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Hsing-i Mastery Program

Hsing-i Mastery Video Lesson Index

Volume One, DVD One (Disc 1)

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Preparation
Lesson 3: Alignments and Movements
Lesson 4: Basic Principles
Lesson 5: Four Points Alignments
Lesson 6: Knee Alignments
Lesson 7: The Spine and Lower Tantien
Lesson 8: How Alignments Increase Power
Volume One, DVD Two (Disc 2)
Lesson 9: Making a Proper Hsing-I Fist
Lesson 10: Initial Fist Movement
Lesson11: Hsing-I Mind
Lesson 12: Second Hand Movement
Lesson 13: Third Hand Movement
Lesson 14: Importance of the Lower Body
Lesson 15: Improving your Stance
Lesson 16: Chi Should Both Rise and Fall
Volume One, DVD Three (Disc 3)
Lesson 17: Partner Exercise to Raise Chi and for Martial Arts
Lesson 18: Opening and Closing your Feet
Lesson 19: The Ankle
Lesson 20: The Power to Do
Volume One, DVD Four (Disc 4)
Lesson 21: How the Hands Split in Pi Chuan
Lesson 22: Twisting the Arms Inward and Outward
Lesson 23: Focus on the Upper Body
Lesson 24: Strength, Internal Power and Your Body
Lesson 25: Basic Hsing-I Principles
Lesson 26: Ko or Hooking
Volume One, DVD Five (Disc 5)
Lesson 27: The Tigers Mouth
Lesson 28: Upper Body Alignments
Lesson 29: Review and Q&A
Lesson 30: Standing and Preventing Your Bodys Chi from Becoming Stagnant
Lesson 31: Mind Holds the Chi and the Body
Lesson 32: Pi Chuan Martial Applications
Lesson 33: Half Steps or Worm Walking
Lesson 34: Martial Applications Closing Distance and Planting Your Opponent
Lesson 35: Where Does Body Movement Originate?
Volume One, DVD Six (Disc 6)
Lesson 36: Different Hand Movements
Lesson 37: Movement of Pi Chuan
Lesson 38: Why Liu Heng Chieh began his day with Hsing-i
Lesson 39: The Three Holdings
Lesson 40: Gaze and Breathing
Lesson 41: High, Medium and Low Levels of Hsing-I Breathing

Volume One, DVD Seven (Disc 7)

Lesson 42: Breath, Energy and Mind Become One
Lesson 43: Chi falls to the Lower Tantien
Lesson 45: Shoulder Edges Sink
Lesson 46: Elbows Dig Downward
Lesson 47: Other Principles of Hsing-i
Lesson 48: 3 Different Styles of Beng Chuan
Volume Two, DVD One (Disc 8)
Lesson 49: The three kinds of internal martial arts
Lesson 50: Hsing-i is composed of 2 concepts
Lesson 51: Fire elements and the five fists
Lesson 52: A review of the Metal Element
Lesson 53: Introduction to the Water and Wood Elements
Lesson 54: Important Metal Element Principles Related to San Ti or Holding Pi Chuan
Lesson 55: The Metal Element overview
Lesson 56: Metal Element refined with Hsing-I principles
Lesson 57: Recognize Real and False Energy
Lesson 58: Hsing-I Preferences
Lesson 59: Shock, Gapping, Hesitation & Paralysis
Volume Two, DVD Two (Disc 9)
Lesson 60: Basic Principles
Lesson 61: Movement Qualities of the Water Fist: Down Causes Up
Lesson 62: Kidneys and Awareness, Fear-Depression and Courage
Lesson 63: Take Shock on the Back of your Forearm
Lesson 64: How to Make a Hsing-I fist: Twisting and Eagle Claw
Lesson 65: What is Spiraling and Twisting?
Lesson 66: Aspects of Drilling
Lesson 67: Static and Moving Strength are Different
Lesson 68: Strong and Weak Angles
Lesson 69: Go to where Strength is not
Lesson 70: Fist comes up the centerline and Learn to Evenly Twist and not Freeze
Lesson 71: Principles of Centerline Control and Movement
Lesson 72: Useable Power and Angle Changing
Lesson 73: What Drives Hsing-Is Twisting and Internal Power
Volume Two, DVD Three (Disc 10)
Lesson 74: Regarding the Hand Movements
Lesson 75: Technical Points
Lesson 76: Battlefield and Bodyguard Arts Differ
Lesson 77: Technique: Hands Going Out and Returning
Lesson 78: Finer Details Regarding the Hand Movements
Lesson 79: Lock Chi in your Lower Tantien
Lesson 80: Close Range Fighting Considerations
Lesson 81: Safe 2 Person Head Shot Exercise
Lesson 82: More points regarding Hsing-i
Lesson 83: Small, Medium and Big Style Internal Martial Arts
Lesson 84: Safety Precaution: Initially Twist the Arms First and Legs Later to Protect your back

