Saturday, February 8

Valentine’s Ragtime Trot
Enjoy Titanic-era dancing to music from ragtime favorites such as Scott Joplin. Price includes pre-ball workshops from 1-4pm. 8-11pm, Pittsfield Grange Hall, 3337 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd, $25; 769-0041 or 426-0241.

CAPOEIRA ANGOLA Seductive Blend of Dance and Martial Arts
When Cabocu Dantas was performing capoeira angola during a show in Miami, waiters brought him notes from the audience asking him to teach them how to dance. Taking the hint, when Dantas moved to Ann Arbor a year and a half later, he began teaching capoeira at the Trotter House and Wayne State University. Dantas performs the dance with his students and other professional dancers during the Carnival Da Bahia Brazil at 8:15pm on Friday, February 21, in the Michigan League Ballroom. Dantas, who was born in Bahia, began studying capoeira when he was 10 years old. “In Brazil, boys go after either football or capoeira,” he says. “[Capoeira] offers more spirituality. It gave me lots of discipline, kept me away from the evils on the streets like violence and drugs.” Originally, capoeira angola was a martial art practiced by Brazilian slaves. Studying capoeira kept the slaves in

Aaron McCullough and Lewis Robinson
McCullough and Robinson discuss their collection of short stories, Officer Friendly and Other Stories, about the seaside town of Point Allison, Maine. 8pm, Shaman Drum Bookshop, 315 S. State, free; 662-7407.

Annual Winter Dance Concert
A warm, friendly evening of worship dances from around the region, with potluck dessert. Bring a dessert to pass. Tickets can be bought in advance at Crossroads Books and Dancer’s Boutique (www.crossroadbooks. com). 7pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, Scio Church & Wagner Rd., $5, $20 family; 480-2847.

Blizzard Ball Scramble
Six holes of golf in the snow, with sloppy joes and cake afterward. 9am, Leslie Park Golf Course, 2120 Traver Rd., $60 for team of 4; 971-6840.

Burr Fest
Activities include broom ball and an ice cream eating contest. 2:30-4:30pm, Buhr Park Ice Arena, 2751 Packard Rd., $3.25 adults, youth and seniors $2.75; 971-3228.

Hip Hop/Poetry Afternoon
Featured at this event are members of the national award-winning Ann Arbor Youth Poetry Slam Team, hip hop group Athletic Mic League and nationally-recognized poet Al Letson. 2-4pm, Ann Arbor District Library, 343 S. Fifth Ave, free; 327-4200.

Ice Carving
Watch as students from the U-M Ice Carving Team turn blocks of ice into art. Noon5pm, Main Street area in downtown Ann Arbor, free; 668-7112.

Valentine’s Day Tea Party
Enjoy tea and cakes from an antique silver tea service. Victorian period attire welcome. 1:30-3:30pm, Kempf House, 312 S. Division, $15; 994-4898.

Sunday, February 9
Mad Peeps Open Mic
A night of great company, cheap beer and contemplative conversation. Bring spoken word, books and music you’d like to share with others. 9pm, Arbor Brewing Company, 114 E. Washington St., free.

Valentine’s Day Tea Party
See Saturday, Feb. 8. 1:30-3:30pm, Kempf House, 312 S. Division, $15; 994-4898.

Monday, February 10
Ann Arbor Stamp Club
Monthly meeting, visitors welcome.

top physical condition, readying them for escape. When slave-owners discovered the purpose of the martial art, they quickly banned it. Instead of completely capitualting to their owners, the slaves disguised capoeira as a dance. “It doesn’t feel like fighting,” says Roshani Dantas, Cabocu’s wife and student. “It’s very ritualistic, harmonious, but you can still kill two people with one attack.“ Carnival attendees will also see capoeira in its purest form. Capoeira regional, a contemporary version of the dance, was created in order to bring capoeira to a mainstream audience. Unlike the original, disciplined, marital arts approach, capoeira regional features flashier kicks and slick dance choreography. Dantas prefers capoeira angola because it is true to the spirit and tradition of Carnival. In addition to capoeira, the Carnival features folkloric dances from the Orixaz region, maculele and samba. “[The Carnival] is something we always wanted to put together,” says Roshani. “A lot of culture came from Bahia, and this Carnival should bring Brazilian people and those interested in the culture together.” — Prashant Rajkhowa The Carnival Da Bahia Brazil 2003 features capoeira angola at The Michigan League Ballroom on Friday, February 21 at 8:15pm. Tickets cost $28 ($20 for U-M students) booked in advance and $32 ($25 for U-M students) at the door. For more info, contact Roshani Dantas at 528-9456, or email
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