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Code Retail Operations Management RETAIL Third Semester BANKING OPERATIONS OPERATIONS Subject Title Sub.MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (REVISED (MBA) SPRING http://www.smude. Code 4 4 16 PM0010 PM0012 PM0013 Semester PM0014 MA0041 MB0053 Merchant Banking & Financial Services International Business Management 4 MA0042 4Treasury SubjectsManagement in area of Specialization (4 credits each) MA0043 Corporate Banking Project* Institutional Banking Total Cumulative Credits Project* Subject Title Credits Introduction to Project Management Lateral Multiple Entry Options PM0011 Project Planning and Scheduling Entry 4 72 4 3 Subject Title Operations Management Enterprises Resource Planning Supply Chain Management Advanced Production and Operations Management Project* 4 44 MB0052 Strategic Management and Business Policy Fourth Semester MA0040 EVENT MANAGEMENT ML0015 MA0040 Project* Fourth Semester Core Subjects + Specialization Subjects MA0044 Project* 4 4 Total Cumulative Credits 4 4 ENTREPRENEURIAL Banking Management Third Semester Core Subjects + Specialization Subjects MB0050 Sub. Code Credits Subject Title Credits MK0010 Sales Distribution and Supply Chain Management 4 ML0010 Warehousing & Supply Chain Management 4 MK0011 Consumer Behavior 4 ML0011 Buying & Merchandising 4 MK0012 Retail Marketing PROJECT MK0013 MK0014 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Marketing Research 4 ML0013 ML0014 Project* SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Fourth Semester INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MK0015 Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management MK0016 Advertising Management & Sales Promotion MK0017 Structure e-Marketing Program First Semester MK0018 International Marketing MK0014 /MBA 2010) Marketing Management INFORMATION SYSTEMS ThirdMARKETING Semester Sub. Code Subject Title MB0041 Financial and Management Accounting MI0033 Software Engineering MB0042 Managerial Economics Systems (DBMS) MI0034 Database Management MI0035 Computer Networks MB0043 Human Resource Management MI0036 Business Intelligence and TotalTools Cumulative Credits MI0037 HEALTH CARE 4 ML0012 SERVICES MI0038 MB0045 MI0039 MB0046 Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) Financial Management e-Commerce Marketing Management MI0040 MB0047 MI0041 MB0048 Technology Management Management Information System Java and Web Design Operations Research MU0037 MB0049 Project*Management Project Total Cumulative Credits MA0036 MB0051 Financial System & Commercial Banking Legal Aspects of Business MA0037 Laws & Practices 4Banking Subjects Related in area of Specialization (4 credits each) MA0038 Banking Operations Project* MA0039 Retail Banking FAMILY BUSINESS Service Marketing and Customer Relationship Management 4 4 ML0016 Advertising Management & Sales Promotion 4 4 ML0017 Mall Management 4 4 ML0018 Project Management in Retail 4 4 Credits 4 4 4 Credits 4 4 44 4 244 ML0014 Project* 4 Operations Management Third Semester Sub. Code Research Methodology Subject Title FINANCE Retail IT Management ENVIRONMENTAL Fourth Semester DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT Project* Second Semester Fourth Semester MB0044 Production and Operations Management HUMAN RESOURCE Store Operations 4 Re . Code Project* Subject Title MB0038 Management Process and Organizational Behavior Information Management MB0039 Systems Business Communication Third Semester MB0040 Statistics for Management Sub.Entry Project Finance and Budgeting Managing Human Sem 1Resources Semin 2 Projects Sem 3 4 4 Sem44 Project* MBA Multiple Exit Options Fourth Semester 4 16 4 4 4 100 4 4 PM0015 Quantitative Methods in Project Management 4 PM0016 Project Risk Management 4 PM0017 Project Quality Management 4 PM0018 Contracts Management in Projects 4 PM0014 Project* 4 44 .edu. Code OM0010 OM0011 OM0012 OM0013 OM0014 Credits 4 4 4 4 Fourth Semester 44 44 OM0015 Maintenance Management 4 OM0016 Quality Management 4 OM0017 Advanced Production Planning and Control 4 OM0018 Technology Management 4 OM0014 Project* 4 44 44 48 Project Management Third Semester 4 Credits Sub.

in 43 MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) (REVISED SPRING 2010) Total Quality Management Human Resource Management First Semester Third Semester Sub. Code Subject Title Credits MH0051 Health Administration 4 MF0010 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 4 MH0052 Hospital Operations and Planning 4 MF0011 Mergers & Acquisitions 4 MH0053 Hospital & Healthcare Information Management 4 MF0012 Taxation Management 4 MH0054 Finance.Finance.smude. Code Subject Title QM0010 Foundation of Quality Management QM0011 Principles and Philosophies of Quality Management Statistical Process Control and Process Capability QM0012 QM0013 Quality Management Tools QM0014 Sub.www. Tasaduq Rehman Bhat MBA. The study materials are excellent and the online library also helped me a lot in my studies. Student 3 4 4 . Code MU0010 MU0011 MU0012 MU0013 Credits 4 4 4 4 MU0014 Project* Subject Title Manpower Planning and Resourcing Management & Organizational Development Employee Relations Management HR Audit Credits 4 4 4 4 Project* Fourth Semester Fourth Semester QM0015 ISO / QS 9000 Elements 4 MU0015 Compensation Benefits 4 QM0016 Managing Quality in the Organization 4 MU0016 Performance Management & Appraisal 4 QM0017 Quality Management Systems 4 MU0017 Talent Management & Employee Retention 4 Change Management 4 Project* 4 QM0018 Quality Development Methods 4 MU0018 QM0014 Project* 4 MU0014 Healthcare Services Management Finance Management Third Semester Sub Code Third Semester Subject Title Credits Sub. Economics and Planning in Healthcare Services Project* 4 MF0013 Internal Audit & Control 4 MF0014 Project* MH0055 Fourth Semester Fourth Semester MF0015 International Financial Management 4 4 MF0016 Treasury Management 4 MH0057 Public Relations and Marketing for Healthcare Organization Management of Healthcare Human Resources 4 MF0017 Merchant Banking & Financial Services 4 MH0058 Legal Aspects in Healthcare Administration 4 MF0018 Insurance and Risk Management 4 MH0059 Quality Management in Healthcare Services 4 MF0014 Project* 4 MH0055 Project* 4 MH0056 The MBA that I did from SMU-DE has helped me a lot in my career.

