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Zinner continued...


Ask us for details to this program

will save you money all year round!

Saxophones Mouthpiece

Quantity Pricing

Bb/Eb Clar or Alto Sax 3-5

Bass Clar or Tenor Sax 3-15



We are sure that you have heard all of

the buzz about how terrific Zinner
mouthpieces are! The majority of custom
woodwind mouthpiece makers now use
Zinner mouthpiece blanks to make their
wonderful homemade mouthpieces.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of these
mouthpieces are out of the price range
that students can afford in addition to
potentially not being well suited for beginning, middle or high school music making
Now, for an affordable price, you can
have a superior custom mouthpiece for
your school district or teaching studio!
Give us your favorite hard rubber mouthpiece for Bb clarinet, Eb clarinet, bass
clarinet, alto or tenor saxophone and we
can make your district sound more uniform and improve the overall sound of the
ensemble! We can even engrave your
school district number on your customized Zinner mouthpiece.
Please note that we are able to accommodate
most custom requests, however, unusually or
complicated requests may result in additional
charges or possible rejection.

Tip Opening
Probably the most important place to start
when choosing a mouthpiece (often the
only choice offered). Larger tip openings
favor volume & projection over control
while smaller tip openings favor control
over volume & projection. Larger openings also require a softer reed while
smaller openings require a harder reed.
In general, larger tip openings are indicated by higher numbers. Use the charts
that follow to see how each mpc compares to others. For comparison purposes, a "Selmer C*" would be Classical and
easy to control, a "Meyer 5M" would be a
traditional Jazz mpc, an "Otto Link 7"
would be a modern Jazz mpc, and a
"Berg Larsen 110" would be a contemporary Jazz mpc with volume and power but
less control.
Metal mpcs resonate more quickly than
rubber, giving a brighter more projected
sound. They are more sensitive to temperature changes and are usually used
for Jazz only.
Smaller bores give a brighter, more compact sound while larger bores give a darker, more mellow sound.

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice




With a "High Baffle", the roof of the mouthpiece is closer to the reed, creating a
brighter, edgier sound. With a low baffle,
the roof is further from the reed, creating a
somewhat darker sound (refer to the
Vandoren diagram to compare the "high
baffle" Jumbo Java to the "low baffle" V5).

Bari continued...
Hawk II

Facing Length
Short facing lengths give a clear brilliant
sound while long facing lengths give a
more robust sound with stronger lows,
more flexibility and better control.

DKota - Rubber

Chamber Shape
Most mouthpieces have an "arch" chamber shape (you can see the shape by
looking though the cork-side opening).
Other options include a "square" chamber
or "round" chamber.

Radical new chamber. Enhanced - the

tone becomes intensely focused. A
mouthpiece for todays requirements.
Brushed gold metal.
Soprano (5-8)
Alto (4-8)
Tenor (5*,6,6*-10)
Entire mouthpiece is hand-buffed to a
high polish.
Soprano (3-7)
Alto (4-7)
Tenor (3-7)

R.C. - Rubber
Finest hard rubber alto sax mouthpiece
with just the right amount of edge and
Alto (4-7)

Nickel - Metal

Available in Rubber, Metal or Gold Plating
(24K Brushed Gold, reminiscent of the
husky Tenor sounds of another generation but w/ more power).

Student Plastic Series

Alto C*
Tenor C*
Baritone with ligature and cap

Nickel plated. All new facings. Reeds

vibrate at super sonic speeds!
Alto (4-8)
Tenor (5*,6,6*-10)

Mike Smith
Alto (5**)
Alto Sax (3-8)
Tenor Sax (5-10)



Bari Sax (6-9)

Soprano (.58 - .74)

Alto (.72, .77, .82, .87)
Tenor (.85 - .125)

Equalizer II

Gold Metal (Standard)

Hard rubber/plastic material, hand faced,

play-tested. Small body requires its specially devised ligature and cap.
Alto Sax (5-9)

Soprano (#4 - #8)

Alto (.70 - .95)
Tenor (.85 - .130)
Bari (.90 - .130)


Hawk I
This mouthpiece has a medium chamber
and polished facings.

