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The Book

of Runes
A Mystical Journey
Into Enlightenment

Mastering the
Art of Self-guidance

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Ta bl e of Con t en t s
Understanding the Greater Purpose of the Runes
as Tools of Enlightenment
Understanding the Alchemy of the Runes


The Runes and the Seven Fields of Perception


Fragrance Alchemy for the Chakras


Becoming the Alchemist of the Runes


Introduction to Dissolving the Personal Matrix of the Tube Torus

around the Body


A Tool of Enlightenment


Creating a Sacred Space


The Sigil to Heal the Earth


The Runes of the Seven Fields of Perception


The Runes of the Field of Perception of Shamanism


The 96 Runes of the White Tiger


The Runes of the Field of Perception of White Magic


The 96 Runes of the Mother Libraries


The Runes of the Field of Perception of Healing


The 96 Runes of the Order of the Sacred Butterfly


The Runes of the Field of Perception of Mysticism


The 96 Runes of the White Rose


Evolving into Higher Consciousness

The Pakhmaa Ankh




The Runes of the Field of Perception of Metaphysics


The 96 Runes of the Blue Light


The Runes of the Field of Perception of Godhood


The 96 Runes of the Lions Gate


The Runes of the Field of Perception of the Unfolding Journey 


The 96 Runes of the Living Library


The Basic Spread: Working with the Spreads of Runes


The Spread for Gaining a Yes or No Answer


Appendix 2 - The Angel Gods for the Runes of the

Seven Fields of Perception


Appendix 1 - The Differences Between Sigils and Symbols

Appendix 3 - The Quest for Enlightenment



the Greater
Purpose of the
Runes as Tools of

Understanding the
Alchemy of the Runes
Alchemy is the science of transmutation: the adding of dissimilar
components to create a leveraged result. In an alchemical equation, the
sum total of the components is therefore much more than the parts
added together.

The 672 runes found in this book are in a very specific order and each
has a specific value. Every set forms an alchemical equation, and jointly
they form a leveraged result. When the runes are added together into a
combined book, the new powerful energy that turns the book into a power
object is born.
The power of this book will work, even if it is not read. The entire purpose
of this book is:

The full activation of the inner and outer senses,

in order to dissolve the enslaving programs of belief systems.

There are 7 outer senses that have a physical response to the outer world:
1. Smell (the sense of Oneness that never fell into duality)
2. Taste
3. Sight
4. Hearing
5. Touch
6. The visceral response of the organs (i.e. pain in the heart, tightening of
the stomach)
7. The automatic response of the skin (i.e. hair standing on end, goose
bumps and chills though skin is untouched)
For every external sense there are 96 internal senses that can be described
as feelings inner ripples that stir us. Each rune represents one of these
internal senses, and in living them as part of our daily life, we evolve
consciousness to its fullest capacity.
The significance of the runes as representatives of our inner senses is that
their guidance therefore comes from within. They are unique in that they
are a tool of self-guidance and a self-empowering system.



The Runes and

the Seven Fields
of Perception

The Unified Chakra Field of Man

Each set of runes belongs to one of the seven fields of perception.
The application of the qualities associated with the runes purifies a
specific chakra and one of the bodies of man. The seven sets of runes
are specifically effective in clearing programs that control the mind and
emotions, and that cause disruption in the proper functioning of the
chakra system.
Each rune is a power object to help activate and strengthen
qualities within, while guiding and emphasizing qualities without.



Evolving into
Higher Consciousness
The Metamorphoses of the Chakra System

inverting the images of the eyes (which appear upside down on the retina),
it also inverted the images of the third eye as well.
This is the reason many psychics receive information well, but do not
always interpret it clearly. Seers are those who have a completely silent
mind. They have more accurate information because it comes from
effortless knowing bypassing the brain altogether.

There are 7 quantum fields available to man: 7 different realities or

dimensions. Not only is this the case in the macrocosm, but also in man,
the microcosm, where these manifest as the 7 bodies of man. Each field
relays subtle information, which is received by the seven chakras.

Consciousness is determined by how much information we can access from

life around and within us, in the moment. The proper, higher functions of
the chakras to download information to the endocrine system are therefore
essential for consciousness. The debris of old trauma and programs
blocking the chakras and distorting their proper functions caused the
following problems that disrupted our abilities to access interdimensional
and subtle information.

The Disruption of the Higher

Functions of the Chakra System
1. The pineal gland and crown chakra have had to take on functions that
they were not designed to do: the interpretation of the subtle information
received from all 7 chakras.
2. The language of the chakras was incomprehensible to the pineal gland,
with the exception of the 6th chakra or third eye.
3. The pineal gland could understand the third eyes images, except for
the fact that it was receiving the images upside down. The reason for this
is found in the brain. The brain was the mediator for the messages from
the pituitary gland (the third eye) to the pineal. As it was accustomed to



The Seven Chakras of Man

Chakras receive
from the front
and back

Chakras radiate
out to the front
and back

The pranic
tube is blocked
by the chakras

Mental and
physical debris
blocks the center
of the chakras

The Evolution and Restoration

of the Chakra System
1. The common language spoken by the chakras needs to be restored
in order to create an interactive information exchange between all seven
chakras. This common language is the seven tones of self-responsibility.
These must be lived and embodied by someone in order to restore the
communication of the chakras.
2. The second restoration is the function of self-interpretation within the
chakras as they receive the subtle information from their respective fields.
The subtle information is then converted to the common language and
downloaded into the bloodstream.
3. The information-laden blood is carried to the heart and the pineal. It
registers in the heart as feelings and in the pineal as mental impressions.
The data, previously interpreted by the chakras, then provides subtle
inspiration for the person to act on as he or she responds to life.
4. The information from the third eye is no longer passing through the
brain. It is therefore no longer inverted and incomprehensible, but preinterpreted and in the common language of the chakras.

Seven levels of light enter the chakras. It cannot immediately assimilate

and download into the endocrine system because of the blockages and
acidic pH present. This occurs in the cells of a person who hasnt
overcome the past and holds on to that which no longer serves him.


To evolve the function of the chakras, the membranes separating the

individual chakra fields of the seven different chakras must be purified
and cleansed of old density. This is achieved by gaining seven different
metaphysical perceptions.