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ASTM D6926 Standard Practice for Preparation of Bituminous Specimens Using Marshall

Compaction Hammers: 4.54 kg with a 457 mm drop
Specimen dimensions: Height of about 63 2.5 mm and diameter of about 101 mm
Water BathThe water bath shall be deep enough to maintain the water level a minimum of 1.25
in. (30 mm) above the top of specimens.
Process: Mixing should be completed within 60s and conditioning of mixtures for 1 to 2 hrs. at
a8 to 11 C above compactions temperature. Place a piece of nonabsorbent paper, cut to size, in
the bottom of the mold before the mixture is introduced. Place the mixture in the mold, spade the
mixture vigorously with a heated spatula or trowel 15 times around the perimeter and 10 times
over the interior. Place another piece of nonabsorbent paper cut to fit on top of the mix.
Specimens can be conditioned for testing as soon as they reach ambient room temperature.
Testing shall be completed within 24 h after compaction. The elapsed time from removal of the
test specimens from the water bath to the final load determination shall not exceed 30 s