Higher than traditional baffle. Angled

ramp connects baffle to bore. Space age
material - one of Bays best mouthpieces!
Alto Sax (5-13)
Tenor Sax (5-13)

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

Bay continued...
Model Y - Bays Original Metal
Highly polished 14K Heavy Gold Plating.
2 bores:YSB (Small) Brightest model,
YLB (Large) Warm sound
Soprano Sax (YLB/YLB 5-10)
Alto Sax (YLB/YLB 5-13)
Tenor Sax (YLB/YLB 5-13)

Model N - Metal
Deep, thin duckbill beak design, streamlined exterior. Tenor sax model features
three different chamber depths: A (highest,
B (most popular) and C (deepest floor).
Tenor Sax (A/B/C 5-13)
Bari Sax (NYLB/SB 5-12)


These mouthpieces offer an

unlimited selection of styles and
materials. The following are
options to consider. . .
Brand: ARB (machine finished) or
Beechler (hand finished)
Material: Synthetic Black, Synthetic
White, Hard Rubber, or Bellite Metal (see
Tip Opening: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9
Larger tip openings favor volume & projection over control while smaller tip openings
favor control over volume & projection.
Bore Size: Small (brilliant & powerful),
Medium (standard) or Large (dark or classical)
Facing Length: Short (clear, brilliant
sound) or Long (more robust sound with
stronger lows, better flexibility and control)

Synthetic Black
The hardness of the black pigment creates
a very fast response time which enhances
projection and reinforces durability.

"Beechler Diamond Inlay"
3 bore sizes: Small, medium, large
2 facing lengths: Short, long
Alto Sax (2-8)
Alto Sax (9)
Tenor Sax (2-8)
Tenor Sax (9-15)
Bari Sax (1 bore only) (2-8)
Bari Sax (9)
2 facing lengths: Short *, long
2 bore sizes: Small (S), large (L)
Alto Sax (2,2*-8,8*)
Alto Sax (9,9*-10,10*)
Tenor Sax (2,2*-8,8*)
Tenor Sax (9,9*-10,10*)

Hard Rubber
The hardness of the rubber, combined with
the size and shape of the chamber, created a medium-fast response time giving a
dark traditional sound to the instrument.
2 facing lengths: Short (S) or Long (L)
Soprano Sax (2-8)
Alto Sax (2-8)
Alto Sax (10-12)
Tenor Sax (2-8)
Tenor Sax (10-12)
Bari Sax (2-8)
C Melody(2-8)

Bellite Metal

Beechler metal mouthpieces feature a

medium-high baffle on Alto & Tenor (for a
brilliant contemporary sound as well as a
subdued ballad sound) and an open baffle
on Soprano & Baritone (to bring out the
richness of the instrument). Available in
Silver Bellite (most popular) or 14K Gold
(darker). ARB metal mouthpieces feature a
high baffle which gives extra brilliance to the
player who can never get enough edge.

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice


Beechler continued...

Berg Larsen continued...
Grained Ebonite

"Beechler Metal"
Soprano Sax (2-8)
Soprano Sax (9-10)
Alto Sax (2-8)
Alto Sax (9-10)
Tenor Sax (2-8)
Tenor Sax (9-10)
Bari Sax (2-8)
Bari Sax (9-10)
"Beechler Gold"
Soprano Sax (2-9)
Alto Sax (2-9)
Tenor Sax (2-9)
"ARB Metal"
Soprano Sax (2-8)
Soprano Sax (9-10)
Alto Sax (2-8)
Alto Sax (9-10)
Tenor Sax (2-8)
Tenor Sax (9-11)
Bari Sax (2-8)
Bari Sax (9-10)

Soprano Sax (40-80/0-3)

Alto Sax (70-120/0-3)
Tenor Sax (95-130/0-3)
Bari Sax (90-130/0-3)

Alto Sax (70-120/0-3)
Tenor Sax (95-130/0-3)
Bari Sax (90-130/0-3)

Bronze Bullet
Tenor Sax (95-130/0-3)

Alto Sax (80-120/0-3)
Tenor Sax (100-160/0-3)
Bari Sax (90-130/0-3)

Steel Bullet
T. Sax (95-130/0-3)


Berg Larsen

Known primarily for their "Gold

Line" Classical mouthpiece, the
Bilger family offers a complete
line of models for any musical style. Note:
"star" models are slightly more open and
"two star" models are even more open.


