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The documentation of your project is as important as doing the project.

You cann
ot take your mini project everywhere for a demonstration and it is the hard and
soft copies of your documentation that will speak for you. It often occurs that
people would strive hard to do the project and fail to document it properly. Thi
s should not be the case as it spoils your efforts. Allot time and put your effo
rts in constructing the mini project documentation.
Parts of Documentation
The documentation most often people do is just the procedure of the mini project
. This is really nothing when compare to the efforts you take in doing the proje
ct. Grab all the information that you need and put it as a raw collection. Deter
mine the side headings that are best and could give the best possible explanatio
n about the project. Now pick the contents from your collection and fill it up u
nder the side headings. Some of the subtitles that are common and mandatory are
given below.
Abstract and Introduction
The abstract is just one paragraph of what the project is and where it can be pu
t into use. Just include a sentence of how it works and how it has been designed
. The next part is the introduction where you can speak about all the basics of
the things that you have used in the project. You can bring out circuit diagrams
, flow charts in this section.
In this segment, you can bring out the algorithm and procedure of the mini proje
ct. The construction of the mini project or the algorithm if in case of software
based project can be elaborated. The entire flow can be explained in detail.
Here is the highlight of the documentation where you can explain about the worki
ng of your project with all the internal mechanisms involved in the project. Eve
ry step of the project along with how one triggers the next step should be menti
oned clearly. This should be the biggest part of your documentation. Avoid copyi
ng contents in the procedure segment and try to build your own content.
Conclusion and Application
As the last part of the documentation, bring out the conclusion in an impressive
manner. The three or four lines that you are going to inscribe in the conclusio
n segment must be catchy and at the same time be factual. You can append a sub t
itle application where you can explain the area where your project can be put in
to use in a detailed manner. Additional segments like advantages, limitations an
d future enhancements can be discussed in one paragraph each. This can picture y
our scope of the project. Add a title of references where you can briefly pen do
wn the books, sites and people you referred in bringing out your project. Keep y
our documentation precise and speak about the usage often.