and •

·U yeu Milt a joint aecou1l1. iii. ft.Quest by ene party wi!! appf'j 10 aI paaies I:
00 UH! account

in1:erlm, you may eoatinue to be klcklded in Proot'WS isdescribed ibove.
Also, aftet your request Is processed, yntI may $00 be: mntaded by our
afrlti.1tes aod/o( other based on their own lnfoll1'\atlOrt.
.. with bilrma inserts

YOu 00 not need to contact us ill order to opt out
. '(64134)
CG9A (glO4) 5317-T&C:S
only 10r personal. family or bousehold purvcstS.­
3. P!IIlMI$£TO PAY, roo pro!f1is< I. prry us lorall mdit IfIat we 'mod on
your Accaunt for Purchases and' Oltlet amounts: owed to us under the
Ie"", .fthis Aot.....nt.
A. The Finance Chaf'ge tor a bUliflO
applylnglho Periodic Ralela lifo
ChaJve for the billing period. &cept itt PR, there is a minimum AMANCE

8. The Periodic Rate for your Account Is the Ref,Jular Rate, un1ess the
UeUnqueney Rate applies as described below. Tl'MrRequ;., Rale for a
If I
I07S0.fl,u.eV 1016104 2.4& PM Page 1
Ifle Adm.""""", Of adlilralOt "'r Claim{s) ....Oed by you iIllhe W>/ts•• .......

mdto fI!JY lifo parts of,.... l1li111.1>" IJO! In question.
You may not idI. assflJD or tr;nsfer )'Our Account ot any of vour • The dOtar amount of 1M$U$j)Ktlid mot.. ffwefindthal .. _.mis!aboo!'fU'bIll"" .... noIM<topay ..y
c:onsid6rin faith i rruonabf8Wfitlen RlQuestbyyou to Nylf/Of,part under th6 Aqreefl\e1l1. finance llfIted1e at1)'qutStioned !mount ffvtS tlido'1 mal:e aI'1'Ifstakti.
ot such adOilromd fees. Each party must pay for its Q'Im attomeop:. experts, 2.3. SEVERABtUlY.lf any provision of this AGreement is determiMd to be vqid I[ you need more infermation, des«ibc the item you are ne! suce about you....,h."t'P'Y_dIarlIos,if!I<I!""wlM<lO"'''lJ!l'''Ymissod
.nd_,rogatdIossalwflowin$lIl8arbitllrtion,"""III_:IjIpIic­ or __._appIlcabIe bw. rule,or"llUlatioo. .ioll1<fp....sIr>os
Your Rl_ lAd Out ftnPOMOHIIflc, UerWt R.c::.Iw YOir WritI.. llktlltt _oolhoquestiorJ<d_ln_............ send"'"•.­
'" !h;sP<l_sIJ.alI o1iIhevand iOO .nfon:oalllrJ. We must your kner wttrun 30 days, unless we have corm:te:d men! of Ih< ""aunt !'f" .... "'" tile date thai Is due. H"'" fall to pay Ut.
noyli. eqcrts. ind Mtnesscs. We wm und« aU etrtlunsfam;es pay any fees
llatSHt or youOf ilmourtts paid by us foratfor..
:!". MEI1WlSmf n..tINGJCANtEtUTlctt. YIMIf SAM'S ctua N.mtJerchijJ tile erto( by then. W"tfbin we mINt eitM( comet the IIIrrer or arn..ntthal ..lIlInk)'O<l .......
why M balie"", die biI was correa. After-we racelv8 yout IlIttar. we QnntJC try ""lffa..lJond... ...
to ccltct atrtamount you ques600, er fepoltyoUas ddinquent We can con­ 1f131","SIIII..,,,,,, 10 pay. we must!,...,.,.... ... J<jlOrt Y""'lNIyoo ""'"
tinue fo biI you far Ih< ....... YI1II question. iru:fudiJlQ r...... chOlYJ6, anti
we can IIl'{Unpaid JlTlotW.nst)tlUf t:tdtfimft. You do not hawto ycoIo.WOmastlol"'l....... """rtycotolflatlf1<.-has""" ..l!Ied
:{.=.:. This A(jfeement
IJIsnibership b ",sl'flI'Ied .r C2nr:e1ed f<ii Ony mson. IncIudiJliI bit­
aed In•• """" a1.oy of tile t.l11t$.f Il10 Membership Conditions
iIIld Rilles '" Opmtloil, _ you _Old1llat you wi not be .1J!o 10 us.

