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Gen Y Video Interviews

1. Place:

WABCO Brussels

WABCO Hannover

WABCO Shanghai

University in Brussels (casual random interviews) still tbc

2. Context:
For WABCO interviews: We would like to capture your view on some aspects of
work in order to keep on improving our company work environment to make it
attractive to talents like you.
The video will be edited and used for internal discussion and reflection within our
leadership team meeting. By participating, you give us your permission to feature
you in it
For University interviews: We are from a company based in Brussels and we would
like to ask you a few questions to understand what you do expect from a potential
Note to interviewer: Do not appear on camera. Candidate must look straight down
leans of camera as if they are talking to you ideally. Try to encourage them to
answer with a little bit of repeat of the question you as starting their answer. E.g I
am motivated to do my best work when.. But this is not essential. Try to
encourage short answers as being favorable.

3. Question catalogue:
Block 1: Inspiration
Topics: Motivation, Values, Purpose, Volunteering
1. What inspires/motivate you to do your best work? The first thing would be
confidence/trust in my work colleagues (peers, subordinates and bosses). To
be aware that you can count with them not only in the good moments but
also when facing problems.
2. Which are the most important values and culture that you expect from the
company of your dreams? The most aspects I value in a company are working

in a Diversity team, with a strong collaborative culture, respecting each other

and in a dynamic environment.
3. What does your work mean to you? I think work is very important to human
being. It has always been seen as work purpose of life, but if you look beyond
that, in a collective perspective, it is the way you are able contribute to
societys development, and a opportunity to fulfill your potential, lapidate
your competencies, improve your skills in many ways. To me work is the way
you are able to give it back to society the investments it has made on you
during your growth.
4. What are the rewards you look for from your work? Besides the
compensation, I appreciate the investments the company do on myself to
achieve my potential, such as trainings, external courses, etc.

Describe in a few words your perfect employer.. The perfect employeer is

the one that enables you to have a good work-life balance, also meet the
needs of each employee individually, customizing some benefits,policies and
rewards accordingly to each interest. The company that encourages you to
deliver your work in your own way and gives you opportunity to develop your
potential and which presents a consistent career path. All of this within a
respectful and collaborative atmosphere.

6. What environment would you love to work in? Dynamic one, with common
sense of collaboration, diversity and respect.
7. In your opinion why do young people would like to work for the companies
like Google, Facebook, Spotify, Apple or Tesla? To get in touch with new
technology trends, the dynamic environment and the strong appeal these
companies do on flexible work and setting the quality of life for employees as
a priority.
Block 2: Enablers
Topics: Feedback, Flexibility, Communication, Leader, Recognition,
Intrapreneurship, Compensation

How and how often would you like receiving the feedback? Specifics
feedbacks after the end of each project/main activity and also general
overview during the performance reviews.

9. Where does your best work happen? At my work station usually after a team
meeting to align the activities/projects to be done.
10.What would you expect from your boss to support you to do your best work?
Freedom and flexibility to develop my work in my own way, of course, taking
into consideration the requirements and due dates.

11.What technologies or applications do you use in your private life that you
would expect/ or wish you could have at your work?
12.What in your opinion is the most efficient way of communicating with others?
Face to face conversation usually avoids a lot of misunderstanding, but of
course it depends on each situation. Video calls could be an option for
distance issues.
13.What applications/ communication/ collaboration tools do you think are now
obsolete or old school? Intranet social media.
Block 3: Relationships
Topics: Collaboration, Friendship, Work-life Balance, Technology, Team Sports
14.What is more important for your personal fulfilment work or free time? To do
what I like to do, independently if I do it at work or in my free time. I tend to
be bored if stay in the same atmosphere for long time.
15.What is your ideal working time (ex. 9:00-17:00 etc.)? The possibility to leave
as eraly as possible in order to do other external activities, such as languages
courses, sports, run in the park, practice your hobbies.
16.When you face a big problem or challenging work-related issue, what are the
first steps you take to resolve it? To find the root cause and identify the
persons who might support in the resolution. Understand the reason can
avoid similar issues to happen and have it mapped and registered (lesson
17.Do you have friends at work? Indeed, Im always used to make friends at
work, especially because you spend the most part of the day at work. So
having friends its kind of inevitable.
18.What object or service could you not bear to live without? Computer/
smartphone, Internet
19.How many hours a day do you use your smartphone? Maybe 3 hours aprox.
with different usage approach (for example in the traject home-work/workhome I use to read news or check facebook as well as during the lunch time
or when Im cocking, at gym I use it to listen to music and also when Im
20.How many of those hours do you use it for voice calls? Mainly to speak with
my family abroad, less than 15min per day.