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Shiju P Kuriakose
Senior Structural Engineer (Oil & Gas)
Tel : +971-50-2573856
E-mail :


Key Experience


Shiju is a Structural Engineer with

12 years postgraduate experience
in engineering of various offshore
completion of his postgraduate
degree he has held staff positions
with Larsen & Toubro India,
Sharjah, J.Ray McDermott, Dubai
and W S Atkins (Oil & Gas) at
Sharjah, UAE.

Design, analysis and assessment of

fixed offshore platforms

Structural Engineer

Structural integrity management and

repair of offshore structures.


Construction Engineering Activities

for fixed offshore Platforms.


Good exposure to API codes, BS

codes including ISO 19902 , CAP
DNV codes, AISC and IS


Detail engineering of onshore civil

and structural works for various
petrochemical and power plant

Software Exposure

estimates; client interactions; inter
discipline co-ordination and proposal


His technical experience includes

design, analysis and construction
engineering of fixed offshore
assessment and repair of offshore
platforms and detail engineering for
concrete and steel structures for
various petrochemical and power
plant projects.
Shiju works as a senior structural
engineer in the W S Atkins (Oil &
Gas division) at Sharjah, UAE which
does several Greenfield / brown
field and integrity assessment
projects for Oil & Gas companies in
Middle east.

Joined Atkins


B.Tech Civil Engineering 1996

M.Tech Structural Engineering 1998

SACS 5.3
Micro SAS

Date of Birth
10th June 1974

Experience with Atkins (from 2008 to Present)

Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project : Reassessment & Strengthening of WHP PW38 Post Boat Collision

Collection & Review of Assessment Information including post collision inspection reports,
development of design data and assessment of geotechnical information which includes development
of P-y, T-Z data for pile analysis (using Abbs Hybrid method).
Global in place Analysis for damaged & repaired platforms.
Non-linear Ship Impact Analysis on the Intact Platform to simulate the boat collision damages.
Progressive Collapse Analysis of the Intact, Damaged & Repaired Platform to determine RSR.
Deterministic Fatigue Analysis of the Intact & Repaired Platform.
Constructability Studies, Design and Detailing of Short & Long-term Repair Schemes for various
structural elements.
Preparation of scope of work and cost estimate for repairs and inspections.

Iranian Offshore Oil Co. (IOOC) / SADRA, Iran

Project : Reshadat Renovation & Development Project - Detailed Engineering for Topsides for a New
Production (P4), Living Quarters (Q4), Wellhead (W4) and Flare (F4) platforms, Three (3) Bridges
connecting the above platforms and a Satellite Wellhead Platform (W0) in Reshadat Field in Iran
Shiju P Kuriakose

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FEED Endorsement of structural documents & drawings.

Detailed Engineering/Design for topsides of W4, W0, Flare and Bridges.
In-place, Spectral Fatigue (Wind), Seismic, Load-out, Transportation and Lift Analyses for the above
structures using SACS software.
Design/Analyses for Primary, Secondary & Tertiary structural components of the above structures,
including Helidecks, Joint Design, Passive Fire Protection, Crane Pedestals, Equipment/Piping
Supports, Access Platforms, Stairways, Walkways, Davit/Lifeboat Support Structures, Lifting Pad
eyes etc.
Co-ordination for engineering for Architectural and Building Services for building modules.
Preparation of Design Basis, Specifications, Design/Analysis Reports, AFC Drawings.
Preparation of MTOs, Weight Control Reports, Material Requisitions, and Technical Bid Evaluations

ADYARD, Abu Dhabi / Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), Abu Dhabi, UAE
Detailed Eng. for Lifeboat Capacity Enhancement at UZ ACPT-1 & UAD LQP
Detailed Engineering for the installation of 6 nos. of New 90 men Lifeboats (5 in UZ ACPT-1 & 1 in UAD
LQP), davit system and associated platform modifications.
- Preparation of Structural Design Basis & Specifications.
- Design of Lifeboat Platforms & platform modifications.
- Design of Strengthening of existing Barge/Platform Structures.
- In-Place Analyses of the Deck Extensions.
- Lift & Transportation Analyses of the Deck Extensions.
- Detailed Engineering Drawings for Structural Scope
- Structural MTO & WCR
Qatar Petroleum Development Co. (QPD), Qatar (2008-2009)
FEED for A-Structure South Field Development
- FEED for a new wellhead platform AS10 and a water dumping platform AS11, production pipeline
from AS10 to GIP and tie-in to the process and utilities.
- Design for Two Jacket Platforms (Jacket & Deck Structures).
- In-place analysis & Spectral Fatigue Analysis of the jacket platforms.
- Lift & Transportation Analyses of Jackets & Decks.
- Un-Piled Stability Analyses of Jacket Platforms.
- Design of Boat Landings & CP System for Jacket Platforms.
- Checking of all Drawings Produced by the Designers.
Experience Prior to Atkins

2006-2008 J Ray McDermott Dubai.

