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Se7en Analysis

This is a mid-shot, showing a crime scene which is typical of a thriller film. The
mise en scene used in this shot is conventional for the thriller genre, this is due
to the lighting being very dark and connoting a thrilling situation. Low lighting is
effectively used in the shot as it reduces what the audience can see therefore
keeping them on edge as they are unaware of what is happening/happened. The
slow tilt shot used in this scene of the dead body is effective because it creates
anticipation for the audience, this is because they have to wait to see the full
picture, and this is obviously more effective than just simply showing the scene
straight away.

This is also a mid-shot showing the character Detective Lt. William Somerset, the
editing is relatively slow paced before and after this still shot this is because it is
setting the scene and introducing the character. The colours used for the room in
this shot are very basic and mostly consist of black and white, this is
conventional for a thriller film as the two simple colours connote mystery. This
shot also suggests to the audience that Detective Lt. William Somerset lives by
himself making him vulnerable. The atmosphere created by this shot is fairly dull
as it is introducing the character and how he lives.

This shot is another mid-shot of Detective Lt. William Somerset. The lighting
used on this shot is again dark, this is typical of most scenes from the movie
Se7en as it is a conventional thriller. Low lighting is used in this shot to create
an eerie atmosphere for the audience. Darkness has connotations of evil and
vulnerability, this connotations are created by using low lighting. The props used
in this scene and this shot are very significant. The prop on his desk beside his
bed makes a ticking noise, this use of diegetic sound is effective in this scene as
the loud ticking noise has connotations of bombs and a clock. The idea of a bomb
could suggest to the audience that its only a matter of time until something
really bad happens, the ticking prop almost acts as a count down.

This shot is a long shot showing three characters and the setting behind them of
urban buildings. Although this still shot is outside the lighting used is still
relatively dark. The colours used in the shot are again very basic and consist of
black and white, the buildings denote simple colours and dont have any bright
colours at all. The two detectives in the shot is typical narrative of a thriller film,
mystery and conspiracy is conventional as it creates anticipation and suspense
for the audience and creates an atmosphere on enigma. The editing in this shot
is panning before and after the still shot, this is effective as it shows the
audience the whole setting.

This shot is a mid-shot of the two detectives. The mise en scene used in this
scene is very typical and conventional of the thriller genre, this is due to the low
lighting, the costumes and props. The costumes used in the picture suggest that
the two characters are detectives as they are wearing long coats and Detective
Lt. William Somerset is wearing a hat. This shot creates a dark atmosphere
mainly due to the lighting used, it is effective as it foreshadows the next scene
when the two detectives find a dead body.