16 (4 credits each) MB0045 Financial Management 4 2 Term Paper (Research based) 4 MB0054 MB0046 Marketing Management 4 1 Paper from each area of specialization.www. will commence in semester 3 and will be completed in semester 4. in Evaluation will be conducted MB0044 Production & Operations 4 4 Subjects Area of Specialization 2 in semester 4. Corporate Event Project Management ET0002 ET0007 4 Entrepreneurship 4 ET0003 Event Marketing & Management 4 ET0008 from Event forwhere sports they have done their 4 The students will produce an “Internship Completion Certificate” the Management organization internship along with anManagement “Internship Project Report”. Subject Title 44 45 MASTER MBA (Dual OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (REVISED (FALL SPRING (MBA) Specialization) http://www.CodeCategory Management SubjectinTitle SC0007 Purchasing SC0008 Purchasing & Contracting for Projects Project* Foreign Trade of India 44 International Logistics & Distribution Management Total Cumulative Credits International Business Environment & International Law Export-Import Finance IB0014 Fifth Semester Project 8 Credits # 4 100 4 4 4 The project is going to be guided by a skillManagement Code MB0043 IB0010 IB0011 IB0012 Subject Title International Financial Management Human Resource Management International Marketing Total Cumulative Credits Management of Multinational Corporations IB0013 Export-Import Management 2 Subjects in Area of Specialization 1 (4 credits each) International Business Credits 4 Credits 4 4 4 4 4 4 8 4 Third Semester Fourth Semester 2 Subjects in Area of Specialization 2 (4 credits each) Sub. Production and Logistics interest. Code Subject Title EM0007 Environmental economics & Regulatory framework MB0055 Book Review EM0008 Sustainable development & Corporate Social Responsibility Internship MB0056 4 EM0009 Research Methodology 4 Legal Aspects of Business EM0005 Multiple Options 4 Environmental ImpactTotal Assessment & Credits Cumulative ISO 14001 standards Project* Entry Lateral Entry 120 Credits 4 4 2 4 8 4 130 4 Entrepreneurial Development and Family Business 4 Subjects in Area of Specialization 1 (4 Third Semester credits each) Sub. Code streams they have Subject Title The students may Credits TheyCode could choose the internship project from any ofCredits the two specialization chosen. Code Subject Title 4 Credits 4 4 4 24 4 IB0015 IB0016 IB0017 IB0018 4 IB0014 Project# Second Semester # Strategic Management and Business Policy Supply Chain Cost Management 4 MB0041 Subject Title SC0006 Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management Sub.Code Outsourcing Subject Title SC0002 SC0003 Food Supply Chain Management MB0038 Management Process & Organization Behavior SC0004 Inventory Management MB0039 SC0005 Business Communication Project* MB0040 Statistics for Management /MBA 2010) 2011) Supply Chain Management Program Structure Third Semester First Code Semester Sub.smude. MB0047 Environmental Management Management Information System EM0001 MB0049 EM0002 EM0003 4 Credits Fundamentals Project Management of Environment Environmental Finance Total Cumulative Credits 4 4 4 48 Natural Resource Conservation and Management 4 EM0004 Eco Marketing EM0005 Project* Third Semester MB0050 MB0051 Total Cumulative Credits Fourth Semester Sub. do the internship in their own organization. They will also need toEvent undergo a viva voce as part of the evaluation ET0004 Event Finance ET0009 Management for Tourism 4 4 process. Management The 3 year MBA programme requires the students toEvent complete an 8 week internship after successful completion of their five semesters. Code Subject Title Credits Multiple Exit ED0006 Finance for Entrepreneurs 4 MBA (Dual Specialization) Options ED0007 Basics of Family Business 4 Managing Family Business ED0008 4 ED0009 Entrepreneurial Case Studies 4 Credits 4 72 4 4 4 ED0005 4 Project* During the 3rd semester re-registration students are required to opt for specialization 1 and specialization 2 along with six subjects of their choice under each Code Semester 4 Credits 4 4 4 4 MB0052 SC0009 4 MB0053 Project* International Business Management SC0005 Financial & Management Accounting MB0042 Managerial Economics Sub. ET0005 Project* ET0005 Project* 4 3 3 4 4 4 4 .smude. Third Semester Fourth Semester Sub. Code ED0001 ED0002 ED0003 ED0004 Subject Title Project* Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship ED0005 Note: Project* Total Growth Cumulative Enterprise . Fourth Subject Title Semester Credits SC0001 Supply Chain Management Sub. case they are in any related organization or industry in the area of 4their ET0001 Human Resource Management forinEvents 4 working or ET0006 Event Planning. Code Subject Title Sixth Semester EM0006 Pollution and Disaster Management 4 Third Semester MB0048 Operations Research Sub.Development andCredits Strategies HRM for Entrepreneurs Law for Entrepreneurs 16 Fourth Semester Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Sem 5 Sem 6 Semester Sub.