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Quake II Evolved was started late 2002 by Nicolas Flekenstein and Gavin Stevens as a quick mod that would improve a few areas of Quake II. Soon after that we decided to add a new menu and from then on the features just kept rolling in. Quake II Evolved is now a 32bit source modification for Quake II that makes full use of TGA and JPEG textures. It also supports pk2 compressed archives for files and even Quake III Arena style shaders for textures and skins. We have come a long way since September 2002, and we hope to go a lot further.

NOTICE: Before you can install Quake II Evolved, you must first remove any previous release that you have installed. To do this, go to your baseq2 directory under Quake 2, and remove the file "q2e_pak0.pk2", and also any additional .pk2 files that came with your release. Next, remove the file "q2econfig.cfg". And finally, go to your Quake 2 directory and delete the file "q2e.exe". Once you have deleted these 3 files, you are good to go! Installing Quake II Evolved couldn't be easier. First off all, download the latest file to a temporary location. This file can be deleted if you wish later on or stored in another location.

For this next part, you will need an unzipping utility, such as WinZip, or WinRar. (For this tutorial, we will assume you have downloaded and are using WinZip). Once you have Winzip, double click the Q2E icon and the main window should pop up. Ignore the files in the background and just click the "Extract" button.

Once you click the extract button, a smaller window will pop up. Simply point the files to your Quake 2 directory and hit extract! NOTE: You must make sure that "Use Folder Names" is on, or else the files will be extracted to the wrong directories.

And that's it! Quake II Evolved should now be installed! Simply go to your Quake 2 directory and double-click the Q2E.exe icon (NOT the Quake 2 one) and Q2E should load! You should be greeted with the new Q2E menu screen if everything went correctly.

If you do experience problems with the installation of Quake II Evolved, please feel free to contact either of the team using the channels provided.

System Requirements
MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 3D hardware accelerator with full OpenGL support (software rendering is not supported) Intel Pentium 200MHz MMX or AMD 200MHz K6 processor with a 4 MB video card 32 MB RAM DirectX 3.0 or higher compatible sound card Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2K/XP operating system

RECOMMENDED SETUP: Intel Pentium III 800MHz or AMD Athlon 800MHz processor with a 32 MB video card 128 MB RAM DirectX 7.0 or higher compatible sound card

New This Release VERSION 0.23
- Fixed animMap shader bug on brush models (now it actually works as it should) - Fixed shader parsing bugs - Fixed some shader warnings - Rewrote some rendering code - Minor renderer optimizations - Removed GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc in favour of GL_ARB_texture_compression - Added GL_ARB_texture_env_add and GL_ARB_texture_env_combine support - Added GL_EXT_texture_edge_clamp support - Added GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap support - Surface subdivision now works for any kind of surface with the tessSize shader command set (not limited to SURF_WARP only) - Lightmaps are now generated for any kind of surface with a $lightmap shader stage. However, certain surfaces (the ones flagged with SURF_WARP) will have a fullbright lightmap that will only change its color when a dynamic light lits the surface (this is because QRAD3 doesn't generate lighting information for them). - Minor changes and fixes in console code - Fixed some file system bugs - File system is now restarted during server initialization to make sure that the game DLL will be loaded from the appropriate directory - Fixed some minor HUD bugs - Optimized alias model rendering code - Added MD3 alias model support

- Added LOD support for MD3 models (controlled via r_lodBias and r_lodScale cvars) - Added model testing facilities - Fixed and enhanced dynamic model lighting - Added sprite entities (SP2 sprite models are still there for compatibility) - Added shader sorting code (r_debugSort to test) - Cleaned up some code - Fixed lagometer drawing wrong in resolutions lower than 1024x768 due to scaling - Updated menus with new options - Tweaked some functions in the menu framework - Fixed stencil shadows not working - Fixed texture scaling in water caustics shader - Allowed the view weapon to be shown at a FOV higher than 90 - Fixed a depth bug in sky-box rendering - Fixed MD3 surface loading code - Fixed some rendering problems with certain configurations - Fixed glClear bug - Fixed 3Dfx fallback code in OpenGL subsystem initialization - Fixed rotating brushes disappearing - Fixed dynamic lighting on brush models - Fixed shell shaders - Fixed "cull disable" not working - Fixed "tcMod rotate" not working - New shader commands: tableDef surfaceparm: lightmap, warp, trans33, trans66, flowing sort: sky, decal, seethrough, banner, underwater, nearest noShadows deformVertexes: autoSprite, autoSprite2 animClampMap videoMap tcMod: translate, warp alphaGen: dot, oneMinusDot - Added RoQ video support to both the client ("cinematic" command) and the renderer ("videoMap" shaders) - Tweaked 2D drawing functions - Fixed invisible view weapon bug - Fixed shader loading for world surfaces that reference the same texture but use different drawing parameters - Reworked some text parsing routines - Made sure cheating cvars are forced off before loading a map, so the subsystems initialize with the proper settings - Attempted to reduce map loading times and fixed some loading problems - Fixed and optimized background track playback code