"Gold Line"

You can customize these mouthpieces by

specifying both the Tip Opening and Tone
Chamber. The more Baffle that enters the
tone chamber, the more edge the tone
will have. Choose between "0" (Brilliant),
"1" (Bright), "2" (Round), and "3 (Mellow).

A superb mouthpiece for the discriminating Classical musician. It combines unsurpassed control with a rich, warm singing
tone. Smooth and even scale throughout
the registers.
Soprano Sax (Gold)
Alto Sax (Gold, Gold*)
Tenor Sax (Gold, Gold*)
Bari Sax (Gold)


Soprano Sax (40-80/0-3)
Alto Sax (80-120/0-3)
Tenor Sax (95-130/0-3)
Bari Sax (90-130/0-3)

"Silver Line"
Designed for the highest caliber classicjazz artists. The powerful projection of this
mouthpiece allows a focused, controlled
tone throughout with an excellent top tone
Soprano Sax (Slvr, Slvr*)
Alto Sax (Slvr, Slvr*, Slvr**)
Tenor Sax (Slvr, Slvr*)

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

Bilger continued...



For high energy jazz/rock players.

Designed with the vibrancy and extra carrying power needed to compete with electronic instruments or "Big Band" brass
Alto Sax (SL, SL*, SL**)
Tenor Sax (SL, SL*, SL**)
Bari Sax (SL, SL*)

"Band Line"
A student mouthpiece with the look and
feel of the top lines, leads to a smooth
transition to a professional model.
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax

Dukoff produces mouthpieces in many

different chamber styles to suit your
needs. . .
"D" chamber - designed to give you a
bright, edgy sound yet has the depth to
make the sound exciting (high baffle).
"M" chamber - will give every feature of
the D chamber but is slightly darker in
sound (lower baffle).
"S" chamber - a smaller chamber which
gives a more direct, compact sound.
"LD" chamber - the original large chamber, more of a traditional large chambered
"PSP+" chamber - allows for easier
altissimo notes.



Preferred by many band directors

because of it's reputation for value and
quality. The "Level-Air" Metal mouthpieces have two interchangeable plastic
baffles that allow the player to adjust the
brightness of the sound.
Special (Beginning Student)
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax
Ebolin (Intermediate Student)
Alto Sax (2 - 5*)
Tenor Sax (2 - 5*)
Level-Air (Metal)
Alto Sax (3 - 9)
Tenor Sax (3 - 9)
Bari Sax (3 - 9)

Soprano (4 - 10)
Alto (4 - 10)
Tenor (4 - 10)
Bari (4 - 10)

Made of hard rubber, these mouthpieces
are a step above the student class.
Soprano Sax (2 - 4)
Alto Sax (2 - 4)
Tenor Sax (2 - 4)
Bari Sax (2 - 4)
Bari Sax Streamlined (2 - 4)

Hollywood Model (no baffle)

Tenor (4 - 10)

Personal Super Power +

Alto (4 - 10)
Tenor (4 - 10)

Richard Hawkins
Designed by a world famous saxophonist
master and hand-crafted by mouthpiece
guru Richard Hawkins, this mouthpiece
gives a rich, robust classical saxophone
Alto Sax


Why not try several instruments,
barrels, mouthpieces or ligatures
on approval through our mailorder
For more information, see pages 21
and 111 or give us a call today.

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice





Claude Lakey continued...

Developed for the versatile saxoBest

phonist. Emphasizes "Flexibility"
(jazz or 'legit', concert stage or
show pit, club or studio) and "Efficiency"
(easy response in all registers with minimum physical effort). The "Premiere"
model represents one of the best values
in a student mouthpiece.

