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Murder trial
Pauline / judge : The court is now in session, you may be seated .
We call the case 4.5.1-22. in which Mister Harvey Specter has been charged with the murder of Ashley
Prinston. She was found dead, stabbed to the death in her bed, on Tuesday 5 of september around ten
Is the procecution ready ?
Marina / prosecutor : Yes your honour.
Pauline / judge : Is the defense ready ?
Victor / defense : Yes your honour.
Pauline / judge : Well now hear the opening statement from the defense. Defendant lawyer, lay out
the facts please.
Victor / defense : My name is Carlos Sollis and I represent Mister Specter. We are here today to prove
to the court that my client didnt kill Mrs Prinston. Thats why we plead not guilty. Mon client a pass la
soire du 4 septembre dans un bar de Manhattan o il a rencontr Mademoiselle Prinston et
Mademoiselle Johns. Aprs avoir pass quelques heures ensemble, Mademoiselle Johns est rentre
chez elle, et Monsieur Harvey Specter a raccompagn Ashley Prinston en taxi son domicile. Ils ont
pass la nuit ensemble et son rveil elle tait morte dans le lit. Paniqu, il quitte lappartement pour
rentrer chez lui.
Pauline / judge : We may hear the defendant.
Lucas / defendant : Your honor.
Pauline / judge : Mrs Scofild, vous avez la parole.
Marina / prosecutor : What did you do on the 4 of september evening ?
Lucas / defendant : Je suis sortie seul pour boire un verre dans le bar de mon quartier, et jai rencontr
deux filles avec qui jai pass la soire.
Marina / prosecutor : You have consumed drugs and alcohol this night. Is that true ?
Lucas / defendant : Yes I do. Nous avons bu une bouteille de whiskys mais cest elle qui ma propos
de la drogue, que jai accept.
Marina / prosecutor : And then, what happened in Ashley Prinstons appartement ?
Lucas / defendant : Je me souviens que nous avons command du champagne et nous avons eu un
rapport sexuel, cest mon dernier souvenir.

Marina / prosecutor : The legists report reveal blows. Did you force Ashley to have sexual relation with
you ? We know that youve been charged of rape when you was twenty.
Victor / defense : Speculation !
Pauline / judge : Objection sustained. I call Mrs Johns to the witness stand.
Annabelle / witness : I swear to speak the truth, and nothing but the truth.
Victor / defense : Mrs Johns can you tell the court what youve seen on the night of the murder ?
Annabelle / witness : Ashley and I were in a club when a man approached us. We have discuss all all
the evening. They were very closed. So I went to find an other man in the bar. But I saw Ashley and
Harvey leave the bar. He pulled his arm toward the exit.
Victor / defense : Pourtant ils ont pass la nuit ensemble et ont eu un rapport sexuel. Votre amie tait
donc consentante. Votre amie a t-elle lhabitude de consommer de la drogue ?
Annabelle / witness : No.
Victor / defense : Les analyses indiquent pourtant que sa consommation est rgulire.
Annabelle / witness : I never seen Ashley using drugs. I cant believe it. She said doesnt like.
Victor / defense : No further questions your honour.
Pauline / judge : Thank you. I call the second witness to the stand, please Mrs Smith.
Mathilde / witness : I swear to speak the truth, and nothing but the truth.
Marina / prosecutor : So please can you tell the court if you heard something unusual in the night of
the 4 september ?
Mathilde / witness : My name is Mrs Smith and Im the neighboor of Ashley Prinston. On Saturday
night I heard noise in the hallway around 3 oclock. But this happen frequently during the week-end.
Marina / prosecutor : What do you seen on the 5 of september morning ?
Mathilde / witness : I went out to do jogging when I saw a man. He was trying to open the door of my
neighboor, Ashley Prinston. I was scared so I called the police immediatly.
Marina / prosecutor : Did you know him ?
Mathilde / witness : Ashley moved there two months ago. We were not very closed but Ive never seen
this man before.
Marina / prosecutor : Was he armed ?

Mathilde / witness : I dont think but his t-shirt was full of blood. He was violent and seemed stressed.
Pauline / judge : Thanks. The witness can stand down. I call the defendant to the stand.
Marina / prosecutor : Mister Specter, tell us what happened on the 5th September morning.
Lucas / defendant : Je me suis rveill vers 10h. Il y avait du sang partout. Ashley tait ct de moi
dans le lit. Elle tait morte. La scne tait horrible. Jai eu peur pour ma vie et suis parti en courant.
Marina / prosecutor : You testified earlier that you were scared, so why are you returned in the flat ?
Lucas / defendant : Dans la prcipitation jai quitt lappartement et ai oubli mes cls. Donc je suis
remont et ai d forcer la porte.
Marina / prosecutor : The evidence is overwhelming. Your fingerprints are on the knife. Did you
stabbed Mrs Prinston ?
Victor / defense : Objection your honor, leading question !
Pauline / judge : Objection overruled ! You can proceed Mrs Scofild.
Marina / prosecutor : I rephrase my question. Mister Specter did you stabbed Ashley Prinston ?
Lucas / defendant : No, no, I didnt stabbed her.
Marina / prosecutor : There is clear evidence that youve forgotten a part of this night. So, how can you
be sure to be not guilty ?
Lucas / defendant : Parce que je ne lai pas tu. Je ne suis pas un meurtrier. Je ne sais pas comment
mes empreintes sont arrives sur le couteau. Le tueur a du le placer dans mes mains pendant mon
Marina / prosecutor : Your testify isnt coherent.
Pauline / judge : Remember your under oath Mister Specter. Do you swear that this is a true and
accurate statement ?
Lucas / defendant : Yes I swear it your honor.
Pauline / judge : You may be seated. I call Mrs Smith to the witness stand.
This is the arm with which Ashley Prinston was stabbed. See if you recognize it.
Mathilde / witness : I never seen this knife your honor.
Pauline / judge : However, the defendants lawyer just bring me the police report, and it shows that one
of your cooking knifes is missing.
Mathilde / witness : Hum yes.. Because last week I lent a knife and a plate to a friend.

Victor / defense : Speculation your honnor. Mrs Smith is lying. The report appears that your fingerprints
are on it. And the knife is the same as yours, same brand, same collection. Its evident that this is
yours too.
Mathilde / witness : Maybe because I bought them in the local supermarket, so eerybody can have the
Pauline / judge : Mrs Smith you can resume your seat. I call Mrs Johns to the witness stand.
Victor / defense : Mrs Johns, did you know Mrs Smith ?
Annabelle / witness : Not really. Ive ever seen her several times in the hallway but I didnt know her.
Mais Ashley mavait dj parl delle. Elle disait la trouver spciale et plutt curieuse.
Victor / defense : Would you describe your talks ?
Annabelle / witness : She told me that elle avait limpression dtre espionne par sa voisine. Il y a 2
mois elles se sont disputes car cette dernire avait rcupr son courrier sa place. Il contenait des
lettres prives. Depuis elles ne se parlaient plus.
Pauline / judge : This element leaves no doubt, is received in evidence.
The jury and I will now retire to deliberate.
Will the court please stand to hear the verdict.
Ive decided to acquit the defendant, Mister Specter. And with regards to the last evidences, I declare
Mrs Smith guilty of the crime. Shes sentenced to twenty years of prison.
Case dismissed.