.....lmnt wlIh IIle fAA. IIl1s Pr<Mslon, and the Admin_,'s nbs, In
'" IIle parIles' dglJls '" obtaln Inl_ under u.. Allmlnls·
askllltarbittatorto.lod to _n mol<
.p<OI'i$ioo$ 01 tills AQioemont.
the: atbi1tator'$ awafd.. The arbitiatof's dedsicn will be final ,aI'I1f bIodin<l
'''''pi "'r. (1) "'i appeal rigl1llltlder the fAA; and 121'01 party mayijIIICal
HEW JERSEY WID£KlS: Becaus. _Ir! """"ions a1111is Ail"'''''''' "'"

orinapp&r:able IoJ "",,,,,,,,,,,.
.wanl.lba _rsdeclsinn1Mllhe ronal and """III for "'1 ",peal
ri1/hllJllder Il10 fAA. ums, appll< prnvIdes otI1"";". !he iJ!fpeaI­
InQ partywll! II'l'tII. aptlll3!"s eos!.noo_. of Its outco..., ",,_"'Of. W. 'toor Ilptlr. Oft tile or we...Ip initial pllr-chau
wfI consider 1If!/ reasoubSe written 1'equesi fur Us to bear the 0):>1.
ConUMe4 fftKt of ArOmIoo P'tlm,loft: This Provisicn wi SUl1Ii1tsthew­
rour slgoalWt't" WI AQrtement and

to attitrale ifl1 in tbe: same lawsuit by anotOOr party. 0;;
£>a:eptas olhe""'" provided ...... n"'l' jIOrtioo "'!his _ ".,,,""
flon Ramon, Pfl'.Sident, MonogramCradll earn 8ank Qt Geofgia
4125 _rdPla.!a 0...., AIphar..... GA3000S
::%! or othbt' provisioo$ 'this Aorcemoat ttis: Provision wi. govern. Notlcfr. The fol'kiMno is important Infatn'Utron reoatding roW' riotrtlo dispute

.'I"iIy......._dby 1114 '."""!I,d I. " ••_ willi f._ln... d This noUtt contalns IInpOfbIlt JntortTWioo 4Ibout your rights and our l'e$pen­
•••1111" -.the Fair lIlling Att
H,atJt, Us II Cae 01 Emirs Of fleutl8os. About 'rOlf But
'tyou bill is wrong. Of if roll need fIlOf'e infonnallon about I transaction
. .mb.__lIy .."'t....
Tills A;tUment k ,nletlld (lito rou and til hi GMIf1l1. We mlla
4tdIlw about tflctllno"edit to rou f.nM:n. utond wednto rou II:I1der Ihk bler than 00 days .tter we sent you lhe first biD en Ihe tffOl' or probk!m
fnxrI • .aM' your la Georgia. 3rpeal'ed. Voo. can celephQne tJS, but d!OOO so wi nat JOUlf rights,
lal 19J
...w_nr!es. ... can'eoDecIlfle
11m$5{1 01 the qtJe$!iooed _ ..... nfOO' 1iIl_t:OO!Ct SAM'S ClUB
Special_lor en (64134)
CG9A (9f04) 5317·TIIC·S
must made the p,un:base in your home state or, if not wittlin
Nonnegotiable Cads_me, Hilla
10750. fl. usW' 1016/e4 .2 :46 PH i'age 2
billing period \fI, 01 Q) Ih< Primo !We plu. 12.911%. lime.
(or 1mill I'll). or (II) .05453% (1.658%in PRj (ANNUAL
PElICENTAGE RATE 19.90%). Tho 'Primo 1\:II,'Ior a'
I, tile IIlglltst bank as publ'!led In ' ,
in its M1)M'f RIto1i StcUoo on the last business day of the month
fl<1!COdinII \fie tim dov 0111\, billing period. 01 Augost 31. 2004. lhe
HOllOWRole ....05453%(1.658%In PRI (ANNUAl PElICENT·
AGE RATE 19.90,..).

is not MIabtt..
O.HjIlIJ00 OOI'-your"quim:lMInImumP')1l!Of1IIIylllthtmentOu,
1loIt1W01imos1nMf/sl<_", bilioO periods. 1M
(f3Iher INnIhtR..ularRole)""I'1l< applied., .
k<ounl .... aII_lran_ wah lilt fiB!

.uoazz,. tor Z.un70 in pRj (AHNllAl PERCENTAGE RATE
I!Io Olinqua>ey R:I!< awIi... you

txIsmo bala.ntes on your AI:cotMt and all new ta.ns.actions baginnino wiHl
IIle lim dov 111•• boa"" ,fter!lle Payment Ilue Date 'or
a period for which you made the mtwred

Oaitt &1anc:eottbe Account HOWtVef. there is nob!Unce subject to FlfWlct
ctwqe for. bIing period it there is no Prtvious Balance on your Ac:coolI1

8. To _ ..... .. .... bl"<the

its 1\1r\flat dov and_anypaytmIl1s and 0I1ler "edits awIIodlhatday.

