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| Offer My Life Words and Music by Claire Cloninger and Don Moen 1 Al that 1am, all that | have, 2Things in the past things yet un - seen, 3 — | tay them — down be - fore You, © Lord; wish + es and dreams that are—yet to come true, ATI —? All my re = grets, all my ac = claim, the All of my hopes, all of ~— my _ plans, my SS —S joy and the pain, Im mak = ing them Yours. heart and my hands are it : ed to You ——,. efit sont ae Wed ae ng ona Mule | Offer My Life - 2 of - fer my life + "ty = thing I've glo through, hit = of - fer my praise my days. ro a pleas-ing sac Lord, 1 of - fer You my