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December 13, 2007

Brian Bolan
Director of Research;
Recent price: NILE 68.72

Upgrading Blue Nile to a Hold from a Sell


The rollercoaster ride is far from over, but we believe that now is a good time to re-visit our
recommendation on Blue Nile. After issuing a sell rating on 5/21/07, the stock did nothing short of
double. In its steep upward trajectory, we reassessed our price target two times (once when we issued the
original sell report and once at the end of August) but it was meet with little exposure from media outlets
or the market in general. We now see a stock that is fairly valued and we are upgrading our rating to hold
from sell.


Blue Nile is set up to beat the street again in the coming quarter, as consensus estimates are likely a bit too
soft. We are in the camp that believes that guidance is generally a tad weaker than what is to be expected,
and we are ahead of managements expectation on both the top and bottom lines. We are expecting strong
growth in orders to provide much of the upside in the coming fourth quarter.


After a long year of trying to convince Wall Street that Blue Nile was worth around $70 a share, we have
finally been proven correct (somewhat). We continue to believe in the overall story that is Blue Nile, but
believe that there are some near term tailwinds that can produce a strong 4th quarter and healthy 1st quarter
of 2008. After that time, the headwinds may cause use to resume our negative bias towards the stock. At
this time, however, we recommend that investors hold the stock as we maintain our $70 price target.

Important Disclosures
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of interest that could affect the objectivity of this report. Investors should consider this
report as only a single factor in making their investment decisions. Please also refer to
the important disclosures found on pages 4 thru 6. Analyst Certification is found on
page 4.

Orders and ASP’s

We are estimating for the fourth quarter of 2007 that orders improve 23% from the same period last year
and climb over the 85,000 mark. A somewhat challenged ASP of $1,400 could be the monkey wrench in
the scenario as our checks indicate that estimate may be a little aggressive. That said, we are staying with
our original estimate which calls for a topline number of more than $119M.


∗ Significant TV ads from competitors might bring more traffic to Blue Nile.
∗ Bad weather in the early portions of December could point more people to the internet to complete
holiday shopping.
∗ Indications from third party data providers continue to point to a strong holiday sales season.

Target Price and Model

Our target price of $70 is based on our expected earnings per share of $1.06 for 2007. This means a 66x
multiple is being used in this instance. We expect to update our model for 2008 estimates in the coming

Source: Jackson Securities, company reports

Hold initiated 2/07/07: $39.18 Downgrade to Sell 5/21/07 : Sell 8/31/07: 82.93
Target: $40.00 $53.05 Target $46 Target:$70

Sell 11/09/07: 82.55 Upgrade to Hold 12/13/07: 68.72

Target: $70 Target: $70


Analyst Certification
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