Alto Saxophone
CLA4*3 Easy to control
CLA4*4 Darker, more resistant
CLA53 Even, solid, warm
CLA5*3 Bright
CLA6*3 Warmly bright
CLA7*3 Centered round sound
Tenor Saxophone
CLT4*3 Clear and even
CLT5*3 Free blowing
CLT6*3 Warmly bright
CLT7*3 Warm, centered sound
CLT8*3 Big, bright
CLT9*3 Warm, dark big sound

Soprano Sax
Alto Sax
Alto Sax Classical M64, M68
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax



Alto Sax
Tenor Sax

Hand-crafted from Zinner blanks,
the Lomax line of Classic and
Classic Jazz mouthpieces are
now available.
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone

Performance Series
The Performance series mouthpieces
combine affordability with playing ease,
flexibility, and rich resonant tones. Made
of plastic, this series is also hand faced
and hand worked for exceptional playing
response and sound quality.
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone

Concert Series
Made from 100% pure hard rubber. It's
wonderful classical sound, is a great
choice for Concert or Symphonic band.
Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Claude Lakey
A popular Jazz mouthpiece, bright and
Soprano Saxophone
CLS5* Clear and even
CLS6* Bright
CLS7* Warm, round sound

Classic Jazz
Alto Jazz
Tenor Jazz

Custom Jazz Series

The David M. Knox Custom Jazz mouthpieces are truly one of a kind. Jazz players looking for the warmth and resonance
from a hardrubber blank and the projection and edge of metal, this mouthpiece is
it! Beginning with a blank made from
100% pure hard rubber, each mouthpiece
is hand faced and worked at the walls, tip
rails, and chamber for exact measurements and playing response.
Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice



Meyer 80th Anniversary

Limited edition New York
In honor of the 80th Anniversary of the
classic New York style Meyer mouthpieces, Meyer is, for a limited time, offering these amazing reproductions! Each
mouthpiece is individually numbered and
limited to a very small production run
making them highly collectible. This is in
addition to the fact that they are great
playing mouthpieces with a big, clear tone
and easy response! While suppliers last!
Alto Sax only (5, 6 or 7)


Soprano Sax (4M-10M)
Alto Sax (4M-10M)
Alto Sax Richie Cole 5M
Tenor Sax (4M-10M)
Bari Sax (4M-10M)


These popular handmade Italian mouthpieces are available for the saxophone in
Crystal and Ebony/Wood.
Soprano Sax (1-5)
Alto Sax (1-4)
Tenor Sax (1-5)

Ebony Wood
Soprano Sax (5-7*)
Alto Sax (5-7*)
Tenor Sax (5-7*)
Bari Sax (5-7*)

The maker of the famous clarinet mouthpieces now offers two high quality alto
sax mouthpieces!
Alto Sax Sonata (M)
Alto Sax PolyCrystal M

Alto Sax (5J - 8J)
Tenor Sax (5J - 9J)

Fred Rast

Otto Link
Used by professionals for over 50 years.
Available in Hard Rubber or 24K gold

Soprano Sax (4 - 8*)

Alto Sax (4 - 8*)
Tenor Sax (4 - 8*)
Bari Sax (4 - 8*)

Soprano Sax (5* - 8*)

Alto Sax (4* - 8*)
Tenor Sax (3* - 10*)
Bari Sax (4* - 9*)


The standard to which all other

mouthpieces are compared.
These flexible mouthpieces are
easy-to-blow and popular with both students and professionals. Most popular
rubber facings are 5M, 6M & 7M.


Otto Link continued...


These hard rubber mouthpieces produce

a big and live, yet dark tone. This free
blowing mouthpiece has equal response
in all registers. Quick responsive articulations and accommodates reeds easily.
Alto Saxophone

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice






Handcrafted mouthpieces by Tom

Ridenour. The "Encore" model is one of
the best beginner mouthpieces on the
market and is also completely handfinished. Alto Sax is available in 32 (Open
chamber, classical) and T80 (French style
chamber). Tenor and Baritone are Open
chamber, classical.

