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MENG 3000 Engineering Management I

1. What is your product or service?

Our company aims to cultivate its own high quality local limes and rough skin lemons,
manufacturing in a large scale, fresh and frozen produce and impurity- free lime and lemon juice,
to Trinidads local market and eventually, supply regional and international markets, focusing on
our customer service.
2. Who are your potential customers and why would they be interested?
The potential customers would constitute hotels, restaurants, beverage companies, supermarkets
and groceries, wholesalers and the general public.
3. How would you make money?
Limes and lemons would be marketed as both whole fruits along with their respective juices
thereby accounting for the different needs of the customers. Our manufacturing process will take
its primary resource from our own lemon and lime cultivation that will involve systematic
harvesting in order to obtain high quality products available throughout the year.
There would also be a fruit (lemon and limes) picking region in which locals can enjoy the
experience of selecting and harvesting lemons and limes.
4. Who is behind this business and what about her/them would make it successful?
We, the managers of the company embody qualities such as dedication, a thorough knowledge
about the business sector as well as an awareness of the ever changing needs of the economy and
ultimately, the ability to adapt and rise above any unforeseen problems. As a result, we as a team
believe that we possess such attributes to start and maintain this business successfully.
5. Who is your competition?
Our competition would be the local small scale lime and lemon farmers. Additionally, our
Caribbean neighbours (namely Belize, Dominica and Jamaica) cultivate and export citrus on
varying scales and ergo will be our regional opponents when we venture outside of Trinidads

6. Are you any different/better than the competition? If yes, then how?
We will be both different and better than our competition since our main focus will be limes and
lemons instead of everything under the citrus umbrella. Our lemons and limes will be
professionally cultivated and monitored to produce high quality grade fruit. We would also
manufacture fresh and nutritious lemon and lime juice extracted from our own freshly procured
lemons and limes which no other local and regional famer has made available. Our executive
manufacturing board comprises of skilled and knowledgeable personnel on the professional
farming and grafting of our intended lemon and lime crops that can maintain a continuous
production of produce.
Group Members:
Anishaa Diaram
Celine Lakhan
Chandni Seelochan
Giselle Isaac
Kareema Ali
Shazara Mohammed