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Schools near Palace get

bomb threats

EARLY-MORNING bomb threats gripped schools surrounding Malacaang Palace,

prompting one of them to suspend classes at all levels.
Centro Escolar University (CEU), San Beda College, Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of
Science and Technology (Earist) and the College of the Holy Spirit-Manila received bomb
A person who identified himself as Abu Raja posted the threat on his Facebook account, and
claimed to be a member of the Abu Sayyaf terror and kidnap group.
Raja claimed bombs were planted in the schools and that they would explode at 8 a.m. Monday.
Authorities immediately secured the schools and found no bombs.
Holy Spirit suspended classes from elementary to college.
Earist administrators said the bomb threat was received Sunday night and that they sought help
from the Manila Police District (MPD) Explosive and Ordinance Division, which declared the
school safe.
Police also combed the campuses of CEU, Holy Spirit and San Beda Collegeall located in the
Mendiola districtand declared the campuses safe.
MPD Director Joel Pantaleon Coronel urged the public, including students in the citys various
colleges and universities, to be on alert.
He also called for patience amid long queues formed by body searches in malls and transport

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REACTION: As I read this news about the bomb threats

to the schools and colleges, this was so risky to every student,
workers, schools also to the place and people that are near
around to the place where the bomb threats are said that is
planted, I can only say that this kind of issues are big deal to
everyone, cause we all dont know what will happen or thinking
that if it is not true or true, asking our self should I believe or not
cause in every decision that we make and in every steps that we
take, it all have a costs good or bad it will happen, so it is good to
think and ask if it is true but then Im asking myself why is that
person tried to threats this schools, so maybe that person have a
personal issues in that schools or maybe something that we both
dont know. This issues may affect all the schools and colleges,
that already had or experience the bomb threat, cause people
may aware on that kind of issues so if they know that this school
receives a bomb threats, they will have fear to enter that school
or into that college, so it may affect the business of the school
and colleges, just because of the bomb threats . In this news,
good to know that they already give alarm to everyone that may
be involve to the bomb threats, and also they announce that the
day has no classes to make sure that no one will harm and no
lives will suffer. The MPD helped to check all the surroundings of

the schools and they confirm that all the campuses are cleared
and safe.