Features a unique wedged baffle that

allows the player to balance a stable
sound with maximum power, edge and
Alto Sax (JDX4 - JDX8)
Tenor Sax (JDX4 - JDX8)
Bari Sax (JDX5 - JDX8)

Ridenour "Pro"
Alto Sax 32
Alto Sax T80
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax

Provides edge and carrying power but

maintains a solid tonal center.
Soprano Sax (SJ6 - SJ8)
Alto Sax (SJ4 - SJ8)
Tenor Sax (SJ4 - SJ8)

Ridenour "Encore"

"Jazz Metal"

Soprano Sax (RC5, RC10)

Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax

This radical "V" chamber gives more

power and edge to the sound while
remaining free-blowing and easy to control.
Alto Sax (JMA5 - JMA9)
Tenor Sax (JMT5 - JMT9)


Designed and endorsed by world

renowned saxophone master,
Eugene Rousseau.

Ideal for Classical music. Smaller tip
openings allow greater control.
Soprano Sax (3R - 5R)
Alto Sax (3R - 5R)
Tenor Sax (3R - 6R)
Bari Sax (4R - 7R)

"New Classic"
Developed as a complement to the
"Classic" Series, the "New Classic" Alto
offers new facing choices, redesigned baffle and sidewalls and a more centered
Soprano Sax (NC3-NC5)
Alto Sax (NC3 - NC5)
Tenor Sax (NC3-NC5)

"Studio Jazz"

The "Deep-V Laminar Flow" mouthpiece
was the result of 10 years full-time pursuit
of how to make a better mouthpiece.
What they discovered was that lengthening the chamber opened up the sound,
gave greater clarity & power, and
improved response. Now, with this patented "Deep-V" design, 85% of the reed
vibrates instead of the traditional 50%.
Available in "Straight Baffle" (med bright)
or "High Baffle" (maximum bright).
Includes Rovner Gradient LM ligature.

Metal - Deep V (w/MKII Lig, Cap,

RSM30D SSax, Straight B. (5-9)
RAM30D ASax, Straight B. (5-9)
RAM40D ASax, High B. (5-9)
RTM30D TSax, Straight B. (5-12)
RTM40D TSax, High B. (5-12)

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice



Rovner continued...
Wilkerson Hard Rubber (w/MKIII,
Lig, Cap)
RSP Sop Sax (5 - 9)
RAP Alto Sax (5 - 9)
RTP Tenor Sax (5 - 12)
RBP Bari Sax (5 - 9)

Metal - Eagle (w/MKIII, Lig, Cap,

Soprano Sax (5-9)
Alto Sax (5-9)
Tenor Sax (5-12)

Metal - Eagle Gold (w/EDII, Lig,

Cap, Robe)

Custom Quantum Series

(white or black)(A-small B-large chamber)
Soprano Sax (4-12)
Alto Sax (4-12)
Tenor Sax (4-12)
Bari Sax (4-12)

Custom Quantum Spoiler Series

(white or black) (A-small B-large
Soprano Sax (4-9)
Alto Sax (4-9)
Tenor Sax (4-9)
Bari Sax (4-9)

Custom X-L Series

(white or black)

Soprano Sax (5-9)

Alto Sax (5-9)
Tenor Sax (5-9)

Soprano Sax (4-12)

Alto Sax (4-12)
Tenor Sax (4-12)

These quality mouthpieces have been
used by professionals for a half century.
Available in a variety of models.
Quantum, XL and Bionix are louder,
brighter mouthpieces for jazz or rock.
Spoiler mouthpieces have a metal reed
inside for extra projection.

Custom Spoiler X-L Series

(white or black)
Soprano Sax (4-12)
Alto Sax (4-12)
Tenor Sax (4-12)


Bionix Custom Series

(red or black)
Alto Sax (4-12)
Tenor Sax (4-12)

Custom Series
(red or black)
With ligature and cap.
Soprano Sax (4-9)
Alto Sax (4-9)
Alto Sax - Jazz (4-9)
Tenor Sax (4-12)
Bari Sax (4-12)

Metal Quantum Spoiler Series

Soprano Sax (5-10)
Soprano Sax Gold (5-10)
Alto Sax (4-14)
Tenor Sax (5-16)
Bari Sax (5-16)

Receive $25.00 discount for purchases over $1000.00 if paid by
cash or check.
With credit approval you can
finance up to 100% of your purchase on the Harmony credit card.
Lease programs available for all
school instrument purchases.
We gladly accept school purchase
orders with net 30 open billing.

