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Lesson Plan Title:

Final Lesson Plan

General Music, grade 2
1.1 Integration of Learning Outcomes
1. Students will be able to sing The Farmer in the Dell through
modified rote
2. Students will be able to recognize mi-re-do patterns and sing with hand signs
and solfege
3. Students will be able to recognize sixteenth notes and dictate
patterns with
rhythm syllables
1.2 Standards
Standard - 9.1.3.B
Recognize, know, use and demonstrate a variety of appropriate arts
elements and principles to produce, review and revise original works in
the arts.
Music: sing play an instrument read and notate music compose
and arrange improvise
1.3 Anticipatory Set
Singing Last Night on a neutral syllable in order to make the students
remember what song were going to review

1.4 Procedures
1. A+M: sing Last Night on neutral syllable (Da)
2. M: asks Can anyone raise their hand and tell me what the song we


just sang was?

a. Answer: Last Night
A: S sing Last Night with lyrics
M: S sing song with heart beat and lyrics
S: sit down and bring out heart beats and notes
A: First measure rhythm, beat by beat. Beats 1,2 and 4 first (no 16th

7. M: S sing beat 3 (How many sounds in beat 3?)
8. A: Writes word (16th note) on board and rhythm syllable (ti-ka ti-ka).
Has students repeat the word and say the syllables
9. M: Teach 2nd measure rhythm beat by beat (beat 4,3,2 and then 1)
10. A: S raise their hand when 16th notes are sung by A+M in 3rd
measure. S sing 3rd measure with rhythm syllables (SLOWLY)
11. M: S raise their hand when 16th notes are sung by A+M in 4th
measure. S sing 4th measure with rhythm syllables (SLOWLY)
A+M: S say whole song in rhythm syllables
12.5. Have students stand in two lines, boys on one and girls on the

M: Introduction and A+M sing The Farmer in the Dell together

with motions
a. First verse: In the dell
i. Motions: Farmer= scoop with shovel, heigh ho= swing
partner round
b. Second verse: Takes a wife
i. Motions: Takes a wife= hold hands and step forward and

back, heigh ho= swing partner round

A: Whos the song about? (The farmer and his wife)


A+M: Sing song again with motions (A asks Now lets do the

motion for farmer while we sing)

16. M: Wheres the farmer in the song? (The dell)- A dell is a place
where youre comfortable, the farmer is comfortable in a field, so
its a field
17. A+M: Sing again
18. A: Who does the farmer take later in the song? (his wife)
19. A+M: Sing song again (A: Now when we sing takes a wife add
20. M: What are the silly words we sing in the song? (Heigh ho the
derry o)
21. A: Now were going to sing the song with all the motions, and
when we get to heigh ho the derry o I want you to sing too
22. M: Now pay close attention. (M sings first measure and S repeat
it back)
23. A: Pay attention to this part (A sings second measure and S
repeat it back)
24. M: Now did those 2 melodies sound the same or different?
A: Heigh ho the derry o stays the same, so lets sing it. You start
here (sing starting note)
26. M: Sing last Farmer in the Dell and ask if its the same or
different as the other two farmers (different)
27. A: What happens in the second part of the song? (takes a wife).
Okay, lets sing that part all together (with motions)
28. A+M: Sing whole song with motions and S
29. M: Now lets sing the song with hand signs and the lyrics
30. A: Now lets sing with solfege

Rhythm is on board already (up to on the ground)


A+M sing song (See the Snow Falling)- first verse (with hand

33. M: Place sol, mi and do on three-line staff (leave room for re)
34. A: Notate the first three measures in solfege (letters under
rhythm, then place on staff)
35. M: Now lets sing whats up on the board with the words
36. A: Sing on the ground with hand signs
37. A: This is our new hand sign, and its name is re. Can we say
38. M: We already know mi and do, can we sing mi and do? (sing mi
re do with signs but dont sing re yet)
39. A: Now lets sing on the ground- mi is high, do is low, where is
do? (In the middle)
40. A+M: S sing on the ground with hand signs
41. A+M: S sing on the ground in solfege
42. M: Put last measure (on the ground) on board
43. A+M: S sing whole song in solfege and hand signs
1.5 Differentiation
Work at a reasonable pace with the new material
Make sure all students understand the new material
1.6 Closure
End song with solfege
1.7 Formative/Summative Assessment of Students (P-12)
1. Find the 16th notes- this strategy ensures every student will be able
to tell
when they hear 16th notes
2. Singing with hand signs and solfege- this is to make sure the
students all understand new solfege and hand signs
1.8 Materials/Equipment

Board, markers, note graphics, rhythm sticks

1.9 Technology
2.1 Reflection on Planning
Show assessment results if the lesson is taught. Write your reflection
on the
plan, its development, and ways to improve it.
2.2 Reflection on Instruction
For the most part, our instruction was effective. I think there were
times where Amanda and I had to improvise or rethink our plan because we
went off track. Also, there were times where our communication could have
been way better. At some points we would question each other, when trust
may have been a better thing to have. Overall, I thought it went pretty
smoothly and the goal was reached. One thing I think could have gone better
is the rote song- it was taught incorrectly/without authority the first time, and
then it was hard to get back from there.