Senior Structural Engineer involved in the structural analysis, design and detailing of various fixed offshore
platforms. Also experienced in construction engineering activities like pre-service analysis of sub-assemblies,
preparation of procedures for yard lift, Load-out schemes (lifted & skidded) , Weighing, Bridge roll over, Flare
boom trial fit, heavy equipment installations etc and the associated drawings , attending these activities,
ballast calculations for load-outs etc. The major projects include:
Saudi Aramco MPOT 2006 Project
- Design, Engineering & Construction of 16 PDMs & Jackets.
- In-place, Spectral Fatigue, Lift, Load-out, Transportation, Upending, On-bottom Stability Analyses of
the Jackets and Topsides using SACS software.
- Development of P-Y,T-Z & Q-Z Curve for Non-linear analysis of pile-soil interaction using SACS PSI
Module and Design of Pile Foundations.
- Design/Analyses for Primary & Secondary components such as Boat Landings, Helideck, Cathodic
Protection, Mud mat, Pad eyes, Trunnions, Joint Design, Riser/J-Tube Clamps, Wave Slamming
calculations etc.
Ras Gas Oil Co. (RG), Qatar Ras Gas Offshore Field Development Project
- Construction Engineering of Jackets/Topsides for various wellhead platforms WH6&8, WH9 &10 for
Ras Gas Offshore Development Project. These platforms are 4 pile template type jacket structure
supporting two level topsides with a helideck in Offshore Qatar.
Reliance Industries Limited, India KGD6 Block Field Development Control Riser Platform Project
- Pre-service analyses and designs and construction engineering activities including skidded loadouts,
weighing, panel lifts etc for the north and south topsides.
Shiju P Kuriakose

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Shell Pearl GTL Platforms Project

- Pre-service designs and construction engineering activities for jackets and topsides for Pearl I & II
2004 2006: Maritime Industrial Services Co. Ltd Sharjah
Civil / Structural Engineer dealing with analysis, design and detailing of various steel & RCC structures for
O&G onshore projects. Providing engineering designs for yard lifts, load-outs etc.
The major projects include:

Heavy Fuel Oil Bunkering Facility for WOQOD, Ras Laffan,Qatar Petroleum.
Civil / Structural engineer in-charge of design aspects of the project. The project involves about 3500 cum of
concrete works and 200 MT of structural steel work consisting mainly of two Heavy Fuel Oil Storage tanks,
Soil Improvement works, Pipe culverts, Pipe bridges, Pump House, Equipment Foundations, Substation
Building and Import and Export Line to LNG Berths.
Jet Fuel Storage Facility at Hamriya Free Zone for Air BP, Sharjah.
Sharjah Pipe Line Project comprising a jet fuel storage facility at Hamriya Free Zone and 42km pipeline to
Sharjah International Airport.
RAKGAS Pipeline Project UAE.
This project included a 28km buried gas pipeline along with pig launcher and receiver stations, control rooms,
equipment foundations, Pipe racks, Paving and Road Layouts.
Gas Treatment skids and Piperacks for GTL Project Qatar
Detailed engineering of pipe racks and skids for Oryx GTL Project.
1998 2003: Larsen & Toubro, ECC Division, Chennai, India
Design Engineer (Civil) with following responsibilities:
Perform structural analysis, design calculations and prepare design drawings of various steel & RCC
structures for various power plant, petrochemical projects, substations and treatment plants.
Interaction with clients, consultants, vendors, coordination with various disciplines & PMT, technical
assistance to draftsmen, checking of design / fabrication drawings etc.
Visit sites to solve specific design related issues.
Review of various tender documents and provide inputs for bids like MTOs and engineering man hours,
technical clarifications, for various EPC projects.
The major projects include:

330 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Pillai Perumal Nallur, Tamil Nadu, India
Detailed design of various plant structures like Turbine Buildings with GTG & STG Foundations, condenser
foundations, warehouse/ workshop buildings housing gantry cranes, long span roof trusses, pipe racks and a
few non-plant buildings.
24 MW Captive Power Plant for Tata Chemicals Ltd, Mithapur, Gujarat.
Detailed design for turbine building extension and framed foundation for additional turbines.
Cochin Refineries Ltd, Diesel Hydro Desulphurisation project
Detailed design for combined effluent treatment plant comprising clarifiers, sludge thickeners, Aeration tank,
various sumps and pump houses below and above grade etc.
24 MLD Combined Effluent Treatment plant at Wazirpur, Delhi.
Detailed design of an overhead inlet tank chain for the primary treatment system.

Water Supply Scheme for Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation

Raw Water Treatment Plant for Haldia Petrochemicals, W. Bengal
Mangalore Refineries & Petrochemicals Ltd, Karnataka, DHDS Project

Pre-bid Engineering Designs:

Tender stage designs for various Petrochemical and Power projects including Indian Oil Corporation Panipat
Refinery expansion project, Substations for Power Grid Corporation, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority,
various treatment plants etc.
English, Hindi & Malayalam.

Shiju P Kuriakose

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