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It's YourCho!ce - Yoo haVe the rklhtlD ofourmanng ofinformallon wiIh
cst.an tliRI P<ries, as desaIbed"beIaN. To opt out pleaSe call us Ioft.free
at 1-877-28U389 or write to us at P.O. Bole 6160, RapId SO 5T11l9­
6160. If you have previously Informed us of your prefenmce, you do
not need to do so again.
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transldons and
If you have ajoint a:x:ount, arequest by one PCI1v I'Iil appy 10 aJ paifies on
lheacooJlt .
• We will process your promplly. However. it may take us several
weeks iii eIlSUJe lhct III ieCooIs are ubdaIed wiIh you In tle
i!1lerim. you may coothIe to be induded in prograns as desailed above.
A!!!9. - l!!IlIJest is you [IlIi!Y sOO I!fI conlacled bv our
aIIiliates IriIIor orner c:anpliIlIes baseQ on 1II1lt O'M\ in!
• Even if)'OU OIlt rut. we IIIiII conti1ue to prcMde )'OU wiIh biling ilse!Is anti
mal notices Of spec::iaI oIfets and new benefils.
6101/05 M-75474
.", '

11 GENERAL This Agreement ('AQreement') governs your Select
Comfort credit card account rAccounrj. In this Agreement and your
bnling statement iStatement'), "we'. 'us', and 'our' means GE Money
Bank, 4246 South Riverboat Road, Suite 200, Salt Lake City. UT
"you' and "your" means all persons who we approve to
use the Account; and 'Card" means ypur Select Comfort Credit Card.
The effective data of Ibis WlU be the eai1ier of (0 Ihe date you
submit an Actount applicalion 1!Iat is approved by us. or 6i) Ihe IiIst date
lila! you or someone authorized by you uses 1I1e Account
2. USE OF ACCOUNT. You may use your Account to purchase gOOds
or services ("Purchases") or to obtai! cash advances by writing checks ,
\Checks; we may provide to you from lime to lime or by other means
W!'l mey make available ("Casb Advances"), up to any credit limit we
mey estabUsh ("Credit ll!llir). We may Imlt your Cash Advances to a
pprlion of your credit limit (your 'Cash Umlt') and If we do so, you
agree not to lake Cash AdVances in e.xteSS oi your Cash Umlt We
may decline to authorize any Purchase or Cash Advance or change
your Credit Limit at any time. You may use your Account only for
personal, family or household purposes.
3. PROMISE TO PAY. You promise to pay us for all crecfll that we
eXtend on your Account for Purchases. Cash Advances. and all other
amounts owed to us under the lerms of this Agreement
A. The !olaf pf!I1odlc Flnance Charge imposed in ablililg pl!rlod rcur­
renl BiIIiI1g Period") is the total of Q) the dally pEllfodlc fk1ance Char­
ges on PUrchases and GasIl Advances in the Current Billing Period,
Ilus -, _.. _. ." - -, ­
Cash Advance balance aiId any balance of
Purcl1asi!s made-under any Special Payment Plan. in fuR on or be­
fool Ihe Payment Due Oa!e for such billing period. In addition, there .
wi! be no period'1C finance Charges imposed in lIle Current
Period on any new Purchases in Ihe Previous Bi(1I1!J Period if daily
Finance Charges were imposed al 1!Iose new Purchases In the
PrevIous BDling Period.
B. The periodlc Finance Charge Im(:losed in Ihe CtlTent Bilftng Period
on Purchases or Cash AIMlnces for the Curreill Billng Period Is de­
mined by mullipl)'ing the Periodic Rate for 1I1e CUrren! Billing Per­
iod times Ilia Daily Balances of Purchases or Cash Advances in the
Current BiIUng Periodto determinethe daily!leliodic FinanceC/lages,
and adding loge1i1er those dally periodic F1nance ChaJges for each
day in the Current E "" - - - .
posed In the Currenl
ous Billing Period Is dateriiilned by multiplying the Periodic Rate for
the Current Bi111n9 Period times the Dally Balances of new Pur­
chases in 1I1e Pr8VlOUS Billing Period to de!ennine the daily period'lC
Finance Charges. and addklg toge1her those daily peIiodiC Flnance
Charges for each dlrf in Ihe Previous Billing "Period. However,
there Is a minimum penodic FINANCE CHARGE of $1 for a billing
period in which a periodic Finance Charge is assessed
C. The periodic Rla1oe=es Wll be deIemiIed sepa!lIIliIy for chlilges
Inllmld under Brrf Payment Plan in aoco:danoe With Ihe fIlIms
esl!tliished for such • Payment Plan. \fJu tmdersland end (!J)o
kncINIedge that this Account prr1Ifdes for the dailyoompoundi"J ofper­
iod/r: FInance Charges.
