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Analysis of loans and advances in Karnataka Grameena Vikasa Bank

Introduction and Objectives of the

Finance is the set of activities dealing with the management of funds. More


specically, it is the decision of collection and use of funds. It is a branch of

economics that studies the management of money and other assets. Finance is also
the science and art of determining if the funds of an organization are being used
properly. Through nancial analysis, companies and businesses can take decisions
and corrective actions towards the sources of income and the expenses and
investments that need to be made in order to stay competitive. Finance is the life
blood of business. It ows in mostly from scale of goods and services. It ows out for
meeting various types of expenditure. The activating element in any business which
may be on industrial or commercial undertaking is the nance. OBJECTIVES OF THE
STUDY 1. To understand the terms and conditions of various loan schemes provided.
2. To study and evaluate the performance of each loan scheme. 3. To study about the
respondent and their varying interest. 4. To makes suggestion based on ndings

Problem Statement (including

The nancial management of public units has been a grinding issue before the

Literature Review)

mobility of resources. Even after the ndings and intensive industries in the sector
face huge cash crush and in inadequacy in the mobility of resources. Even after the
ndings and recommendation of so many committee appointed by the government
to enquire into the working capital issues of public sector units. REVIEW OF
LITERATURE: It is mandatory to scan through the literature which has already gone
through the proposed study subject. Various research works on lending practices of a
bank the study. However all such studies concentrate on certain issues and suggest
piecemeal solution. Therefore, a comprehensive study is elusive. The text and
academics literature which help the study in details are: A Hand Book of Banking by
N. S. Toor Ramman Finance management. Finance management and policies by
James C. Van Horne. Management accounting principle and practises by R. K.
Sharma. Accounting for managers S. P Jain and K.L. Narang. Research
methodology by C.R. Kothari. Business Research Methods by Appannaiah Reddy
and Ramnath

Methodology and References

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: This refers to the method of data description.

Descriptive research includes surveys and fact ndings and esquire of dierent kinds.
The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of aair as it
exists at present. The main characteristics of this method is that the researcher has
no control over the variable, he can only report what has happened or what is
happening. The method of research utilised in descriptive research are survey
methods of all kinds including comparative and correlation methods. DATA
COLLECTION TOOLS: Data mainly can be collected from both primary and secondary
sources. 1. PRIMARY DATA: Primary data are freshly gathered for a specic purpose
or for a specic research project. Primary data was collected by way of discussion
with company ocials. Mainly with bank manager. It will be collected through the
interim schedule, discussion and by interacting with the ocials of the organization
or the respondents. 2. SECONDARY DATA: Secondary data that were collected
through published materials like pamphlets, company books and from the ocial
website. TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES: Information has to be collected on the basis of
the questionnaire distributed to the borrowers Internet/ prominent search engines
have been used for collecting the Data, market watch is also used to some extent for
interpretation analysis. All data collected are carefully classied, tabulated for the
purpose of research and interpreted on the basis of charts and tables. LIMITATION
OF THE STUDY: 1. Conned to one nancial institution i.e. Karnataka grameena vikasa
bank 2. On account of time constraint whole spectrum of long term lending practises
will not be possible. 3. Inaccurate and inadequate information might have resulted to
wrong interpretation. 4. Only a very few no. of respondent would be available for
interview to get the information. 5. Accounting information is another constraint.

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I Dr./Mr./Mrs/Ms. YATHISH N J hereby conrm my willingness to guide Mr./ Ms. AMRUTHA BHAT K RollNo. 1505005258
attached to Learning Centre (code) 03248 , SANDUR SYSTEMS, whose Project Title is Analysis of loans and advances in
Karnataka Grameena Vikasa Bank during the Summer session of 2016 (year). I agree to submit the project status/ Internal
Assessment marks to the University.

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