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Powered by FNTSSTOMAS A @ @eeedeu ACCCMODATION It is very important to find accommodation BEFORE you come to Belgium, This way you have no problems at all. Here you wil find useful links to do so. NOTE: for you to come to Belgium and live the first month you would need between 1500 to 2000 €. A lot of this money will go into your2 month deposit for your accommodation. Since it is a deposit this amount of money should be returned to you later at the end of your contract. You will receive the full amount if the house is as you arrived. In case you damage anything, you will be deducted from the deposit the amount to repair. You have several options for accommodation: Student’s roam (though sometimes landlords only accept students. You can negotiate it as your intern status may be considered equal to student); A room in a shared apartment (be sure you stay with nice people then! It is @ good idea to unite with other interns (find them in the group on Facebook) to share the apartment); Astudio, In order to support you in the search for accommodation, we advise you to take a look at the following websites: hitp:Jfkot rk beJen ~ that is a search engine for student's rooms. You can give it a try. Otherwise, check the following: aww quuefaire be aww immoweb be www appartager be htto:|/ http:/fimmo.vian.beleniHome htto://ocatior-appartement vivastreet be/annonces-location-appartement Also, you ean look for accommodation in Facebook groups, there are a lat of them, just search “Bx! a louer" arid you wil find a lot of them in Brussels. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT TRANSFER ANY MONEY BY INTERNET before arriving in Belgium and visiting the places! THERE MIGHT BE SCAMS! The other options are two residences: hitp:iww pied-a-terre Both of them have rooms and studios. You can check addresses of different residencies and availabilty of rooms and studios on the fist site For the second site: you can rent a room for minimum 3 months, but a studio - even for one month. You can see the price of studios online (535-812 euro), the rooms start at 350 (if you rent for less than a year) and 320 (i you rent for a year) - ask us if you are interested! (both studios and rooms are really clean and nice)