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sonan016 hpaebson 20d Proforma CERTIFICATE OF LAND File No.: Date: Certified that land measuring meters) situated in -..[Plot_No.(s)/Survey No.(s)/Khasra No. (s)], at. name of street/village, sub-division, district and’ state) fully described in the schedule mentioned herein after, is owned by (Name of the owner) in terms of --- (give details of document/deed ~ i.e. sale deed /perpetual lease deed/gift deed/will/trust deed or other document of title) dated sexecuted bY sss. duly registered on ssee(date) at Serial No. in book N0..... + volume no. n Page......ect0...e00(complete details of registration) in the office of .... (details of registration office). The validity period of lease is form .. to. . of land . (Area of Land in sq. ..(Date) ...(Date), It is also certified that the said entire land comprises of a single plot It is further certified that the owner of the land has leased the said land to (name of lease) vide lease deed dated....... registered on... (date) at Serial No... in book no, . volume no. on page « lete details of registra in the office of (details of registration office) and the land is still in possession of the lessee, The validity period of lease 1S fOrM .scss+s:essssee(Date) to eo ...(Date) It is further certifies that of street/village, sub-di ...(Name of the school ion, and district) is located on the said plot of land. name THE SCHEDULE OF LAND ABOVE REFERRED TO. All that piece and parcel of land measuring ..... meters) situated in at . and bounded as follows: North, East.. West. South. ...(area of land in square --[Plot No. (s)/Survey No.(s)/ Khasra No. (s)] (name of street/village, sub division, district and state) DISTRICT MAGISTRATE/ REGISTERING AUTHORITY WITH DESIGNATION (Name of Officer) (Name of District) Note: STRIKE OFF WHICHEVER IS NOT APPLICABLE rcdiLaneti2oProfermatim w