debt tatK:ditioRfees: are not induded. This 'QNes U$ the "'Daily Balance" 01
of JeS$ thanmro"wiII be Im.Ied as UIfD.
6. WHEN RHANC£ 8£<iIM TO ACCRU£.. If there is no P'HlIIious

and __In II\aI biIilg periOd willl<ginlll accrue. finance-ii"
.. olllle flrst <i>y 01 IIle next IliinoltlriOd W• """"'" Cl\arg<I lmposed III

, s::
begin 10 accru" finance I""" 1MI<!M 01111' "''' 01 tfIe tmuaclion
miolnq the daily bala!lce during th3t bitting period :jiM do not begin to accrue
, • Rna"", Charg' ...Ii IIle SIaJ1 0I1Ile following bilinQ Il'riod.
: 7. PAYMEI(fS.
, A. You mus1 pay at least the Minimum Payment on '{l)UI' Stalement by the
Payment Due Date shown on the StatMlCftL You may more than the
the amount
!he Q<mor.- $15 or 1120 01 1M _ a.Ja""
1124 0I1Ile Newl!a"""
.99 1130olIh!N, 113601tf1e __ .. _

8.M _____
....d<" oIIItr ,._1II1"""'...0I1IIol I IodlttlK 11111'" PlY'll.......
0I11o!.. ',,,,...nll. MI" oris 1t!I"'.. II I•• _ .. of • dbpulod
amount, or (111 "lend",. wlfII_ ...dlllm or fimH,U... ('Olfll<l1ed
.... 1riNIIli

_ after 5:00 ..... O!l""" Of.n """ dov oiIm busf.

Vou,g,," lhaI'fri_ts on
, your _deli_CO,SAlGSClUB ... _bySAM'S ClUB... co,,"
""nIen<e.... yoo and are not_or .CCt1j1IodIly", .niilpIIysicatf_
to us. Vou undersfand. oowevo«; that paymems. may nat be maOO. and may not
,,,._""'Ntdby... at"""(oea!lonoll1<rifl.. lIlehfmlmtMdrtss ....

10, Ex.c.ept as specified in pau,graph 9- be(ow with m:ped. sakfy to ttle deter·

by whiCh payrtl«lts iOI "noeatad' 10}'il1ff AI;OOurd in our $Ole-
:cretion. The payment .alIocationmettlod tnatwe O$Itmayrescll:in Ji/(,lhDfNnaoc.e
, 13)
CNrves: on Accooot. t1e{WIdint;l on Ihe types: of you makt

E. We fesefWthe tWdto obtain
_mont 1IIol yoo send" US by inKia!IltI '" ACH ___in \he
amoont of your died: or ioslrument to yow account OUf oritern will
not be "'turned 10 you by us or your b;mk..
I. fEtS.. You to PlY the 1olliWMO tees,
A. It Late: PaymMt Fee. b.&sed on your 8.lIailCO at the lime your delin­
quent Minimum Payment \iWJ$ t:aleu&aled. as imflcated below. if we bM: not
received your "'loire.! Minimum I'a_ by !he P:!yment 0.. 0'" shOWll
on St.a1emenlln fA.. tbI! late Paymont fee wil oot exceed $15 and no
U" Payment fee "'. be Imj>oSlll ;n I'll.
$35.00 and I01de< $0
$35.1l'--$49... $'5
SStl-I!I9.9!l S20
$f0H299.99 S2S
$300 or._ $29
B. ARelumlld Check I'M01 S2S ($20 ;n!AI ff ally checI< or o!l1er"""""l
Of any eJedronic payment au1tloriralion you p{1WWc US
on your keoont is not honored upon rust presenbnOOf.. cwn if the chedr.
Jlstrumenl or electronitauttlori1:iltion is later honored. No re!Urned cbert fi!IEI
IWIll<(mjlosedIn PR.
AtctJunt to fts unpaid putdlue price until mmhandise Is Pa,ld
in fult NY, rtOt to eXC6ed five years tram the dat(ll tM met'dlJndise is
posted til your Account). Solely ioc the purp!m 01 determinirnj the extent
of our purchase money securityinwest in such itemof merchandise:.
and subject to the t&Quiremen1S of law. YOUf piym&nts will be
alloeated fim to Allanct Cflatges on the A.ctount. and then to pay off each
of tm3l1te Chartres and Hl.ilt PUf&h.ast is iru::luded M Statemem.s during the
promotionai9Wod. we also wi( aliocate to such promotional Purchase tbe
same payments referred 1o in the immediately preceding sentflfltf Uthose

of oettl'mifling tfie troount owing (
Mcredited only once
anct (If your Account We agree that no
retained Of acquired under this Agreement ill. . .
or is to be used as your dwding (and in NY. 10 lit)' molar vehl­
cle Of in any goods 100:Iy to be affixed to ;t mo1or vehicle or real fl«I{)erty
so ,as. to IHIc1une I part thereof}.
lG. _ "'VMl'1ITftMS. F..mtime III lime. you I1IOY Il< 011<0"" $110­

