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Fatima Jinnah (30 July 1893 9 July

1967) was a Pakistani dental

surgeon,writer, stateswoman and one
of the founders of Pakistan.[1] She was
the elder sister of Muhammad Ali
Jinnah who became the first Governor
General of Pakistan.
She was a strong critic of the British
Raj, and a leading member of the AllIndia Muslim League. She advocated
the separation of Pakistan as an
independent state when the Raj ended.
After the independence of Pakistan,
Jinnah co-founded the All Pakistan
Women's Association, which helped
settle the migrants in the new country.
After the death of her brother, she was

a prominent philanthropist,[1] but was

not politically active until 1965. Then
she took part in the Pakistani
presidential election against the
military Dictator Ayub Khan. She lost
the primary because of election rigging
by the Pakistan Army.[2]
Her legacy is her support for civil rights,
her struggle in Pakistan Movementand
her devotion to her brother. Many
institutions and public spaces have
been named in her honour.