Bachelors degree programs are destined to people who attend undergraduate courses or majors.

All bachelors degree programs are regularly elaborated on a 4 years pattern, an exception to the rule are some specializations that require more learning than usual bachelor's degree, moreover, supplementary differences are emerging from set of laws and regulations each college or university has established for college students who have enrolled in their bachelors degree programs. In Europe, bachelors degree programs exist in almost every state. In some continental European countries nevertheless, these programs have lately been re-introduced by the means of Bologna processes of education. Each nation consider differently bachelors degree programs, for instance, in Denmark, the initial format was referred to as "baccalaureus" and today modules have been reconsidered in 1993. Because we have earlier exemplified our statement referring to Danish academic practice, we proceed and assert that today, in the same country, there are 2 different sort of official recognition, bachelor of science, focusing on a scientific approach and bachelor of arts degree focusing on humanistic study areas. Few disciplines have established less ordinary rules, for example, medical and educational fields do not allow graduates who have accomplished any of their internal bachelors degree programs to enroll automatically in master's degree format as alternative fields have set upon successful completion of specific bachelors degree programs. As for France, this European country has a particular academic system, consequently, the French term "licence" stands for traditional bachelors degree programs, although its achievement requires no more than 3 academic years. The year 2004 has brought forth a thorough organization of the whole the academic process as Bologna system has been inaugurated. This is a system used in numerous European states, including France, and is has become a standard to recognize a Bachelor's

over three years, a Master's over 5 years and a phd over 8. In the English-speaking universe, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge are maybe the only institutions in the United Kingdom awarding Bachelor of Arts degrees for all undergraduate studies. Most of the United states colleges grant both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, although there are also numerous small liberal arts colleges that award only the BA degree. In countries such Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India or South Africa there has been an expended range of bachelors degree programs over the last one hundred years. This is what one might call a giant step towards specialization in tertiary education. Many nations have adopted the American trend in postsecondary education, namely, getting students acquainted with various fields of activity; this secondary specialization provides extra professional alternatives to their major.

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