A teacher accreditation is the last important step a teacher-tobe has to take in order to be able to take his career

seriously and start getting a job and earning money. Each country has elaborated its own teacher accreditation system (various phases of examination established by the legitimated boards or institutions; for instance, across USA this official recognition has been inaugurated in '54 when the authority to determine and certify instructors possessing the necessary specialized competencies, was embodied by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. On its turn, this council has received approval to assess teachers' competence from US Department of Education according to regional convention; moreover, NCATE encompasses various professional segments and has come to an outstanding number of 33 affiliated organizations. All together, they get together more than 3 million affiliates of people involved in the excellence of teaching and entirely committed to their responsibility in the society. A teacher accreditation may be acquired as long as candidates successfully pass several assessment periods, which check tutorial abilities and proficiency. It has to be pointed out that in United States, these sorts of valuation methods follow the rules and criteria elaborated by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. These professional associations are also providing financial support for testing and finding the most qualified persons to obtain teacher accreditation. It goes without saying that teacher accreditation brings important ensuing professional benefits, however, this process corresponds to continuing education in alternative professional fields which could take various kinds just like postgraduate certifications. Working and studying for this certification should only be one extra reason, if that should be essential, to support professional expansion. You can also use this professional development and attend a university program.

Teacher accreditation procedures have experienced several modifications so as to get teachers' attention reoriented towards less appealing areas. In the end, all nations have developed assessment methods based on a similar pattern which steadily changed according to current demands. All in all, receiving teacher accreditation is not as difficult as developing a career as teacher. Performance-based values in teacher accreditation focus on the skills and abilities that teachers need so as to ensure that all their students receive a quality education.