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The 100 HR interview questions below are for HR job positions only.

This post includes all free interview questions & answers that help you: how to answer HR job
interview questions for all types interview: HR phone interview, HR behavioral interview,
second interview, final interview
The interview questions below can be used for HR positions such as: HR manager; HR assistant;
HR supervisor; HR coordinator, HR director, HR generalist, HR specialist etc

I. Sample HR interview questions

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1. Tell me about yourself?
2. What is your greatest weakness?
3. What personal characteristics make you a good HR Manager?
4. What have been your hiring strategies? How do you find talented people for the company?
5. Why is employee training important to an organization?
6. How do you collaborate with other company departments in your role as HR manager and
7. Describe briefly your involvement with various company personnel?
8. How would you say is multitasking important to an HR assistant?
9. How to create a KPI?
10. What experience do you have in HR field?
11. What have you done to improve your HR knowledge in the last year?
12. What have you learned from mistakes on the HR job?
13. What are the competitive challenges in Human Resource Management?
14. What is the Career Scope for the person working in HR.
15. How to conduct job analysis?
16. How to measure effectiveness of workforce?

17. How to be compliance with H&S regulation of local law?

18. How many are training methods?
19. How do you motivate your employees?
20. What is more important to you money or position?
21. How many methods are used to pay employee?
22. What are compensation and benefit setup for senior positions at our industry?
23. How to set up corporate culture in our industry?
24. What is core competency of HR?
25. Tell us how many selection methods are used in recruitment and selection process?
26. How many recruitment channels in this ?
27. Describe recruitment and selection process?
28. What is HR scorecard?
29. How to set up HR strategy?
30. What is competency mapping?
31. What are retention strategies?
32. Which one is more better mentoring or coaching?
33. What is the difference between personnel management and human resource management?
34. You can develop above interview questions for positions of human resources manager, hr
35. Why do you want to work in HR and why is confidentiality so important?
36. Why do you think HRM is important?
37. Why companies always ask for experience candidates even at entry level and what do you
think that how a fresher can get experience without having a job?
38. While developing new compensation packages and salary slabs, what factors do you keep in

39. When it comes to the issue of stress in the workplace, what policies have you developed
which provide assistance to staff? Describe them.
40. What strategy you will make to recruit a senior manager and how you will make benefit
analysis to attract the best candidate for the job yet adhering with company resources?
41. What steps do you take to verify a candidates credentials?
42. What kind of personal questionnaires and psychometric test you would like to suggest for the
senior and important positions of company?
43. What kind of factors and concerns do you keep in mind while making staffing and recruiting
policies that can suit the company goals and object at the best?
44. What kind of compulsory claims and covers companies provide to its employee?
45. What is your salary expectation from this job? What was your job designation in your last
46. What is your overall understanding of employment law, and how do you ensure legislation is
complied with during the recruitment process?
47. What is your knowledge about states new and old employment legislations? How do they
usually affect your strategy of recruiting?
48. What is your approach to conflict resolution? Provide an example.
49. What is the toughest part of HR job and why?
50. What is MSDS?
51. What is job analysis from employees viewpoint?
52. What is human resource management?
53. What is employee redeployment process?
54. What do you think about internet as a recruiting channel? How much it is effective and
helpful to attract best talent?
55. What do you prefer recruitment or selection?
56. What do you mean by 360? feedback?
57. What do you believe is the role of technology in the HR arena?

58. What do you believe is the overall role of HR?

59. What do you believe is the most effective method of communication with employees of all
levels? Describe a time when you used this to good effect.
60. What aspect of supervision do you find the most difficult?
61. What are the legislation regarding pension and insurance claims and other allowances?
62. What are the latest trends or strategies for recruitment procedure? What resource one needs to
generate jobs and opportunities in a company?
63. What are the key stages in any recruitment process, and what aspects are mission critical
points to consider?
64. What are the different job evaluation methods used in a company?
65. What are the common staffing methods and how we can make them more effective as per our
66. What are the common practices or sources to recruits fresher?
67. What are staffing and selection methods? How you will use them to recruit senior officials
for the company?
68. What are SHRM and HRM? Describe the difference and their importance as well?
69. Tell us about your interpersonal skills? How you will rate your skills?
70. Suggest a training program/workshop for feedback skills?
71. May a deceased employee remain on the payroll to exhaust her annual leave accrual?
72. If you are selected, when can you join us? Is there any notice period in your last organization
that you have to serve while resigning?
73. If hired, are there any specific innovations or technology that you would employ to ensure
the goals of the HR department are not only met but exceeded?
74. If a person who is physically Disable and is working in HR Wants to migrate to some foreign
country. Is he capable of doing so?
75. How you will prepare a brochure of prospective job openings and recruitment news of a
company? Have you done this kind of work earlier?
76. How would you terminate an employee who is not performing?

77. How would you ensure training and staff development contributes to achieving the
companys strategic objectives?
78. How will you design the recruiting process to fulfill the requirement of company within its
budgetary limitations?
79. How to do career development?
80. How to check candidate?
81. How much experience do you have with competency based/behavioral interviewing? Provide
an example.
82. How many types of tax deductions take place and what is their total amount for an entrylevel employee?
83. How do you think that you can encourage the professional development of company staff
members in a manner that will greatly benefit the company?
84. How do you envision the role of the HR department will contribute to the company achieving
its strategic goals in the next 5 years?
85. How do you ensure that employment law is fully understood and complied with throughout
the company?
86. How do you define empowerment?
87. How do you believe that HR can work together with department managers to ensure the
successful retention of employees?
88. How can you make use of IT in HRM?
89. Have you made analysis and assessment reports of market trends of salary and benefits of
different employees in your prior jobs?
90. Give me an example of where you used the HR budget provided to you to maximum effect?
91. First, tell us your pervious experience in hiring and selection procedure? What was your last
job profile?
92. Explain managing changes in HRM?
93. Effective use of resources is important in these tough economic times. Describe in a prior
position where you have saved money, used resources in a highly efficient way or increased
productivity through cost cutting or some other measure?

94. Does an agency have to provide an employee with time off if the employee is donating
95. Do you see any difference between staffing and recruiting?
96. Do you have any experience of dealing with unions in salary and benefit related issues? If
yes, than what have been your strategies to resolve such maters?
97. Describe what are your understandings of Human Resources Development?
98. Describe training process?
99. Can you make a checklist for the entry-level employees? Explain the key points of such list?
100. Can you give an example of a staffing policy where benefits and salary options could be
proven as best deal?

II. HR interview answer tips

1. Identify key goals, tasks, job specs and attributes for HR positions then ask question: How to
do, how to become
2. Listen job interview questions carefully, then ask by your-self: what are things related to HR
field before answering.
3. Always ask by yourself: What are proofs that are required for this position?
4. Make a full list of interview questions for HR field: specialized interview questions, common
interview questions, interview tips, interview thank you letters, types of job interview