Volume Two, DVD Four (Disc 11)

Lesson 85: Descending Hand Martial Considerations
Lesson 86: Negotiating 2 Centerlines: Your Waist and a Sphere
Lesson 87: Intersecting and Contact
Lesson 88: Hsing-I Never Retreats and Defeating Anxiety
Lesson 89: 4-Part Footwork Stepping Sequence
Lesson 90: One Hand Goes Down as the other Goes up
Lesson 91: 80% and 20% open
Lesson 92: Precise Hand Movement in 4 Parts
Volume Two, DVD Five (Disc 12)
Lesson 93: Up and Down Internal Movement: Find and Feel the Cable
Lesson 94: Hsing-I does not do snapping punches
Lesson 95: Single, Double and Triple Impact Strikes
Lesson 96: Functions of Front Foot Stepping
Lesson 97: Worm Walking and Fa Jin
Lesson 98: Waist Turns Both Ways
Lesson 99: Importance of Connections
Lesson 100: Four Critical Points to Connect in the Water Fist
Volume Two, DVD Six (Disc 13)
Lesson 101: Differing Degrees of Hand Height and Waist Turn
Lesson 102: Follow and Stop Punches in Hsing-i
Lesson 103: Large Style Water Fist
Lesson 104: Partner Exercise: See and Track the Opponent
Lesson 105: Essential Points and Common Errors
Lesson 106: Why Hsing-I Only has Few Physical Movements
Lesson 107: Water Fist Turn Around
Lesson 108: Technical Points: Edge of Hand and Protect Occiput
Lesson 109: Martial Arts Morality
Volume Three, DVD One (Disc 14)
Lesson 110: Liver, Wood Element, and Classic Practice
Lesson 111: Differing Qualities of the Water and Wood Fists
Lesson 112: How to Make a Wood Fist
Lesson 113: Basic Arm Motion
Lesson 114: Two Person Exercise to Check for Proper Shoulder-Armpit Movement
Lesson 115: Centerline Martial Arts
Lesson 116: Lower Hand Height Either at Midriff or Lower Tantien
Lesson 117: Differing Qualities of the Water and Wood Fist
Lesson 118: Basic Arm Motion
Lesson 119: Two Person Exercise to Check for Proper Shoulder-Armpit Movement
Lesson 120: Centerline Martial Arts
Lesson 121: Lower Hand Height Either at Midriff or Lower Tantien
Lesson 122: Different Kinds of Footwork and Leg Weighting
Lesson 123: Technicalities Accurately Determine Function
Lesson 124: Smothering, Spear and Expanding Actions
Lesson 125: Tearing Silk and What Tears What

Volume Three, DVD Two (Disc 15)

