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PULASKI AIR QUALITY- PATH FORWARD 1. Once mediation cleaning is completed, Facilities Services will conduct a follow-up walkthrough with Batta & Department of Health and identify areas within the school to be tested. 2. Facilities Services has developed a Friday memo (attached) for Administrative staff in reference to the handling of AQ concerns. The memo will be briefed during start of school administrative retreats. 3. Facilities Services will provide additional AQ protocol training and discussion with custodial staff during annual custodial/maintenance training, 4 Allequipment removed from Pulaski will be evaluated by a third party environmental remediation company. Items identified for cleaning, will be cleaned. Items identified for disposal will be removed, 5 As a.wayto improve communications and provide clear and concise information during events like this, Facilities Services will periodically brief staff members within a facility, on the steps. being taken to investigate, clean and return areas back to operation PULASKI AIR QUALITY- FINDINGS 1 The intial cause of mold growth in the lower level of Pulaski ES was caused by the water main break that occurred over the summer. Additional concems were caused by the specific HVAC. ‘equipment in unoccupied areas not being turned on. 2 lAQconcems in classrooms on the upper levels of Pulaski ES were caused by lower than district, established temperature set-points (summer 72-74 / winter 68-72). Lower temperatures and higher humidity levels were detected during walkthroughs by Faciliies Services personnel, Contracted controls company, Advanced Power made adjustments to room temperatures and set-points bringing the system back into balance. 3. Mold found on table/desk top name tags was caused by the above. A paper name tag taped down to the table top (sealed on all sides) generated heat under the name tag. The cool room temperatures on top of the name tag, caused condensation below the name tag. The moisture of the condensation, combined with the heat under the name tag, and the name tag itself as @ food source, created mold. The Administrator at the school was asked to have the teaching staff attach name tags to the table/desk tops again, now that room temperatures have been adjusted.

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