A. TIle Periodic Rate for your Dally Bliance of Purchases is _lIle Pur­
chase Standard Rate, unless the Delinquency Rate applies as de­
SCfIled below. The Purchase standard Rate for abilling oeriod is
the greater of Iil!he Prime Rate plus 15.90%. times 11365, or (i)
.06011% (ANNOAL PERCENTAGE RATE 21.90%). TIle Pun::hase
Standard Rate shml not exceed .0678% (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE
RATE The 'Prime Rate" for aliJIielthe I\i9hest
bank prine ban rate as publl\lhed in Jhe i:le In i1s
Money Rates section on lila fillll buSIIless 9 e fin;t
day (If the blUIng period. As of June 1 2005 the Pun::hasi! standard
Rlite was .0600% (ANNUAl RATE 21.1IQ%).

B. The Periodic Rate for your Daily Balance of Gash Advances is the
Gash Standard Rate, unless !he DelinQuency Rate applies as de­
scribed beklw. The Cash standard Rate for a bUIina pe!Ic.Jd 1$ the
of the Pl1me Rate Dlus 15.90%. times 1/365; or rril .0600%
NUAL PERCENTAGE RATE 21.90%). The Cash standard
shall not exceed .0678% (ANNUAl PERCENTAGE RATE
As of June 1, 2005,1he Cash standard Rate was .0&00%
be treated as zero. Pur­
in the DailY Balance of
, at our option, as of lila
pay at least the f.tnimum Pavrnent on your Statement
rlt Due Date shown on the'Statement: You may pay
Your Mlnlmuni PaY­
New BIiance minus
It Plan that Involves
next highest dollar!
Minimum Paymen!
5. You must
, .. '
E. We reseMl!he III obIaIn paymmt eIeI:toricaly for t!S'fI cited! «
dher instrumeIlt flat SEnd III us I7J lnitiatir1! I.Il ACH (eIedrofiC)
debit In the amoont check IX" insl1unenIIll)'Wl" aa:.oont. Yotr
dIeck IX" iIemv.t nctbe reIumed III you by us ri yru bank.
9. FEES. You agree lr.l pay IlIt foIlowIlg fees.
A. AI..aIa Payment Fee, if we have not received your MnilIlIIl Pay­
ment by llie Payment Due cae sIlrNm on your Statement The a­
mount Of !he I.ale PaymeIi Fee wi be based on yaK NewBliln:e
attheendcfthebJingpaiod EiIldi"G derlhe PaymertDue Date. The
late Fee Wlrbe $15 fir aNewBam:e under $99.99; $29
for a NeN BaIEme d $100.00 III $999.99; all $35 for aBImle of
$1000.00 or more.
B. A ReIumed CIlec:k Fee of $00 if!l1YcheckIX" oilier ins1ument sent Ib
us, or !I1Y eIecIronic: payment au1horization you provide us In
men! on yoor Aa:ount, IS not honored upon fi"sl presenment, even if
!he dieck, irnIlnIment « eledronic authoIil:etion Is IiiII!ir honored.
C. AA Over !.knit Fee cf $30 lOr each billing period II your New
Balance as on your SIaIimEI1t exceeds yoor Credi umt. We
may assess an Over [/d Fee even If we autIiaizs Ihe Ir.:1nSactions
onyoor Aa:olI1t 1hit caused you10 exceed your ereat UTi IX" ifyou
exceed your Credit UIIIt as a reSlft of unpaid FIoaooe Chages. !he
IliIing of de!en"ed accrued Finar1C8 Clages or other E.
D. ATlllnsadioo Fee for each Cash Mtance Il1at posts to your AD­
CWlI. This fee wi! be aFINANCE CHARGEIlQualIo 4%of the
amount oflhe Cash Advance, will arrininlrn d $5and amaxmum
of $50.
E. A Returned Loan CIleck Fee d $20, on your kcourt In the event
any Check on}'Ol,ll" A.ccoont Is not honOrl!d by us because (i) the
DOrtion of your Qid Umit avaiabIe fir CIledIs is ilsuIideIt10 a:Nf!J"
1he amourt d Ihe Check, (i) yqu have aDe1iIIcn in baIlkIupll..y. (Ii)
Ihe Check has expired, IX" (flI) your Accruil has been c:Iosed.
Fee ofU) ifwe sfqI CIIeck at your
,cIla!ge yoor AQ:rut afee d $20. SIlbjEdIII =
mayreguest Silatwe sloP. pay!I)eIlt
<r by caI&l!I

dlil buIeen (14) days of the cal or
qJIre. The vmten srop I)aYIl1eOt on:Ier
must Ildude the CIlec:k Rlllliler, payee. amount and dale of the
Check on wli:h payment Is 10 be st6pJled. ANi1Ien step payment
onIer will expire '* (6) months after we receive it unless !lie S\q)
payment (X"der Is renewed in writing.
a purchase money security
Interest in each Hem of merchmse purchased on your Account to
isecure ils unpaid pun::hase price urIiU such merchandise Is paid in fiJll.