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice




Selmer (Paris)
Selmer mouthpieces are
available in variety of chamber
designs and sizes from the
classic "S80 C*" to the "Jazz Metal F".
"S80 Series" (Rubber)
Features a square chamber instead of
the modern arch. An ideal, "all-around"
Available in B*,C,C*,C**,D,E,F,G,H,I,J & K
(most popular facings are C*,C**,D & F).
Sopranino Sax (C-G)
Soprano Sax (B*-J)
Alto Sax (B*-K)
Tenor Sax (B*-K)
Bari Sax (B-K)
Bass Sax (B*-E)

"S90 Series" (Rubber)

Features a square throat design.
Responds easily over all registers. Ideal
for classical or studio work.
Alto Sax (170, 180, 190)
Tenor Sax (170-200)
Bari Sax (170-200)
Soloist Series (Rubber)

Inspired by the 1940s featuring a round throat and traditional bead design. Great for
jazz and classical.
Available in C*,C**,D,E & F
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
"Larry Teal (LT) Series" (Rubber)

Features a round throat and chamber,

close tip and long facing. Designed for the
traditional Classical French sound.
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax

Selmer (Paris) continued...

"Classic Series" (Metal)
Featuring a conventional arch throat
design, these are most appropriate for
classical music.
Available in B*,C,C*,C**,D,E,F & G
(most popular facings are C*, C**, D & F).
Soprano Sax (B* - G)
Alto Sax (B* - G)
Tenor Sax (B* - G)
"Jazz Series" (Metal)
Features a square throat design. These
mouthpieces are most appropriate for
Jazz & Studio work.
Available in C,C*,C**,D,E,F,G & H
(most popular facings are C*, C**, D & F).
Alto Sax (C - H)
Tenor Sax (C - H)
Super Session (Metal)
Super Session was designed for
NEW Jazz playing, but is also suitable
for more academic playing.
Although the outside shape is different
from the traditional Selmer (Paris) design,
the inside chamber gives this mouthpiece
very attractive playing features required by
modern players which definitely improves
any soprano saxophone playing.
Available in E,F,G,H,I & J
Soprano Sax

SR Technologies
These exciting new mouthpieces are computer designed and manufactured using
CADCAM technology and cut by a computer controlled mill. This allows for a high
degree of consistency in production, providing accurate facing, even rails, and a
flat table. All mouthpieces are play tested
and come with a Rovner ligature and cap.

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice



SR Technologies continued...
Alto Sax
Cast from a clear resin. Combines a vintage 60s sound with contemporary
response and power, reminiscent of classic New York mouthpieces.
Available in two tip openings (please
specify): Legend (0.078) or L85 (0.085).
Machined from solid brass and then gold
plated. Combines strong altissimo
response with a warm core sound and is
ideal for a wide range of musical styles.
Only available in one tip opening, 0.085.

Tenor Sax
All SR Technologies tenor mouthpieces
share the same facing with a tip opening
of 0.108, but have different interior
designs. All are machined from solid
brass and gold plated.
Low baffle and a large chamber. Offers a
dark vintage sound, for more traditional
High baffle. Provides superb, easy
responding altissimo as well as responsive lows. The perfect mouthpiece for
contemporary players searching for a
modern sound.
Has a moderate baffle and a medium
chamber. Is very versatile and ideal for a
wide range of styles.

