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Project Definition and Description (to meet the needs of the stakeholders)

This is about the Relocation of our branch office to HQ campus back in 2010.
The purpose of this relocation were to cut cost on rental expenses and other administration
cost and as well as to have a more organize and centralize management
Stakeholder of this project was the employees (operational and supporting staff) as well as
the management
Our interest was to get this office moving project done fast and smooth so that the company
can get back into business three months.
2. Project Scope (to meet the project definition)
What are the works that must be accomplished?
Identifying items or assets to be moved
Identifying items or assets to be disposed off
Packing the items or assets to be moved
Identify the places or new office to accept the move items or assets in HQ campus
Get the items or assets move to the HQ campus
Clean the old office
Have people to standby to accept the items or assets
Unpack and arrange the items or assets in the new office in HQ campus
How will the project be done/delivered?
Appoint a reliable and efficient movers
A moving team to be established (combination between employees and management) to
facilitate to whole moving process
Commitment of every employees and management

3. Project Risk (to develop risk projection)




Priority Scale 1-5 (5 = most severe,

greater probability)




Technology: Data and/or Voice circuits

will not be available by (date). Company
will not be able to communicate. (Note A)


1. Contact wireless solution

vendor as redundant provider.
2. Seek alternate fixed data /
voice provider
3. Allow employees to work from
4. Extend existing lease by 1 mo
nth to provide additional circuit
implementation time.

Operations: Inadequate insurance.

Company may be underinsured.

1. Check coverage
2. Review policy

Construction: Construction build not

complete by (date) (Note B). Company
will not be able to relocate according to


1. Delay lease termination notice

Construction: Construction deficiencies.

Office environment may be hazardous.

1. Construction warranty
2. Phased payments
3. Use known good contractor
4. Request inspection

Move: Equipment breakage. Core

networking gear and/or peripherals would
need to be replaced.


1. Adequate packing
2. Hire professional
packing/moving company
3. Employees responsible for
4. Ensure spare equipment

Risk Description

Mitigation Strategy

4. Project Budgeting (to match the project definition and scope)

Rent and Other Monthly Expenses Budget Actual

Janitorial Services
Wireless and Data solution
Total Expenses


5. Project Planning (the strategy to accomplish the work)

Select and assign project staffing (Organization Chart)

Branch Manager

Disposal Team

Receiving Team

6 employees

5 employees

This project will be headed by the Branch manager. Employees will be divided into 2 groups
which was led by Head of departments 1 and 2. Each of the group had subordinates to
perform tasks as per in the above diagram.
6. Project Scheduling & Tracking (to ensure the project is progressing as planned)
Arrange and schedule activities in a logical sequence (Gantt Chart and Critical Path
Analysis- It is suggest to use Microsoft Project)