•SoiaIr for the purpose of dellmninlng llie extent of our purchase money
secuiily interest in each sud! item Of men::hendlse, your paymenls wil
,be allocated irs! to Finance Chlllges on !he Account. ana then to pay
off each Pun::hase on the Account in the ortler in which tile Purchase
I.' was made Pf more than one item was purchased on the same
your payments wUl be allocated to pay off lIle lowest priced Item firs .
If you made aPun::hase pursuant 10 acredit promo!lon, !he balalce • .
respect to liIe promotional Purchase may be shown on Slatemenls
dunng the promotional period and may reftect a different payment
aIIocalion method. In no event wii we assert a security interest In !he
promotional Pun::hase for an amount greater IhI.Il the loweSt balance
Shown on aStatementfor !hat promolional Purchase. We agreelIlat no
security interest Is or win be retained « acquired under this·Agreement
in any real property which Is used or is expected 10 be used as your
"1 and/or CVi) take
, we reTer your Aci:ount
coIlecIiOn cos
1. DefiIm1d In!erestIWdfl Payments
""""""1irIanI.::&chaI!Ies wi! lie assessed 00 !he'""",,",1m'" ­
r' ::ha;)baIance from !he dale of urchasa MiJliJJxJliP'.r:lt
be require(! on yo.u: balance during ax! aIler
the p«molionaI peliOd.
2. Deferred InIeres!IDeIayed Paymenls
:; ..
S. In OOdltion. you \0 the-use of
information'about You and your Account desClibed in the Privacy Policy.
The Privacy Policy is a part of this Agreement and Is enclosed or
attached hei"eto.
17. TELEPHONE MONrroRlNG. To ensure that you receive accurate
and courteous customer service. on occasion, your caU may be moni­
tored by our employees or agents and you agree to aIfj suCh monitor­
18. JOINT ACCOUNTS. If this Is a joint account. each of you will be
jointly and IndMdual1y for your obligations under ll1is Agree­
ment notice to one of you wiR be consldered iii be nolice to bo1h of you;
and we can rely on iestructions from one of you, even if we receive
inconsistent instructions from the 01her person. ',".
19. WAIVER. We mi;lY, In our sole discretion, choose to not exercise
any right under !!lls Agreement, Including the right to Impose the full
oulitofll!lY . -- - .. -- .... .
us must be
12. TeRMINATION/CHANGE IN TERMS. You may terminate your
Account at !lIlY time by: pmvidlng us written notice. We maY,. at any:
time and subiect to aDDficable laW. ch\lfl99/ add or delele pll!VlSions of
?or tennUlate y"our AccoUnt Unless
may IIP.PIy
20.' CHANGE OF ADDRESS. You \'/iIi notify us promptly if you chalTge
your address. We may send Slatemenls and other notices to your
adllless in our records unb1 we halle a reasonable opportunity 10 upilate
our. records willl any new address for you.
Please read this arbitration pro­
provides lI1al, upon !he election of
een the parties WlI be resolved by
laces any exlslina arbitration
"We • 'Us • 'Our" arid simSer
its rispedive partIIlts. wholly
lreoecessors, successors,
(collectively. lIle 'Bank').
·Claim" means any dlsllUte between YQU and Us
rerates credit account,,Ihe ielationsilips
this ,
Including !he
pules based
means the National Arbitration Forum P.O. Box 50191,
nneePii;}AN 55405, www.arb-forum.com (800) 474-2371; or
American Amillation Association, 335 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
10017, www.adr.org, (800) 778-7879.
Important Notice and limitations: If you or We elect to arbItrMe
a Claim, neither you nor We will have the right: (1) to have a
court or a jury decide the Claim; (2) to engage In dfsCovery (I.e.,
the right to obtaIn Information from the other PlIrM to the same
extent that you or We could In court; (3) to participate In a class
action In court or In arbitration, either as a class representative
or'a class member; (41 to act as a private attorney general ill court
or',ln arbitration; or {5) to join or consolidate your Clalms(sl with
of any other person. The right to appeal Is more Irmlled
in .arbltration than In court. Other rights tllat you would have If
you went to court may also not be available In arbitration. Only
a court may determIne the validity and effect of the language In
thlll paragraph. If a court should hold this language to be
Invalrd, then the entire Provision shall be null and void.
RIght to
In Which
OOV8fS aX Claims, except that We will not elect
al Claim brought In small claims oourt or its
Claim is lransffirred. removed. or appealed 10 a
lion: To start an you or We must give
election to arbitrate. You mlJSl send 1his notice to GE
lance Looal Operalions, 1600 Summer Street. AM AIlOr,
. 06905. NoHce can be given after a lawsuit has been filed,
in I'ffiich case ft can be made in papers in !he lawsuiL If a notice electing

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