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The university may send out two types of alerts that satisfy Clery Act requirements to keep the campus informed
about safety and security threats:
Emergency notifications
Timely Warnings
"Emergency notifications" are used to immediately notify the campus community upon the reliable report of a
significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or
employees occurring on the campus. The process for the university's emergency notifications, as well as for
emergency evacuation and response, can be found in the following section.
"Timely warnings" are used to inform the campus community, in a timely manner, about serious or continuing
threats to the campus community. The intent of a timely warning is to inform students and employees about
crimes on or near the campus, enable the campus community to protect themselves, provide prevention and
safety tips and aid in the prevention of similar crimes.
Timely warning notices, called "Campus Crime Alerts" are usually distributed for the following Clery
reportable crimes: criminal homicide, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault and burglary, motor vehicle
theft, arson, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and hate crimes if there is an on-going threat to the
community. However, this list is not inclusive and warnings may be issued for any serious or continuing threat to
person, property or campus safety. Each incident is considered and evaluated on a case-by-case basis, depending
on the facts of the case and the information known by DU Campus Safety. Patrol supervisors and/or the Associate
Director of DU Campus Safety may review all reports to determine if there is an on- going threat to the campus
community, and if the distribution of a timely warning/campus safety alert is warranted.
In instances where information was not provided to DU Campus Safety in a timely manner (very generally,
incidents having occurred within the past at which point the intent and the spirit of the warning are no longer
viable), DU Campus Safety may elect not to issue a timely warning notice. If new information surfaces, DU Campus
Safety will reevaluate the incident and may issue the timely warning/campus safety alert.
The content of a timely warning generally consists of a brief summary of the incident, a physical description and
composite drawing, if available, whether the case is under investigation, resources, safety and prevention tips,
and who to contact to report additional information.
Institutions must keep confidential the names and personally identifying information of crime survivors when
issuing a timely warning. DU Campus Safety will never release a crime survivor's personally identifying
information. When issuing a timely wamingfor sensitive matters, such as sexual assault, DU Campus Safety makes
every effort to not release specific incident details that may identify a victim/survivor; however, an institution may
need to release information, such as a location that may lead to identification of a crime victim/survivor. The
institution must balance the need to provide information of an ongoing or serious threat to the campus
community while also protecting the confidentially of the crime victim/survivor to the maximum extent possible. If
a timely warning is issued for a sensitive matter, DU Campus Safety makes every effort to notify the crime
victim/survivor before the information is released.
Timely warnings are developed and activated under the direction of the DU Campus Safety Director or a
designee. Timely Warnings are distributed via the emergency notification system and/or mass e-mail to the
"" e-mail accounts of all employees and students, and may also be posted to the DU Campus Safety
"Facebook" and "Twitter" accounts, to be immediately received by individuals who follow or subscribe to those
2016 Annual Campus Security & Fire Safety Report

accounts. Additionally, the alert will be posted on the DU Campus Safety website: and may be distributed by other social media channels.
Timely warnings are sent as soon as pertinent information is available. Any follow-up information received may be
distributed later, depending on the circumstances, (i.e. suspect apprehension). Timely warnings include information
intended to inform the community, enable community members to protect themselves and provide prevention and
crime safety tips, and aid in the prevention of similar crimes. Depending on the circumstance of the crime, DU
Campus Safety may post a copy of the notice at the front desk of each residence hall, and/or at the doorway to
each campus building, as well as deliver copies to each fraternity and sorority house.
DU Campus Safety has requested that the Denver Police Department inform the University of Denver (DU) when
crimes are committed on or near campus that might be potential or on-going threats to the DU campus
community. This will assist DU in determining the need for a timely warning/campus safety alert. DU Campus
Safety works closely with the Denver Police Department and other appropriate law enforcement agencies to
obtain the pertinent facts of the incident. Based upon the known facts DU Campus Safety becomes aware of in
these areas, the incidents are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and DU Campus Safety may issue a timely
warning or post local law enforcement media releases.
In cases where an incident has occurred which constitutes a serious or on-going threat, however is not a Clery
reportable crime and/or has not occurred within a Clery geographic area, DU Campus Safety will consider and
evaluate these incidents and may issue a Campus Safety Security Advisory. These types of notices, while not
considered timely warnings/campus safety alerts, contain the same basic information as a timely warning with a
similar purpose of awareness and prevention.
Individuals with information they believe warrant a timely warning/campus safety alert should report the
incident to DU Campus Safety at 303.871.3000 (1-3000) or in person at the Campus Safety Center, located
at 2130 S. High St. on the southwest corner of the Evans Parking Structure.