CO cerUln run:haseo .. you, Accoont iSP'!cialPoymonf Plans,. Th' pflJVi­

11. __GElHltRMS. Vou...,_ your Ac<ounl of

or1ermirate YOUf Ar:cotmt prohibited by appflCabfe law, we
may II)Pty.tny Terms Change t\) IflYoutstlrlding or Mure balanGes of your
Atcount W. wilseM CO you n_ of "1l' T,,,,,, .. "'lui"" by

't)Il¥un!ilyoudo ...
1%. DEfAUlT. Sub)e<:110""limitatio..01 applk:ob1e law, we may d<c1aro you
In defautt if you: .(I) f.ilto make a.t fmt Itttt Minimum Payment due:
.1-' afri _fOrm of ibis or \ill _ ... \fIe S\Jble<I of.
. " _.. " . 'deatfl,and
your Credit
so_irttiIinelS' .....
13, UAUJTTfOR UHAUncofUZEDUSA::. The c.aI'd is: i$$Uoo 10 you by us at
J:.ur IVqtMl$t md you aoree to clesttoyit upon demand. wi1 not bt liable

n,1iIy us 011-800-964-1917.
'14. CR£fl1T IW'OfITS NIB ACtOUIIT IHfORIUTIOK. Vou give US ...-­
we coRSidernec-­
mary and.""ropriate (il1(:rud""lIobIainkig 1010....1.. from !hird p.rIles

Ceonnectlon with any updates, retteW1J1$ or extmslons of cadit Of mJew­
ave reporte.

• Htlen It is 'ncor..
_ • copy of tiM cndlt ftJOl1 that 'Iliclldn III. Inac.ctlRte
iaformaUoa. plu" lind. copylif that ,.,OlUOIil IS..'"You are h.rtbr
CloUf1eo Utat I neg.Uft tttdit report refttdiQl Oil YOUf erecllt recont mat
ba ..-..tfa.,_"partin••"" I,.. raRIlI Iu1II11 lilt ......
oflll.. A41.......111.
and direct us (0 ft.mrisll a1na you: and your Account to SAM'S
ClUB (and its affiliates) 10f use in connection with the SAM'S ClU8
19. CIWIGl: OFAIlDRUS. You .0reelo notify us prom"" Myoo.....'" your
add...... um;J .... a.. notified IfIaI your ......... has ehanQlld, we wftI cooUnus
to sendStatemetds and otimnotices 10the1astiddress WI! maintained on)'Our
Account You aqr-ee U1at when we are pctffied that you hawnew address. the:
"""" oIlhis AIi_specifu:ally .?p&aIJIofollle residents oIjIlIJr""" s1aw'
of residence will apply tD thf entire bq!aooe of your Account
Phase read ..f'tori:liion'1 carefully. It provides that,
upon 1lwl.1ec!l0ll 01 log!! tlispul' hetweeo!he parnes wiI b.
OetUllllaM: As used in this P(tlvlsion: -vI&.'" ·U$,· '"'()u(* and slmiLar terms
mean (f) MoflOQ"'" CredlCard &I!lk of G,""lia. and oJ( 0' ils par·
ents, wfH.tIY or majority owned subsieftanes, affltiatts. predecessors. SlJ(:CeS­
"Ctalm- means 3n1dlspute betWeen YOU and Us th.atartses fromor relates

abi1ity (lr scope of this ProvIsion. tt Includes disputes based 00 constitutional
proll1Sions. statutes. teotdations, contraas. torts. and acts: of every type

mckJd.. ...... ..
'"Administrat01" means the National ArtHtnttion forum. P.O. Box 50191,

iliaDb. AlU alld vofd.
ftl,III" Rlllel ArII'tnUon: You !Irq rejel:t ibis _tian Pro._.:
""'Ice") 11131 ... ieoeIve wilhin s.t>1j (60)
your t1$dit caro aceount Any Relflction
AtbittaUon Pro'dslon and not to any other . ......... •

whether you we: provided 1 timety Rejection you must provfde a

ltudl tltird party must ffichlde Mdence .of his or her 3Utl'lority 10 submit
the Refection t-Jo1ice on your behalf.
1l6905.IIo!iCe""begiveo••_"""""fi1ed,InI01lldl .... ff ....

_1:..-.or,..bJ__ • ...hlminislra!<lr'$ruIes."""P'

tocaUOft aAd Casf.t;; /uri .atbltr.rticn hearing that you aI:1end will tab platt
in a klcation thzt is reasonabfy ootWeniemlot you.. At yoor wtiHoo r&quest:.
we w\U pay all f\lino. administrative. hearing andlot other fees by