Lesson 126: Tearing Silk and the Legs
Lesson 127: Twist the Legs and Energy Channels
Lesson 128: Footwork Cable Pulley of Different Kinds of Beng Chuan
Lesson 129: Hsing-I Hsiang Method Spine Penetrates the Foot
Lesson 130: Pressing ball of Foot has Multiple Energetic Effects
Lesson 131: Sex and electrical diagrams of how chi flows in the body
Lesson 132: Partner Exercises
Lesson 133: Moving the Hands and Specific Coordinated Bodily Actions
Lesson 134: Opening an Opponent and then Hitting
Lesson 135: Crushing Downward with Forearm on Top
Lesson 136: Fighting Angles and How Low Does your Hand Go
Lesson 137: Liver Chi Rising and Bringing it Down
Lesson 138: Hand and Arm Sensitivity
Lesson 139: Practice Session
Volume Three, DVD Three (Disc 16)
Lesson 140: Sit, Visualize and Beng Chuan Important Points
Lesson 141: Partner Exercises with Beng Chuan Above and Below Opponents Arm
Lesson 142: Hsing-I Never Fakes or Retreats
Lesson 143: Two Person Exercise with A Half Beng Chuan
Lesson 144: Hung I Hsiangs Beng Chuan Continued
Lesson 151: Capture the Second Punch and Wang Shu Jing Variation
Lesson 152: More on the Wrist-Forearm Circle
Lesson 153: Importance of the Back Capturing Hand
Lesson 154: Important Masters Views on What is Important in Beng Chuan
Lesson 155: Wang Shu Jings Beng Chuan
Lesson 156: Hsing-I and Spiritual Martial Arts
Volume Three, DVD Four (Disc 17)
Lesson 157: Health and Martial Arts Vis a Vis Masters Hung and Wangs Beng Chuan
Lesson 158: Wild Cat Climbs the Tree
Lesson 159: Big Differences Between Major Hsing-I Branches and Stances
Lesson 160: More on Rubbing the Arms and Connecting to Grabbing Chi
Lesson 161: Partner Feedback Exercise
Lesson 162: Way of Tantien Practice and Energy Mechanics
Lesson 163: Implications for Daily Life

Volume Three, DVD Five (Disc 18)

Lesson 164: Hsing-I Principles Lesson 165: Another Style of Beng Chuan
Lesson 166: Q & A
Lesson 167: Fighting Principles and Strategies
Lesson 168: Traditional Story about the Importance of Tantien
Lesson 169: Defensive and Offensive Styles of Beng Chuan and Invoking Terror
Lesson 170: Turning Around in Beng Chuan
Lesson 171: More About Practicing the 5 Elements
Lesson 172: 5 Elements Progressively Develops the Space of the Wind
Lesson 173: Why and How: Connect the Metal, Wood, and Water Fist
Lesson 174: Hsing-I and Spiritual Martial Arts
Lesson 175: Conclusion (Liu Hung Chiehs advice for those who do Tai Chi and Bagua)
Volume Four, DVD One (Disc 19)
Lesson 176: Introduction to Pao Chuan
Lesson 177: Fire and Earth Fists Overview
Lesson 178: Making a Fist and Stretching Tendons
Lesson 179: Pao Chuan: Initial Zigzag Footwork
Lesson 180: Footwork and Legs Continued
Lesson 181: Using the Lower Tantien to Move You Forward
Lesson 182: Tantien or Legs Move First?
Volume Four, DVD Two (Disc 20)
Lesson 183: Transferring Qi Between the Lower Tantien and Feet
Lesson 184: Yang Aggressive Movements with Relaxed Intent
Lesson 185: Hsing-I Strikes Use the Double Impact Method
Lesson 186: Footwork Continued
Lesson 187: For of the Fire Fist
Lesson 188: Opening the Heart
Volume Four, DVD Three (Disc 21)
Lesson 189: Kick the Opponent with your Fists
Lesson 190: Yes and no have Different Powers
Lesson 191: Twisting and Fighting Application
Lesson 192: Hsing-I Hand Technique Principles
Lesson 193: Touch, Feel and Action
Lesson 194: Defense Against Knee Kicks
Lesson 195: Energizing the Heart
Volume Four, DVD Four (Disc 22)
Lesson 196: Decision Making Points
Lesson 197: Cast the Net
Lesson 198: Turning and Wrapping the Body
Lesson 199: Curving Punch
Lesson 200: Different Stance Weightings
Lesson 201: Pao Chuan Overview