Vandoren offers 6 different series. . .
V5 - Small Tip, for Classical Music
Sopranino Sax
Soprano Sax
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax
Bass Sax

Vandoren Mouthpiece
Description Chart
S27 (V5)
S15 (V5)
S25 (V5)
S35 (V5J)

Classical, optimum tone color

Classical, slightly more open
Classical & Dance, soft reeds
Open tip, long facing, Jazz

Alto Sax
AL3 (Op)
AL4 (Op)
A5 (V16)
A6 (V16)
A7 (V16)
A17 (V5)
A27 (V5)
A28 (V5)
A15 (V5)
A20 (V5)
A25 (V5)
A35 (V5J/J/JJ)
A45 (V5J/J/JJ)
A55 (J/JJ)
A75 (J/JJ)
A95 (J/JJ)

Classical mouthpiece
Classical or jazz mouthpiece
Easy to control, Big Band
Med. chamber, flexible
Projection, for lead alto player
Rich sound & max dynamic range
Classical mpc, use soft reeds
Classical, jazz
Easy to play, good student mpc
Uses soft reeds but good tone
Wider tip than A15 but same sound
Big Band-style Jazz
Sim to A35, Be-bob, Rock, Fusion
Open tip, rich dynamic range
Open mouthpiece, bright sound
Most open, use soft reeds

Tenor Sax
T15 (V5)
T27 (V5)
T20 (V5)
T25 (V5)
T35 (V5)
T45 (J/JJ/V16)
T55 (J/JJ/V16)
T75 (J/JJ/V16)
T77 (V16)
T95 (J/JJ/V16)
T97 (J/JJ)

Easy to play, good student mpc

Classical mpc. optimum tone color
Uses soft reeds but good tone
Wider tip than T15 but same sound
Classical but more open tip
Bright Jazz mpc, Big Band style
Slightly more open than T45
Be-Bop, Rock, Fusion
A longer facing for rich dynamics
Open but easy to play, rich sound
Very open, powerful, use soft reeds

Bari Sax
B25 (V5)
B27 (V5)
B35 (V5)
B75 (V5J)
B95 (V5J)

Classical, easy & even sound

Classical, optimum tone color
Slightly more open than B25
Jazz, Big Band
Open tip, long facing, Jazz mpc

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice




Vandoren continued...


Java - Jazz Mouthpiece.

Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Jumbo Java - Jazz Mouthpiece with a
small chamber, high baffle, big bore, and
edgy tone.
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
V16 Ebonite, in the tradition of the
famous American jazz Alto sax mouthpieces of the fifties.
Alto Sax (5S/5M-7S/7M)
V16 Metal - "Bell Metal" brass with 24K
Gold plating. Large chamber and bore,
moderate baffle.
Tenor Sax

Best Seller! These mouthpieces produce

a true saxophone sound that is enhanced
with brightness and edge. Ebonite mouthpieces feature a round chamber while
Metal mouthpieces feature a square
Ebonite (Hard Rubber)
Soprano Sax (5 - 9)
Alto Sax (4 - 8)
Tenor Sax (5 - 8)
Bari Sax (5 - 9)
Silverplated (Metal)
Sopranino Sax (5, 7)
Soprano Sax (3, 5, 7, 9)
Alto Sax (3, 5, 7, 9)
Tenor Sax (3, 5, 7, 9)
Bari Sax (3, 5, 7, 9)

Vito II Series
Inexpensive student mouthpiece.
Alto Sax
Alto Sax Kit (with lig & cap)
Tenor Sax (67M)
Tenor Sax Kit (with lig & cap)

Custom Series
High quality all-purpose mouthpieces.
Soprano Sax (3CM-7CM)
Alto Sax (3CM-7CM)
Tenor Sax (3CM-7CM)

Standard Series
Popular plastic student mouthpieces.
Soprano Sax (3C-7C)
Alto Sax (3C-7C)
Tenor Sax (3C-7C)
Bari Sax (5C)

International Musical Suppliers, Inc. is the
exclusive U.S. distributor of the incredible
Zinner Clarinet and Saxophone Blanks.
These blanks are made from the finest
rubber in the world and produce a
rich,warm, dark sound that articulates like
lightening! Used by some of the worlds
greatest performers and mouthpiece
makers! Customize your own or take
them to your favorite mouthpiece refinisher to have it personalized for you.
Note: These are unfinished sax blanks
and are thus not available for trial.
Alto Sax Blanks
Tenor Sax Blanks

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice