may be in more danger than we realized. They may have already discovered him missing. (The women
prepare to listen)
RHODA :( Loud stage whisper) He said an angel came for him!
HOSTESS MARY: Shhhhhhh Let Mary talk.
RHODA: But he did! He said an angel made the chains fall off and the city gate opened by itself! (HOSTESS
MARY cuddling Rhoda to quiet her down, turning toward MOTHER MARY.) What did Peter say?
MOTHER MARY: He was sleeping when a light and the angel poking him on the side awoke him. The angel
told him to get dressed and follow him. Peter said he thought he was dreaming.
JOANNA: He had a vision before when he was sent to speak to Cornelius.
MARTHA: Peter would have realized it was something from God. Go on.
MOTHER MARY: He was chained between two of the sixteen guards assigned to...
RHODA: 16 guards!! 16 - thats a lot.... (HOSTESS MARY shushes her.)
MOTHER MARY: All 16 of them were sleeping. (pauses knowingly for effect) He said the gates swung open
on their own. He got to the end of the street and the angel vanished. He guessed there would be a group of
believers here so he came to let us know he was leaving for a while. I imagine there will be quite a commotion
when the guards discover their prisoner is missing.
JOANNA: (In a chilled voice) Herod will have them all executed. Thats the Roman penalty for losing a
prisoner condemned to die. You take the condemned mans place. (A beat of silence as they think about that)
MARTHA: It wont be long until someone suggests they look here. (HOSTESS MARY looked frightened by
the prospect)
JOANNA: And with no victim for public trial Herod will be looking for someone else to arrest.
MARTHA: Joannas right. (To HOSTESS MARY) We are in danger and we are putting you and your family
in danger, Mary.

HOSTESS MARY: (stricken and fearful) My John. What if they come for John? (MOTHER MARY comes
over to her and holds her in an embrace)
MARTHA: (Putting her cloak on, taking charge) Let us take John Mark back to Bethany with us tonight.
Lazarus may be able to do something. (Other woman start gathering their cloaks, items preparing to leave)
(HOSTESS MARY (starts to weep, MOTHER MARY comforts her)
JOANNA: Good idea, Martha. If soldiers find a group of Christians here they just might seize the owners
MARTHA: If it seems best well send him even further away.
MOTHER MARY: Isnt his cousin Barnabas returning to Antioch soon?
MARTHA: Then it would be good for John Mark to go with him. At least for a time.
HOSTESS MARY: (teary, overwhelmed) But hes my son, my firstborn and my only son. Im not ready for
him to go anywhere. How will we manage without him?
MARTHA: Leave that to me. Well see you are taken care of as long as needed. My brother Lazarus will be
able to help.
MOTHER MARY: Sons cause great joy, but even the best of sons can be a great heartache. Sometimes we
have to let them go. (Takes HOSTESS MARYS face in her hands and looks directly at her, speaking gently
but reassuringly.) Hell be in Gods hands, Mary.
HOSTESS MARY: (still fighting the logic of it) But he has no provisions. (her thoughts are scattered) What
should I pack?
MARTHA: (comforting her with a hug) Ill see to it that he has everything he needs. Well send word. God be
with you all (exits)
JOANNA: Mary, I must go too. Cuza will find out from Herod whats going on and Ill send word when we
do hear. We wish to cast no suspicion upon your house so it is best we meet elsewhere for a time. Thank you
for opening your home. May Gods peace dwell upon it? (She hugs and leaves)
RHODA: Do you want me to walk you home, Mary.
MOTHER MARY: (Kneeling down to be on eye level with her) No. But thank you. John will take care of me.
Hell see Im safe.
MARY MAGDELA :( to HOSTESS MARY) We are all under the protection of the Most High and His son.
Even if we must leave this body we know we will be with him in a mansion he has built for us. Do not lose
heart. Do not be afraid. Peace to you and this house. (Hugs HOSTESS MARY then she and MOTHER MARY
RHODA: Why is John Mark leaving? Where is he going to go?
HOSTESS MARY: I dont know. (Making up her mind to trust God) But I do know he will be in the hands of
God. Thats really all I have to know. (Taking a deep breath and getting her composure) I have to gather up his
things. Hell need his cloak and a change of clothes, sturdy sandals - Rhoda, get the basket we take to market
and bring it here. (Rhoda starts to leave, turns)
RHODA: Its hard to be a mother, isnt it?

HOSTESS MARY: Yes, I think its the hardest thing in the world. But I am so thankful we all have a heavenly
father who loves us and cares for us.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus (MONOLOGUE)

Summary: A dramatic monologue by Mary, the mother of Jesus, at the foot of the cross. Used as one of a
number of character parts for a Good Friday service.
Style: Dramatic. Duration: 8min
Actors: 1F
I was barely a woman when this life form grew in my body. A child, bearing a child. I was ill prepared for
motherhood, but with the help of Joseph, my gentle carpenter, my love, we managed.
People called my pregnancy ill-fated and Joseph and me, well, ill-matched But we knew different, we
This child, our gift from God became my gift to the world and where did it end? Here on a common, criminal
Where is faith at a moment like this? The faith I once knew. The faith I once relied on. In a God I could
understand. Is there still faith for me? Where is God in all of this? Somehow God is changing and as I look up
I wonder - do I really know that man up there?
Its strange, although I feel numb I am numb my mind is alive with memory, such vivid memory of his
life, of our life together.
The past 3 years has been filled with change, too much change. At times I thought Jesus would never leave
home and I confess I wished he would almost thirty and all of his friends married with families. Oh how I
wanted him to find a wife; but his heart and head seemed to be in other places.
He always loved the Torah; as a child he challenged the learned ones in the synagogue. He also challenged his
father as they worked side by side in the shop. I could hear them talking, laughing, discussing and disagreeing.
He talked about his calling, a calling to change the world, to challenge the laws as we knew them. He
sometimes frightened me, but Joseph would comfort me. The boy has passion, he would say. He has a
great capacity to think, he struggles now with the laws of the great patriarchs, he questions everything. but he
has a good heart Mary, dont worry. What would he say now if he was here at the foot of the cross and our
son dead?
I feel numb, I feel cold, I am in pain, such pain. Today I felt my heart break into a million pieces, a mothers
heart already affected by this crazy journey my son has taken.
I have felt the side glances, the vicious tongues. Thats her, theyd say, the mother of that radical, that
fellow with his groupies following him around the countryside. Who does he think he is? theyd say.
Doesnt measure up to Joseph. He would have done well to have learned from Joseph how to create
something functional instead of creating havoc everywhere he goes; that poor pig farmer of Gerasenes lost his
whole herd thanks to some of that Jesus hocus pocus, and he just up and leaves by boat, to the next place.
Cynics always question his miracles, Cant you control him? theyd ask. Control him? This thing is bigger
than me, its larger than life. I dont know what to call it. I just know somehow he had a drive that could not
be controlled, a mind that never rested, a spirit that could not be stifled.

These past three years have been hard for me, to lose him to the world, I missed him, I even felt rejected by
him when we tried to visit him that day in Galilee, and instead of rushing to hug me he asked the question,
Who is my mother? Who are my brothers? as if somehow were to be included into a larger, much broader
family, and that wounded me, a little.
Then when he rose to greet me, my mothers heart melted, and when I looked into his fine face I saw such
love and compassion my anger softened, even though I still dont quite understand.
At the foot of this cross I bled with him. I have experienced the drive of each nail, I feel his humiliation, my
mouth dry with each muscle in my body torn like his. My knees buckled as they broke the bones of the two
thieves hanging beside him. I almost cried, Dont, dont touch my son! In my anger and my confusion I
almost asked God at that moment for a miracle - a miracle - here in this darkness?
Im praying, please dont break his legs and I hear the centurion say, Dont bother, hes dead already. Dead
or not, I still felt that sword as it entered his side as if it had pierced mine. Oh, my son, my son
The darkness engulfed me, not only my sight but my soul and I felt the pangs of hell in those hours on this
hill. It stinks of death this place called Golgotha.
I am tired, I must lie down.


The Widow of Nain (monologue)

Written by Kathy Applebee
Summary: The Widow of Nain tells how Jesus brought her dead son back to life.
Style: Dramatic.

Duration: 2min.

Actors: 1F
Scripture: Luke 7

Widow of Nain
SETTING: bare stage
It was a long night, sitting beside my only sons bed, praying that God would spare his life. He was my only
son, and being a widow, my only hope for my old age. Without him, I would have no means of support. I
would be vulnerable, a target to those who preyed upon the defenseless.

I prayed that God would spare my only son, the way he had spared Sarah when Abram in obedience to Gods
commands prepared to sacrifice him. I listened in the darkness as my son struggled to breath, as his breaths
became more shallow, fewer, then ceased.
I called out, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me! My cries pierced the night and brought my
neighbors. By dawns light, the entire town knew. I had become like Naomi, a childless widow. Unlike her, I
had no daughter-in-law who would care for me. I was alone. So alone.
As six strong men carried my sons body through the gates of Nain, a man named Jesus stopped the
procession. Dont cry, he said, gently touching my shoulder with one hand as he reached out to the coffin
with his other.
(in a commanding Jesus voice) Young man, I tell you, get up!
Hope flared to life. My son sat up and began to speak. His power is made perfect in weakness. The
pallbearers set the coffin down and Jesus helped my son rise. As our arms wrapped around each other, the
mourning of the crowd turned to joy. They glorified God, saying, A great prophet has risen among us, and
God has visited His people.
My son, who was dead, was now alive! I wept tears of joy. I poured out my thanks to God. Truly, our God is a
God of power and compassion. Those who hope in him will never be ashamed.