Volume Five, DVD One (Disc 23)

Lesson 202: Introduction to Heng Chuan
Lesson 203: Angles of Attack
Lesson 204: Opening the Armpits and Internal Organs
Lesson 205: Why on Earth Fist is Difficult
Lesson 206: Opening the Spleen and Internal Organs
Lesson 207: How Both Hands Coordinate
Lesson 208: Partner Exercise
Lesson 209: Leaning Forward and Pelvic Tuck
Volume Five, DVD Two (Disc 24)
Lesson 210: Energizing the Spleen
Lesson 211: Overview of the Earth Fist Footwork Pattern
Lesson 212: Internal Abdominal Pressure
Lesson 213: Finding and Important Solid Angle
Lesson 214: Compensating for Different Body Types
Lesson 215: Going to the Next Level
Lesson 216: Heng Chuan Variation Two: Stepping
Volume Five, DVD Three (Disc 25)
Lesson 217: Internal Content
Lesson 218: Heng Chuan Variation Two
Lesson 219: Stepping with Front Foot
Lesson 220: Efficiency
Lesson 221: Downward Action
Lesson 222: Hand Technique
Lesson 223: Compression and Power
Lesson 224: Transition from Pai Chuan to Heng Chuan
Lesson 225: Turning Around in Heng Chuan
Lesson 226: Fighting Application
Lesson 227: Conclusion
Volume Five, DVD Four (Disc 26)
Lesson 228: Hsing-I Five Element Fists Introduction
Lesson 229: Pi Chuan
Lesson 230: Tsuan Chuan
Lesson 231: Beng Chuan
Lesson 232: Pao Chuan
Lesson 233: Heng Chuan
Lesson 224: Bonus Clip: San Ti and Standing Qigong

Hsing-I Mastery Program

I Chuan Standing Postures Lesson Index

I Chuan, DVD One (Disc 1)

Lesson 01: Introduction to I Chuan
Lesson 02: The Three Tantiens
Lesson 03: I Chuan Standing Posture 1
Lesson 04: I Chuan Standing Posture 2
Lesson 05: Opening the Joints in Standing Practice
Lesson 06: Guided Practice Session (9 mins)
Lesson 07: Transitioning into Postures
Lesson 08: Guided Practice Sessions - Growing from the Tantien
I Chuan, DVD Two (Disc 2)
Lesson 09: Variations in Postures
Lesson 10: I Chuan Standing Posture 3
Lesson 11: Opening the Midriff
Lesson 12: Stabilization Points in the Body
Lesson 13: Guided Practice Session Into and out of the Tantien (25 mins)
I Chuan, DVD Three (Disc 3)
Lesson 14: Guided Practice Session Standing on One Leg (19 mins)
Lesson 15: Posture Energetics
Lesson 16: I Chuan Standing Posture 4
Lesson 17: I Chuan Standing Posture 5
Lesson 18: I Chuan Standing Posture 6
Lesson 19: Opening the Energy Channels
I Chuan, DVD Four (Disc 4)
Lesson 20: Guided Practice Session Postures 1-4 (7 mins)
Lesson 21: Martial Applications of I Chuan
Lesson 22: Traditional Training Methodology
Lesson 23: I Chuan Standing Posture 7
Lesson 24: Moving into Higher Postures
Lesson 25: Feet Width Variations
Lesson 26: I Chuan Standing Posture 8
Lesson 27: Guided Practice Session (7 mins)
Lesson 28: Conclusion