- Fixed window position bug when switching between fullscreen and windowed modes with ALT+ENTER - Fixed sounds/graphics not being properly reloaded after a snd_restart/vid_restart while in game - Fixed some problems displaying the main menu when a cinematic is finished - Fixed function keys (F1 to F12) disconnecting from a demo playback - Fixed laser beams not drawing - Laser beams get their texture coordinates scaled so that scrolling and other effects work properly - Fixed various rendering bugs - Rewrote memory manager to be more like Quake and Quake 3 (com_zoneMegs and com_hunkMegs cvars specify how much memory to use) - Moved sounds to hunk memory allocation - Added support for MD3 tags - Added AVI demo frame dumping ("com_aviDemo" cvar) - Fixed a bug where mouse input was delayed a frame (DirectInput only) - Added screen blends (blood, underwater, IR goggles, etc...) - Completely reworked client effects (lights, entities, explosions, sprites, etc...) - Completely remade particle system with new effects - Added ejecting brass for bullet/pellet based weapons - Added polygon clipping code from QFusion - Added decals - Removed glowing on items - Fixed a client timing bug - Fixed a slowdown when bringing up the in-game menu - Fixed bad packets writing to demo files (thanks to Vic) - Reduced maps and models memory usage (thanks to Vic for suggestion) - Fixed autoSprite not working on models (thanks to Vic) - Fixed autoSprite2 not working on rotating models - Fixed shadows messing up multi-surface models - Fixed dedicated servers not executing game commands - Config file is now saved every time a CVAR_ARCHIVE variable is changed - Fixed a potential "tcMod scroll" precision problem for some drivers

Change Log VERSION 0.17g (BETA)
- Fixed crash when entering "DM Options" menu - Fixed bug where Q2E loaded pack files with invalid extensions - Fixed HOM effect after initialization when an invalid command is executed from the Q2E command line

- Fixed "Save Game" menu not saving games - Fixed bug where invalid skins and icons were used if you don't have the custom skins referenced by the server. Now reverts back to male/grunt like Q2 did - Fixed wrong text in loading screen when downloading files from servers - Fixed missing spectator and chasing strings in the HUD - Fixed missing frags counter in HUD - Fixed APPLY button not showing up when changing Texture Overbrights - Fixed explosion model shader (was drawing behind other objects) - Fixed 3D armor icon on HUD from being drawn behind some weapons (like HyperBlaster) - Player 3D icon on HUD now uses skin specified by user - Made "set" console command backwards compatible. This fixes "Usage: set <variable> <value>" messages for some users - Fixed "Address Book" menu not saving servers unless hitting ESCAPE - Fixed some rendering bugs when using left-handed weapon - Fixed dedicated servers not working - Made Q2E config file save on game change, not only on exit - Fixed some "Z_Malloc: could not allocate 0 bytes" errors. Now, in most cases, invalid allocations are avoided (usually giving a warning) - Fixed 'models/items/keys/pass/skin' shader (was missing 'map' keyword :D) - Fixed some culling bugs (was setting the wrong GL state) - Made TAB key cycle through available commands in the console (if more than one match is found). Hitting another key will stop the cycling. - Made new HUD scriptable. This allows us to have multiple HUD layouts that you can choose using cl_newHUD, as well as allowing users to create their own customized HUD layouts. - Fixed animated textures on brush models - Minor renderer optimizations

Initial release

If you have any trouble at all with aything Q2E related, please feel free to contact either Berserk or o'dium. Berserk - berserk@planetquake.com o'dium - odium@planetquake.com

QUAKE II EVOLVED BY TEAM BLUR www.planetquake.com/blur PROGRAMMING Nicolas "BERSERK" Flekenstein ART/SKINS

Gavin "o'dium" Stevens Main menu background by "snak9" Various glow skins by KMan MODELS Gavin "o'dium" Stevens KarmaCop SPECIAL THANKS id Software for making Quake II and then releasing its source code. Special thanks to the id Legeds area of the Quake 3 World discussion forums for their help and support during the production of Quake II Evolved. www.quake3world.com All the people working on the retexturing and remodeling projects. CODE Vic, MrG, Psychospaz, Heffo, Discoloda, Knightmare, Stephen Taylor, Tim Ferguson JPG code from the "Independent JPEG Group" (C)1991-1998 Thomas G. Lane www.ijg.org ZIP code form the "ZLib" library (C)1995-2002 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler www.zlib.org Quake II Evolved is a Team Blur production. Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Quake II (C)1997-2003 Id Software, Inc. No Strogg or Marines were harmed during the development of Quake II Evolved.

If you experience any problems or have any trouble with Quake II Evovled, please visit www.planetquake.com/blur for more information [ Return to Top ] [ Print Manual ] [ Team Blur web site ] © 2003 Team Blur. All rights reserved.